Perfect Drug, The


By Redman

Everything was going perfectly. I could already feel the serum taking effect. Giving me everything I ever wanted. It started slow, I could only feel a dull throb in my shaft that quickly made it grow and stiffen in my boxers. I tugged them down to pull out my 6 inch member and give it a few gentle strokes. Then suddenly a pleasure washed over me, unlike any orgasm I've ever had and it began to swell. I had to touch it again to make sure I wasn't just having another daydream. Sure enough my average sized member was starting to swell like someone was pumping it full of air. Veins throbbed and thickened along the sides as it grew towards 8 inches, which is where I noticed the rest catching up. My testicles suddenly plumped forth, two egg sized balls quickly filling with my rich seed. Moans and gasps were all that came from my mouth as my cock continued to swell before my eyes. My hands were glued to it now, but I didn't want to cum yet.. Oh no.. not yet. After about 5 minutes it was finally done, and there I sat with an absolute monster between my legs. Standing straight up towards me, my shaft easily reached over 16 inches, and about 5 inches thick. With a matching pair of orbs beneath that were easily the size of softballs if not larger. "Now.. for the really really good part." I said to myself with a soft moan. Just staring at the size of it, though I knew yet there was more to come. "Jake you in there!?" I heard a voice at the door, I panicked. It sounded like the kid from next door. I was two years older than him at 16 but we still hung out all the time due to him being the only one really around. Sure enough... he walked right into my room and gasped. The skinny goth kid just stood in the doorway for quite some time before he shut the door behind himself and locked it. Neither of us had the ability to speak. Greg just pointed at my huge member and blinked a few times, and then reluctantly walked forward. It was like he was in a trance. The skinny kid suddenly dropped to the edge of my bed before me, grabbing my shaft with both hands, just under the tip. Which sent an electric jolt of pleasure through my spine. "What are you doing Greg!?" I asked with a bit of a moan, though I had no desire to stop him. In fact I even started to think about what was going to happen. "I don't know.. It's just so big, and looks so good. I've never done anything like this before.. Please don't tell anyone!" And without anything further the little goth tried to stuff the thing in his mouth. Lips pushing hard against the head until it popped in, though that's all he could really get inside. Didn't matter, it's all that we both needed. His hands started to jackhammer up and down my member as his lips worshipped the head like he'd been doing this for ages. My hips started to buck uncontrollably at the heightened sensitivity of my new endowment. Already pre was bubbling from the wide slit in a constant flow. Which he eagerly swallowed up. I couldn't help but give him my biggest smile as he swallowed. He suddenly gave a grunt, and I knew it was happening to him. It hadn't been much of my enhanced seed, but he was already starting to feel the effects, which made him work even harder. "God Greg... you can suck a cock.." I said in a rather husky tone as he continued to bob his slender, black painted lips on the tip of my hugely engorged shaft. It wouldn't be much longer before I reach to grip his head, and my big balls tightened up. "Oh here it comes!! You ready to be the envy of everyman Greg!?" I shouted at him, and he respoded with quite the curious look, but it was quickly changed into that of fear as the first of my immense load burst down his throat. It happened immediately this time, I could see Greg swelling. He was swallowing like his life depended on it, and my seed was feeding him power. His neck bulged out of his black t-shirt, starting to rip it down the shoulders. Pecs jumped forth atop his chest to make his shirt rise up over a hardening belly. Divits sinkning in to form a plate of armor on his abdomen. Shoulders pushed wider and the sleeves of his shirt exploded with new muscle. Though the entire time he seemed intent on working more from my prick, which it was eagerly giving him. Huge burst after burst feeding his growth. His once loose black cargo pants were starting to become very tight around his bulging thighs and calves. I could even see the outline of his once tiny member swelling in the crotch of his pants. I could tell he was growing taller as well, by the way that he had to bend over further to keep sucking on the tip of my member. His face started to take on more of an angular look and stubble sprouted from his previously smooth, hairless face. When I was finally done cumming, he looked to be as big as any pro bodybuilder in the world. Bigger than Arnold in his prime, standing at a full 6'2''. The formely skinny 14 year old pulled from my shaft and stood up, smiling down at me brightly. His lips were still shiny and black, if only smudged, though now they were the lips of a god. His pants still fit, but just barley, his t-shirt lay in tatters over his newly expanded torso. "Well well Jake. Isn't that just interesting?" He didn't seem all that shocked by what had happened to him. Though he did seem incredibly happy, and started to quickly check himself out. He ripped away the remains of his shirt and I stared directly at his huge shelves of pecs. He made the huge mounds jump a few times and gave a satisfied grin before raising his arms to do a double bi. Two huge rocks rolled up form his arm, veins snaking across the surface, trying to fight for room with his forearms.

"I feel great Jake!" He said to me with a wicked smile before he came forth once again and dropped right back down to his knees. "In fact, I think I need another helping...." •

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