By Hoosier Daddy

What could I do? I dribbled down my shirt and made my excuses that Sally gave me the shirt and I had to take care of the stain before it set in. It was so strange following myself to the men’s room.

“You think it’s weird for you? For me it’s half being here, half remembering when in actuality I am lying in a research center with electrodes monitoring my brainwaves.”

I walked up to a basin and began wiping off the spot on my shirt. He continued.

“This has been really strange but I had to come back this soon when I remembered talking to Dad about supplements but not talking to Bill about anything on that first day.”

I had an idea and took my cell phone out and plugged in the earpiece so it looked like I was talking on the phone. I looked at him and said “I reconsidered.” He looked stunned. “Is what Bill has that much better? You’re forgetting what this seems like for me.”

“No I’m not. I remember it too. But I believe that it’s real or that it could be. You see I remember what the old man went through as well as I remember what I did. I remember the chemotherapy that you’ve avoided for us!”

“Oh, shit.”

“No kidding. If that’s not enough, let me tell you about last night. The session ended rather abruptly and I woke up smaller than when I laid down!”

I looked at him thinking I’d still be pleased with that build. The bulge in his pants told me that the anniversary present was still part of the plan. “You sure you’re eighty-five?”

“Yeah, this is the twenty-first century. Remember? But we both remember what your body could be like!” He started to strip right there and then. His clothes vanishing as soon as he let go of them. “All they knew was that I had had a wet dream. They were completely unaware that I had experienced having arms the size of fucking cantaloupes! My chest was so huge I couldn’t see my feet! And I’m convinced that it’s all because of Bill getting me into his Augmentation Program.” I noticed that his dick was getting hard.

It was wild from my point of view, here was a naked man in the middle of the men’s washroom and no one noticed. Not to mention that he was sporting a very respectable erection. “Nice touch with the phone but now you should hang up and get to a stall for the next part.“ He signaled me to follow him toward the stalls. He was about to go into one then changed his mind and we stepped into the handicapped stall. I closed the door and slid the lock into place.

“We’re going to need the room.” He grinned as he stepped back against the wall. “Repeat after me. I will take Bill to the gym with me today.”

“Okay. I’m going to take Bill to the gym today.”

“I’ll tell him about everything.”

“Even that?”

“Yeah, you come clean. I guarantee he will be completely on your side. It suits his needs too.”

“Okay, I’ll do it.”

A strange look came over his face like I saw when his muscles grew the other night. “Swear it. And another thing start measuring yourself and be familiar with your size! Oh, God it’s happening!”

“Okay, I swear.”

He panted the next words in a whisper. “Good. Now don’t make another sound and you might want to drop your pants and sit down.” He could tell that the sight of myself with a dick I dreamed of having was getting me hard already. I did as he suggested. “Not another sound.”

Then this perfected self swaggered close to me and placed my hand on his cock. I felt his pulse and the heat of it but the glistening precum disappeared as it touched the floor. He really wasn’t there yet I felt that I was touching him. He reached down and I felt his hand on my dick. “I remember that. For me it’s been years since it was that small. The change is catching up with us now.” He stood up straight and I watched every line on his body come into greater definition.

I didn’t know what he was talking about but I saw his muscles begin to grow slowly. “That’s just the supplements, so far.” He raised his arm flexing it. That’s what twenty inches looks like on your arm. Like what you see?” He leaned down close so it was close to the position of my arm. It looked huge and it was growing. The veins came to the surface and slowly bulged into relief against his granite bicep and down over his forearm. I held my own arm alongside his and compared them. I touched mine and then with both hands I groped and caressed his carved limb tracing those veins with the tips of my fingers.

“I want you to be so turned on by what you see here that you never miss a workout, that you do everything you can to grow for Sally, and that you won’t be satisfied until you see this body in the mirror. God I remember this phase. It took me forever to reach twenty one inches. That’s right, kid, all that muscle still only measures twenty one inches.” He squatted next to me and flexed his arm with my hands on the peak.

“How ‘bout this?” and he moved my hand to his chest and I couldn’t believe this was how big I was going to be. “Remember, this comes from trusting Bill.” I nodded. I wasn’t going to fuck this up. “That’s right just like you’re thinking right now. I can remember everything. It’s going to be so great. When you hear the words ‘You’re going to feel like a human pincushion for the next three hours.’ it will be one of the biggest days of our life.”

I felt like I was about to cum just thinking about becoming the man standing there. “Just keep watching. You’re not gonna have to even stroke. Better hold that thing down some. You don’t wanna cum all over your own pants. On the other hand I’m about to blow just remembering what you’re about to see.” I watched his muscles move as he stroked that beautiful cock. His abs tightened and his hips just barely thrust and I saw him shoot a massive load that disappeared once it was no longer in contact with his body.

I wondered if that meant he was also cumming at the research center. With a dick that size, let ’em watch. “Here comes the show, kid. And this is all your own body don’t forget.” He stood up and stretched out his arms. The line of his shoulders ran gracefully into his pecs and his lats looked quite nicely shaped. He flexed a double biceps pose and his arms just kept getting bigger.

“You keep good records, kid. That’s twenty-three.” Looking up at his pecs I saw them just about double in thickness. “Would you believe this isn’t even sixty yet?” He moved again and I saw my lats swell, widening the ‘V’ as he put his hands behind his head. Another volley erupted from a dick that looked even bigger. “Yeah, It got a little bigger but Sally says it never leaves her G-Spot now. I’m sure she means it ‘cause she clamps down harder than ever while we’re fucking and it’s better than ever now.”

He grabbed his cock with both hands and his pecs bulged so big I thought his chest was going to burst. Beneath the hair on his chest I could see veins standing out on his pecs too. He thrust and groaned and we both came. It was a good thing I was pointed down because my load would have hit the door and still left plenty of spunk all over my pants. “Look here. Your chest will hit sixty-five before you do! And look at our legs. I couldn’t believe it even though you’re seeing it now. Bill made it so your right calf filled out as well as the left. There is no sign of when you broke your leg and I never recovered completely from how much it atrophied. He was real proud of that.”

My eyes went wide as I stared not only at the size of this enormous calf muscle but at how perfectly it mirrored the other. Then my eyes looked at his feet and I couldn‘t believe it. “No bunions, and look at this.” He made a fist that looked like it could dent steel. “Don’t see any swelling in those joints, do you? And the advances they’re making medically because of your volunteering for Bill’s project is astounding. Not only that, it hasn’t hurt your book sales either.”

He hunched down into a most muscular pose and I noticed how much less space there was in the stall. “Now before I go and find out what kind of mess I’ve made of my sheets, have another feel of your twenty-five inch biceps.” I held my hand on the huge ball of muscle and suddenly his whole arm swelled under my fingers and his whole body followed suit. He stood up and laughed.

“There seems to be a link between how turned on you are now and how big you want to get.” He flexed his arm and felt it for himself. “You’re a record holder even if it is scientifically achieved. How the hell else is this world going to see a thirty-two inch peak? And how do you like me now?” He turned to show me a side chest that was unbelievably thick. “We’re actually bigger around than we are tall. They had to take off the sides of the hospital bed at the research center for me to fit. Don’t worry. Sally about goes wild every time I take off my shirt. And she’s still so beautiful. Now take a good long last look and the next time you see me will be in the mirror.”

I looked up at myself standing as the living definition of a Muscle God and shoved the head of my dick down just in time. I closed my eyes and with a grunt I released one more time. Once more I was alone. I had time to clean up, straighten up, and zip up before my head started to throb. The good news was that my shirt had dried and the coffee didn’t stain. I looked at my watch and was glad to know Bill wouldn’t show up at the baggage carousel for three minutes. When I got back, I said that I had heard about an emergency on a flight from Philly where there was a doctor who saved this woman’s life. “Have you tried his cell?”

“We just get voice mail.”

“Do you have any aspirin, Tylenol or such?”

A voice spoke from behind me. “Don’t tell me I have another patient to treat.” I turned and held out my hand. “You must be Bill.” I shook his hand but before another word was said, Marge had her arms around him, welcoming him home. I waited patiently for my turn to speak again. Bill was a younger version of his father. His hair was dark brown and he had the trim figure of someone who worked out regularly. His suit was tailored perfectly and barely showed any signs of a long trip. I played porter and grabbed the bags he pointed to while the others quizzed him about the emergency on his flight.

“You don’t have to do that, you know.” He grabbed the last of his bags.

“No problem. Just trying to suck up properly.” I smiled. “Gotta stay in good graces with the family.”

“In that case get me to a gym where I can shake off this flight. I find it lessens the jet-lag.”

To me Sally’s laugh is always like music. She laughed and said “You two are going to hit it off wonderfully! Neither of you can stand to miss your workouts. Here’s your drugs sweetheart.”

I tossed the two pills back and swallowed them dry. “That’s better. Or at least it will be.”

“You could have had a swallow of my water. How can you do that?”

Will explained. “Billy has a thing about pills. Strange for a doctor, but then I can’t take my pills without a whole glass of water myself.”

“I guess it just depends on what you’re used to, sir, er, sorry. Will.” Shall we head to the cars?” With Will and Marge leading the way, Sally and I grabbed Bill’s bags and he kept his carry-on. We started for the parking lot. “Were you serious about needing to workout? I go to the FitMax on Berger Street. I’ll get you a day pass if you want.” •

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