Perfect Drug, The


By Redman

"I have a bit of something to confess Jake." The huge goth kid said with a bright smile. Moving closer to gently push his lips to Jake's tip again and give it a firm kiss. "" I answere shakily, a bit nervous that he wanted more. He was amazed the kid wanted it at all. "I knew what you were working on the whole time. I've been planning this moment for quite some time. Ever since I saw your notes..." He said with a grin, giving me only a few seconds to let it sink in before his lips dove around the tip of my still rock hard member. "What!? Ooh fuck!..." Suddenly I didn't care. This kid had just gone from weird goth boy to a super rebel stud and he was working me like only a man that strong could. His hands were obviously larger by the way they held my shaft. Firm and strong, almost able to wrap his fingers completely around it. His biceps tensed and jumped a little bit as he started to stroke my length once more, though this time he was pushing forward with that thick bull's neck. Pressing the great head of my cock to the entrace to his throat. Before he had such a hard time taking even a little bit of my member into his mouth, and now suddenly he was on it like a pro. It squeezed into his throat, which made my blood boil, and I couldn't help but start to moan passionately and rampantly. All the while I knew if he got another one he would become a monster, and then what? He'd probably just want more. "Fuck!" I cried, loosing my train of thought to just stare down at his huge body servicing me. Especially the way his biceps rippled and bounced as he stroked my length. In no time pre was gushing down his throat at a high enough rate to already make him start feeling the effects. He growled with a new deepened lust and pushed forth, his neck muscles flaring and bulging as he took more down his throat. I could actually see his neck swelling to accomodate the incredibly girth. Before I knew it, he was all the way down. Chin pressed firmly between my huge orbs. I started to gasp and buck uncontrollably and I couldn't hold back any longer. He held all the way down, lips sealed tightly around the base. I could feel myself explode into him, my orgasm was much bigger than last time. The first jet had me yelling for more, and had him growling quite wickedly. "Grow!" I shouted at him, and on command he did. I could see his neck muscles explode with power, new strains of protien bulding quicker than last time to make him swell faster. The two football sized muscles attached to his neck started to overtake it entirely, until his head was sitting on two massive slabs of muscle. His shoulders widened, I could hear his bones cracking and growing to accomodate his soon to be much bigger frame. He was bending over further and further to keep at the base of my member, giving me a much better view of his gigantic back. Huge bulging muscles popping and swelling to cloud my vision with only this beast of a man. His pecs had grown so far from his sternum I couldn't really see anything beneath. I heard the sounds of his pants finally tearing away as I pumped my fifth jet into him and kept going strong. His eyes were closed tightly, and his hair was starting to grow longer now. That deep, thick black hair flowing down his back now. When I was finally done he started to pull off. It was like a movie to me, slow motion, until he finally stood up and I almost fainted. Though miraculously, my member was still hard as a rock, and my balls still felt chalk full. He rose to his feet, he must have been at least 8 feet tall now. His head nestled low atop his trap muscles, his chin almost touching to curved top of his huge pecs. Which stood so far out in front of him he was going to have a hell of a time walking without constantly running into people. My eyes trailed down to his diamond cut 8 pack, with ridges so deep I thought I could probably fit my hand down them. His waist was still rather thin, but his thighs and hips bulged back out. Though that didn't have my attention. The gigantic member that was hanging between his tree trunks of legs was what I was staring at, and I honestly thought I was going to have a heart attack. It must have been over 2 feet, and at least 8 inches wide. With a huge pair of what looked like flesh covered basketballs hanging between his wide spread legs. We both stood there for several moments, just staring at his body. He was still rather pale, and his body was mostly hairless, besides the bit of scruff he had above that monster. His body was covered in thick, almost rope like veins, that networked all over his frame. His head, although a little bigger, looked rather tiny atop his trapezius muscles. His member was already glistening with pre and his huge chest was rising and falling heavily with deep breaths. I looked down finally, away from his prick. His two massive feet had made rather big dents in my floor, which I really didn't care much about at the time. "Ha!" He finally broke the silence. "I could easily outmuscle any man on earth, look at this shit!" His voice was incredible, it sent a rumble through my spine that made my cock start to leak again. Just hearing this man talk was amazing. He raised one arm, and flexed again, his giant ball of a bicep jumped upwards. The damn thing was as big as my head. I couldn't help myself, I finally got up from my bed and latched to his arm. Kissing the massive muscle. His skin was so hot, I couldn't help but grind my member against one of the huge teardrop shaped muscles of his thighs. He flexed the one I was humping wildly, and his huge muscles smacked my prick around. My hands were trying so hard to squeeze his bicep, but got nowhere. "You like that? Don't you, you little muscle slut?" He said with a grunt, that made me weak in the knees. I was still in shock that this 14 year old goth kid was now suddenly the biggest man on earth. "Everything you ever wanted hmm?" He said again, and I still stayed silent. He was only partially right, I wanted to try it on myself first, even though I had a slim physique, I had no muscle what so ever. I reached up when he put his arm down to cup his pecs. Trying to lift the granite slabs of muscle but couldn't even budge them. Though he could easily, and demonstrated by bouncing them a few times. I wanted to slip my hand between them, and could easily, but I was too afraid he'd get carried away and crush it. "Well Jake, you've always been a good friend to me, so I won't be greedy. I'll return the favor." He barked at me with another deep growl before one huge hand came to grasp my head firmly. I gasped and before I knew it I was face to face with his massive prick. My lips pushed against it, but there was no way in hell I was even going to get the head into my mouth. My tongue pushed into the slit, and he seemed to go wild. A bit of pre spurting forth to fill my mouth quickly. I felt excited for a moment and suddenly I was confident. I pushed forth and my lips started to stretch around the head of his member. My teeth dragging along only seemed to make the beast growl and moan more. When he realized that his cum was doing something to me he jumped right on it. Pushing me down to all fours on the bed so I could take it straight down. He stood on the edge and started to push forward quickly. The huge head popped into my mouth, but he didn't even stop before drilling it down my throat. My neck expanded like rubber, then my chest, to form around the shape of his huge cock, until finally the head lay in my belly and my lips were sealed around the base, my nose pressed into his strong scent. It drove my wild, and my member started leaking onto the sheets. He had already been quite close to orgam, so when he hit rock bottom he gave a mighty roar and burst. Grabbing my wrists quickly to pull them taut and keep me completely burried on his shaft. I could feel him filling me, though I knew I wouldn't grow. Only I could make others stronger now, though I was a bit curious as to what was going to happen. I expected his cum to burst out my mouth but it didn't. It all stayed in my stomach. Making it quickly swell outwards. It pushed out faster and faster as his torrent ripped into me. His load made mine look pathetic, though my belly didn't swell that much further. It suddenly stopped, and started to receed as I .. *digested* it. Something I hadn't expected at all happened. I could feel a pressure in my testicles. An unbelievable need to cum washed over me as I could suddenly feel my testicles swelling between my legs.

"Yeah! Take it all you little muscle slut!" •

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