Journal, The

Day Three


By Braun1

Just watching Jake walk off into the sunset was like some scene from a movie. This man was magnificent and still he wanted me. I was still having trouble with my internal vision of myself as it had not adjusted to my new size. This night would change that forever. I stood there watching him for a moment just taking in the scene.

A peaceful crimson sun sinking beyond the lake causing the rippling waves to appear as though they were capped with fire. The smell of the water, the trees, the forest in the spring and the most sexual man I had ever known walking away down the beach, the sunset causing his golden hair to appear on fire, his magnificent form a silhouette of power.

From his amazingly wide basketball capped shoulders and thick traps, my eyes traced a line down the center of his thick back, to his relatively small waist, to the curves of his round, hard and flexing ass, down the hamstrings which were almost being over shadowed by the thick quads up front flexing as he walked, to his perfect jutting calves and huge feet. I was mesmerized. I was in love.

He finally turned around and said, "Geoff, you coming?"

I just smiled and hurried a bit to catch up. When I reached him, I was so over come with the moment that I just gathered him into my arms and kissed him as if there were no tomorrow. It was long and deep and he was soon sucking my tongue deep into his mouth. Our bodies were pressed so tightly together I could feel our hearts racing.

When we finally pulled our lips apart. He looked into my eyes and said, "I love you too, big man." We walked a bit further down the beach, just until the din of the party was lost to the lap of the waves of the lake. Jake laid out the blanket and said, "How about a swim, it will be cold, but I could stand it if you can?"

I just took his hand and walked toward the water. It was cold, this lake was obviously fed by some mountain streams. I would wager that it was never really warm, but once we were in up to our shoulders, it lost it's initial impact. Jake had moved in front of me and in a flash had his massive legs wrapped around my waist and started to rub and squeeze my pecs.

"Damn, baby if you get any hairier, I'm going to have to get out a pair of shears and trim this down a little." He was just playing, I could see the fire in his eyes. His hands were like magic, my nipples were already hard from the cold water, but his hands and mouth soon had them blazing. His thighs were hot against my sides as he squeezed them tighter. I couldn't believe it when I felt my cock begin to stir.

How could you get hard in this icy water, but I did. The more his hands and mouth played over my body, the hotter I got until I felt my swollen rod brush against his back. His own giant cock was pressing up between my pecs now and I pulled him tightly against me, trapping his monster between us. He moaned as I started to nuzzle his ear and kissed his neck.

I wanted him right now. But just at that moment, I lost my footing on a slick rock and we both went crashing under the water. We both came up spitting water and laughing. We had become disconnected in our dunking and I went back to pull him against me again, "let's take this back to the beach, maybe the water is just a tad cold for playing." He just nodded and I reached down and picked him up into my arms and carried him back to the blanket. We were dripping wet, but the air was warm and we didn't care about a little water.

I laid him down on the blanket and immediately took his deflating cock in my mouth. It was wet with the lake water and for a moment I could feel the coldness, but it was quickly hard as a hot steel rod and throbbing for release. I licked the head like an ice cream cone, but if anything it was swelling, not melting.

I could feel him trying to get at my own cock, but I wanted him to cum. I wanted it and soon had him half way down my throat. He was muttering something between moans about getting my dick over where he could reach it, but I wasn't having any of that, not yet. I held him down and thrust a couple of fingers up his tight ass. He was hot as molten lava inside and upon feeling that, my own cock switched from ignored flaccidness to iron bar hard in a second.

He was writhing on my fingers and his cock had started drooling precum down my throat. I used that to push even further. God, it felt like his cock was somewhere around my sternum, but there was at least another foot to go. I added another finger and reached his prostate and really started to work it, with my other hand I gently played with his giant balls. Gentle playing soon turned to squeezing and pulling and he was soon thrusting for all he was worth, deeper and deeper inside of me. I could feel he was getting close and re-doubled my efforts.

He was really starting to sweat and groan loudly. I pressed harder with my hand and forced it into his ass and he screamed and erupted at the same time. What felt like gallons of cum rushed down my throat and I pulled off slightly tasting his essence. I pulled completely off of him and used the last few shots to lube his swollen shaft and removed my hand from his ass and scooped up some of his juice to lube my own hole. His giant cock was still twitching with the last of his orgasm when lowered my ass over his flexing rod and impaled myself until I was sitting on his crotch.

His eyes looked up at me, beautiful but glazed. I gave his cock a few squeezes with my ass and started to really work it. He was grunting with every thrust and at first I thought he was going to blow again quickly. My own prick was waving in the air above his chest, slapping it with each downward thrust. The second he reached for it, I started to melt, I knew I couldn't last long once his huge paws closed around it and he started to pull and stroke it.

Then he reached up with his mouth and started to lick the dripping slit and I knew I was nearly finished. His tongue was magic over all the head and underside of the shaft. I could feel him thrusting inside of me, meeting my every downward plunge with a slam up of his own. He soon clamped his mouth over the head of my cock and it was all I could take, his hands left my shaft and moved to my pecs. The burning in my balls returned and I was soon unloading down his throat. I yelled and threw my head back as what felt like my life traveled down my shaft and entered his hungry mouth.

Almost immediately I could feel him growing beneath me. His swelling pushed my legs further apart as his chest and lats expanded. His mouth was still sucking down my load and I watched as his already deep shoulder striations cut even deeper, his arms found new power and I could feel his hands grow on my pecs. His thighs swelled beneath me and his enormous alabaster pole was thrusting deeper with each wave.

It seemed as time was standing still. As my flood of cum turned to a trickle, I watched as he removed my cock from his mouth and his face twisted in ecstasy as he reach up and grabbed me by my shoulders and pulled me to him. Our massive bodies were so hot with passion that the very air around us seemed to warm. He pulled me into a tight everlasting kiss and rolled us over on to my back and he ground his cock into my guts, thrusting cum deep inside of me.

He collapsed on top of me and we laid there for several minutes just panting and trying to catch our breath. He was the first to be able to speak even so it was between breaths.

"Geoff, oh god, Geoff, that was unbelievable. I don't ever want this to end." And he rested his head on my shoulder and kissed my face.

I turned my face toward his, "You don't ever have to worry about that, Jake." We kissed gently and drifted off to sleep, still with him deep inside of me and I don't think I was ever more content in my life.

A few hours later I was awakened by a nudge on my shoulder and a whispered, "Geoff, wake up, come on, wake up."

As I pried my eyes open, I could see the outline of a head, but couldn't make out who it was. Jake was still soundly sleeping on top of me and his soft snoring could easily have lulled my right back to sleep.

He was still buried deep inside of me and I was about to drift off again when the strong grasp once again shook my shoulder, "Geoff, please, you've got to wake up, there's something wrong with Max."

It was still a whisper, but I now recognized it as Steve's voice. "Steve, is that you? What's going on?"

Jake groaned on top of me and turned his head toward Steve, still very groggy, "hey Steve, wa'sup? This had better be good. I've never slept so well in my life." Jake eased himself up, pulling himself away from me, it felt so cold, I just wanted to pull him back. As he pulled away he extracted his semi hard cock from my well stretched ass and said, "wow, you gotta love this."

His huge cock was glistening in the moonlight, bigger than ever. He helped me to my feet and even, still in the grip of sleep, I noticed he was now just as big as I was, maybe even bigger in some respects, but it would take the light of day for me to truly see what he had become.

Steve was all business, "Guys, come on," and he turned and walked away.

Jake and I looked at each other and followed. When we caught up to Steve it was evident that he wasn't stopping by the tents and made his way to the trail back to the house. Once we had caught up, he started telling us that he had not been able to sleep because he was feeling guilty about Max. I mean, we had just sort of left him back at the house to fend for himself. I felt a stab of guilt myself.

Steve went on to tell us that he had gone back to the house to check on Max and make sure he was Ok and what he had found had scared him right down to his bones. So he came back to get me to see what I could do. He wouldn't tell us what was wrong with Max, just kept saying that we'd have to see it to believe it. As we got closer to the house and the trees cleared I could see just how upset Steve was. There were obvious tear stains on his face and he was quietly sobbing.

I grabbed him by the shoulders as we walked into the pool area. He looked at me through very wet eyes and told us, "I know he can be a jerk, but I never wanted to hurt him. All he ever wanted was to be big, it was his whole life, and now look what I've done."

He wasn't being rational, but I knew then that Max was more than just a fuck buddie to Steve, and I also knew that I had to do something.

I looked at Jake, man he was huge, and he said, "Where is Max, is he still up in one of the guest rooms?"

Steve just nodded and we made our way into the house.

When we reached the bedroom door, Steve turned to us and said, "Brace yourselves, it's not a pretty sight."

When he opened the door, I could see that the bedroom was completely trashed. Furniture was split and broken everywhere and there was a smell of a rankness, almost rot that rushed out to meet us.

There on the floor was Max. Mighty Max, almost 1000 pounds this afternoon and now not even a shell of his former self. He looked tiny almost prepubescent, curled up in a fetal position and covered in dirt and splinters and who knows what else. It looked as though his body had purged itself. The was urine and vomit on the floor and he looked to not be breathing evenly.

Steve, went to kneel next to him, "You've just got to do something, he'll die if you don't, I can't even wake him up. Please." He was sobbing again.

I was stunned. Shocked at both the destruction he had accomplished and how tiny he had become. Jake took control, as usual, and picked Max up off the floor, "Let's get him out of this mess, we'll worry about it later, and get him into another room. First, let's get him cleaned up."

He carried Max into one of the bathrooms, and I started the shower. We cleaned him up and dried him off and the whole time he didn't so much as utter a sound except for his ragged breathing. As we washed him I could see just how small he had become.

He indeed looked like a boy who had not started puberty, even if he was a bit larger than that, he was only about 130lbs at about 5'8" and had lost all of his muscularity. He didn't even have any body hair, he looked almost feminine. Jake carried him to one of the other bedrooms and laid him gently on the bed.

"Ok, now what could explain this? How could it happen? And what are we going to do?" Jake asked.

I didn't have any ideas. Steve sat down on the bed and cradled Max's body in his arms, holding him as one would a sick child. Then he started telling us what he believed to have happened.

Max had not wanted to come when Steve had originally called him from the house, he evidently didn't like Steve taking any initiative in the 'relationship', until he explained that he had met some guys that could help him get really big. Max had assumed that this meant it was going to be a killer workout at some private gym and had upped his regular dose of 'roids to push it should these guys Steve had met really be maxing a pump session.

This was evidently why his transformation scene at the pool was so painful and why he ballooned so thick and large, but had not lasted long afterwards, passing out seemingly from the intense fucking Steve had giving him. His new body was rejecting the old 'roid filled body and had purged itself all over Jake's guest room after the rest of us had gone to the lake.

Steve was again sobbing and asking me to do something and I really didn't know if trying to grow Max again would cure him or kill him. Anyway, how could we accomplish it with Max in the state he was in, without hurting him.

I told Steve this and he just kept on sobbing, "Don't you understand, we can't leave him like this, he'd rather be dead than so small, and...and..." he looked up at me with those tear reddened green puppy dog eyes, "and don't you see, I love him." And Steve broke down completely then, sobbing onto Max's shoulder.

Max stirred then, and lifted his hand to the back of Steve's head, "It's Ok, Stevie, don't worry, I'll be Ok." He sounded so small and so weak. He passed out again immediately and never even opened his eyes.

Steve looked up at me again and just said, "Please."

And I knew what we had to do, "Jake, go back up to the lake and get Rob. If he's asleep, carry him back but do it. Steve, you stay here with Max, I'm going to see if we still have some of the supplements, we're going to try, but I want him conscious before we start."

Steve stopped sobbing then and I wiped his face with a pillowcase, "I don't know what we can do, but we'll give it the best try we can buddy. I can't stand to see you cry."

Jake went out the door without another word. I knew he'd do just what I asked. Steve was still looking a little shaky, even if he did look damned sexy laying there holding Max.

"You going to be Ok 'til I get back big guy?"

"Yeah, Geoff, I'll be Ok, and thanks. I don't know what I'd do without you."

"Well, buddy, you wouldn't even be in this mess without me."

I turned and left to look for the supplements. As I walked down the hall I heard him talking to Max, trying to rouse the tiny man in his arms.

I looked everywhere in the house before I thought to check the truck. It was dark in the garage and I had no idea where the light switch was, so I just kind of felt my way around in the dark. At one point I just got frustrated and didn't think and slammed my hands down on the car next to me and my hands sank into the sheet metal as if it were butter. Damn, another thing I had destroyed of Jake's. I'd have to be more careful. I finally found the truck and when I reached into the bed I found two boxes, no telling what they were, but they seemed like the right size. So I carried them into the house.

Only one was supplements the other was an entire case of jock straps. I threw them down and the box burst open and they scattered all over the floor. Each in it's own little plastic package. All size XXL, and I couldn't repress a laugh. Even they wouldn't be big enough for us anymore.

Then I thought of the poor little guy in the bed upstairs and quickly lost my mood. I may not have been the cause of his struggle, but I was certainly the catalyst and I had to make it right somehow. I returned to the bedroom and Steve looked up at me and I knelt by the bed and ripped open the box of supplements. Luckily it was the premixed type so we didn't have to worry about finding something to mix them in. I shook up the first bottle and started to feed it to Max. Steve held his mouth open and he choked a little at first, but then drank in little swallows. He had barely half a bottle in him when he started to show some signs of life. He groaned and started trying to murmur something, but Steve hushed him and told him just to relax and drink some more. Which he did until Jake arrived.

He walked in with a very sleepy looking Rob and Brad in tow. He had evidently filled them in, but they were still shocked by the little man laying in the bed with Steve.

"Good, Brad, I'm glad you're here, we may need your help. It's going to be hard enough to get excited under the circumstances, but we've got to try." I then explained my plan to all gathered. If it worked, Max would be back to his own arrogant self by dawn, if it didn't we'd have to get him to a hospital.

Rob agreed and started to stroke his huge cock. Jake and Brad handed Rob and I supplements as we attempted to load up a bit. Then they moved around behind us and began to work on us. Jake was soon hot and hard again and even I was amazed at his stamina. I just closed my eyes and let him go to work while using both hands to stroke and jerk my hardening cock. He went down my back licking and biting all the way through every crevasse of muscle and licking down my spine. My cock went full rod before he made it to my ass.

When his hot tongue reached the crack he went wild and pushed me to bend in half so he could get at my tight hole. His tongue shot into my ass so fast, so hot and so deep I was quickly drooling precum all over the floor. He reached around and caught some and slathered it into my pucker. Then I felt him stand and move to slide his giant cock into me. The head felt hot and wet and the shaft incredibly hard.

When he reached my prostate I could feel the heat building from my toes up. I stood up then and he pushed me back down until I was bracing my hands on the bed. He thrust into me, I could tell this was all business, no holding back, not really worrying about anything, but making me cum. I stole a moment to look over and Rob was much in the same situation, Brad ramming him hard and fast.

Steve was still feeding Max and he looked like he was breathing easier. I knew this would be a test of control to feed him, but not drown him and Rob and I had to do it at the same time. At just that moment Rob looked at me and the look in his eyes said he wasn't at all convinced it could work. His huge cock looked as swollen as mine, almost ready to burst. I was quickly loosing it and stood up again.

My balls were on fire and I could hold out no longer. Jake knew it was time and reached around and gripped my cock in his iron fist right behind the head. Brad was doing the same to Rob and both of us looked as though our eyes were going to pop out of our heads. I felt like my balls would explode if I didn't cum soon. Rob's distress was written all over his face which was screwed up to a nasty glare.

Our well impaled lovers moved us until our cockheads were pressed together in front of Max's mouth and Steve held it open. The second Max's tongue hit my cock, I wanted to thrust forward and bury it in him, but Jake held me back and just opened his fist so a little flood of cum could fill Max's mouth.

He lapped it down like mother's milk and then Jake's hand tightened again and I could feel myself loosing consciousness. I'd never seen my cock the shade of purple it was becoming. Then it was Rob's turn. We went back and forth until Max had nearly taken our whole loads.

Rob and I fell to the floor afterwards, but our efforts were apparently successful. I came to fairly quickly, although I wondered if my cock would ever be the same. It was swollen and sore and still a bruised looking purple, but Max was growing.

His little body was quickly expanding, no pain was evident this time as the hair filled in around his little cock and balls, and spread upwards toward his rippling abs and expanding chest. His feet moved toward the foot of the bed as they too expanded. He was quickly passing the size he was when he originally arrived here this morning.

His arms got quickly bigger and thicker, veins protruding everywhere as his biceps went from orange to grapefruit to football to bowling ball size. His shoulders broadened and got thicker and more striated than ever. His quads were expanding larger and larger and it was getting harder and harder to see Steve behind him. He grew and grew, swelling and thickening. His cock was easily bigger than before growing past the 20" mark and becoming amazingly thick.

The bed groaned with he weight and still he grew. When he finally slowed I could tell he wasn't going to be as big as he was this afternoon, but he was definitely better proportioned. At least 8'6" and somewhere around 750lbs. He stretched his arms wide and the muscles of his torso danced under his beautifully hairy chest and torso.

He opened his eyes, and looked up at Steve and said, "Thanks for loving me Stevie, I thought I was going to die." Steve, still bigger easily than Max, just grabbed him and kissed him with now tears of joy streaming down his beautiful face.

Jake gathered the rest of us and we left them alone to discover each other again. Rob and I looked and felt like hell warmed over and Jake and Brad helped us downstairs and after we washed off in the pool we crashed all piled together on the living room floor. Sometime in the night I remember Jake pulling me close and sliding inside of me and I was at peace. •

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