Good Ol' Jake

By Muscl4life

Jake arrived at his place, a regular sized apartment, in the fifth floor of an old building. He threw his heavy gym bag at the floor and lied on the couch. Jacob Peterman: 6 feet even, green eyes, pink complexion, dark blond hair, 243 pounds. Those were the things which always made heads turn when Jake passes by. His impressive figure, his huge muscles, and his vigorous look. But not today. Today Jake felt like shit. He just turned 49 years about two months ago. Although he is perfect shape, he can't help noticing some light signals of the time. His hair is so pale, and the white spots were almost covering his head, in fact the places where there was still hair covering it, Jake had a bald in the middle of his head, the hair on the sides was still strong but he couldn't repair on it anymore, so sad about his hair loss. His physic used to rule on the gym, he used to be the biggest on his good days, weighing almost 265 pounds at 25 years, he had the cuttest, the biggest and the most developed muscles of the gym, and he liked to be feared and envied by the guys smaller than him. But as the years passed, he had to increase his routine just to avoid loss of muscles, and the gains were becoming each time harder to achieve, he was almost spending twice the time he had to just to keep his 240- pounds-range frame. And now he is not the biggest guy anymore, sure he is one of the biggest, but compared to the bulldozers he saw nowadays he sure had a long way to go. Two of them, Tony and Greg, a 250 gorilla and a 270 pound freak who liked to train at the same time as him, just to make him feel old and puny, as they surpass his marks; Each time Jake finished a set, here came Tony and Greg and they simply added many pounds over his weigh set and started a much harder routine, and the comments were frequent " That's impressive Gramps! Nothing bad for a guy at your age!" Nothing made Jake angrier, that feeling of weakening. He always was stronger, bigger, the one who shocked by his size and muscles, but when he compared the hardness and the vigor of a 20'ish musclebody he just faced the inevitable? He was old. Soon he was going to loose all the muscles he still had, and he would be just a mere shadow of his previous body. Jake looked at an old photo at the wall. Arnold. The great Arnold. The best of them. But that poster is from his bodybuilding days. And now even him, although still big and beefy, Arnold is just a reminder of the powerhouse he used to be. _Well, at least I still can get a few guys! Jake had his share of women, in fact he had a daughter form an teen age relationship. He never gave her much attention, he was busy training or dieting or fucking another woman. But as he grew more and more muscular, chicks started to fear his size. Bodybuilders were no longer at the top, and he got more attention form men. Of course he fucked a lot at his "good days" even men or women, but he got comfortable with hot built guys worshipping his big muscles and being totally charmed by his size and definition. He just preferred to fuck a muscular guy. It made him feel so much virile. He loved to flex for his men and make them cum without touching them. But as time passed, he noticed he was no longer such a sight, the men who came to him were at least his age, which just confirmed his fears. The only young guy who he knew was into him was Luke. Luke is this Latin kid which trained at his gym. He is not HUGE, about 190 pounds, but he sure is lean and defined. Ryan uses to talk to Jake after training. And Jake always noticed his gaze going straight to his cock at the shower. But Jake was too depressed to start a relationship at the moment. Good old Jake felt his eyes closing and he just let himself sleep in the couch. He didn't care for anything now. The phone rang waking Jake form his dreams. The answer machine went on. Jake could come back to sleep. _Mr. Peterson, my name is Doctor Richard Samson. I am the head scientist of a medical research program sponsored by a great Pharmacological Company about sports medicine. Your name was given to us due to your remarkable past of amateur bodybuilder. We would like to include you in our program. If you get this message could you call back at the number 555-5894 and talk with me. I know that we both will be rewarded if you decide to join my project. Jake heard the message "It must be another study about `roids. Fuck them! I've used it and I still do, Don't give a fuck to what they think!". But something in the voice of that Samson guy made Jake really curious.

It was about 4p.m. when Jake arrived to the address he was told to. A huge modern building located at an isolated area of the town. Jake presented his ID at the security. He was taken to a small room where he finally met Dr. Samson. Richard Samson was nothing what Jake expect. He was tall, lean and transpired youth trough his pours. His eyes were brilliant and his thin lips were the perfect match for his well treated goatee. Samson entered the room through a metallic door. He was carrying some paper under his arms. _Mr. Peterson! I am so glad you came ! Samson shook his hand with much more strength Jake waited _ Actually, I am not sure of what you want with me ... Jake said with a curious look _Well, in this case please follow me ! They walked through a long corridor, and finally Samson leaded Jake to a large room with good furniture and modern equipment . He made Jake sit and started talking: _Mr. Peterman, my research consists in the study of the human aging process, specifically the hormonal decrease on male specimen. I mean andropause. What are the causes of the aging process in men. Jake felt immediately disappointed. He would never serve at that purpose. He just wanted to live his life . _Look, Dr. Samson, I know where you wanna get, and I am not gonna be one of those geezers who take flour pills while you watch me die in front of you ! Jake got up of the chair, when he felt the warm touch on his firm forearm. _Please Jacob, let me explain it to you, I guarantee you won't regret. Jake sat down and breath deeply. He decided to give him a last chance. _We've already completed the first stage of our project. We already understood such mechanism what we want to do now is how to slow down or even revert it. _What ? Jake asked with a sudden grin in his eyes. _ Come with me please, Jake! They walked through another corridor, with many windows and many people working on the rooms. Samson leaded him to a clear lab with absolutely no people around. _This is where we've reached the first step He pointed to many appliances and computers. _ We've found the mechanism which starts the destruction of the genes. As we are born our genes are perfect, but as we get older they ended up consumed literally speaking, the extremities of the gene structures are destroyed and with this, the functioning of our organism is seriously damaged due to this process, as you must know, the old cells die and the knew ones are made to replace them. But there are a few cells which are the same since we are in the womb. The gathering of the gene fragments and the toxic products resulting form the catabolic process of those permanent cells are the component which operates the aging process at the cellular level. Jake was kind of lost, what all of this had to do with him, anyway? _My friend Jacob, what we've found here is very important. This structure of catabolic destruction is controlled by a certain gene, and we could decode the programming _And? _Well, we could slow its mechanism, or even revert it, if we just control the biochemical receptors of the genetic command of the aging gene. _How we could know it will work! Asked Jake, still not believing what he heard Dr. Samson handed Jake a picture of an aged man, with gray hair and wrinkled face It already works! Jake looked at the other pictures, he saw what seemed like a rejuvenating process. In each picture the man regained his youth and his vigor and then he finally made into... _What the heck is this? Jake asked as he noticed that the young man at the last picture was actually Dr. Samson. _That's how I am sure our methods are effective! Samson had this strange glow in his eyes. _Don't mess with me you dweeb! Jake lifted Samson by his collar Shirt and squeezed his neck hard. _Please! Please! It's true, no one in here knows about that! _And how did you get in this program? _ Jacob put the man back at the floor _My real name is Erick Boiteux. I am 63 years old and worked for this company for the past twenty seven years. Five years ago I developed a treatment which can slow down aesthetic damages of the aging process, tand even so I was denied the opportunity to conduct this project, but what they didn't know is that my work can do much more. I was able to control the biochemical receptors and being able to "trick" the hormones, making them work for me instead of against me, during 4 months I was exposed to an experience which made me young again. You can see that! _Why I am supposed to believe in you anyway? Jake asked scratching his chin _Because, I want to do much more for you Jacob Peterman Samson looked directly into his eyes with an unexpected attitude. _ How come? You are going to make me young again? _Not exactly! The treatment I was subjected does not revert our bodies form the inside, it just make us LOOK younger, but the genetic changes are still there, that's why I have the same physical condition of my precious look. _So what's the benefits of this thing? _I did this because I needed to start a new life, my wife died one month before my discover and we had no children, I don't have any brothers or sisters and my in laws don't even care for me. I just couldn't wait for death! So I've taken the treatment hoping to look different, in order to move on with my life. I was ready to retire and the company would never let such an important project in the hands of a geezer. _ Even so, you had to do many ilegal things in order to "be" another person. _Nothing that a life time saving couldn't afford. _But what do you want from me anyway ? _Jake, the first stage allowed me to understand the whole mechanism of biochemical receptors on the cells, and with that I can operate the necessary adjustments.... _What are those ? _Like I said, I've managed to look younger but I am actually physiologically as old as I've been before the treatment. So it is not much help for our goals. _What goals? _Don't you wanna be as strong as you were at the age of 20 years? Imagine what you could do with the energy of then and the knowledge of now? Don't worry, I've been studying your life for the last four months, I know all about your past life and you present sadness... _How dare you .... _Listen Jake, I know this is not very ethical, but I had to be sure about your feelings and then I was very pleased when you corresponded my calling, you know that you were the only one among many invitations. What I intend will undoubtedly call your attention. _Shoot! Jake was so confused, he was mad at that pencil neck noosing on his personal life, but at the same time he had to hear what he was about to say... _You know man and women suffer form a hormonal decrease as the years pass. Loss of muscular mass, skeletal cells, and many other organic functions are damaged by this phenomena _But I am not passing by that yet... _and you mostly certainly never pass by it if you accept my offer... _What? _Well, what I offer you is being part at my project, we have reached the biochemical responsible for the muscular increase, the same one which is activated by the right hormone and starts the anabolic circle. When we get older this hormone gets very low and the receptors can't work without it. _You mean that this receptors could work again... _If the hormone level was raised. _So I just have to do hormonal replacements? _Not exactly, my friend! Due to the very side effects it could have, I developed another system. _Which is? Jake could feel his cock rising inside his pants, and he crossed his legs to avoid Samson to look at his big pole all erect. _ We have created transgenical bacteria, which were mixed with the human glandular cells genetic code, in order to make them produce hormones like GH, testosterone, and many others, which work on the anabolic process. Instead of being shoot every time, we can make those bacteria live inside of you, this way they may get their nutrients and give you the hormones you need to make the receptors work as they used to... _Can this work? Jake had his full mast cock erect in the middle of his legs, hot and wet pulsating with each heart beat. _Let me show you something... Samson walked to his desk and brought him some notes and reports. _You see those two rats, they are the same ages, about 12 weeks. Rat A is completely normal and Rat B undergone the same procedure of bacteria symbiosis that I told you. Those rats reached the respective "middle age" for their race. Rats A & B are being feed with high quality food and they are treated exactly the same. After six other weeks Rat A shows the signals of upcoming death, lack of appetite, slow movements, weakened heart conditions and multiple organs failure. Rat A died three days after this report _And what about Rat B? Jake asked with a mischievous excitement. _Here you have! Samson lifted a cage covered in white sheet Please Jake meet Super mouse! Samson lifted the sheet and Jake could see an enormous white rat, so big and strong he almost looked like a dog or something bigger. The cage was really thick, and strong. The rat made funny noises, but showed to be normal about his situation, he was calm, but yet he showed a good power for a rat... _Is this his original size? _He was almost three times smaller, He ended up growing this big, because we had given him a massive dose of transgenical bacteria, because we were afraid they wouldn't survive inside the host organism. _And how old is he now? _33 weeks, it is equal to 107 human years. And he looks pretty good for me, don't you think? Jake couldn't speak. He was astonished. If a mere mouse could grow into that big strong rodent, of course a already muscular man like him could beat any hardcore at his or any other gym , he could have the muscles even in his early days, what on Earth would prevent him from his most desired thing, his ultimate fantasy, he just had to do that. _Dr. Samson, you've got yourself a volunteer! Said Jake as he shake the hands of an enthusiastic Richard Samson. _Please call me Rich!

Three days later Jake had moved to a modern facility out of the town. There were only him and Rich at the place. He was told by Rich that now they were all by themselves. The company didn't know about the supermouse thing. Samson managed to hide those reports, forging fake ones and disguising their real goals _How can you do the experiment without their equipment? _Don't worry, Like I told you I have saved money during all my life, and I still have the retirement funds of Dr. Boiteux and my high salary as Richard Samson, not to mention the insurance I was awarded due to my wife's death. With good administration I have money to run the treatment by myself and much more. And if we are successful we are going to gain lots of money. Jacob had quit his job at the construction company. He left his place without speaking to anyone. _Rich, why did you pick me anyway ? _I need a strong host organism. You body is perfect and your health condition is remarkable for any age, and yet you have a genetic condition which allows to develop muscle mass even nowadays, when most of the bodybuilders quite because of their losses. You were just the perfect match for my idea. Jake felt himself blushing. He would love to get bigger than he is now.

The day Jake was going to undergo the treatment, Rich prepared the entire laboratory. Many appliances, monitors and culture pots, were prepared. They took Jake's stats: Height : 6 feet, Weight 241 pounds(since he wasn't training for about a week, he was just at his range weight). Chest. 47", Legs 34", Biceps 21", Calves : 27" _Jake even without this whole thing, I gotta say that your body is wonderful _Let's hope we can make me bigger huh, with this bacteria soup you are giving me He shivers _Jake, I am going to insert the bacteria culture in your supra renal glands _You are going to open my guts out? _No, no! I have this special equipment, I'll just insert this tube through a tiny whole which I'll make on your back and you won't even feel it. _And then? _Well, once this culture adapts in the nervous tissue, they'll react and liberate the hormones _And how it will up here in my head? _I'll give you an electric stimulation in the area, this way the bacteria will liberate the amount of hormones they hold inside, with this we ignite the process of self exposure anabolic stimulation. _When the results will show off? _ I think you'll be noticing the improvements on your physique in about a week or so. Any other questions? _No, I think I was just nervous about this whole thing... _Don't worry, you'll be a new man in quite a few time...

_Rich! Rich come over here! Yellowed Jake as he stepped on the scale _What? Are you feeling something strange? Asked Rich as he crossed the door _No! Look at my weight! Jake pointed at the reader as a boy looking at his dream toy at the store. _Jake I told you before! You only did the surgery two days ago, there's no way you can gain muscular mass now! Said Rich as he turned to the lab again. _But I am heavier! Jake insisted. _ You can experience one or other pound due to the liquid you hold in your organism, you are not working out this whole time, it doesn't mean... _14 pounds of liquid? I don't think so! Jake screamed looking at the high precision scale. Rich quickly went near Jake and read the weight again out loud? 255 pounds _And I am not retaining any fucking liquid! Said Jake flexing his guns and making them blossom with his new size. _That's unbelievable! Rich kept repeating to himself, he never thought it would be so fast. _Come on Rich let's take my measures Jake rushed to other room bumping his wide muscles on almost everything Rich read the numbers and he just got even freaked. Jake stats were now , 54" chest, 39" legs, 23" guns and a 32" calves _Man this thing really works I am so big and cut, like the best pump I've ever done, and I haven't done anything! _That's our next step! You'll resume your gym training here, and we'll follow the results. _Fine by me! _Jake! _Yes! _ Be prepared, your changes haven't kicked in yet. _So let's just make it faster! I gotta a thirst for MUSCLE!

13 days later Rich prepared the equipment for Jake's morning session. The gym was well equipped with the most expensive machines and the heaviest weights. Everything was there to help Jake's in the increase of his physique. _Jake! Get out of the kitchen! Get your big butt out of the table and come train already! "Gee! This guy eats a ton per meal" And then Jake appeared in the door. Better. He had to turn to his side in order to enter the door. He was so wide, the door frame was outgrown. _ Rich! I asked you to fix that tiny door, I've almost stuck this time! And he meant that. Jake had grown into a muscle monster in the matter of two weeks. His stats? Height: 6'6"/ Chest: 72"/Legs: 56"/ Biceps: 34"/ 40" calves and he developed a 12 pack stomach. His current weight is 378 pounds and he is gaining about 15 pounds in a gym day. _I've already fixed it, it is almost a foot wider! Smiled Rich! _Well so you gotta fix it again. I won't pass through it tomorrow! _Let's just hope!

Jake's beauty was wild and lustful. His muscles so big and hard in his tough face, and the look on his green eyes, his hair was coming back pretty good, although that was unexpected. His arms were so baloonned they were gigantic grapefruits attached to his horse sized triceps, His pecs were like two slabs of muscle hanging many inches form his body and his abs were thick as a living wall. _Rich those weights are too light! _But they are all we've got now! The new ones won't be here until Thursday! _Man I am too big for this gym! I gotta work out today like I never did before, I feel I am going to gain much more mass in this mood I am in today, I've just read my weight this morning: 384 pounds! _Gawsh! Jake you're getting too big! Answered Rich grabbing his guns and comparing to his legs Really TOO Big! _Nah! I am only starting! Jake looked down to Rich _I've never expected such results on your body! _Well there are other results you've never studied! Jake lifted Rich at the level of his chest. _W-which! Asked Rich affraid of the answers _Well, this unstoppable hard on I have, and your looks to my cock when I am benching _Oh please! I just couldn't avoid It was so big, and _ And delicious isn't it? _ Huh? _Come on Rich! Don't you realized that I have this cock hard all the time? Fuck! It is so big I bump things off such hardness it has! I jerk off every hour and I cum quarts each time! I jerk off every where, and I did it many times in front of you , under my pants _Well if you need it we can provide a female escort... _Don't you get that I WANT YOU SO BAD! Jake lifted Rich of the ground and kissed him. _What? Rich gasped as he tried to recover his breath _Come on! You give me my life back and even more, you made me into this muscle monster that I always wanted to be ! I own you this and I know you wish me as badly as i want you pretty old boy

And then Rich gave up and let Big Jake take their clothes off . Rich felt so tiny and protected with Jake's powerful arms around him, feeling him, touching him. _Oh Jake! You're so monstrous! _You got that right! And you are going to feel my cock right up in your ass! Jake impaled Rich in his also grown member and they fucked for the rest of the afternoon. Rich blew on Jake's tool and he also fucked Jacob's prick. When Rich awoke. Jake was there looking at him _Feeling OK! Asked the behemoth _Fantastic! Answered the doctor! _God! You look beautiful! _Look who's talking! _ What about you? Asked Jake caressing Richie's face _What do you mean ? _You said you took a special treatment which made you look younger, now you can get your organism young again, don't you connect things? _Yes, but I am not sure! I was never like you, I am not used to work out, or eat like you did! And we don't know many things yet! _Well, let's figure it out together! Jake flexed his guns and Rich quickly came to worship them _ I could take it easier and you could help me while growing... _You know I will! Now go rest! You need! At your age people don't easily fuck three times at once! _Well, I had a pretty good partner _Anyway, I'll get your car _Where are you going? _To the gym! I said I had to train today! _But where? _Don't worry! I know exactly where to go!

Tony had placed the weight on the bar and Greg was ready to start his incline bench. The gym was empty. Nobody used to train after 11.00 p.m. They were allowed to stay and lock the place after they finished, afterall they were the two biggest motherfuckers of that whole gym, no one would mess with them... Greg finished his routine with one good extra rep just to pump himself at the max. _Damn Greg! You're bigger than ever man! I bet you are the biggest guy around ... _You bet Tony! I feel just HUGE! Greg flexed his guns in a double biceps pose and Tony quickly squeezed them hard as he reached for Greg's mouth seeking for a passionate kiss _I knew you two had something going on! A deep voice came from the dark room next to the training area _ Who the hell is there? Greg asked furious as he reached for the room... _I just thought we could work out together.... Said the HUGE figure coming out to the light. Greg stopped. He was pretty big but nothing compared to THAT guy. Everything pulsed with power... _What's up Tony? Greg! Jake said as he opened his arms apart showing the two jocks the most incredible pair of guns they've ever seen _Who do you think you... Tony said, but then he recognized the face on the top of the muscle mountain _Jake! Jake is that you? _Of course my little fellow! Jake laughed. He always dreamed about showing those rookies a true muscle lesson. _ That's impossible! How come you are so big ? Greg asked approaching the new body of Jake, pulsating with muscle power and lust. Jake approached Greg making sure that now he was a few inches taller than him besides the totally overgrown body he now possessed. Greg's top of the head now reached the nose of powerful Jake: _Let's just say that I am taking my geezers pills correctly! Jake smiled with a mean glow in his eyes! _But you are so big now! Tony said as he came near them _You think ? Jake asked mischievously _Totally! Greg said impulsively! _Just how big you have gotten? Tony asked squeezing Jake's pecs! _Oh ... I don't know for sure... I just can't help getting bigger...Could you help me to find out about that? Tony and Greg followed Jake to the other room with big mirrors at the wall. Jake stood in the middle of them and said... _ Why don't you guys measure me? Greg brought his measuring tape and started the reading? _Chest : 76"Guns 37"Calves 42" ... _Holly cow! Tony said as Greg keep taking the measures of that behemoth in front of them _ 6'7" height? That's fucking impossible you can't be growing taller too! Bursted Greg as he tooke Jake's height _Why are so upset Greg? Is that because you no longer are the biggest guy around? _This isn't normal Jake ! You are too big ! How much do you weigh? Tony asked in a low deep tone wondered about Jake's colossal figure! _Last time I checked it 384 pounds... He went to the scale and ... _ Gee ! I am bigger again ! It is marking 407 pounds _You can't gain almost 30 pounds in such few time! _Why don't we find out together? Jake headed to the training room Jake set the bench press to almost 1000 pounds. Neither Greg nor Tony believed when he started pressing the weight with such easy moves, and with each rep he looked bigger and bigger. Tony read his measure again : 80 inches! He gained four inches just with that bench press! Next were leg press! 1700 pounds and Jake had done almost 100 rep, and with that he now had 62" legs, thicker than Greg's chest. Biceps curls were astonishing! Jake did more than 200 curls with each arm, curling 175 pounds in each arm. And his enormous biceps now reached 43". Then Jake went up on the scale again and he read his new improved weight. _ 450 pounds! You've gained more 40 pounds just in one session ! Greg just couldn't believe his eyes Jake now couldn't pass by the largest door of the gym without turning aside. The giant approached the two complete outgrown guys and said _I am HUGE! I am now much more than you puny men can handle! But I am going to take that chance! Let's fuck! Jake grabbed Greg and kissed him while Tony embraced his tiny waist, ripping the poor excuse of shorts which insisted to remain, reveling the giant phytom which rose up full and proud of his muscular owner... _You too are so fucking hot! So muscular and yet so puny compared to me now... Jake had this deep voice so low and masculine. He literally grabbed Tony by his feet and turned him in order to stick his enormous cock inside his pretty musclebutt. Tony screamed as Jake rammed his tool inside of him. _What are you waiting for? Jake grumped Stick your tiny cock up in my ass! Greg did as he was told. He was the servant now . He would do anything for that mountain of muscle. His hard prick went easy inside of Jake's cheeks. He couldn't believe how hard and tight Jake felt. So hot. He almost cummed just as he inserted his tool. Jake was so big. He was all inside of him and yet he could feel there was much more to achieve... Tony felt like boiling. Taht enormous cock ramming inside him. Trembling. Hurting. Exhausting. Delicious. Jake was so strong he could lift Tony of the floor and just support his weight with the power of his prick _Come on guys, let's finish with that! I want to know if you pencilnecks are capable to make me cum. Greg rammed with all his power and Tony squeezed his cheeks as hard as he could. Jake let a primal roar as he finally lost it. He came in big loads which soon filled Tony's ass. Greg came right before Jake. He could not resist at the rock of those muscles and the touch of that hot iron skin. Yet Jake wasn't satisfied yet. Tony felt his cock still hard and cumming _You guys are good! But I am better! Jake got his tool out of Tony's butt and forced it into Greg's mouth _ Suck it ! Greg barely had the time to breath. That cock almost made him gasp. He could taste the blood and the cum which remained on the shaft. But it was so deliciously hot. Jake was still cumming. All the way since Tony's butt. He could feel himself growing with each load. He didn't know it was supposed to happen, but he didn't gave a fuck! All he neede was to make those bastards pay for so much pain they made suffer. More than that! He needed to feel how much he had surpassed them. He had to feel what he was capable of doing. And Rich would never hold his pace. He cared about him. But not about those two. He just want to fuck them. Jake remained fucking Tony and Greg for much longer until they collapsed one at the top of the other. _Those puny bastards aren't match for me! Grinned Jake as he lifted himself . HUGER! That's all he could think as he saw his image at the wall mirror. Much bigger than when he started to fuck Greg and Tony. He went to the scales : 563 pounds! _ 563 pounds! Jake exclaimed. He was freaky! AS he always wanted. Bigger than any human being. Monstrous. Enormous. He walked out of the gym and squeezed himself into the car he came. He had grown so much the car felt like a matchbox! Any way he had to go back to Rich...

_Jake? OH MY GOD! Rich said as he took a peek at his BIG JAKE! _I know! Isn't it wonderful? Jake said with a grinning smile _ Come on let's go to the lab! Rich said as he gently conducted his behemoth lover to the other room. _What's wrong Rich? I am BIG! Isn't that the goal of your experiment? _Yeah! But is getting out of my control! _What do you mean? Jake couldn't see anything bad about being that big _You are gaining muscular mass at a unbelievable rate... You started at 241 pounds and now I've just checked your weight ? 604 pounds! _I am growing without training? _Precisely. In fact, you organism just doesn't need train to grow, but it turns out that it became a increasing factor of the muscle gain rate... _So when I went on that gym and ... Jake blushed. He didn't want to tell Rich what he had done there _Fucked someone's brain out completed Rich with a smart smile You started a powerful process of mass gain _Look Rich, I just neede to fuck! You were so tired and I needed to continue to train and fuck, so I went to my old gym and gave two bastards a lesson... _You let people who knew before the transformation see you? _Don't worry! They were alone, and they won't find me anymore! _Well that is the smallest of our problems Rich said as he walked _Why?What's the biggest ? _You are going to get BIGGER and BIGER, and I just don't know how much more can I manage with your body and strength ... Jake grabbed Richa and kissed him deeply... _Don't worry Babe! The Bigger I got the better I fuck! •

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