Journal, The

Day Three


By Braun1

Steve was still growing as Brad began running his hands over Steve's chest. "Yes, you want this, you want it all don't you?" Steve said teasing the now smaller Brad. Rob moved over behind Brad and I realized Steve was now reaching Robs size which wasn't too far behind my own.

Rob was glaring at the back of Brad's head. "Steve, these two have a few unresolved issues to 'discuss', why don't we give them some space?" I said trying to calm the situation down before Rob started getting punchy again.

Steve looked at me with such intensity I could feel it down to my toes, "Sure, Geoff, whatever you say big guy."

His desire was written all over his now 9' frame. His huge, at least 2' cock was slapping his now monstrous fur covered pecs. I grabbed Steve by the arm and pulled him away from Brad, just as Rob was spinning Brad around by his shoulders and pulling him into a passionate embrace.

Steve and I exited the showers, as quickly as possible and decided it would be good to give the guys some space. I was thinking of one of the bedrooms, but Steve had other ideas. He led me up to the pool area where the others seemed to be making themselves comfortable in the warm spring sunshine. The view was spectacular.

As we arrived I noticed Max was sprawled out next to the pool, evidently asleep. Steve told me that Max had been a little upset that he hadn't achieved as large a cock as Steve had, but Steve was perfectly happy with the arrangement. Steve said he was amazed how fast Max had worn out and that was why he ended up down in the gym, looking for Rob and me.

Max was still complaining about his muscles hurting even as Steve had "fucked him silly". At the time I wondered what could cause such a reaction. As I approached him, he looked smaller than I remembered, but maybe that was because I was larger. Then the remainder of the view took my attention completely away from the sleeping Max.

Troy and Thad were playing like two little kids in the pool and Mario and Jorge were engaged in a passionate embrace in one of the hot tubs. All were completely naked, huge and beautiful. It gave me a real sense of satisfaction. When they finally noticed Steve and I standing there watching them, all activity stopped and it was like they were drawn to us.

Troy was the first to comment on our newly grown again bodies. "Fuck, man, are you ever going to stop getting bigger?" he said with his mouth, but his eyes were glued to my cock.

I was at least half hard already and before I could get a word out Thad said, "Who cares if they ever stop, as long as they take us along for the ride."

And Steve just started laughing. "Yeah, you all want some more of this don't you?" And he started to flex. Huge mountains rose when he flexed his arms, the biceps easily reaching his fists, his pecs rolling like waves that tapered down to slabs of abs. His cock was also lengthening and beginning to pulse.

Mario and Jorge were all eyes at his display.

"Yeah," Jorge said as he started to stroke Steve's huge pole, "I'd like a chance at that."

Then he looked up to me and said, "Hope there's more where this" and he lifted and squeezed Steve's now dripping cock for emphasis, "came from."

Mario was soon all over Steve's balls, and I said,"wait a minute guys, if you truly want this," now it was my turn to flex, man what a rush, "you're working the wrong cock.

Steve why don't you take care of this ass you like so much and we'll get these boys well fed?" Steve was more than happy to help, so now I've got four beauties in front of me all working my cock and one behind, with his hot tongue already buried deep in my ass. Troy had won the battle over who would get my dick down his throat first and he buried deeply over and over.

I was feeling such pleasuring I could barely contain myself. Mario still had his mouth all over my balls, licking, biting, sucking, stroking my thighs, that alone may have been enough, but Jorge had his face buried in my chest fur, biting and sucking on my right tit, while Thad was doing an equally fine job on left pec. Each would pause for a moment to bury their tongues in my pits, before returning to my tits. Their hands moved along my arms and abs, feeling every curve, like they were trying to memorize the feel of every inch of my torso.

I was so lost in this that I almost missed Steve's absence from my ass, that is until, I started to feel him press his fist like head against my well slicked hole. As he pressed in further I began to feel myself loosing it again. Troy was tonguing my slit when I grabbed the back of his head and thrust the monster down his throat. He didn't act at all surprised and start stroking it even deeper. He had about 18" buried down his throat when Steve must have decided he'd wait not longer and slammed into me so hard it lifted my feet off the ground and rammed another six inches of my very thick dick down Troy's throat, and knocked Thad and Jorge right down on their butts.

Steve was definitely feeling the power, "Oh, god, Geoff, you are so incredible, I've never felt anything like this. Man, you are even tighter than before," his sentence was lost in the grunting and panting that followed. His huge arms were now wrapped around me and he was slamming into me hard and fast.

Thad and Jorge were not to be deterred and resumed their licking and biting and pinching. Mario was now sucking and licking my balls and running his tongue from my balls back through to where Steve was filling me like I've never been filled. I soon couldn't take any more and reared up, growling like some hungry animal and began to unload. It was incredible, like my mind was bursting at the same time my balls were firing a huge succession of loads down Troy's tightly packed throat.

He was literally bouncing up and down as my cock flexed and relaxed with each successive shot. He pulled off and still I shot. Jorge was quick to replace him and in what seemed like moments he was filled and fell to the floor. Thad next grabbed my still shooting cock started to feed on my swollen prick. Thad sucked long and very deep, but couldn't keep up with the flow. It was like my whole being was flowing through that cock.

Mario was last but in the wrong position to easily get my cock in his mouth. As he repositioned I saw, Troy on the ground with a huge grin on his face already swelling larger and saying, "Oh man, this feels good, so good, so big, damn I feel great Oh, Yeah, Of fuck, Yeah." And his cock was rising to majestic proportions.

Somehow Steve saw this as well and pulling almost all the way out of me grabbed my legs pulling me into an almost seated position and started walking toward Troy. Troy saw us coming and said, "Yeah, get over here with that tight ass, let's both have some of that hot fucking ass."

I was to lost in pleasure to care what was going on until Steve rammed back into me and started to lower us over Troy's giant black pole. I know I blacked out for a second as Troy entered my already full ass. The feeling of two huge thrusting fuck poles buried so deep inside of me that I could barely stand it caused another rush of power to flow through my body.

It felt as if all of my muscles were flexing and pulsing with power and sex. Sweat was running down my chest and dripping off of my hair all over Troy. I felt my ass tighten around their cocks and heard them moan and growl and my balls were churning for another monumental blast, even though the last one had never really stopped.

Mario was now more than ready for his turn and his beautiful blue eyes looked into mine and his strong hands stroked my cock, it was now so ultra sensitive that I could not hold back and he could barely move fast enough to catch my eruption of cum. He had to hold on to my hips to not be blown right off of my cock by the force of my cum. As I exploded, I felt huge rushes of cum deep inside of me as both Steven and Troy lost it at the same time. Their shots were almost in unison as the filled me to overflowing and cum was soon running out off my ass all over Troy and the ground.

Mario fell out of the way which was fortunate because I collapsed in a sweaty heap on top of Troy with Steve still on top of me and them still buried and throbbing deep inside. All of us panting for breath and I could feel three hearts pounding like they were synchronized. After a few minutes I felt Steve starting pull out and peel himself off of me. I was perfectly content to lay there with my head on Troy's shoulder when he said, "Geoff, you Ok?"

"I'm much better than Ok buddy, much better," I returned as I planted a kiss on his cheek.

"That you are, big guy, that you are" he chuckled and as he did I could feel his huge pecs bounce beneath me with his laugh. "Now, would you mind getting off of me so we can get cleaned up?"

I gradually pushed myself up until his huge cock was extracted from my well stretched ass and a flood of cum ran out all over him. I just looked down and laughed, "Now you really have a mess to clean up." He just laughed again and as he stood up he landed a punch on my shoulder that pushed me right into the pool.

I had barely time to surface when I saw him jump up in the air, pull his knees to his chest and splash down next to me in a cannonball with such force I was moved several feet out of the way and, I swear, the pool was more shallow afterwards due to the water that splashed everywhere. Soon all of the newly grown boys were joining us, washing off in the pool and rough housing like a bunch of teenagers. But then most of them were just that randy teens with super human bodies. We must have spent the better part of an hour just playing.

It was then that I noticed Max was still asleep and began to become concerned because he looked rather pale and now was definitely smaller than before. His incredibly thick muscle was receding, collapsing in on itself as I watched. I extracted myself from the pool and, grabbing Steve, walked over to where Max was laying.

"Any idea why he is reacting so differently from everyone else?" I asked Steve.

"No not really, unless maybe it's because of the steroids, he uses them, so maybe that's causing the adverse reaction."

"Yeah, I guess that could explain it, but we'll have to see if there isn't something we can do for him when he wakes up."

"Yeah, he's not really a bad guy, just not used to being the small man on the totem pole. Why don't we carry him inside, get him out of the sun and to bed, he still looks exhausted."

"Good idea."

So Steve and I put him in one of the guest rooms and headed back toward the pool. Jake had returned and was surveying the situation when Steve and I walked up behind him. I reached around him grabbing his pecs and said, "Like what you see, big guy, I know where there's more just for you."

He turned around in my arms and once again had to look up at me. "Damn, and you did this without me?" he tried to look stern, but I could see through it and picked him up and kissed him.

"I missed you, you know, where have you been?"

But before he could answer he was distracted looking over my shoulder. "Well, well if you don't have any more for me, it sure looks like we have another source."

Rob and Brad had decided to join the party and what an entrance. They are arm in arm and lip locked. They were each as big as me. Over 9' tall, easily 950lbs of prime muscle. Their hairy bodies were perfect together from light blond to deep auburn, they were the perfect pair. From Brad's giant cut cock hanging between his knees to Rob's uncut nestled firmly between his huge pecs. I don't think I've ever seen something so beautiful in my life. They were surely in love and had taken care of any differences that may have had. Now here was a story I definitely wanted to hear.

Jake spoke up, "Put me down, big guy, we'll have to take care of me later, I've got an announcement to make. Guys, gather around. Come on get those asses shaking and get over here." Once we were all gathered around he said, "Damn, this is un-fucking-believable." Looking over the assembled super men I had to agree.

"Ok guys, I've planned a surprise for you. I've got a complete feast set up on the most beautiful spot on the property. Until now I had kept this spot just for myself, but I know you'll just love it. There's a trail over past the pool house that leads up the mountain to one of the most beautiful lakes you've ever seen. Once you get there we eat and have some fun, sound good to everyone?" There were numerous 'sures' and 'sounds fucking great' and we were off.

As we were on the trail, Steve and I filled Jake in on the afternoon's happenings including the fact that Max was still passed out in one of the bedrooms. I could tell he was hearing every word, but I could also tell he was on the verge of busting out laughing.

I asked what was so funny and he said, "just look, it's like a fucking parade or some twisted 'the dwarves are off to work march', I mean it seems like we should be singing 'hi ho, hi ho, it's off to fuck we go' or something." And he was right we did look like some kind of freak show, but no one seemed to care that we were all just huge fucking studs marching through the woods naked as the day we were born.

All of a sudden the parade stopped just as the trail reached a rise and there was the lake. We were all a bit awe struck, it was beautiful, stretching for miles and right down at the beach was a fantasy right out of some magic lamp. Jake was all smiles as we admired his afternoon's work.

There were huge tents lined with pillows and mattresses all covered in silk and satin and a beach that ran for at least a mile along the shore and a pavilion of sorts which looked to be laid with a spread to feed an army or a least a pack of guys as big as an army. The guys started pairing off in their normal twos to explore this fantasy land and Steve started looking like he'd lost his puppy again, and I just reached out and pulled him along with Jake and I to our destination, the food tent.

"I don't know about you two but I'm hungry," I said.

Jake repositioned himself on the other side of Steve and grabbed a handful of Steve's gorgeous butt and said, "Yeah, I could eat."

Steve just smiled and wrapped his long arms around both of us and pulled us tightly against him. "You guys are something else."

Jake was eager to eat, but he was also eager to get growing. After downing a few steaks and all the trimmings enough to feed about six hungry men, he looked up, "You know this isn't all I'm hungry for?"

"I know big guy," and I reached over and kissed him. It was a brief kiss because at that moment, we heard a huge splash from out in the lake.

Before we could wipe our faces and get up from the table, a very excited Rob came running up and said, "guys you just have to see this, come on" and he headed back the way he had come from.

Jake just laughed and so did Steve and I said, "Well should we go see what the boys have gotten themselves into this time?" And we headed after Rob to see what was up.

When we reached the beach Rob was pointing at the sky and there seemingly hanging in mid air as it started it's long descent to plunge into the lake was a boulder the size of a truck. Down the beach a little further was Brad, beautiful super cock Brad, beating on his chest with both fists and hollering to whoever would listen.

When we got closer he started, "Did you see that, man we are as strong as we look. That thing must have weighed a couple of tons at least and it was like lifting nothing, come on, you gotta try it." Jake looked intrigued and Steve dubious, but I was willing to give it a shot.

I walked back to where there were quite a few large boulders where the beach met the forest and walked over to one at least twice the size I had seen plunging into the lake moments before. I squatted down and tried to find a good place to hold on to it and started to lift it. Brad was right it was easy, like lifting a big awkward piece of styrofoam. But this was granite, it had to weigh at least 10 tons and here I was lifting it over my head like it was nothing.

My huge shoulders and traps bulged up at the sides of my head and my arms swelled and pulsed with power. I took a few steps on to the beach and started to sink in the sand. I was concerned at first, but the sand was only about a foot deep and then there was firmer footing. I waded through the sand back to where the group was waiting. Now all the guys gathered around and I leaned back and with as much force as I could muster threw the boulder as hard as I could. A little too hard I'd find out later as it arched up into the air with a loud whoosh, flew over the lake and came thundering back to the ground on the other side of the water at least half a mile away. It took out trees for at least 100 yard before it stopped. "Damn, I guess I don't even know my own strength either."

They all burst out in a round of laughter and back slapping that was to go on through out the remainder of the after noon and evening. This was going to be a party to remember with all the trimmings. Each one took turns throwing boulders, crushing boulders, ripping up trees and breaking them to splinters until Jake put a stop to it and we all returned to just partying.

Jake turned to me and said, "I think its my turn now" just as the sun was setting over the lake. He grabbed a blanket and we headed down the beach. This was one man I was not about to disappoint. •

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