Journal, The

Day Three


By Braun1

Rob followed me down the stairs as I started looking for Jake. I was starting to get worried when we couldn't find him until we ran into Troy and Thad in the garage getting more supplements out of the truck. Troy said that once Jake knew that Brad was going to be Ok, he left and said that he had to take care of something. While he was relating this story I could see both of them checking out big Rob. Rob was a little smaller than when I had first transformed and very beautiful. At least 7' he was one big guy, of course he was smaller than any of us, but huge by any other standards. He had almost auburn hair and very fair skin. His clothes, evidently a polo shirt and baggy shorts to start with, were barely clinging to his current frame. At least 450 lbs of muscle and he was covered in that beautiful auburn hair.

"Well, since Jake's not here, why don't we go down to the gym and see just how big you've become big guy," I said as I gave Troy a look that conveyed that I didn't want him or his brother to join us, later maybe.

He understood completely, "Hey, Thad, let's go see if we can find Mario and find out what's up with his dad."

Thad was more than ready for more fun his huge hard cock just dancing in the breeze. "Sure, bro," he said as he hefted a huge case of supplements in each arm, "I'm really starting to like this 'being big' stuff" and he gave me a light peck on the cheek as he walked past.

I led Rob down to the gym, which had definitely seen better days. There was a heavy odor of cum and the gym equipment was pushed and piled around the room. "Those boys have been busy," I remarked as I scanned the room. There were piles of weights that had obviously been bent and bent bars all over the place. There was one bar that had plates crammed all the way along it with just space enough to fit one very large hand.

I walked over to it and figured it was at least 1500 lbs if not more, grabbed it with my right hand an easily lifted it off the floor. The bar groaned with the weight and I was sure it was going to bend in half, but it didn't and I pumped out 20 easy reps in an uncomfortable standing one arm curl.

Rob's eyes were glued to my arm and after another 20 with my left arm I let the bar down easily to the floor then hit a double bicep pose to end all. My guns were like peaked mountains next to my head. Rob finally spoke up, "Don't you guys ever put on any clothes? It's not that it bothers me, but geez, you could give a corpse a hard on just looking at you." I think I actually blushed and I smiled down at him. He didn't yet realize what a stud he had become.

"Come here big guy, and I'll show you what you've transformed into and you won't want any clothes on either." I pulled him over in front of the wall of mirrors, flicked on the light and watched his eyes bug out.

"Oh...My...God... What's happened to me?!?" He was staring straight at his face. Here was this incredible hairy muscle stud with tree trunk thighs and doorway wide shoulders and he was looking at his face. "I can't believe it, that doesn't look like me. I'm not that hairy, I'm not this big."

I walked over behind him and reached around his massive chest and said "Let's see all of it, shall we?" I ripped off the remains of his shirt and rubbed those hairy hard pecs, before I could reach for his waistband and get rid of his shorts, his cock took care of that for me. There was a loud rippppp and they fell to his feet.

He looked down and just said, "DAMN!....I can't believe this, fucking wake me up."

"Believe me buddy, you are awake and your body is just awakening to what can only get even better." I honestly didn't know what his reaction would be or if it could get any better, but I was really getting into the feel of him, his hard pecs, his incredible abs, his beautifully broad shoulders, when he turned around and kissed me.

"I don't know how that glop did this to me, or to you but I feel incredible."

He flexed for a few minutes really getting a good look at himself and he turned to me again, "Is there anything here to eat? I'm starving."

I went over to the bar and grabbed a couple of bottles of the liquid muscle supplement and handed him one. He tentatively sipped it at first and then upended the bottle, then another and another. Before we were done another case was empty. "Man, that feels good. I can't believe how 'on top of the world' I feel."

We sat at the bar and talked for a long time. I filled him in on the entire story and he filled me in on his relationship with Brad. Evidently he had be a paramedic on call last year when Brad had taken a bad fall in the field house and suffered a very badly sprained ankle. Once they got the big guy into the ambulance, Rob had done all the normal checks, heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. and then he started some checking of his own. After all, here was a semi conscious football stud just laid out and strapped down and ready for inspecting. Rob stripped off his uniform shirt to make him 'more comfortable' and began to feel his chest and arms. About halfway through this inspection he heard Brad say, "Well buddy, you don't have to just tease."

He jumped and hit his head on the ambulance ceiling and Brad actually laughed. Since they were too quickly at the emergency room, they exchanged info and agreed to meet later. Rob was expecting Brad to call, but two hours later he showed up at Rob's door on crutches and the rest, shall we say, is history.

They became regular fuck buddies with Brad always the top and Rob a cock sucking pig. It didn't take him long to fall for the big lug but Brad never seemed to return his affections. Evidently Brad felt the same way, but never thought Rob would fall for him. What a couple. He also told me that in the year that he was with Brad he knew Brad was fucking at least a couple of other guys and would actually show up at Rob's after these hot sessions wanting more. He didn't say anything for fear of loosing his big football stud.

All the time he was telling me this he was scanning my body. I'd seen this more than once over before. My cock was feeling amorous and started to rise and I watched his reaction. He was definitely making eye contact, but not with my baby blues. He was interested in the one eyed monster rising between my legs. His own monster was showing the effects of strain and I realized that he had not gotten off since his transformation.

How the fuck could he hold back at all? My first day I must have shot a dozen times, yet here he sat not even dripping precum yet. "So, Rob, you like what you see?" I purred in my sexiest imitation of a tiger in heat.

His head snapped up at that, tearing his gaze from my cock and looked me straight in the eyes. "Sorry, it's just you're so huge. God, what I wouldn't give for a monster like that, Brad wouldn't be giving me any of that 'I don't bottom' crap if I had a cock like that."

I just had to laugh. He looked at me like I had just taken the last cookie. "Look, buddy, you already have a bod and cock that would have the big lug throwing his legs in the air so fast you could hear the wind rushing by, but if you really want more, I know how you can get it." He was all smiles now and reached down to take hold of my drooling tool.

His touch was gentle and warm. It was like he was exploring a new found toy and I guess he was. I pulled him closer and locked my mouth over his and soon the tongue dance was in full swing. I grabbed his cock and found him hard as steel. He pulled away from the kiss, but his mouth never left my body. He licked my face from mouth to ear, stopped for a nibble then lower down my neck. He buried his face between my hairy pecs and he was soon gnawing at my nipples, first left then right then back again. He tongued his way from left pec to my pit and started licking it clean.

All the while his hands were magic on my cock, stroking and squeezing. He was making me so hot I damned near lost it several times. Now he was tracing my abs with his mouth. Sliding his tongue in and out of the crevasses tracing the lines of hair between and all the way to my crotch. Instead of immediately working my throbbing cock he moved lower and began licking and nuzzling my huge nuts. This stud was a cock man of the first order and I was more than willing to let him have all of it.

When I looked down all I could see was one hot puppy, happily lapping at my crotch. I knew if we didn't change position soon, I was going to blow. I reached down and lifted him to his feet and went down on him, but he was not to be put off so easily. We finally settled into the classic 69 with him over me and soon his perfect cock was stareing at me. Beautifully white but slightly curved toward his abs and covered in fine veins. He was definitely not a drooler, that is until I started nibbling. I poked my tongue in and around his piss slit and pulled just the head in and gently ran it across my teeth.

His moans confirmed that he was getting close. His hips soon start slowly thrusting that huge baby, deeper into me. He had me already in and grabbed on to my hips and started pulling me deeper and deeper. All I could think was, 'God, where is he putting it all?" well I soon found out because his hips thrust hard and his silky pubes hit my nose. I grabbed on to his incredibly hard ass and pulled him even deeper into me.

I could actually feel his balls pull up tight against the base of his cock and mine let loose at the same time. It was like an endless cycle of cum. We rolled over several times during that first round and I could hear him moaning as the first convulsions slammed into him. We were locked in an endless stream or orgasms. I could feel him swelling in my throat and feel his weight increase above me. Then we would both be shaken by his orgasm, then mine, then his.

We were feeding off of each other like two hungry wild animals. Sweat soon plastered our bodies together but the force of our passion just seemed to increase at a maddening pace. I could feel his cock sliding further and further down my throat and could feel mine throbbing again. Huge arms locked us together and the heat was rising. My god, was this ever going to end? I hoped not.

The passion was growing and I began to feel the cycle. His heart was pounding and so was mine. I could feel his balls growing against my face and his cock thrusting further and deeper down my throat. I erupted again and he went into another round of convulsions.

Soon I heard what sounded like a growl and he pulled himself off of me and screamed. It was bloodcurdling and if his cock had not been buried so deeply inside of me, there was no way I could contain the flood of cum he delivered straight to my stomach. His eruption finally subsided and he allowed himself to be lifted off of my face. I was able to catch a short glimpse of him before we passed out.

He was covered in sweat and his hair was plastered flat to his body, a body that was now every ounce as large as I was, but I had no idea how large that was. All I could think at the moment was, how fucking beautiful he was then I passed out on top of him.

I woke to the sound of a shower running and then realized that I was being carried, no more like dragged, across the tile floor of the showers. As I came around I saw it was Steve who had found Rob and I in a pile on the gym floor and carried us to the showers.

"So now you wake up. You could have at least come around to help me carry him in here. How about a hand, he still has not come around and I was hoping that the water would bring you two around."

I slowly got to me feet. It was difficult, at first, to move properly and I felt kind of drunk. I looked around and there was Steve in all his hairy glory and Rob. All I could do was stare, he was magnificent. At least 9' tall and packed with so much muscle I thought, 'if he moves it will burst right through that ivory skin.'

Steve was all business, "Come on would you give me a hand here?" When he looked at my towering form he stopped for a moment. "Man, you should see yourself. If it wasn't for this guys condition, I'd have to fuck you where you stand, but get over here, he's not breathing right."

That woke me right out of my haze and I rushed over and Steve and I lifted Rob to more of a standing position,his head on my chest and legs out in front of us. Steve turned the shower head so it hit him in the face and then down to his chest. The water was cold as ice and Rob started to come around. Steve started to smack him gently on the face and was talking to him, but my mind was in overdrive.

What if I'd hurt him? This huge cock, dangling now below my knees was buried inside of him. His throat could be fucked up bad. God, please, let him be Ok. Steve, luckily, was more level headed at the moment and said, "I think he's coming around."

Rob was breathing more regular and when he finally opened his eyes, he looked up at me and said, "Damn, buddy, what's with the cold shower?" I reached down and kissed him.

Steve looked at us and shrugged and turned on the hot water. "Much better," was all he said, but he reached out and grabbed Steve by the ass and pulled him into our embrace.

"So who's this lifesaver with the great ass?" Introductions were quickly made and Steve wasted no time and didn't bother to ask, he just squeezed in between us and started stroking our cocks. It didn't take us long at all to rise to the occasion and our monster pricks were soon rock hard and standing between mounds of muscle.

Steve had one hand wrapped around each and was licking precum off the heads like they were ice cream cones. "So," he pipes up, "who want's first run at this 'great ass'?" Rob wasted no time at all, he grabbed Steve by the hips and raised him off the floor as though he were a child and set him on top of his now at least 30" cock. Steve grunted as it entered him, but never showed any sign of pain. His ass was getting used to huge poles.

His weight was enough to allow him to slowly ride down Robs shaft and he placed his hands on my shoulders as Rob thrust deeper and deeper into his hairy hole. Steve was still amazingly with it and he lowered himself further until he could capture my cock in his mouth. I could feel Rob's thrusts being transmitted through Steve's body and was really starting to get off on the rhythm, when Rob reached around and started stroking Steve's thick cock and I was busy playing with his huge pecs. This man was one amazing piece of work and if he kept slurping down on my cock, he was going to get even more amazing.

Rob was seemingly lost in the fuck and just kept driving harder and harder. His hands tightened on Steve's cock and for a moment I through Steve was going to bite my cock off. Instead, he sucked even harder, if that was possible and he moved his hands from my shoulders to my shaft and now the was being totally supported by cock. Rob's rammed into his beautiful ass and mine thrust deeply down his throat. We were all ready to blow and Rob looked like a man possessed. His hips were thrusting in a blur of motion. His muscles flexing tighter and his skin was beading with sweat.

Water was streaming down my chest and I wondered how Steve could breathe, but the boy showed no signs of distress. He lost it first and I could feel his hot cum spray all over my thighs, when it hit my balls, I lost it next. I could feel my load moving up the shaft of my cock and explode down his throat. Rob's head flew back and he let out a shout and his entire body flexed as he let loose deep inside of Steve. It was unbelievable to watch as we all lost control.

Brad must have thought so to, as we heard, "Well, well, I see you haven't wasted any time getting to know one another." I still wonder how long he had been standing there in the doorway watching, but the amazing thing was that he was standing there at all. He didn't have a scratch or bruise anywhere on him and was smiling from ear to ear.

Our attention was drawn back to Steve as he started to gag and I lifted his head off of my cock and lifted him, as gently as I could, off of Rob's still hard cock. Globs of cum ran out of his ass as Rob's fist sized head cleared his hole with a loud plop. Steve looked up at me. His eyes were glazed but he still looked beautiful. Then without a shutter or so much as a shake he started growing.

He expanded and flexed and stepped away from us. "Oh, yeah, this feels great, man, OH, Geoff, Oh god, yes, yes, bigger, Oh, my god." His body was expanding muscle on muscle, getting so fucking big he soon stood nose to nose with Rob and me.

"Geoff, I don't know what happened, but this is fucking incredible. I can feel the power just swelling inside of me. Like I'm going to explode, I've never felt like this before. I don't even remember growing before, but this, this feels fucking great. Oh, Man, I feel like I could fuck the world, the power is so intense."

And it showed, his body was blowing up bigger and thicker. He was joining Rob and I as giants. Brad walked over to him and started feeling his mammoth pecs, his giant arms his bread loaf like abs.

Steve looked down at him, "Oh yeah, you like this don't you big guy? You want all of this don't you?"

Rob was still sporting his monster hard on and was looking at Brad with a 'your ass it mine' look in his eyes and all I could think was 'and I didn't think this could get any better'.

Man was I wrong. •

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