Nick (Sequel to JP)

So It Begins…


By luvyalots

“Nick, wake up! You’re gonna be late for school!” Chrissy chimed, sticking her head into her brother’s room.

Nick groaned lazily, slowly opening his eyes. The daylight streaming through his window temporarily made it impossible for him to see. Why couldn’t he sleep a little longer? He wanted to protest, but his sister had already left.

Groggily, he sat up and, with a tremendous yawn, stretched his limbs in every direction. Across the room, he could see himself in the closet mirror. His hair was a mess, but that wasn’t what he was looking at. As he stretched his arms behind his head, two small bumps popped out of his upper arms – his biceps. He smiled proudly, noticing these newly-acquired muscles. He climbed out of bed and walked over to the mirror.

It had become almost a daily ritual, Nick giving himself a personal inspection. He wasn’t being full of himself or anything, just excited that he was beginning to enter into his first growth spurt. He pulled off his T-shirt and went through his little flexing routine. It was only three weeks into the school year and Nick was already starting to see the results of puberty. He had sprouted about two inches, now standing at 5’1” – as tall as Ian – and had put on a bit of weight, weighing in at 95 pounds. He was still small, but he knew this was only the beginning. He wondered how much of those 6 pounds was muscle.

This is what woke him up every morning. It seemed like nearly every day, he could feel his muscles getting stronger, even though they weren’t quite showing on the outside yet. He could tell that they were building themselves underneath his skin, gradually getting ready to becoming huge and powerful.

Nick felt his biceps as he flexed them over and over again in the mirror. He could actually feel the fibers of muscle in those tiny humps. Man, they felt awesome! He moved his fingers to his chest, flexing them as hard as he could, his face automatically snarling in a tough-looking grimace. This was his newest discovery. About a week ago, he noticed hardness where there had only been ribs. He was getting pecs now! He couldn’t actually see anything yet, but he knew they were there; he could feel them.

And then, there were his abs. They had only gotten deeper and a little more defined since he had first sighted them after wrestling camp. He still had to flex to see them, but he didn’t have to flex as hard anymore. And they were beginning to feel denser to the touch.

Now fully awake, Nick bounded toward the bathroom. He stripped off his pajama pants and underwear and stepped into the shower. He sighed as the hot water fell over his body. He had been getting these dull throbs in his legs. Chrissy told him it was probably growing pains. They meant he was about to grow a lot, she said. And he had – a whole two inches. But now, he was getting the same pains in his shoulders. Did that mean his shoulders were going to get bigger? Nick liked the sound of that.

As he thought about this, his dick started to get stiff. He looked down and held it in his hands. It felt warm and hard between his fingers. Ever since he noticed the black pubic hairs growing around it – yet another sign of puberty – he strangely became curious about how big it was. The guys at school always joked about that sort of thing. He measured it one day and it turned out to be just over 5 and half inches. Nick didn’t know if that was big or small or whatever, but that didn’t matter right now. He just knew he liked the feel of it in his hands.

He would imagine being big and strong, being able to lift any amount of weight, being the best wrestler the high school ever had…all as he rubbed his dick. And wow, did it feel good! Nearly every morning he would jack off in the shower, squirting each load of jizz against the tile wall. He knew all the guys did it, though no one really admitted it.

“Is my little Hercules almost ready?” Nick’s mom knocked on the bathroom door. Nick broke out of his daydream. He hated it when she called him that; it was so embarrassing.

“Yeah, I’ll be down in a minute,” he answered, his voice cracking slightly as he yelled. That was another thing – his voice was beginning to do strange things when he didn’t want it to. It had lowered a little and he could no longer sing along to some of his favorite songs. It was bit humiliating, but at least that was something he would eventually grow out of.

Finally, Nick turned the shower off, dried himself with a towel and returned to his room to get dressed for breakfast…but not before giving himself one more bicep flex in the mirror.

A cool breeze blew across Ryan’s face, waking him up. The first thing he noticed was how his dorm was bathed in sunlight. Shit, he thought to himself, probably missed another class. Like it mattered; he was at Virginia Tech on a football scholarship. He didn’t need to go to class.

“Good morning, Ryan,” a sweet female voice whispered in his ear. It was…oh fuck, what was her name again?

“Hey, baby,” Ryan crooned back. The naked brunette lying next to him in bed was staring up at him with her big, round eyes. No doubt she was hypnotized by him; every chick was. He gently kissed her on the lips, leaving her in a daze. Yeah, they all did that.

“How ‘bout one for me,” another voice hummed in his other ear. Ryan turned his head to see a banging blonde – also completely naked – with bright blue bedroom eyes. He couldn’t remember her name either, but she was frickin’ hot. He gave her a soft, passionate kiss, as well.

Last night had been awesome. The party down the hall was the best yet, not to mention the sex afterward. It all started coming back to Ryan as he laid his head back down on the pillow, the two girls hugging his broad chest, their sensuous bodies wrapped in his massive arms.

This was exactly how he imagined college to be – the best parties, the hottest girls, all in between football practices and an occasional class or two, although that was only if he didn’t have a girl in his bed. He had barely been at Tech for a month and he must’ve slept with well over two dozen different girls, each one hotter than the last. He probably spent more money on condoms than textbooks. His parents probably wouldn’t like that, but what did Ryan care? He was having the time of his life.

“You wanna have another round?” he boomed, his velvety voice instantly entrancing both girls. Their bodies practically quivered at the prospect of having even more unbelievable sex with this hunk lying between them.

Ryan shifted his body under the sheets as the brunette offered her cunt to his commanding nine-and-a-half inch cock. He knew she loved feeling it inside of her, its thick girth filing every inch of space in her pussy. The blonde waited her turn almost impatiently, savagely licking his bulging bicep, admiring the large Superman shield on his right shoulder. No doubt, she saw him as her Superman.

Ryan manfully kissed the brunette, his tongue taking complete control. Soon, she started shrieking, her arms flailing, as she neared her climax. Ryan rolled completely on top of her, his huge arms straddling her body as he pounded her senseless. The blonde was on his back, moaning, practically ready to cum herself. She wrapped her arms as best she could around Ryan’s wide back, feeling the power of his pecs in her hands as they pistoned his body up and down against the brunette.

Sensing her lust, Ryan turned his head back to meet his lips with the blonde’s. He got turned on even more as he fucked one girl while simultaneously making out with another worshipping him from behind. God, he was a stud! Ryan didn’t know a single other guy who could please two girls at the same time as well as he could.

Suddenly, the door opened and Dave, Ryan’s roommate, walked into the room. “Dude,” he shouted, his face screwing up in an expression of shock and stimulation. “How many times have I told you to leave a message on the door when you’re—”

“What do you want?” Ryan demanded, rolling over to see the intruder, the blonde on his back having carelessly been thrown to the side.

“Nothing,” Dave answered awkwardly. “Just wanted to see if you were awake.”

“Well, I obviously fucking am,” Ryan bellowed. Shit, the girls were about to orgasm at the same time. The kid had remarkably bad timing. “We’ll have to finish this some other time,” he sweet-talked the girls, kissing them both one more time. They scrambled out of bed, gathered their clothes and snuck out of the dorm, leaving Dave standing in the doorway looking confused as to what to say next.

“Sorry, man,” he started. “I didn’t know…”

“Fuck it,” Ryan smirked, climbing out of bed himself. He didn’t bother covering up his cock which dangled heavily between his python legs. “There’re plenty of them around.” Dave laughed nervously. The guy wasn’t a bad roommate. Kind of a dork, but he had money and connections. In fact, it was he who had gotten Ryan an interview with a local modeling agency.

“By the way,” Dave went on, “my dad said the agency would like to see you tonight.”

“Sweet,” Ryan answered, not looking away from the mirror as he admired his own physique. God, I’m gorgeous, he thought to himself, and huge! In fact, Ryan had recently added more mass to his body. As big as he was, the football coach told him he needed to put on a little weight, so Ryan bulked up and now tipped the scales at 230 pounds. Though not all of it was muscle, he still looked beautiful, and all the chicks kept telling him how big he was getting. He had already mastered orgies with two girls at once and pretty soon, he’d be big enough to handle three – maybe four girls – at the same time. His mouth watered at the thought of it.

Ryan loved sex, especially when the chick couldn’t stop cumming over his huge muscles and his piercing green eyes. He could just look at a girl and have her smitten. That was his power. That was what made Ryan Maloney simply irresistible.

“Uh, Ryan?” Dave spoke up.

Ryan rolled his eyes and tore his gaze away from the mirror. “What?” he sniped. Dave swallowed hard. Little guys always did that when Ryan stared them down. Well, Dave wasn’t a little guy – he had some size – but nothing like Ryan’s enormous bulk. “What?” he repeated louder.

“Um, you got a mes-message last night fr-from Luke,” he bumbled, tripping over every other word. “He wa-wanted to tell you s-something about your br-brother, you know, JP?”

“What about him?”

“He saw him the other day and…” Ryan narrowed his eyes, gesturing to his roommate to spill it out. He didn’t have all day. “Well, Luke said that JP was lookin’ pretty big.”

“So?” Ryan retorted. That wasn’t news; the kid had the same genes he did. And after all, Ryan was the one who got him into sports. JP knew how to train.

“Well, it’s just that Luke s-said that he was almost as big as you…now,” Dave’s voice trailed off as if he expected Ryan to have some kind of explosive reaction. But he didn’t.

“Big deal,” he smirked. “Tell Luke he’s probably just gettin’ small. Even my little brother is passing him.”

“Yeah,” Dave nodded, almost as if he took the remark as an order. The guy would do anything Ryan told him to…and frankly, Ryan liked it that way. It made things easier. He dismissed Dave – telling him to go whack off in the bathroom or something – and turned to the mirror again.

So, JP was almost as big as he was. That didn’t sound possible. I mean, his brother was under 160 the last time he saw him before the summer. There was no way he could have put on that much size in that little time. But then again, he had seen JP pack on the pounds amazingly fast; he once gained 12 pounds of muscle in one week last spring break. Plus, Luke wasn’t the type to exaggerate about something like that.

Ryan continued looking at his reflection, but this time, it wasn’t totally in admiration. He grabbed a small roll of fat on his side. That was something JP never seemed to deal with; he always had had extremely low bodyfat. Ryan, on the other hand…fuck it. He shook his head to get the idea out of his head and headed toward the showers.

“Ian, have you seen Nick yet today?” Billy yelled across the courtyard of Lincoln Middle School. Ian winced, trying to pretend like he hadn’t heard him, but Billy ran up to him anyway.

“No,” Ian answered flatly.

“Ok,” the boy rambled, “because I wanted to show him the homework I did by myself last night.”

“What did you do last night?” Nick said from behind Billy who turned and immediately began smiling like a fool.

“The math homework,” he beamed. “I did it without any help.”

Ian rolled his eyes. Billy was more annoying than ever. Here he was a seventh grader and he was excited about accomplishing fourth-grade math problems by himself. And to make matters worse, Nick actually looked proud of him.

But that wasn’t what Ian was most bitter about – Nick had always been like that to Billy. No, what most disturbed Ian was the fact that Nick was changing. He was obviously going into puberty; he was taller, he looked older, he voice was changing. Ian, on the other hand, hadn’t changed a bit. He was still the same little twerp he was months ago – all skin and bones, no muscle. The two had always dreamt about growing up together, becoming big, powerful high school athletes, but Nick was the one growing up now.

Ian looked down at his best friend’s pants, the bottom cuffs dangling about an inch or two above his ankles, and felt a tinge of jealousy. He could now no longer say that he was the taller one – they were both exactly the same height. And to add insult to injury, Nick outweighed now him, too. That meant that he had muscle that Ian didn’t. Sure, it didn’t show or anything, but every time Nick threw a football or kicked a soccer ball, Ian was positive that he was stronger than he used to be.

And then, there were his looks. Nick had perfect teeth, pretty hazel eyes and those dimples…ugh, Ian shuddered every time he saw Nick smile. Already, a few girls were talking about how cute he was. But were any of them talking about Ian? No. Why should they, he was plain-looking and not really attractive.

“Hey, Ian?” Nick snapped his friend back to the present. “Did you study for that history test in Schneider’s class today?”

Ian’s heart fell. Shit, he had forgotten all about that. “Yeah,” he lied. “It’s probably gonna be easy.” He could already feel his sweat accumulating just thinking about it.

“Yep, a cinch,” Nick laughed, completely at ease. Oh yeah, that was another thing. The kid never got lower than a B on anything and that was only when he didn’t even try.

Suddenly, the bell rang and the hallways quickly filled with chaos as students headed to their first period. Nick walked with Billy down the hall, reviewing his math homework, Ian followed silently behind, shooting daggers through his best friend’s back.

“Well, Ryan…I’m not sure exactly how to tell you this, but…you are possibly one of the most stunning men I have ever seen in my 30 years in this business.”

Ryan smirked proudly as he sat across the desk from Mark Jansen, the owner of the Jansen Modeling Agency. Ryan’s portfolio and resume were spread out on Mr. Jansen’s desk as the man flipped through them appreciatively.

“Thank you, Mr. Jansen.”

“Seriously,” he continued, “you have a fantastic build, gorgeous eyes and a natural relationship with the camera. And those tattoos—” he held up a photo of Ryan gazing seductively at the camera wearing only briefs – “I like. They show personality, but aren’t too distracting. No doubt your looks help that.”

Ryan grinned, instinctively bouncing his pecs beneath the one-size-too-small polo shirt he was wearing. Yeah, he did look hot in that picture.

“The only thing I could say is,” Mr. Jansen went on, “that you may need to lose a little weight. We prefer our models to have a tad more definition than you do right now, especially around the abs, but that shouldn’t be a problem for you. According to your resume, you wrestled in high school, so cutting should be easy, am I right?”

“No problem, sir,” Ryan answered, his smile having all but completely been wiped off his face.

“Until then, we’ll hold off on the athletic photography and start you with headshots and fashion,” Mr. Jansen began gathering the photos together, looking up at Ryan’s body from behind his glasses as he did. “You look like you’d look great in a double-breasted tux for the Prom catalogue.” He stood up; Ryan followed suit. “Anyway, welcome to Jansen’s!” Then, he shook his hand and smiled broadly at him.

“Thank you very much,” Ryan gave the man his most sincere smile, though he was already partying inside.

Once outside in the hallway, Ryan gave himself a small fist pump. That went about as good as he expected. How could anyone turn down someone like him; he was simply a stud.

“You seem happy,” a voice spoke up from behind him. “It must’ve gone well.”

Ryan turned to see an absolutely drop-dead banging chick sitting in a waiting chair – possibly the hottest Ryan had ever seen in his life. His mouth practically fell open as he looked her over expertly. Her legs were long and slender, leading up to her shapely hips, her flat stomach and huge, voluptuous breasts. Her lips were full and supple and her blue eyes were round and dreamy. As she gazed back at him – no doubt looking him over as well – her tongue slowly glided over her upper teeth. Ryan felt his cock immediately begin to harden, his bulge growing bigger in his pants.

“Yeah,” he said, giving her his velvet tone – the one that made girls fall apart. “He said I was the best he’s ever seen.” Well, close enough.

“Mm,” the girl hummed as she stood up, effectively moving every one of her curves in perfect motion, “cocky and hunky.” She glanced down at his impressive package. “You seem pretty excited.”

“So do you,” he crooned. Man, did he know how to get a girl. “You wanna…you know,” Ryan jerked his head in the direction of the restroom.

“With you, all the time,” she purred, advancing toward him alluringly. The girl reached up knowingly to his shirt and undid the buttons, revealing his the tops of his thick pecs. Ryan couldn’t look away from her eyes, they were so beautiful.

“By the way,” he whirred, “I’m Ryan.”

“My name’s Brionna.”

And with that, she pulled Ryan into the men’s room and gave him the best sex of his life. •

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