Perfect Drug, The


By Redman

So here things had turned quite interesting. It seemed I was absorbing his load, right into my cum laiden balls. Which were swelling at quite the constant rate as he raped my face. The giant goth god love every second of it. When he was finally done he gave a mighty grunt and drew his spear from my mouth. It came out with quite the loud wet pop.

I sat back on the bed and looked down, my eyes went wide. I spread my legs wide and two massive orbs dropped between them to sink into the mattress. They were quite a bit bigger than his now. I looked up at him, and his hungry eyes looked back down at me. I gave him a nervous look before I bent down a bit to press my lips to the head of my own sopping member. I was boiling pre, and quickly began to drink from the faucet between my legs. Which instantly made me feel warmer, before the rush of power started to seep through my skinny frame.

The behemoth before me just crossed his huge arms, biceps fighting against his pectorals as muscle bunched up atop more muscle. He had wanted this particular load for himself, so I figured I'd better get on it myself or else I might not ever get any. He seemed to go for it, thankfully. The giant let me have my prize. I could feel myself getting stronger, my once slim frame started to bulk outwards slowly. Which only made more cum pump out of my member, and then in turn make me bulk up faster. In only a few moments I had quite the chiseled body, still skinny, but my muscles were clearly defined and were starting to push outwards. My member tingled and I grasped it with both hands. With new strength and vigor I began to pump my huge length like I was dieing to get off one last time.

The whole while, the huge goth stood there with his arms crossed watching, though as I started to get bigger one hand went down to absent mindedly stroke his member along the huge vein on the underside.

It didn't take long, and my member flared and the first jet filled my mouth. My cheeks puffing out before I stained to swallow, and swallow and swallow. I growled as I felt the surge of power increse through my frame and my body just exploded. In only moments I was as big as any bodybuilder that ever lived, and still pumping cum in quite a constant rate. Far from finished.

Greg was starting to stroke himself a bit faster now, the huge bicep on his arm jumping along with the deep caverns between his forearm muscles as his huge fist pumped his length.

I was reaching 6 feet quickly and passing it, though now it seemed to really kick in. My neck jumped and swelled up until it was only two huge oval shaped muscles attached to the sides of my head. My pecs brushed my chin as my nipples pointed downwards, abdomen sinking deeper and deeper into a incredibly defined 8 pack. My legs, already as big around as my waist continued to blow up. Huge tear drops fighting for room and making my legs fight for room. My bed creaked, making quite the horirble noise like it was going to die as I only continued to swell.

As I was gaining on 8 feet Greg seemed to get a bit worried, he didn't want me to outgrow him. Little goth boy still wanted to be in charge. "Alright I think you've had enough. Give me some more!" He reached forth to grip my member and try and pull it from my lips, though I was fighting him hard, and it only managed to make me feel even better. Huge torrents gushed down my throat, sending me growing faster and faster. I even noticed my member starting to swell again, and my testicles soon followed behind, pushing even further off my massive thighs.

In not time I was as big as Greg, then soon enough even bigger. The bed collapsed, sending me to the floor, which did little more than make my shaft jerk in my mouth pleasantly. Greg just stood back, he couldn't do much to watch at this point to see how much I was going to grow. I'd passed his size by quite a bit now, and was truley starting to look like a beast. My arms even seemed to be getting un-proportionally longer, and my back arching a bit so I had to hunch over. My chin pressing tightly up against the tops of my ballooning pecs, though they were easily deep enough to house my nearly 30 inches of cock between them, and I couldn't help but flex and grab at my member with the huge pillows as my lips continued to suck from the tap. I must have been 12 feet tall now, though I didn't care, all I wanted was more.

The more I grew, the more I was going to cum..... And I just couldn't find the will to pull myself from my monumental cock.... •

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