Bigger Issues


By Muscl4life

As the strange feeling finally seemed to subside, they could dare to break that embrace, trying not to fell down on the grass. _My GOD! What was that! ­ Asked Mark trying to get standed -_ I've never it could be this way! Answered Sean helping his lover, realizing that he now felt light to him. _Sean, you've just tore an entire vehicle with your own hands, and you didn't seem to get tired by doing that, and now I feel like I could do the same, but even easily... _We are passing by another adaptation period, until now, we've only gained Muscular mass and increase on height, of course this means we've got much stronger, but as you know strength doesn't depend strictly on muscle size, it has to do with the arrangement of the muscular fibers display , their location on the muscular tissue. _What about it? ­ Asked Mark with his hand caressing Sean's chest trying to feel the security his lover transmitted as he explained their last experience. _You know there is some space between the fibers in order to permit their contraction and relaxation. I realized during the tests the fibers became so exaggerated overdeveloped, there wouldn't be any space between them on the muscular tissue. I couldn't explain why and until now _You mean we... _No longer have Any space in our muscular tissue, our fibers are so enormous and we have so much more of them than a normal person that they've just augmented their size to occupy the inner space of the muscular tissue, augmenting its capacity into some level I could only imagine, we will just pack muscle over muscle, and it isn't all, as we are still on the middle of the gain of mass period, each time we go through another spurt, all this readjustment on the new muscle fibers might happen again ­ Sean had this glow in his eyes that just dragged the words form Mark's mouth _We will just keeping getting bigger, taller, thicker, bigger, taller, thicker... _Exactly! ­ Smiled Sean with his excitement, his prick poking Mark's thigh. _That is impossible! Mark grabbed Sean' hands and put them together _Sean, are you sure about this? I mean look at US, we are already TWO TIMES bigger than any bodybuilder born in this world, and you say to me that we are still going to increase our structure exponentially? _ WE ARE GOING TO GROW EVEN MORE! ­ Exploded Sean into a booming laugh _But how is this possible, how can we produce such mass , form nowhere? _Our body doesn't produce all the mass he can make, we have nutrients in our blood and organs, we just rearranged them, the double of height and mass could be obtained mostly because of the genetic rearrangement, every and each gene ordering your muscles to multiply, your organism just adapted itself to this situation, and secondly, this serum has a component , a special kind of hydrocarbons almost two thousand times more energetic than glycoside. So as we've absorbed this energy, the body used it to redistribute the proteins over the organism , and making it grow! _Well, but if you said we no more have space between the muscular tissues, how come we can perform movements? _Once you don't have inner space, you use the outer space! You see, our muscles are so much bigger, they don't move from the inside, they don't contract to find space, they EXPAND and then they EXPAND once more to accommodate their Flex. _That's why I've seen your body thickening, you were going through the expand and expand movements. ­ But don't they come to the original state? _Once the stress period is over, they manage to rearrange and return to the original place, but you gotta remember that now they are so much bigger that they can gain more size with the barely effort so, when they expand they are already thicker, so we look more "pumped" each time we had a good warm up Mark realized that all this questions were kind of late, since he already had taken the serum and its "side effects" were now unstoppable. _But I didn't do anything to release my adaptation, how come now I look as thick as you? Sean looked deep in Mark's eyes... _ Look Mark, this whole thing is such unpredictable to me just as it is to you, since we've taken the serum, we now share the same part of genetic arrangement, this makes us new kind of men, we have different characters but, we are in a genetic way of speaking so alike that my newly found abilities can be unconsciously recognized by you brain and, by instinct it could fire your own thickness process, or maybe you just released it by looking at me and really wanting the same to you. _All of this is so fucking confusing! Mark walked away form Sean's approach as he realized the hardness of his prick trying to get another dose of "supergrowth" ­ If we are going to grow over and over, bigger and bigger, thicker and thicker, than we will need another dose of nutrients in order to feed our growth... Sean turned to Mark, looking disappointed as he went far form his desiring tool, he then realized the pain in his stomach, and then. KYLE! _Mark we gotta check on Kyle ­ Sean ran into his house and his head broke the frame of the door, he had to push the side of the door in order to get into the house. _He is not here anymore! ­ Said Mark searching the living room and noticing the broken chair._ You boy-toy must have gotten upset and left _Mark! This is serious! I feel responsible for that kid! _KID? Well if the things we've just passed worked on him, I would say we've got a king size horny geek lost in the jungle! Sean looked outside form the window. Nothing. It remained the same neighborhood. Even with all the noises on the backyard they couldn't be heard, the houses weren't all occupied and by the time, after 3 a.m. most of the people were sleeping, just one house with the lights on, and then Sean could see a head, form the window. Not a normal window, a high window, a very high window. _It worthies the shot! Sean called Mark _What? How are you going to show up in that house? Are you trying to get all the police here, they'll probably think you're some kind of King-Kong or something else? _Mark, I know it's Kyle, how many people over 10 feet high you think there are in this planet beside you and me? They walked out the house, trying to sneak by the shadows, but it is kinda hard to hide when most of thickest oaks are thinner than your legs, or the top of the walls are on the same level as your belly button.

Fred and Mike came near Kyle, when he held Steve in his shaking trauma. The jock trembled, his whole body shook, and his skin felt like boiling water. Stevie could just scream and gasp. He grabbed Kyle's enormous hand, it was so overgrown, Stevie's grip could engulf only two monstrous fingers. Kyle recognized the fear on Steve's face, the same desperate look he once had in his worried eyes. Kyle, lifted him and nursed him in his chest, pressing their bodies together, he could feel Steve's still shaking flesh. _Shhh.. It will be all right, just don't panic now! It will pass in a few seconds... And Steve just felt the superior power of Kyle comforting him, his fear just disappeared, he felt secure although quite scared, it was the feeling of Kyle's massive embrace which managed to make him less terrified. What the hell was going on... And the few seconds Kyle said transformed into quite a few minutes, Mike and Fred kept silent. They realized Kyle's confidence, and that made them calm too. When Stevie finally gave up shaking, his senses returned to him, and he realized he was practically nested on Kyle's powerful embrace, he couldn't see anything , those enormous muscles were hiding him, actually he felt suffocating. _Kyle, Kyle please let me go! ­ Asked Steve with a weak but steady voice... Kyle opened his arms and let Steve free form his nursing embrace. Steve felt dizzy, somehow his body felt heavier... _Hey man, what the hell happened to you? ­ Fred came near him embracing the fellow jock, and then he felt terrified. He noticed something strange; Steve had always been the shortest of them three, Mike was 6'3", he was 6'1" feet and Steve was 5'11", but during their embrace, he felt Steve's head surpassing his own, his embrace didn't reach the same spot, as if he embraced someone TALLER than him... _Fuck! ­ Steve you are taller than me! Screamed Fred as he looked into Steve's still inquiring face. Steve realized he was actually looking down to see Fred's face! How come, he always was smaller than him. Mike then came near them, mentally calculating the inevitable. He standed next to Steve, and his head no more surpassed Steve's as it used to do... Actually Steve was about two inches taller than him! ­ That's just fucking amazing screamed Steve! ­ He looked astonished to his now shorter friends realizing the fear on their eyes, it can be pretty weird when someone who always had been smaller than you suddenly surpass you, even more if that growth is almost immediate. But that wasn't just that ! Steve's whole body seemed swallowed into a new improved Stevie, he looked even more muscular than Mike, Steve had always been more into gymnastics, his muscles were cut but not exactly buffed. And now he looked tougher than Mike, his arms stretching the fabric of his shirt... Kyle looked worried, Steve was 5'11" and he shook far more than himself. He seemed to gain about SEVEN inches, in height. And the most scaring data: he never took the serum, all he did was drinking Kyle's spunk... Could it be possible the genetic treatment could now be passed by his cum too? _Steve how much do you weigh? Asked Kyle with an inquiring look! _About 200 pounds, but I don't weigh myself for a while... Answered Steve, realizing he was quite heavier than he had been... _243 POUNDS! Screamed Mike as he read Steve's weight! You've never could gain 40 pounds in such a short time! You are even heavier than me, and you are 6'5" tall, what's going on with you? _Excuse me , have you seen MR. BULLDOZER over there? Asked Fred complementing Steve and pointing at the not less terrified gargantuan man towering over them all... All the three jocks looked UP to Kyle with questions all over their looks. Kyle knew he owed them an explanation. Kyle took a deep breath making his huge chest expand so much even he felt he was REALLY enormous. _ I volunteered to work with an experimental genetic treatment with Dr. Bennett in the University, because his experiment consisted in rebuilding damaged Muscular tissues, helping them to heal faster. But we found out it could be something else it could make the entire organism stronger. Dr. Sean didn't want to try it on human beings yet, but I took it anyway, injected the serum myself and passed by the first stage, just as you Steve. _You mean FIRST stage! So There's more of it? Asked Steve confused with this whole thing. _Actually I am afraid about it more than you can imagine! ­ said Kyle kneeing down to look at face level to Steve _ In my turn, I've grown two inches and gained 20 pounds _Oh Fuck! ­ Exclaimed Fred! He's gained more than 40 pounds and seven inches! _Yeah, Yeah! If you gained "just" 20 pounds and 2 inches, why you are as big as my entire garage? Asked Mike _It's because! Well.. _HMMMMMM!!! FUCKING AWESOME!!! ­ Screamed Steve as his Chest ballooned. Steve got down on his knees, looking for some air, his chest bulged and flexed, growing thicker by the inches, and soon his Shirt was being tore by the power of his hemispheres of power muscles filling the cleavage of Steve's already large muscles... _Shit! Is he going to shake again ? Asked Fred feeling the chest of Steve becoming each time bigger, trying to equal Kyle's massive desproportioned Torso. _No, he will keep growing taller and bigger, that's the first growth spurt! _FIRST? AGAIN? ­ Screamed Steve as he standed, he was now so much taller, Mike's head was on the level of his shoulders, and getting wider by the seconds. _Calm down Steve! Asked Fred trying to help his growing fellow as he became more and more freaking. _From now on, every time you had an orgasm your organism will ignite another spurt each time more intense than the previous one!- exploded Kyle at once! All the three jocks exchanged looks, Fred could just smile as he saw Steve growing more muscular and taller and wider and freakier each second , Mike compared Steve's development noticing each increase and feeling so jealous as Steve quickly made him look less and less tough, his previous physical advantages no more existed in regard of Steve, he was every second away from "little" ones like Mike and getting closer of the gargantuan muscle freak they called Kyle. But Steve had this charming look in his face, he was quite scared yet, but little by little, as his muscles blossomed into his recent gifted glory. His senses grew and he could feel his whole body, stretching, itching with his ballooning spurt. He standed realizing that both Mike and Fred were now just at the level at his low chest, his growing chest unfolding into some meat mountain. His arms growing wider, his limbs aching as they swallowed each time faster, he could feel them get sore, and yet them grew, like the pump of the pumps, he was feeling his entire organism growing, and BOY, what a rush! He look DOWN to his fellas, and they had to look UP to see his face, so wide his chest was now. His legs felt so powerful, like they could kick anyone's ass, even Kyle's. Steve felt a rush tinling his head, and he became aware of his genitals, his balls grew like they were being inflated, his cock unfolding, not because it was hard, it was just longer and thicker and thicker, and longer. _Is this common to happen? Asked Steve with a new glint in his eyes _Well ­ Answered Kyle caressing the shaft of his mega tool ­ How do you think mine got this way? _How does it feel Stevie ­ Asked Fred squashing his growing friend's pecs as they insisted to grow even more. Steve looked to Fred and smiled, he now looked so fragile so petite, he never thought Fred could be so little, and even Mike, his former ideal body and model, now was quite "skinny" to Steve's eyes, his own arms were thicker than the poor guy's legs. _It is fucking awesome- he said in a different, lower, super masculine tone ­ I feel I could do anything now! _With pecs like those, I wonder, what you couldn't do! ­ Mike's look lost on the augmenting width of Steve. _Kyle, I feel something strange! ­ Steve said, realizing even Kyle didn't seemed the mountain he was a few moments ago, now he is just FUCKING HUGE! But not GIGANTIC anymore, his face was nearer his eyes and he could see how beautiful he was. _Well my friend, you are not going trough any normal situation ­ said Kyle worried about the delay on the "cumming spurt"- the time when the feedback kicks in and release all the potential adjustment. _Yes, but now, the growth is vivid on my feelings, I can sense each part growing, but I just feel something is going to happen... HOLLY COW! Steve screamed, as his prick instantly got hard, like a snake, it woke up from his mega ball sac nest and poked him in the neck, he never felt it had grown so much, suddenly his whole body grew so violently, so abruptly they could hear his bones snatching as they grew longer to accommodate such mass, his arms were almost the size of Kyle's and he just knew he was as tall as him too, the rush of power was so intense, he never saw his prick ready to spew its new empowered jism. _Someone Please! It is too intense I think I am gonna blow! I am Too big , I feel like my body is still growing faster and faster, HELP ME! Kyle didn't expect to react that way, he just remembered that Steve was now as big as him, and all he had done was drinking hi jism, would it be as effective as the serum itself, could it be amplified, WOULD IT WORK ON HIM? ­ Then he realized Steve's prick growth increasing its pace, each time he was more like Kyle, seeming to even surpass him, the twist of the megaballs and the inevitable orgasm, which would produce another spurt ­ My God he is already BIGGER than I and it was just the first half of the spurt! ­ Kyle felt an sudden urge, when he saw Mike approaching the shaft of Steve's super long cock, ready to try of his essence ­ If Mike drinks it, he will become even bigger than Steve, I can't let that happen! Mike saw the incredible growth of Steve surpassing Kyle himself, he was charmed by the size of them too, her need to feel that way too, he approached Steve's more than ready pole and was all his way to drink his growing essence... Then he felt this huge paw around his waist lifting him away form his desire... _Sorry Little Paw! That's just for big guys only! ­ Kyle said as he tossed him away and made his way- the whole way down his throat on Steve's super long prick! It was all Steve needed. As he felt the warmth of Kyle's mouth , he let a wave of cum of his prick. He cummed more than anything he imagined, his prick twisted, as his whole body grew. And grew wider and thicker and taller, he could feel the ceiling hurting his head, and then he managed to lay down as Kyle worked on his ultra manhood, sucking and sucking he felt like being sucked to the max, and still he had much more cum to give to him. Steve, felt another rush as he realized his guns growing faster, and thicker, his abs popping as form nowhere as his veins pumping, and then he thought about Kyle, he was now BIGGER than him, or it seemed so, somehow he kept the same size.. no he is GROWING TOO! Kyle drank and drank, feeling his organism react to the incoming of the muscle cum, he felt his entire body growing with each swallow, he grew wider and taller, his muscles now felt like hot iron in his tight skin, his most powerful arms just worked on the balls, making those watermelons work as hard as they could, he just needed to feel the growth increasing, his muscles augmenting as it was still something new to him, he was addicted to size, his own prick became alive again and he felt like he could cum again! Steve's own spurt was ending, although he was pretty impressive gargantuan, Kyle looked at him and felt like he was no more menace to his size, but that feeling was so good, he wanted to keep it , the power, the growth he just needed, he realized the size of his prick , it was so long it could reach his chin, and if had more of that supercum he gave to Steve and sucked back from him... HE NEEDED TO HAVE IT ANYWAY... Steve, couldn't believe his eyes, in one moment he could swear he was bigger than Kyle, and now, he looks even bigger to him than when it all begun, and his pole was so fat and long, like it was going to burst again! _Mike! Mike look at Kyle! ­ Said Fred pointing at the SUPER KYLE! Kyle was indeed done with his sucking on Steve, and he was sat at the floor, almost as tall as he was before Steve growth, BUT HE WAS STANDING THEN! His mega pole was at the level at his chest, his mouth still dripped the cum of Steve, who gave up and lay down at the floor trying to catch his breath. The look on Kyle's eyes was something unbearable. He looked mean and yet childish. He knew his pole would soon squirt gallons of his mega cum, but they couldn't believe it would still work. _Kyle! Kyle please let me have it! Asked Mike begged Mike trying to approach Steve, who was totally soft now, and almost passed out. _You are HUMONGOUS! Don't do that! Please ­ Said Fred trying to get Steve back, but he was so heavy now he couldn't barely move him. _You don't understand runts, I NEED it! His breath was heavy, his muscles still growing from his last spurt. He looked form his sides and realized the impossibly width of his shoulders barely touching the sides of the garage, he was so enormous, his legs were almost hitting the guys on the corner. _Kyle? Are you going to... ­ Asked Mike as he tried to approach the super giant ­ STAY BACK YOU RUNT! Ordered him. Mike froze . He knew what was going to happen. Kyle began stroking his already hard and spewing cum, he felt the rush of him cumming and the feedback kicking in, only this time he would try something different! _ HERE IT GROWS!!! ­ Kyle mouthed his own prick and it immediately bursted in gallons and gallons of empowered cum... _KYLE NO! PLEASE DON'T ! ­ It was a familiar voice, Sean's voice, well Sean's amplified voice, like Sean's amplified body. He entered the garage, barely on his knees, and begged Kyle to stop! But it was too late, as he saw the immensity of new Sean he just cummed quicker. His own load came from his mega balls and went all the was UP on Kyle's super pole. Mike and Fred just watched as another super giant entered his garage, he was even bigger than Steve, but they guessed he couldn't top Kyle after his drank on Steve, the man was definitely HUGE, but visibly smaller, if you could say that, than Kyle even before he started drinking his own cum. Kyle recognized Sean's face, only it was now put up into a colossal body which could be compared to himself now, and quite bigger a few moments ago. But now he wasn't and soon he would be definitely Smaller. The huge amounts of cum come form the pole to the mouth of Kyle and he drank it, he drank and he grew wilder more muscular than before, his growth was so intense, his bones didn't snatch they made huge noises, his arms kept growing and growing and growing like he was some balloon. His pecs were infinite, they kept growing as like his abs and his legs growing taller. His head reach the ceiling and then it started to push the ceiling forcing everything to come down, he managed to turn aside, but his lats become so wide he kept bumping on all of them , he was so enormous he could touch everyone on the garage. Mike, and Fred leaded Steve, still grogue super frame outside and they almost fainted when they saw ANOTHER freaking looking worried on the outside, he surely couldn't fit the garage anymore, Kyle and the other monster man were filling it almost entirely. _Take your friend to the house in the end of the corner, you'll see it is the only with the scraps of a car on the backyard. After all they've been through it was the less strange thing to do! Fred, Mike and Steve went down the street making sure no one could see them, because, well because they were just two normal guys carrying his "big friend" home after a few beers ­ They've seen it happening before and they wouldn't mess with them now. Sean felt terrified, he saw everything, since the growth of the guy named Steve as strange as it seemed, since he hadn't taken the serum, and he grew amazingly, even surpassing Kyle, until he drank on him and then Kyle amplified his already gargantuan size impressively, and now that he drank in his own essence... Kyle felt the rush increasing, his muscles felt wonderful, he could smash everything, his load tasted as magnificent as the power he demanded, feeding himself with the size he wished and each time more and more, his arms were so huge, he doubted he could lift them, they were so brute, but yet so beautiful, Kyle felt his load ending, but not his growth, he was still growing, at the look at the not such petite Sean, who seemed at the same time shocked, amazed, desiring and jealous of his imperial sized Kyle, as he sucked on the last drop of his load, he finally could speak to the admired Sean. Still growing, still getting the freakiest of the Freaking giant men. _Like the way you look now little man! ­ Teased Kyle as he looked at Sean's lost look on his pecs _Kyle, you've done it again! ­ Said Sean, sounding strangely not as worried as before. _What? More speeches about my exaggeration? ­ Said Kyle, with his legs so thick they seemed two huge men around each other, each one of them. Sean approached the growing guy, and said gently. _You think I disapprove what you've done? Come on! I am not the little Sean anymore _You still are to me babe! Said Kyle looking his guns growing so thick and long, he could see his biceps had biceps mounted on them, and they weren't even flexed. _We can work on that later, now we gotta take you out of here! Sean had this worried look as he noticed that even sat on the side, Kyle kept growing and making his way to break the wooden walls of the garage. _You still feel the feedback?- Sean noticed the impossibly hugeness of Kyle's arms and legs , as he tried to fold them avoiding to break something... _Yes, but I am not growing so fast, I can feel my height is starting to stabilize... _How do you feel? ­ Like he need the answer to that question _POWER in his pure form, I AM THE POWER! ­ Said Kyle flexing his muscles and forcing them into one outrageous flex which made him grow one last and terrific time, making all hi muscles grow to accommodate such gained mass, Sean took a step back and watched amazed to the ending of the most tremendous spurt of all, the ULTIMATE GROWTH of Kyle. _Are you done? ­Asked Sean feeling the hardness of Kyle. _YES! ­ Said him ­ His voice sounded like the purr of a tiger, he was truly the colossal titan back to life. _Great! I don't think you would fit in here anymore, this flex thing almost put this tiny garage down. _Ya see! Ya feel it ? ­ Asked Kyle kneeing, and being careful not to it the ceiling, and realizing he was taller than Sean, which was sort of standed. _What? ­ Asked Sean afraid of the answer _You said "this tiny garage" FUCK SEAN! This is no tiny garage, this is a BIG one ­ Not for YOU and ME, but to the little guys, we are now MORE! You feel it huh? _ You'd better believe it, I do! I feel the power and the need, the urge to have more, I just tore my care with my bare hands! _FUCK! ­ This is awesome! ­ Kyle said as he managed to get out of the door, passing one leg at time and then pushing his megabutt, taking the maximum care not to demolish the whole thing down. When Mark realized the HUGEST figure coming out of the back door of the garage he couldn't help but laugh at the size of the leg, the width of the muscles which made his own pillars "OK"- Then , the impossibly torso forcing himself to get out. the loud noise of the wooden walls, and finally Kyle came from the inside with all his glory. Kyle was surprised at the figure standing outside, which was pretty much amazed with the figure coming out too. _Dr. Phillips? Said The impressive figure, standing up, up and UP! _Please, call me Mark Kyle! ­ Said Mark realizing he was almost in the level of the chest of that mountain of the most impressive muscles ­ even after his experience with Sean ­ he had ever seen. _I guess you've been fooling around with Sean's "stuff" too ­ Kyle laid HUGE hand on Mark's wide shoulders, feeling his hardness. _Let's say that I've been fooling with his "stuff" and much more! ­ Replied Mark feeling the weight of that paw, imagining the power contained that mountainous man. _Hey you two! Get a room or better, get a whole hangar, `cause if you two starting "fooling around" with "my stuff" no room would ever be enough for you too! ­ Said Sean making himself out of the garage! _Sean, You sure got yourself a HUGE kid! ­ Teased Mark as he pointed to width and the height of Kyle. _You guys are JUST FUCKING PHENOMENAL! ­ Said Kyle looking at Sean and Mark as they kissed passionately ­ You look TOO big! Did you take the power cum you guys make? _What is he talking about Sean? Power cum? Am I equipped with that too! ­ Asked Mark with a sudden glow in his eyes. _We will talk about it ... Now where are the other kids _They are at your house. The poor guys looked so confused, that Steve guy sure had grown a lot. ­ Mark indicated the way, and Kyle followed, embraced both of them, towering a few feet over their heads ­ "You guys are so fucking HUGE!" ­ Kyle pinched their super muscular butts as he walked _If this Kid fucks as he looks, we will be in big trouble! ­ thought Mark feeling those big hands in his butt. When they got to Sean's Kyle had to enter by knees, so tall he had gotten. ­ "Damn it! Sean your house is really small" _Well, it is the only one I have! Now get your butt over there! Sit on the floor, and be careful not to break anything. Fred, Mike and STEVE were sat on the floor, and all of them looked at Kyle's MEGA SIZE! Steve sat near him and compared himself noticing how much he had been overgrown by Kyle since he took this SUPER GROWTH. _Kyle you've done too far! ­ Said Steve feeling the immensity of Kyle's body. _Would you guys stop staring at me! So I am "a little" bigger than you guys, but look at yourselves, you guys are as FREAK as I am, so cut the bullshit! ­ Kyle took his arm up and FLEXED, which made his GUN so HUGE, it was bigger than Mike himself! _Speak for yourself! Complained Mike ­Me and Fred are still the same _Well, not for long time! Said Kyle as he just lifted Mike form the floor and nursed him on his lap _I am still disappointed! Why you had to take me away from Steve? I would have been your size by now! _Look Mike, I NEED IT! When you've grown you will understand! ­ Said Kyle as he grabbed Mike and kissed him. _Gentlemen! Said Sean in a low tone ­ Please lets calm down here! All he looks focused Sean, his impressive figure, and his fellow colleague Mark, which looked as marvelous muscular as him. _Look! I've heard and seen all that happened in that garage, and I assure you this is as new to me as it is to you! But I can make things work out here! All I need is your help, especially Mike and Fred _Why us? We are the flies around here! Said Fred as he sat on the sofa near Mike. Mark continued Sean's speech ­ You too are the only ones we can count on! As you see , we could NEVER pass by the common people. _And? Asked Mike? _We need you to get some BIG vehicle in order to get us to the campus of the college, more precisely the old center of Medical Research. Then, we can make the tests and the arrangements, we have quite issues to deal. _And what we get if we do it! Asked Mike, looking at Kyle's mega huge pecs _YOU CAN SUCK ME DRY! ­ Kyle answered knowing this was the only thing he had on mind . _Kyle, we don't know how it works, or even if you can do it again, but I assure you Mike you can get the size you wish ­ Said Sean approaching Mike and letting him touch his muscular hand. _OK! We'll do it! Mike seemed as happy as child! Fred, who kept quiet all the time, lifted up and said _My uncle has this moving company, maybe I can get a truck who could hold you guys... _Only if we do it in two times ­ Mark said looking at SUPER Kyle. _Listen, you are not "little" yourself Mark! _Anyway, it is better than walking! Steve erupted aith the attitude of his eleven feet figure. _But how are we going to wait till there? ­ Asked Mark to his big musclelover _No need to wait much. I have free access to the company, I'll just phone my uncle and tell him I am doing some job for the morning, and I can get it here first thing on the morning! ­ And what shall we do until then ­ Asked Steve afraid and anxious for the answer SUPER Kyle lifted his hand and in a scholar way asked _Is it me or anyone else is STARVING? Actually all the grown guys were vanished, and there wasn't any food left on Sean' since Kyle finished all of it! _We could get some at he 24 hour market! - Said Mike _Well, we could lend you the van but SEAN tore it ! spoke Mark in a sarcastic way _I think what you did was just AWESOME, babe! Said SUPER Kyle _Look, I have the right to express my feelings too! _Take mine! Steve said ­ Here are the keys! _Here, Sean gave him his credit card, - Buy LOTS OF FOOD ­ Fortunately this is the card I kept home, because I don't even imagine what happened to those in my pants ­ He looked at Mark who was comparing himself to SUPER Kyle _Man, we've got to know how big you are! ­ Said him flexing his guns and noticing them almost being engulfed by SUPER Kyle's. Mike and Fred bought almost 1000 dollars in all kinds of Food and it barely vanished form the car, they had to buy more. Only Sean devoured three bags of rolls, two entire hams and six cartons of milk, Mark and Steve took car with four smoked chickens, a whole case of hamburgers and, then Sean ten packages of chips, and gallons and gallons of juice. But that was regular if compared to what SUPER Kyle ate; He started with three pizzas, two cases of pastrami sandwiches, another whole case of juice, three jars of peanut butter, four bags of bread, twelve gallons of milk, more than ten pounds of chocolate snacks, just at the first round. The muscle Freaks practically threw them in their way back to the Market, and they bought more 2000 dollars of food, specially supplements and powershakes _Why do we need it for? Asked SUPER Kyle as he looked at his giant Limbs _Well it is quite caloric, maybe it can help you freaks to sustain your hunger and even help with the growth ­ Fred and Mike had a hope looking _Anyway, it tastes good, said Sean as he opened an entire case and dragged a huge bottle of powershake They continued their way with the food, soon Sean's floor was full of empty boxes of food, as they just kept eating and eating, and all Fred and Mike could see was their huge bodies vanishing with the food and eating more and more...SUPER Kyle was so happy with the food he lifted the fellow jocks up in the air and kissed both of them throwing them like they were mere pillows. _You guys are fantastic! ­ He said as he grabbed another case of supplements and two bags of rolls. _Sean if we keep eating like this aren't we going to get fat ­ Asked Steve as he worked his way on 5 pound jar of Frozen Yogurt _Actually, this calories will be used as we hit future growth spurts, in fact, all this extra mass, might increase our capacity to grow! -_ If this guy here grows another inch no food will ever be enough! ­ Mike looked at SUPER Kyle as disappeared with another pepperoni pizza. _Look I am in my GROWTH PERIOD, knock it off! I am not THIS MUCH BIGGER than Sean or Mark or Steve! _But you are FAR this BIG form me! ­ Screamed Fred trying to reach his ear. Kyle smiled as he left to the kitchen. Sean had to wait in the corridor because them both would NEVER fit that small place. Sean approached Fred and Mike and leaned over them : _ You guys are having fun? _You can't imagine how! ­ Mike said as he grabbed Sean's chest and feeling the hardness of his arms. Fred looked amazed at his friend attacking the massive figure. Sean was as surprised as him, afterall, he thought SUPER Kyle was the only target of Mike's passion. _Hey, hey, calm down big fellow! ­ Sean standed lifting Mike who was around his mighty chest, and supported the jock on his urge of worshipping his muscles. _Listen , Mike , we gotta get the truck and then I have other things , you guys have to do in order all of us can ENJOY what is happening _Yeah! We'll go on the morning ­ Mike answered licking his giant nipples. _I need your full attention in this, let's go to the den and I will tell what exactly you have to do ­ Sean lifted Mike at the level of his face. ­ I guarantee you'll never regret what you did for us, but please I ask you don't try to grow now, we NEED you, only you and Fred will be able to help in my plan, It's the only way... _You promise to grant me a wish after we're done ? ­ Mike had this strange glow in his eyes... Sean knew he was in the hands of the jock, but he also felt that the guy was REALLY into the growth _ You have my word! Replied the gargantuan doctor as he gently put the jock on the ground. _And you have mine! ­ Said Mike, grabbing the giant balls of Sean which were at the level at his chest, and squished it and hard, feeling the warmth of those freaking balls, and feeling Sean's enormous cock answering to his firm touch. Sean smiled as he felt his blood filling his prong awaking alive at his sack, with the powerful hands of Mike squishing his groin. Mike stopped and left to the living room ­ "No remorse, no regrets, that's for sure!" He thought as he and Fred headed to get the truck.

Steve looked at the mirror of the bathroom. Astonished. He decided to take a shower, all of his and SUPER Kyle's spike covering his new improved mega haired chest, the hair was all over his cleavage, his abs and let a trail guiding to his oversized cock and balls. So many things had changed since his last shower. He used to dislike his body, he was OK, but he envied the size and definition of Mike and Fred, he trained as hard as them, he used to arrive at the gym even earlier, but it never showed. He was a big guy, but never as big or cut as them. But now it was another story! He was so enormous. His muscles had grown so much thicker, impossibly bigger, he could feel them still itching and sore because of the growth. Steve smiled as he remembered how he managed to enter the shower, he had to take his bath on his knees and yet, he almost could hit the shower. But the feeling of the hot water splashing on his muscles, he could feel all his muscles welcoming the water as it covered his new body hair which grew along his powerful muscles. His wet hair had was now reaching way over his shoulders and it was thick and full, so brilliant he looked the BIGGER brother of Conan the Barbarian. "Gawsh! I make Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his early days, look like a piece of spaghetti" Steve realized as his gargantuan biceps flexed so enormous, bigger than his head. Then he looked at his abs, so many of them , he was so depth, he counted his packs: he had 12 pack-stomach, and they were absolutely huge, covered with this thick hair. His eyes traced the power cables of his legs, they were impossibly veined and thick, bigger than any "tiny" man' chest. Steve drank in his own beauty, he was now so virile, so powerfully wide and freakish, his gargantuan muscles made him face his life from a whole new perspective, now everything looked small and fragile and HE was the power, the muscular man which made all fear. Steve touched himself , feeling his gargantuan muscles, and flexing them just for the pleasure of his touch and the heat of his body. _Having a good time, I assume! ­ Said Mark who leaned over his shoulders and speaking low tone in his ears licking his lobes, making Steve's powerful legs shake, because all his blood suddenly rushed into his mighty prick, filling the giant cock. _I am sorry, I didn't mean ... ­ Steve was shocked, he never did such thing, but he never had been a 11 feet monster in his life. _Steve, you don't have to apologize to me, I would do exactly the same thing as you! ­ Said Mark trying to comfort the jock. Steve was half way out of the bathroom but Mark managed to grab him and pulled him back. _Steve please, I just want to talk to you, you don't need to run away from me... ­ Mark gently embraced Steve's thin waist and conducted the jock back to the bathroom _What do you want? Asked Steve afraid of the answer of that impossibly thick man. In fact, they were so big, the entire bathroom was just the size to fit them, there almost no space left. _It's just a couple of science stuff, afterall I helped Sean with his formula. _ I didn't take any formula, said Steve trying to change the subject... _Why are you afraid of ? ­ Asked Mark trying to be more friendly _ Will you make it go away ? ­ Steve had this childish look on his face _What are you talking about? ­ Mark replied shocked _Well, I thought you wanted me to go back to my previous.. _I am afraid we can't do that! ­ Said Mark with a smile in his face ­ We don't know how to reverse THIS ­ pointing at Steve's tremendous chest Steve blushed, this HUGE guy was pointing at his chest and complementing him, it never happened before. _I am so sorry, but I was fearing you would force me to shrink to my original size... _Well, with a body like yours , WHO could force you to do anything against your own will? Asked Mark grabbing Steve's gargantuan limbs and trying to dent them, just to show Steve how fucking amazing he was. _Yeah, I know, it feels so good to be this BIG! ­ Whispered Steve at the touch of Mark Mark loosened his grip and looked into Steve's face ­ Tell me what happened in the garage. What exactly have you done? _I didn't know what I was doing, I just had this urge to blow on Kyle's ultrasized dick, and so I did, but suddenly he started to grow even more, and then when he came BOOM, I passed out, I think I could have drowned with such cum... _And then? Mark didn't even try to hide his mega hard on, he just keep saying this looking in Steve's face and caressing the shaft of his magnificent pole... _Well, then I woke up a few moments later, and saw everybody around me, and KYLE was even more freakish ­ Then he was starting to tell me how did he become so muscular and, I felt my whole body twisting from the inside _Yeah, I know what I mean. Can you tell me how much cum you drank? ­ Mark was a sinister of a doctor and a freakish musclebound trying to be scientific but yet being even more sensual... _Man, I have no idea, I mean it could have been almost a gallon! I just kept drinking, and drinking hoping it was going to finish, and it just splattered in my whole face, coming out form my nose and choking me... _How did it taste? ­ This question had so many ways to be interpreted... But Steve decided the science way _ Like normal cum, and I know what I mean, I've sucked many other guys before, go ask Fred and Mike. -_ Well, judging by the way KYLE grew, I can assure you have tremendous skills on this department ­ Mark's prick was fully erect, like it was begging to taste from Steve's sucking. _And then I woke up in the arms of KYLE! Feeling so strange, so dizzy. That's when we realized I had grown during the shaking thing... _Adaptation period ­ Corrected Mark automatically, he didn't even realized how ridiculous he looks being intellectual and stroking his mega dick _Whatever, all I know is that I was 6'5" and 243 pounds. Mark stopped and looked into Steve's face _what were your stats before? _5'11" 200 pounds ­ Now Steve had this strange look in his face... _FUCK! Said Mark ­ You've grown this BIG even without the formula? _Yeah! ­ In fact, I ballooned right after I woke up again, and this time I grew so fast, my whole body felt like it was going to blow! _Isn't it fantastic? Mark went back to his stroking/inquiring _Unbelievable! I saw Fred and Mike becoming tiny compared to me, and even KYLE, I think , for one moment I was going to be bigger than him! _WHAT? Mark almost came right there, but he had to focus he could cum later... _Yeah, I saw him becoming "regular sized" and then he was no more freakish, and then, "small", it was then he realized what was happening, and he sucked me dry, surpassing me and making me fade out again... when I woke up he was even more GIGANTIC, and he was sucking on himself, drinking his own cum and then he definitely over did it... Mark had to calm down his pace ­ So, you actually surpassed Kyle's growth? Interesting! _Why? Steve felt like Mark was going to do something naughtily scientific... _Well, you see... Kyle Sean and myself grew because we injected the serum in our muscular tissues, but you didn't! You just drank Kyle's cum, somehow it looks the genetic treatment changed his sperm composition, transforming it into another kind of muscle growth serum...But it needs another tests... Mark went down at Steve's prick, which he saw far before that was already erect and with his head humongously swallowed and sucked it hard, soon it was blowing his load in his mouth, Mark drank all of it, Steve came like gallons, but Mark's mouth ,managed to drink it down, but he stopped suddenly letting Steve's cock still bursting loose.. _Exactly as I thought! Mark standed back at where he was... _W-what? Asked Steve, barely realizing his dripping cock! _I think we need a different approach... Said Mark cleaning his mouth form Steve's cum _What you mean? Steve said still trying to regain his senses _Look, You only grew AFTER you drank Kyle's cum right? Then KYLE drank on you and he overgrew you... _I told you that! Steve said as he cleaned himself form the cum he splattered around the whole bathroom... _Of course! But I didn't feel anything and I think I know why! _What are you telling me? _Steve, as you didn't take the serum, I think you're not genetically altered, you just experimented the growth improvement because of the content of Kyle's spunk, but you don't have the capacity to make your growth cum... _But Kyle GREW when he drank from me ­ Steve felt diminished with such revelation _Did he? Asked Mark with an inquiring look ­ I'd rather believe that he only grew because of his own cum, when you drank form him, your organism became drenched in his muscular improvement substances, not form you but, the overdose, you had, like you said "gallon" of powercum, and when Kyle drank it form you, somehow it made effect in him again. _You mean? ­ Steve was kinda lost trying to follow Mark's brilliant mind. _When we have our spurts, we grow bigger and muscular and taller, but it remains in our organism, being activated only by the combination of adrenaline and testosterone, when you drank form Kyle, your organism reacted to the mix which was already in Kyle's organism, it was effective on you. Then, when he drank form you, your cum still had the components in its composition, only that now it still had the small portion of YOUR adrenaline and testosterone, and that ignited those components which made you grow so much restart the process in KYLE, only this time it was amplified by Kyle's particular condition, I mean his altered genetic structure... _Now you lost me! Steve smiled as he tried to understand what Mark meant. _Steve, you functioned like an amplifier ­ You don't have the capacity to make your own powercum, but you can amplify the one you drank after you experiment your own growth spurt! ­ Mark said with glowing eyes. _So, if this is correct, I still don't have my own powercum, that's why you didn't grow after you drank form me... Steve had this sad look, he felt he lost everything that made him special _But... Mark said with his fingers holding Steve's chin ­ I have something to cheer this sad face of yours! Steve looked into Mark's eyes and smiled, feeling goosebumps in his skin _ Would ANYONE who had been altered by the serum, produce cum drenched in growth components? _You mean, if I drink SOMEONE's altered cum, I may amplify its power the same way as I did with Kyle's? ­ Steve joined Mark in his mind games. _There's just one way to prove it, babe ­ Mark looked down at his pole, well, it was almost at the level of his chest ­ Let me taste from your blowing skill ­ Mark said guiding Steve's head to the head of his shaft. Steve drank wild on Mark's cock, he now had this much powerful mouth, which could handle the humongous head and swallow a remarkable length of that impossibly big pole. Mark moaned as he felt the bliss he was entering, the announcement of his soon to begin growth spurt, he could hardly calculate "I'll grow as I cum , then he'll grow because of my spunk, and then, I'll have to prove my theory, I just LOVE science!" Steve hardly breath as he sucked on Mark's dick, that thing was so big and thick inside his mouth, he just thought he would drown when Mark blow his load. _Come on Steve, come on make me cum, pretty boy! Mark moaned as he caressed Sean's head forcing him forwards and backwards face fucking the guy who as a slightly pitch smaller than him, well , not this little anymore, because Mark could feel his feet growing sliding on the wet floor of the bathroom... Mark felt the same way he did when he was with Sean, his muscles growing even more than before. He was now becoming something totally massive, he no more resembled humanish, he was the gargantuan beyond the gargantuan, his arms and chest, and legs and backs, and shoulders, and abs, everything had its own form, like he had been another specimen, Mark was so brutally muscular, his biceps were no more human, they now looked something different, with a whole anatomic structure. He looked on the mirror, and could only see his chest, filling the whole frame, like the ultimate morphing picture, how much would weigh now, and how more would he grow after all the improvements he was about to give himself... Steve looked up and almost gasped, he never imagined someone could make KYLE look "thin", Mark was now so absolutely massive, he had muscles on his muscles, his arms, looked as they were no more attached to his body, in fact they seemed to BE their own master, growing thicker, his arms had grown longer and longer, and his lats were so wide, he doubted Mark could even normally touch his legs, his arms were almost 180 degrees aside form his body. _Look at what you are doing to me, pretty boy! Mark's voice was so loud and powerful, it just proved the expansion on his owner. And Mark felt the growth increasing, like the last part of the growth spurt, he could feel he was so tall, it was a good thing Sean's house had big ceilings, at least they would do for while, even the bathroom was a very large room, a good thing, they wouldn't get stuck only the door would be a problem, but they would have to figure it later. Steve hold his grip at Mark's pole and felt it was almost done, with his blowjob, he could hear the noise of those watermelons sending their gallons of that mega dick. Mark felt so powerful, he looked again at the mirror and realized he was now far thicker and muscular than Sean. KYLE would have to look him with more respect, because he was now so impressive, and he would be even more he just have to drink ... And he blew his load in Steve's face. So much power it felt like a jet of cum. Steve had to hold his mouth firm, in order to hold such amount of cum. Mark cam and came inside his mouth, and he drank with such urge knowing he would soon be as freakish as Mark. Mark smiled as he came in Steve's mouth, he saw that beautiful monster sucking on him, he felt so power, he didn't even tried to compare his body with human no more, he was something beyond, any bodybuilder near him would look like a bug, his muscles, didn't have the same anatomy, he had muscles, where no man could ever have, they were so big, and thick, measuring them would be a thrill, he definitely was thicker than Kyle and he was just about one third of the massive growth that turned him into SUPER Kyle, how big would he still get? He no more felt the growth of his own spurt. And the sound of Steve moaning down on his prick made him notice that soon he would be reached by his amplifier. _Come and get me babe! Mark said as he sat on the floor, making Steve follow him, this way they wouldn't hit the ceiling. Steve could only moan, he couldn't say anything, it was so much more intense than the time he drank on Kyle. He could just picture the absolute impressive form of Mark looking down at him and smiling "_Look at what you are doing to me, pretty boy!". Mark kissed Steve as he grew and grew wider, and more freakish ­ I love this part_ Mark flexed and made Steve lick him, he worshipped Steve, and spread his still dripping cum over Steve, massaging his ballooning muscles, as never did to anyone. Steve could feel everything growing inside of him. He never felt more energized. He opened his eyes and looked at Mark, his impossibly large man worshipping him. His prick were immediately full erect and he felt his load ready to burst. Mark realized Steve's body hair growing thicker and longer, his groin had so much hair, his abs, but his muscles were so damn big that even that amount of hair could hide it, in fact they sort of made them look bigger... Steve spoke in a thunder voice just like Mark ­ Come on babe, it's time for your tonic! ­ he pointed at his shaft and leaded Mark's head to the head. Mark needed no more encouragement . He sucked Steve hard and firmly drinking the essence with amplified powercum, he felt the results almost instantly. His arms hurt as they swallowed even more, making their previous size a thing form the past. Mark felt his muscles, expanding by the inches, and his height increasing, he was now so tall, and thick, he even felt he could look WIDER than he was tall, so much power inside of him, he would burst inside, of him. He thought he would feel the whole growth spurt, but it didn't happened like he imagined, while he was still drinking from Steve, he felt his growth increasing and his orgasm building inside of him , he would never had time to finish Steve's essence. _Think you need a hand ­ better you need a mouth down here! ­ It was SUPER Kyle. He had seen it all, they were so lost in the growth thing that they didn't even repaired the mammoth looking form the door. He had his eyes focused on Mark's shaft Mark was so now wide and tall, he could crush even KYLE! _Kyle! Don't do it! ­ Said Steve! He's already growing too big! His cum will be too powerful for us! _Steve! Like I told you before ­ I NEED THIS! ­ And he made it to the head of MEGA Mark. Mark let his load a moment before KYLE got on his shaft, and Kyle start drinking a few inches away from the head, like a jet. And then it was the chaos! KYLE grew immediately he just increased the mass, form nowhere, he felt the heat of being each time stronger, he no more could handle it he kept growing and growing, his muscles each time fucking amazing, and packing in previous amazing ones, he could feel his whole body becoming a mass of muscle, he was no more anything human kind could understand, HUGENESS, POWER MUSCLES, FREAK, those words form now on will no more describe them in their exactly glory, no more they would never feel human again, not with that body, not with that MUSCLES. They filled the bathroom, so big and so wide. Mark felt the weight on his body, now it was totally MASSIVE, and he realized Kyle sucking on his own Cock again! _Can't you even stop it for a while? Mark said still feeling his growth refusing to subside. _My Good! Look at us! Steve said, realizing they were so massive they were cramped on the bathroom, no more space left, they were sat and laid down, and the ceiling was almost there, the room felt incredible tight. _Oh. Oh! ­ Mark said as he noticed what KYLE was about to do And yet SUPER Kyle was almost sucking on his own prick, the growth on him was continuous, he had no more spurts, his growth was intensively... _KYLE ! You are too damn HUGE! Please, don't suck on yourself again, you know what happened the last time... ­ Steve had this scared look, KYLE looked at him and smiled with a grin look ­ Steve, why don't you relax, WE HAVE TO GROW, don't you wish to get even bigger? _YES! I DO! ­ Steve got shocked with his own voice sounding like a thunder _Go ahead, babe, GROW! ­ Said Mark caressing the base of his shaft, helping the mega pole to loose its load. KYLE smiled, with confidence and proud, the look on Mark's face desiring to grow even more, to become fucking AWESOME! KYLE bent his head engulfing the impossibly huge head of his own mighty prick and welcomed his overcharged powercum feeling immediately overcharging him with muscle growth fuel beyond his capacities to absorb. KYLE grew instantly, in loud SPURTS he kept growing as he sucked on himself. His muscles squirted and got even freakier. Kyle once had grew to Huge bodybuilder type, and then he went to a FREAK, a few hours ago he experienced a MASSIVE growth which made him what they called SUPER Kyle, but now he was surely overwhelming any expectation, he was developing into a whole new glory of muscles, he was making his way direct to the proportions of ULTRA Kyle, something too big even for Sean or even MEGA Mark and Steve his own was now SUPER Steve, boy this time they really overdone it.!

Sean managed to explain all his complicated plan to Mike and Fred , although he had to avoid the constant assaults of the over horny jocks. Sean had to stand up, and sit many times, in order to become free form the grips of the jocks. _ So you guys got it? Sean asked looking at the clock ­ 4:43 am ­ Think you can go now? _Sure! Said Fred jumping from the couch . _OK, OK! Mike rumbled, feeling a bit disappointed at Sean, he just wanted the freaking musclebound to share his power with him, why did he have to wait so much? When he was leaving, Sean grabbed him by the waist, lifted the jock at the level of his face and said: - Once you've done what I asked you, I'll promise we'll make you as BIG as you've never thought it could be possible! _You are as big as I never thought possible! Answered Mike kissing Sean's lips, and pinching his overdeveloped nipples. Sean looked from the window, behind the curtains, when Fred and Mike got in the car. He was a bit anxious, afterall, those two kids were his only way to fulfill his complex plan. He needed them and yet, he felt like he couldn't forget himself if anything bad happened to them. If everything goes right all of them will have new lives.

Realizing the house was too quiet, Sean wondered where would Mark, Steve and SUPER Kyle would be. He thought strange when Mark asked him to explain the plan alone, because he had "some theories to prove". He knew KYLE would be probably in the kitchen stuffing his belly, but where would Steve be? This kid was still shocked with his sudden growth, maybe he needed help to understand all this things. _WHAT THE HELL! ­ Sean shouted as he saw THE BIGGEST FOOT on the planet coming out of his bathroom, he knew it was bigger than his enormous monsters, but those were even bigger than SUPER Kyle's. Sean ran to the bathroom door, and he noticed those HUGE FEET weren't the only thing BIGGER than him anymore. The entire bathroom was filled with the 3 most massive augmented oversized megadeveloped gargantuan standard muscle freaks of the word ­ SUPER Steve, MEGA Mark and ULTRA Kyle! •

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