Journal, The

Day Three


By Braun1

Mario's dad was more than into this, but I could barely contain my humor as his head barely came up to my shelf like pecs. Mario came over to stand behind his father and I wonder how long these two had been sharing each other. I wondered how they got past the whole incest stigma because I could easily tell this was not the first time they had been together.

It was like a well rehearsed chorus they seemed to know each others moves instinctively. Jorge went down on my cock and I thought I saw a pang of jealousy in Mario's beautiful baby blues. Then he said, "You're going to love this. Dad is one mean cocksucker."

I guess the surprise showed on my face and he started to explain that after his mother had passed away, his father had been so broken up that he never left the house, never saw anyone and never smiled anymore. One night Mario, who was beginning to feel like he had lost both parents, climbed into bed with is sleeping father.

When he woke up his dad was sucking his cock and everything seemed right again. All this time while Mario was going on casually telling his story his dad was expertly sucking our two huge cocks. I was becoming severely distracted from Mario's tale and fighting to keep control, when Jorges mouth disappeared to be replaced only with his hands while he went to work on Mario.

Mario moaned in ecstasy is his dad's very familiar mouth enveloped his new huge ragingly hard cock. I reached out and took Mario by the shoulders and pulled him toward me and thrust my tongue down his throat, he felt totally relaxed in my hands and soon he was shooting all over Jorge. Stream after stream of thick white cum was soon coating his father's face and chest. It was dripping on the floor and all over the side of the couch.

Jorge's huge rod was also soon shooting and I saw Mario move quickly and in one motion thrust Jorge's cock down his throat and was sucking him dry. Jorge was groaning loudly and finally looked up at me and said, "I sure hope your not ready so quickly." But I was ready, I was really having a hard time not shooting all over these two handsome men, but I held on. Jorge then, recovering his breath, lunged at my dick.

It didn't take him long to have me not only fully raging, but ready to shoot. As I had done with Troy, I reached down and found Mario's hands and placed them behind Jorge's head. "Hold him Mario." And he did.

Mario held fast but Jorge had other pleasures in store for me. I was just ready to shoot, and he reached between my legs and yanked my big balls. Pain and pleasure shot through my body and my knees buckled. I was able to remain standing only by sheer force of will, but my imminent orgasm was postponed. I looked down and could see him looking back up at me with a smile in the big brown eyes. He then reached between my legs again and this time inserted a well trained finger inside my love hole. Then two, then three.

On the third thrust with three fingers, I could hold out no longer and reached down to slam my hands on top of Mario's behind his head. I pulled more of my cock in his mouth and unloaded. It was incredible that he could take so much and still keep swallowing. More and more cum pumped out of my balls and I could feel him licking and sucking for more. He was like a hungry animal.

Mario was once again hard as a rock and without a touch blew all over his dads back, some of it even flying up and hitting me in the chest. He stood up and licked his own cum off of my hairy tit and at that moment I felt Jorge slip off of my dick and fall to the floor. I reached down to catch him but missed and he hit the floor hard, the convulsions already hitting.

I told Mario to go get the supplements and picked up Jorge and laid him on Jake's desk. He was already a very handsome man but was quickly changing into a much larger version. I heard a loud crash and turned to see Mario stand in the doorway, just staring at his quickly growing father. Jorge got both of our attentions when he started gasping and trying to speak.

Mario grabbed the supplement and started feeding him, he sucked down nearly a case of the stuff and grew. His gloriously smooth skin was soon stretched tightly over muscles of a giant, just like Mario. If it hadn't been for Mario's blond hair and blue eyes, Jorge could have been his twin rather than is father. He was huge.

He was progressing quickly and soon regained himself, faster than any of the others, including Mario. We helped him to his feet and were amazed. He was damn near as tall as I was and almost as huge. His well defined body, was now writhing with muscle. He flexed and his whole body reacted. His biceps were like split soccer balls and shoulders like basketballs.

Mario was enchanted, Jorge was impressed and I was in lust. This was one incredibly sexy dude. His dick was only half hard, but still stretched to his knees. His thighs were huge, cut and looked like pillars holding up his massive frame. He walked over to where Mario and I were ogling him, put his hands around each of our necks and pulled us to him and kissed each of us.

"Thank you both, I don't think I could have asked for more," and he smiled at both of us.

I was amazed at his seemingly easy transformation, but then every one was different. Mario thanked me over and over. Jorge laughed at his son's exuberance, but Mario took it in stride. I don't think he ever looked happier. I gave them each a big bear hug and left them to see what Jake was up to and whether or not Brad was back with or without Rob.

I wandered through the house trying to find Jake. He was nowhere in site. Brad's car wasn't back so I assumed he was still trying to convince Rob to come, or knowing Brad, trying to make him cum. I finally found Jake out in the garage, on the phone and looking distressed. He was telling someone to bring 'him' here and he'd figure something out.

He hung up the phone and said to me, "You're not gonna believe this. Brad went to Rob's place and there was a scene. Rob was amazed at Brad's transformation, but was still not willing to come here. Brad wasn't taking no for an answer and tried force him and Rob fought back and fought back with inhuman strength. As far as he can figure, he must have absorbed some of your black foaming gunk when he saved your life and it's been lying dormant ever since. Lying dormant that is until Brad was stupid enough to try to force him to come here. He grew into an easily equal match for Brad and beat him to a pulp, before getting control of himself and realizing that he had damn near killed him. Brad's unconscious and who knows how badly hurt and Rob's bringing him here. I'm not sure what we can do, but I know there's nothing a doctor can do that you can't."

I was shocked, "Me, what can I do? I don't know anything about how this stuff works or if it would heal or kill him."

"I have a theory about that and we'll just have to see if it works, either way I don't think Brad is as badly hurt as Rob thinks."

He then told me more of what Rob had told him. How Brad just couldn't die, that he loved him and thought he was out here because he had fallen in love with me. Jake told him it just wasn't true and that Jake was my lover and Brad's first thought was how to get Rob involved with our superman haven. Rob had broken down then and was still sobbing like a baby when he arrived 20 minutes later.

Rob was even more handsome than I had remembered, even with tear stained cheeks he was good looking. Jake took him inside and Troy and Thad had come out to help me with Brad. He was laying in the back seat of his car and looked bruised and beaten, but not broken. His skin was covered with bruises but the worst was a huge red mark on the side of his head with the imprint of a shoe. It looked as if Rob had kicked his head.

He was still out and we gently carried him in to one of the guest bedrooms. I sent the boys for ice and towels and started to check him over for any serious injuries. He didn't appear to have any broken bones and as I explored his body his huge cock split through the shorts and stood majestically hard. I ignored his response and began applying the ice packs when the boys returned.

His face was quickly turning an ugly shade of purple and he was starting to come around. Just a few groans at first then he opened his eyes. "Geoff, that you?"

"Yes, big guy, how you feeling?"

"Man, did anyone get the number of that truck, fuck I feel like shit."

"You should you big jerk, why didn't you just tell him you loved him?" He was coming back to himself now and started to explain his version of the story.

"All I did was grab him and pull him to the car and he went nuts. At first his punches didn't feel like anything, but then they started getting stronger and stronger. I don't even think he was in control. He just kept hitting me and hitting me. I tried to fight back but he blind sided me with a roundhouse kick and I dropped like a stone. Is he OK?"

"Yes, he's fine, just a little shaken by what he did to you, don't you know love when you see it you big dumb jock?" Now that he was Ok, I was starting to get angry. Didn't this big oaf know how good he had it?

"Look, I just don't know how to tell him, OK? I do love him, but he never want's to talk about it, always wants to change the subject, never will stay with me, just a quick fuck that's all I've ever felt like with him." I looked up and Rob was standing on the other side of the bed with tears in his eyes again.

"He's right, you are a big dumb jock, football head, but I do love you." Rob said as he moved to where Brad could see him. "I don't know what's happened to you or to myself to make us so huge, but I never wanted to hurt you."

I got up to leave, to give them some space, but Brad grabbed my arm, "Wait, Geoff you need to hear this too. I do love Rob, he's been my lover for over a year, but you are special to me too. I just couldn't be happy unless you two can get along. Can you?"

Brad looked so pitiful. I looked up at Rob and he looked down at me and the connection was made. I looked back at Brad, "Why don't you get some rest and we'll go talk with Jake about it and I'm sure everything will be Ok."

When I stood up I noticed that Rob had grown to about seven and a half feet tall and was very very solid and, yes, very handsome.

He actually smiled up at me and said, "So, I understand we have alot in common."

I put my arm around his shoulders and walk him to the door. "Let's go find out just how much."

Brad was smiling as we left. •

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