Journal, The

Day Four


By Braun1

I was awakened, evidently not long before dawn, by what was probably the most pleasant wake up call I had ever received. Someone was nuzzling my nuts and licking my cock. I was completely hard and my first thought was of Jake, but then I realized that his majestic pole was still firmly lodged in my ass, it was his massive arm that was draped around me gently holding onto my left pec and it was his gentle snoring I heard behind me.

Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I opened my eyes to see who it was, at first all I saw was just the beginning glimmer of dawn through the patio doors. Then I saw the reddish hue to the hair nestled between my thighs and heard, more than saw, Brad grunting as he thrust his enormous cock into Rob, the same man giving me my wake up call. Evidently, Rob wanted to grow some more.

My mind was beginning to grasp what was happening even though my very hard cock must have known for some time. My prick gave a lightening quick twitch as Rob began to work his way up the shaft. He looked over toward my face and smiled.

"Good morning, big guy," he said as he when back to work right under the still swelling head of my prick. It was incredibly sensitive due to the crushing it had received the night before.

I moaned in delight and must have clamped down on Jake's cock a little too tightly because he was soon pulling me even tighter against him, nuzzling my neck and purred, "you could give a guy a second to wake up before you clamp down on him like a fucking vice."

But then he was biting my shoulder and hand quickly went from holding my pec to twisting my tit. I gave his cock another squeeze and it didn't take long for that piece buried inside of me to swell even larger.

I was blissfully enjoying these two hunks ministrations when Rob pulled off of my cock saying, "You could return the favor, big guy, I wouldn't mind that at all." And he was right back on me before I could even think of a reply so I reached over to grab his cock and found Brad's big paw wrapped around it stroking what he could reach. It was then that I noticed the those two had maneuvered into a position so that Rob and I could 69, while Brad took care of plowing Rob's tight ass.

Brad looked up and smiled, he was very disheveled and looked a bit worse for wear, but was still going strong with long deep strokes to Rob. I realized that the positioning wasn't exactly perfect. As I reached out and took Rob's big cock into my hands, I could barely get it close enough to lick the head, let alone give it the proper going over he deserved.

I moved a bit forward and Jake pulled me back. "You sure you want to get bigger again? That's one potent piece of man meat your getting ready to suck."

I understood his concern, but at that moment there was nothing I wanted more. I shot back, "Yes, Jake, I want to be as fucking huge as possible. I don't know why and I don't even care. I just want more." Without saying another word, Jake pushed us both closer to Rob and Brad. He kept pushing and I opened my mouth and soon had Rob's hot slick prick sliding in and out of my throat with every one of Brad's powerful thrusts.

I could tell Rob was feeling the same from Jake as we began to work into a steady rhythm of intense sex. We were soon all a sweating mass of pulsing muscle and cock. Brad's grunts were now getting faster and faster and I could see his tight grip on Rob's hips grow even tighter, this boy was going to explode. Rob was sucking down more and more of my giant prick and he had latched on to my balls with both hands and was literally squeezing the cum right out of them.

Jake was still long stroking my ass, but the pace was becoming a dizzy blur. I couldn't believe how much of Rob's cock was stroking inside of me. I just let my tongue go wild and tightened my lips and let him slid on in. His furry nuts just kept coming closer and closer, so I decided to give him a piece of his own medicine and grabbed hold and began to squeeze and twist the grapefruit sized nuts for all I was worth. I could feel his moan all along the length of my cock and he immediately released my balls and they snapped up tight against my shaft.

He grasped my hips tightly and pulled even more of my cock down his throat. Jake had started slamming with incredible strength into my ass and it felt as though he were becoming a part of me. Hell, if he had forced his whole body up my hole and tap danced on my prostate, it couldn't feel any better than the pounding he was he was giving me.

At that moment, Brad came with such force I could feel Rob's entire body shudder and soon his cock was slammed the remaining few inches down my throat and my nose was nestled in his tight balls. I swear I could feel them churning against my face. I must have had 30" of cock down my throat and it felt fantastic. Soon all four of us were pressed tightly together, muscle to muscle. One continuous fucking muscle orgy gone wild and I felt my orgasm building, growing, like a living animal inside of me trying to get out.

It was as though a thousand nuclear explosions where going off in my balls and radiating out through every part of my body. I couldn't control myself. My whole massive body was an orgasm and no sooner did I start to blow, when I felt the cocks in my ass and my mouth swell. I sucked hard as I could and the cock in my mouth was like a hot steel rod when I realized that Rob was shooting and endless stream of cum straight from his balls to my stomach. I could actually feel his cum moving down through his pulsing cock and he was being fed the largest mind-blowing load of my life.

Jake was still slamming into me like a jackhammer and I could feel him flooding my guts full of his juice. I have no idea how long this exchange went on, but do remember the incredible feeling of power and contentment that started to pulse within my body. I could feel our bodies pressing tighter and tighter together and knew that Rob and I were growing again.

The rush of power only seemed to increase the flow of cum, it was like a never ending cycle. Our bodies were grinding together, fit so tightly against one another, we were like one massive sex organ. Brad and Jake must have realized what was happening at about the same time because I felt him pull out and start to pull me off of Rob's cock at the same moment that Rob's hot mouth began sliding off of my prick.

This didn't stop the flow, power was still building and we both started shooting cum all over each other and the room. Brad was the first to grab Rob's spewing cock and suck down some power cum for himself and Jake wasn't far behind. When his mouth touched my cock, I thought my whole world was going to explode through that piss slit. Wave after wave of cum flooded into him, so much he couldn't contain the flow and much actually ended up running down his huge pecs, cascading over his abs. It was coming with such force, I could see his waist expand as he drank more and more.

Only after he collapsed on top of me did the waves begin to subside. We were finally just four exhausted men panting for breath, covered in cum and growing.

At first it felt like I was growing rapidly. I could see the other's better than myself in the dim light and first caught sight of Brad. He was actually the only one of us sitting upright. His long blond hair was plastered to his head by cum and sweat and his hairy chest was matted with it. His head was thrown back and he was breathing heavily, almost panting for each breath. His massive chest heaving and swelling, steel plates were never this thick, each pec looked like a squared half moon with a foot deep crevasse of between, his shoulders were broadening at such a pace that the large leather chair he was propped up against was quickly disappearing. He stretched his arms to the sides and I swear it looked like he had wings. His back was so thick and his lats so wide that he was pushed forward as his arms raised. His hands curled into fists.

Even in my slightly dazed state, I could tell these were the largest arms I had even seen. Bulging muscle began at his wrists and writhed nearly bursting though his paper thin skin, fanning out, getting thicker and thicker as they moved to his elbows. The masses of muscle in his upper arms were unbelievable mounds of granite. He flexed into a double bicep and I swear, I could hear the muscles tighten and bulge. It was as though someone had taken his arms and made them one size too large for his body, they were truly gigantic. He turned his head and licked the peak of his right bicep and I heard a, "Fuck, yeah" escape his lips.

He continued to flex but my attention was drawn from him to the incredible mass of man that was draped over me still panting as he grew heavier and heavier. Jake was now truly something beyond man. A blond god. Hell, hercules wished he had such a body. Even draped over me I could tell he had added at least a hundred pounds and probably more. As he started to come around, he looked down at me and his eyes opened wide as saucers, "Damn, you weren't kidding when you said you wanted to be bigger. You're fucking massive. Damn, and look at that, you're still growing."

I could feel what he meant even if I couldn't see it. He moved to stand and was a little wobbly on his feet. His thighs were so unbelievably thick he had to reposition his feet several times until he found a comfortable position. He was standing there visibly pulsing with untold strength and power and I was laying at his feet swelling even larger. My body was throbbing with muscle.

I couldn't describe it at the time, but I could really feel myself becoming something more than ever before. Yet, I was calm and completely content. I reached a hand up to Jake and realized that the arm attached to it was even more massive than Brad's. As I got to my feet, I thanked the gods of architecture for cathedral ceilings and then looked at the scene before me.

Jake was truly the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on. He may have been slightly shorter than I was, but he was every bit as massive. His eyes were shining even in the dim light and they surveyed every inch of me. He had to be at least nine and a half feet tall maybe ten, I was loosing perspective as I had no idea how huge I had become. His mountainous pecs were so thick and solid and each one bigger than most men's entire chest. His arms were so large they looked like legs hanging from is incredibly wide shoulders. His abs were indescribable as it was impossible to tell how deeply cut they were because they were so thick that they met making large blocks of flesh. His cock was so long that its head hung below his knees and so thick it almost looked like an arm hanging down there. As he move closer to me it swung to the side and smacked Rob in the face as he moved to sit up.

Jake touched my chest and he looked into my eyes, "Man, I thought you were as fucking unbelievably gorgeous as it was possible for a man to be before, but now, man they're going to need a new word to describe you." And he kissed me with such force and passion that I felt my pendulous cock begin to swell and rise.

Just then Rob staggered into us as he stood up and our attention was drawn to the pale, fur covered man next to us. At first I could only see his back. It was so amazingly thick and rippling it looked as though there were small animals dancing under his skin, the huge shoulders tapered to an impossibly small waist and his globular ass was covered in such a fine film of hair you just wanted to reach out and see if it was as silky soft as it looked. His hamstrings looked like thick cables stretching and bulging under his skin and the calves were the size of diamond shaped basketballs that made huge shelves of muscle with each step.

He walked over to Brad and helped him to his feet and I realized that this was truly a turning point in our growth, there was something different now that I too had a power source to feed on and we were becoming so huge that almost nothing mattered. True giants in every sense of the word. And I was the biggest fucking giant of them all. I knew it could be a power trip if I wasn't careful, so I just smiled and said "let's get cleaned up.'

We walked toward the patio and Jake looked at the doorway and just said, "fuck it" and slammed his huge fists over his head and blew out the wall above the door and sent concrete and splintered door frame sailing across the patio.

We walked out of the house and went directly to the pool. It seemed that it had become as much of a bath tub as a pool lately, but we made the best of it we could, cleaning the cum and sweat off of each other. Jake grabbed a hose and started rinsing us off as we emerged from the water, I saw my own reflection for the first time in a window. I couldn't believe it was me.

I was at least 10 feet tall, probably more, but it was the structure of that ten feet that caught my attention. My entire torso and legs were covered with a thick black fur, completely outlining and highlighting the muscles beneath. My head actually seemed to have grown again in proportion to my body and looked amazing. The strong cleft chin was still there but the face was also covered with the fur. I'd need to get a shave. The arms hanging from my sides were so huge and so powerful that you could see every muscle outlined as though they were flexed, but they were completely relaxed.

Jake walked over to me bringing me a towel, smiled and placed his hand firmly on my ass. "See what I mean," he said, "You are beautiful. You remember what I said about finding a razor if you got any hairier?"

I nodded but couldn't break my stare and he began stroking my hairy ass cheek.

"Well, forget I ever said it."

My shoulders and chest were at least a foot wider than Jake's and he was at least 3 and a half to 4 feet wide. My abs were like furry mountains and the thighs were so huge, so powerful looking the slightest movement brought deep striations and veins to the surface. My cock was the most amazing thing of all. I was now at least 3' long and the head was dangling below my knees. Soft it was like a huge veiny fire hose, but I could feel it beginning to rise as Jake's hand slid between my glutes.

Brad walked up on the other side of us and ran his hand across my back. "Damn, I can't even feel any bone at all anymore, your just muscle everywhere." And he gave a little kiss on the shoulder.

Rob had finished drying off and standing off to the side said, "Flex for us big man."

And I did, I hit pose after pose. Mountains of biceps, shoulders and traps rose around my head. My pecs flexed in waves of granite, my thighs were so powerful that one small stomp to flex the quads hard split the concrete. Even I was amazed and getting more and more turned on by the moment. Huge veins began to rise to the surface and pulse with the pump. Man it felt so good, I couldn't ever believe such a pump was possible, but I swear my chest felt even bigger, I could barely see over the hairy mounds.

Just then a wide eyed Steve arrived carrying an evidently sleeping Max. Max's head was on Steve's shoulder and he had is legs wrapped around Steve's waist. I was immediately concerned that something was wrong with Max again. But Steve was smiling and staring at me.

"Man, Geoff, you look fantastic. Couldn't wait for us now could you? You're like the epitome of manhood." Max turned his head to get a look at me and it was then that I realized that Steve wasn't just carrying him, but had is huge cock buried deep in Max's ass.

Steve noticed that I noticed and said, "Yeah, he won't let me take it out. Said he likes the way it feels for us to be connected. Every time I start to pull out he grabs hold and pulls me back in. I guess I kind of like it too." He was smiling, so I just smiled back. My own cock was now at more than half mast and swaying in front of me like some huge flagpole even without being touched.

Jake, who had been watching the show with the others and stroking his huge cock while I flexed, came up to us and suggested that it was time we went back to the lake for something to eat. Not until he said it did I realize that I was hungry and we all readily agreed. We waited until Steve and Max had rinsed off as best they could with Max still attached, and then headed for the trail back to the lake. •

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