Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

This chapter introduces a new character. This character, Gabriel, is being co-developed with the help, ideas, input, etc. of muscl4life (an incredible author in his own right). He has been a wonderful collaborator and friend. Keep an eye on the character for some interesting 'developments', it has been fun so far.

As I walked back to the elevator, on my way back to the lab, all I could think about was how incredible Troy had become. It's hard to describe in just words. He was easily the tallest of us, 13 1/2' or maybe 14', and so perfectly beautiful. His skin was like perfect melted dark chocolate and it covered such an amazing collection of muscle, you just had to touch him to confirm what your eyes were telling you. He had muscle on his muscle. So striated that the ebony silk skin seemed shrink wrapped on the largest anatomy chart ever constructed. And that cock, so long it hung to even his knees and his balls hung half that distance. I was half hard for the whole walk thinking about him. Damn, I was horny today.

When I reached the lab, Ben was no where to be found. I did find Hao in on of the lab's office area, just pouring over notes and checking something on one of the many computer terminals.

"Hi, Hao. Any idea where Ben is?" He looked up at me, smiled, then laughed. It was quite a joyful laugh.

"Oh, Hi, Sean. Well, Ben is not here. He left shortly after you did, but he did start the tests that he promised to do for you. I've never seen him look so good or so horny. He lit out of here to find Jorge like he had a fire under his ass." Hou was really laughing and I swear he looked happier than I'd ever seen him.

"So, buddy, do you have the results of the tests?"

"I've asked Mat, Geoff and Jake to join us here in a few minutes. I tried to get in touch with you," he tapped his head, "but Thad told me that you and Troy were down in the bunker. It's too difficult to get through to anyone down there, so I was just going to wait until the others got here." He looked past me and said, "and here they are."

There were a few more than he had named. Along with Mat, Geoff and Jake, there were Nick, Ady, Ben and Jorge. Nick and Ben looked incredible. Nick was bigger and was smiling like he just won the lottery. He had thicker fur on his chest and was even more tapered. Ben looked as big as he had when I left him earlier, but he nearly glowed with life. His skin was perfect and his hair was long and flowing. Jorge looked like the happiest man in the room as well as completely satisfied.

Mat wrapped me up in his strong arms and kissed me deeply. I was already more than a little excited and being completely home in his embrace, I found myself getting more and more horny. Hao cleared his his throat to get our attention and I felt Mat chuckle. He physically turned me around to face Hao and then wrapped his arms around me.

"Gentlemen, thank you for coming. I wasn't expecting so many, but what I have to tell you is really for everyone. For those of you that don't know, last night was pretty special to all of our futures. I know we all felt the obvious effect of what Sean and Mat shared, but it was really not quite that simple. Somehow, and I'm not sure exactly how, Sean has been able to transfer his ability to change men to Mat." There were several sounds of surprise and Mat held me tighter. I looked to my left and saw my brother smiling his face off and to my left I noticed that Rob had arrived with Brad in tow.

"The analysis shows clearly that not only does Mat have the markers in his ejaculate, but it is identical to Sean's. And I do mean, completely identical. For all intents and purposes, Mat has the same abilities as Sean. One thing that I want to make clear, before everyone starts wearing out my buddy here," indicating me, "I believe this is a one time thing. I don't believe that all the desire or wishing will cause it to happen again. Ady shared with me what happened between Sean and Mat last night and I can honestly say it wasn't science that caused this latest evolution in the process. Unless the lightening had something to do with it, and I doubt everyone will want to have relations with these two and wait on lightening to strike at just the right second.... but I digress. Ok, so what has happened is some kind of anomaly that probably can't be re-created. However, what they have together is something special again. I estimate a increase of at least 10% potency, probably more. As we can see from Ben and, I assume, Nick, that we will all be increased again. I want to run some more tests, but I think we'll be having another special party this weekend."

All the guys laughed and came around us to congratulate us again for something not really in our control. I noticed Geoff hanging back from the group and he waited for the rest to disperse. The chatter was lively but I felt Geoff asking them all to leave. I'm not sure how I could hear that, because he was obviously not directing his thoughts to me.

"Guys, let's go up to the Aerie for a few minutes. It is a beautiful day and I need to talk with you." Geoff wasn't waiting for an answer and Mat and I followed.

When we reached the deck, Geoff went and got us all some protein drink. I hadn't had lunch yet, but wasn't ravenous as I expected to be. Still, there was a hunger inside of me. Geoff walked over to the railing and looked out over the valley. It was a beautiful clear day and the lake looked like a huge mirror. I could feel the valley's life breathing around us and I noticed it was having the same impact on Mat. He just smiled and we joined Geoff.

"Guys, I want you to know that I love you both. You are so incredibly important to me that I can't say that enough in words. I feel like I want to spend every moment with you and Jake. That's why I wanted to talk with you alone. I can feel it and I think Rob can too. You are both becoming more powerful by the day. I think we will, as well, but that will involve being with you two. I don't have to tell you, that there is a desire in all of us for that power, but last night, I thought for a while that I was going to fuck Jake right through the wall, and nearly did. He would be here too, but he received a call from the island and had to take it."

"Geoff, I have no idea what's happening with us. I know that we," I indicated all of us, "are closer than ever." I wanted him to know how we felt. "I love Mat with my whole heart. I don't know what's going on with this powerful feeling, but it is getting stronger. We are stronger. I'd like to see what all of this," I flexed a bit and watched my own brother's cock lengthen, "can do in the gym. I feel incredible and that's not just physically, but I feel calm, completely comfortable. I leaned back into Mat's big chest and just smiled.

"I really feel the same, Geoff." Mat said. I could feel his voice rumbling through his chest into my back, and the tingling in my cock was growing. All at the mere sound of his voice. "I know you've seen what happened to us last night with the rings. I mean, it's the talk of the compound, but it was really much more than physical. I have trouble putting this in words, but Sean and I have gone to another level in our relationship."

Mat turned me around and kissed me and I felt him mentally stroking all of me. Then he stopped and reached past me to Geoff and pulled him against us. Then he kissed him. I could feel him doing the same stroking with Geoff and Geoff's reaction was evident in that monster cock of his rising against my leg. Mat's voice in my head wasn't really surprising, 'We love you Geoff. Simply put, you are special to both of us. So is Jake and the others, but you are more apart of us than anyone.' We both then wrapped Geoff in our arms and pulled him together into a tight embrace. We were getting very hot and I was getting close to over heating.

Just when we were all getting really into rubbing muscle together we all heard a shout, a really loud shout from Jake. 'GUYS!! I really really hate to interrupt. Hell, I'd love to join you, but I need you to come to the house. I don't know what's going on, but Steve just called from the island to say that Max was on his way here now with someone new. I tried to call the plane, but the pilot said that Max was otherwise occupied and couldn't come to the phone. I need you here to discuss what we do with a new arrival.'

Geoff groaned. "Well, I guess we need to put our engines in idle and get to the house. It's not unprecedented for the island to come up with new guys. There have already been several that just showed up there, but that Max decided to just fly here when they could have just brought this guy on Saturday, means that something interesting is going on. Lets get to the house before Jake gets himself all worked up."

We made our way down through the lab and when we hit the doors we ran for the house. I could feel myself moving so fast that the very colors of the forest around me seemed to dim. When I got to the patio, I realized that Mat and Geoff were not with me. Just as I turned around they whooshed up next to me. "Where the fuck did you run off to little brother? It wasn't a race."

"I don't know. I didn't even feel like I was pushing it. I just ran like normal, like I've gotten used to."

Mat stood there shaking his head. "Sean, when we saw you take off, we did push it, but couldn't keep up with you. I might have been able to if I had started at the same speed you did, but once we got behind, there was no catching you."

"Damn. I had no idea."

Mat had his arm around me and we walked toward Jake's office. 'Baby, when we get done here I want to show you something.'

I figured he was up to some fun. 'Whatever you want lover, whatever you want.' I showered him with as much love as I could muster. I could sense he had allot on his mind.

We got settled in Jake's office and he appeared both excited and frustrated. The big blond god was glowing with life. He was such a stud, every time I look at him, every time I see Geoff look at him, I know how much my brother is bonded with this man. Jake was very good at keeping the whole community in order without ever seeming to be in control of anything. He just didn't like surprises unless he was the one that was in on the surprise or at least creating it. He could be a bit, shall we say, anal, if he didn't know what was going on.

"I just got word that the plane will be here in about three hours and I still haven't been able to reach Max. I did talk with Caine and Tom on the island, and Max is definitely coming on his own with this new guy. From them I learned his name is Gabriel Arcanjo. He's a Brazilian 'carioca' surfer." He immediately saw the questioning look on our faces and his big paws went up in the air. "I know, I know, I don't know what that really means either, but we'll just have to find out when he gets here. He was at one of the nearby islands for a competition, but no one is really sure how he got to our island. Other than that he showed up on a surfboard. He's evidently made quite an impression on all the guys. I'm not sure why, but Max wanted to bring him here immediately. All I could get out of the island guys is that he is special, but they wouldn't say much else. It was as if they couldn't describe what it was about him that made him so 'special'." I had lots of questions about this guy. Jake continued, "Personally, I want to meet this mystery man and, if you agree, I think Mat should be the one to change him." I felt Mat shiver for a second, next to me. That was kind of sudden.

"I think that it would be best if both Mat and I met this guy first." I responded and felt Mat immediately relax. "This is all far too new for both of us, since I've been through the almost unstoppable need that we feel, I would want to be there to help Mat."

"That makes complete sense." Geoff agreed. "It might even be good if Rob and I participate as well."

"Ok, why don't we just wait and see how it plays out." Mat finally spoke up. "Maybe this new guy will want to pick who he does the deed with. I admit there is a certain....... desire to change someone, to feel them growing, to know it is me doing it, but with the party on Saturday, there will be plenty opportunity."

Jake looked surprised, but just for a second and then he regained his usual cool confidence. I wondered what he was up to for this 'party'.

"That sound fair to everyone?" Geoff said and it was settled. It was agreed.

Jake walked over to me and looked into my eyes. "I know Geoff has told you both this, but I do love you both. My feelings have only grown for both of you since the day you arrived. I really shouldn't say this, but I'm happier to have you two in the family than anyone that has joined us since the very beginning."

Jake was getting closer and closer to me and I could feel his desire radiating with his body heat. I also noticed Geoff getting very friendly with Mat on the sofa.

"You know, Sean, you never have returned the favor of that night in the hot tub." Jake purred. He reached out and pinched my left nipple and his other hand started stroking my already lengthening cock. 'I want you, Sean. I want you to reach places that have never been reached inside of me. I want to feel your power.' Man was he ever hot for me.

'Little Bro, you take good care of my man now, or you'll answer to me.' I heard Geoff chucking in my head. I made certain to think only to him, 'Bro, I'll take very good care of him, but I'm still waiting for you to take good care of me.' I could feel is instant reaction.

'All in good time, brother. All in good time.' He thought, but the shower of love I felt from him was so intense my cock snapped to hard and dripping inside of a second. Jake covered my mouth with his and his tongue was soon pushing between my lips and his hand reached behind my neck to pull us tighter together. He slid his hand down my back, over every ripple and were now squeezing my ass and mine found his. He was so smooth that his ass felt like silk covered hot granite. He was really pressing his hard pecs into mine and he moaned. 'I just love your fur. Big bears really turn me on.' Like I didn't already know that.

I was getting hotter by the second. If he wanted me to fuck his ass, then that is what he was going to get. I picked him up and slammed him down on his desk. I pulled his mighty legs over my shoulders and dove face first, into his completely smooth ass. It was perfectly clean, yet smelled so much like the man he was. I could feel him groaning and just then there was a loud grunt from the other side of the room. I think Geoff was just getting into Mat. Damn, I nearly envied that brother of mine. But the taste and heat of Jake was really making me crazy. I wasn't nearly finished rimming his fine ass when I felt my cock press hard against the side of his desk and push through like it was paper. Damn, I felt so hot, so strong. I had to have this gorgeous fucking man now.

I stood up and pulled his ass to the edge of the desk. Leaning down I smothered him with kisses and licked his chest. I attached my mouth to his nipples and he was writhing with expectation. As I kissed his neck, I pressed my fireplug thick cock into him. I tried to go slow, as I could, like Mat did with me, but I wanted it. The first grasp of his ass around me and all I wanted was to ram him home. 'Oh, yeah, Sean, fuck me. More, give me more. Oh, God, you are so big, so hard. Yeah, Fuck me.' Each word was accompanied with unbelievable lust. He wanted it hard and deep. I started pulling out and he started thrusting upward. We got faster and faster I could feel his desk start to move across the floor, but all I cared about was how hot his ass was, it was incredible. I could understand why my Bro spent so much time with this stud.

I felt myself getting lost in Jakes lust, his mouth and his arms. He wrapped those guns around me and pressed me tighter into him. It was like my hips were a well oiled hinge and kept going faster and faster. Jake opened his head to me and I was awash in heat, power, fuck. Fuck had actually turned into a feeling, an emotion. It needed it's own definition to describe what we were feeling. I felt his cock pulsing between us and I realized that he was shooting out between us over his head and onto the wall. His desk had started in the middle of the room, but was now tight against the wall. I couldn't stop, didn't want to. I wanted more. His ass was magic. He was so tight and so incredibly talented. Fuck, every time I'd push in it was like he grabbed me hard, and then it felt like he was milking me as I pulled out. I was building and building. I felt myself getting lost. I didn't want to find my center or peace, this was fucking. Raw and wild. My cock was stirring his guts. I felt something splash on my back. I was reaching the brink. My eyes filled with stars and Jake's ass clamped down so tight, it caught me by surprise. 'Pull out Stud, feed me, make me more, please Sean.' He wasn't pleading, it was simple desire and I felt it like a wild man. I pulled out hard and with a loud plop. Precum ran out of Jakes ass like a river. I pulled his head up and he stood with me, panting.

"You want it? You sexy fucker, then drink." I pushed his head down and he latched onto my monster and sucked. There was never anyone like this. He sucked and swallowed until he nose was pressed into my crotch fur. He grabbed my balls and squeezed and I lost it. I saw rainbows and stars, fuck, the northern lights didn't have so many colors, and I shot. It felt like gallon upon gallon of cum was rocketing out of my balls, up my swelling cock and into Jake. I couldn't stop, didn't want to. I wanted him to have everything he wanted. I wanted that for him. I shot cum for minutes, it felt like hours. Everything went black and I should have hit the floor hard. Time passed slowly.

My sight was finally returning and I felt big hands on my shoulders. They rubbed my neck and soon my nose was filled with the scent of my man. Oh, God did he smell good. My breathing was getting back under control and I saw Geoff pulling Jake off of my cock. There were something different about my brother, but right now all I could feel was Mat's body against mine. I may have just had unbelievable sex, but I want him. I turned in his hands and he stroked my hair behind my ears. It must have come undone while Jake and I were engaged. I nearly had to pull myself up so I could kiss him. Oh, yes. This is what a kiss was supposed to be. I felt my hair stand on end and felt our very souls intermingle.

Mat pulled back from me and we both caught our breath. "Wow!" We both said in unison. I started to come around more and realized that Jake was drinking some supplements and the room was pretty trashed. The sofa was covered with cum and Jakes poor desk was embedded in the wall and the end where I had been standing was smashed. Several of the bookshelves had been emptied from the sheer vibrations of our sex. I finally got a good look at my brother as he held Jake and I realized that he was phenomenal. So much bigger than before. He was probably as big, if not bigger than Mat and that put him over the 13' mark. His shoulders had to be thicker and stronger than ever. He was huge and Jake was swelling. The beautiful blond was getting taller as he laid on the floor. His pecs swelled up so huge that his nips were stretching to the size of saucers. His abs were so sharp and tight that you could see the striations as he breathed and sucked down the protein drink. But it was his legs that were winning in this growth. I don't know what his desire was, but I was willing to bet that it had something to do with getting legs like my bro's.

All of us were returning to some semblance of normal and Geoff helped Jake stand up. He was beautiful. I think he would need a haircut because his braided tail was dragging on the floor. We all chuckled a bit, but he took it all in stride. Jake walked over to me and wrapped me in his arms. 'Thanks brother, that was intense. Let's do it again soon' He kissed me and then went back to stand next to Geoff. I now got my first real good look at my improved bro. He was again the big man of the family. I think his fur was thicker and I don't know how, but his eyes looked like they were glowing. His cock was at least 6" longer than before and he was proportionally bigger, but what I felt in my head was power, 'Sean, this is amazing. I feel like I could bench press the planet, but I can also feel my mind expanding. Everything looks better, brighter. It's as though I feel more apart of the world around me.'

'Yeah, Geoff, it just keeps getting better and better. Almost like these guys are a concentrator of some sort. But I'm not complaining.' Jake smiled as he flexed his ever larger pillars. The legs were titanic. Veins traced lines that looked like highways and all roads led to that magnificent alabaster pole.

"Sorry about your desk, Jake. I guess I got kind of carried away." I felt bad, it was a beautiful oak desk and now it was firewood.

"Don't worry your beautiful head over it Sunshine. It was more than worth it." Well, he was smiling, so I guess I was forgiven.

Then Mat spoke up behind me, "Guys, that was truly special, but I think I could use a shower. We're going up to our room and get cleaned up. We've only got a couple hours before the plane arrives."

I hadn't realized that so much time had passed. Mat and I left the office and walked up the stairs to our room. I walked straight for the bathroom and started the showers. Mat followed me in and moved behind me. We were soon washing each other and I was quickly getting aroused again. Horny didn't begin to cover it. I was in a constant state of 'ready to mate'. It felt good, but this time, Mat wasn't going there. I could feel he had something on his mind and this was more about our just being together and getting clean. We didn't even talk. We just washed each other and then dried each other. Both of our hair needed trimming and I cut about a foot from mine and then Mat did the same. I just wanted to let mine hang free until it dried. Once we both finished with our grooming chores, Mat walked back to the bedroom and sat on the bed.

When I got back there he patted the bed for me to sit next to him. He was the most manly, sensuous, loving man I had ever known. There was definitely a thought going through my head saying 'Mine, All, Mine, All, Mine.' I sat next to him and he put his strong arm around me, pulled my head over and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you baby. More than I thought possible." Mat started and I was going to interrupt, but he stopped me, "Wait, I have to get this out or I'll just throw you back and we'll not surface again until sometime next week." He chuckled, but I didn't say anything.

"Sean, I know how you feel about me, and you keep thinking about how beautiful I am, but I don't even know how to tell you what just your being in the same room does to me. What you did with Jake downstairs, was one of the hottest things I've ever seen. I just don't think you realize the impact you have on everyone. You seem to have this idea that you are just like everyone else and I love you even more for that, but you need to understand how everyone sees you. I haven't done this before, but every day it gets more and more incredible, and I want to try something. You get more and more incredible. I want you to stand here next to the window and just close your eyes."

I did as he asked. I'd do anything for him. "Now, I want you to link with my mind and look through my eyes." I did and was surprised that his eyes were closed. 'Ok, baby, now when I open my eyes, I just want you to look. Don't try to feel what I'm feeling, just look.'

He opened his eyes and it was weird looking at myself. I knew I was hairy, but I looked like Geoff. I was downright furry. Those broad shoulders I admired on my brother... well, they were right in front of me. Just as huge and striated without even being tensed. My hair was dark and flowing down over my rippled back. I had far more bulges back there than I ever dreamed of. I tensed a little and watched the ripples bulge and flex. 'Go ahead if you want. Flex for yourself, just keep you eyes closed.' I did a little. Then a little more. When Mat looked down at my ass, I nearly swooned until I remembered it was my own ass I was ogling. It was high, tight, square, furry and strong. It was an ass that could crush stone, if I wanted. My legs were big, huge. They seemed more hairy in the back, than I knew them to be in the front. My calves were gigantic. They looked sharp and very strong. Mat continued the survey around me.

He focused on my arms and I squeezed my hand into a fist, watching the cables of my forearms flex and bunch, the veins swell and writhe. My biceps really were a work of art and my triceps hung behind like a slab a etched beef. Each arm was the same. I tensed my arm and then brought it up and a full tight flex as Mat moved around me. The peak had peaks and so many cuts I couldn't imagine that I hadn't see them before. Mat's gaze moved down to my chest. The fur was thick in the creases and my nips projected long enough to easily show through the hair. My pecs were square and really did hang tight and hard over my abs. These were cobblestones on steroids. They could have easily been a stone wall. The fur was thinner here, but still so thick it was nearly black in the creases. They looked inches deep and I could feel my cock coming to life again. Mat looked down and I saw it rising. This was truly a strange feeling. Looking at my cock through his eyes. I could see it had a very slight turn to the right, but it was longer and thicker than I imagined. My balls looked like bowling balls hanging long in their sack and it was swinging half way to my knees. My Thighs were amazing. I could see the huge teardrops, deep striations and the hair seemed specifically placed to accent every curve and valley. My feet seemed huge from this angle. I saw a drop of precum drip from my fist like cock head and drop to the floor. It was stretching past the 3.5' length and would soon start to raise.

I could feel Mat chuckle through our link, but he knew I was getting aroused at my own body. 'You never see just how truly beautiful you are Sean. I know it is inside and out, but you need to know it too.' I watched as he put his hands on my shoulders then he took a deep breath and looked at my face. Even though I looked at it every day in the bathroom mirror, I was seeing it through his eyes. There was definitely shades of my brother's strong brow, his cleft in the chin, the dark stubble not 15 minutes after shaving. But my face was more slender than his and my eyes were slightly closer. My hair was shining in the sun coming through the window. 'You are truly so beautiful. Just one more thing before you open your eyes. Use my nose to take a whiff of yourself.' Now I chuckled. 'I'm serious. If it were not for how intense you are with that joystick between your legs, I'd love you for your smell alone.'

So I did as he asked and I watched as he leaned in close to me and took a deep breath. The smell was like an erotic dream. Part sweat, part sandalwood, part cinnamon, part cum, part musk and all me. I could sense he was getting aroused through the link and I knew I was dripping myself. He stood back from me again and said, "Ok, now open your eyes." He was staring straight into my eyes and I felt dizzy seeing my eyes through his. I tried to concentrate on the link and nearly fell into my eyes. I had always considered my eyes patently normal. Just hazel. I didn't have Geoff's or Jake's crystal blue eyes, or Mat's warm dark brown sexy pools. But he saw them and they were hazel, but seemed almost a kaleidoscope of colors.

Then he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. I felt the link dissolve, but could feel his body holding mine tighter and tighter. 'Baby, I know you are not used to thinking of yourself as this gorgeous hunk of super man, but you are. Every time I walk into a room and you are there, my whole life has meaning. And believe it or not, that's how the other guys feel too. They may only feel a part of what I do, because I'm lucky enough to have you love me, but they do feel it. You are a strong presence, both physically and mentally. And we are getting stronger.'

'Mat. Thanks for this. It did make me realize that my perceptions of myself were off and I know you've been one big stud of a man for allot longer than I have, but I don't think we have any problems here. Now. Why did you want to do this? I know it has been foremost in your mind since you came back from working in the kitchen.'

"Yes. I was helping Nick do some vegetable chopping and he came over to make sure I wasn't cutting off any fingertips. He says that he needs to know that, so he can change the spices. I laughed almost until I cried over that one. You should see how well he and Geno are getting on, it's like they've known each other their whole lives. But then I raised my arm and used my forearm to scratch an itch on my forehead. Nick got one smell of me and he buried his face in my pit. It was such an unexpected move that I nearly jumped away from him. I was going to pull away, but his mouth felt so good and he just kept kissing all the way down my side and, well, he ended up sucking me of like four times before Hao sent for us. What they say about Nick is absolutely true. What he does for cock sucking is like a master artist. It is amazing." I could see him thinking back and feeling it. "But what I realized on our way to the lab, was that you and I, and now Geoff, have become even more powerful. Just our smell can cause even these guys to react. I do have some concerns over this new guy. I hope he has a strong constitution. Because, I certainly don't want to hurt him, or have him hurt himself."

I thought about what Mat's concerns were and they were certainly justified. I hadn't thought about it at all, but maybe even Troy was affected. I knew he had a reputation as one huge horn dog, but maybe it was this attraction that caused the intensity of our sex. "Babe, I'm not real concerned. I used to be, but now I know I can trust these guys with my life. I don't think there is a guy here, well except maybe Yuri, that would hurt anyone and Yuri only in defense of his family. The rest of us are just giant softies."

"Hey, who you calling softie." Mat chuckled, but he also flexed himself and became like living steel wrapped around me. "As long as you love me, Sean, I can do anything."

"And as long as you love me, Mat, I'll do anything you desire." I kissed him and pushed him back on the bed. We had an hour and a half to kill before the plane arrived and I knew Jake would make sure to let us know when it was time to be at the airfield.

"So, my big beautiful island god. Why don't you make love with this hot studly body of mine?" Mat rolled on top of me and kissed me into hardness.

What a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. •

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