Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

Geno took a towel and cleaned the cum off of his son and wiped up the floor. The sight of his beautiful hard hairy ass and flexing thighs, as he bent to the floor, was getting me more than a little horny. His back was a wide mountain range and all his muscles were flexing hard under his paper thin skin. The smell of cum and sweat was strong and I could feel desire rising.

It was then that I saw Georgio looking at me with more than lust, he was hungry. I was feeling his need. Rather than trying to calm him again, I looked to calm myself. I concentrated on the peace I had found with Ady. The room was soon filled with the scent of fresh clean mountain air. The others did not react so it must have just been my perception. I was still getting hard, but was under control.

Mat was again standing behind me with his hands on my shoulders. Georgio was just standing in front of us watching my cock swing as though he were hypnotized by its movement. Geno moved behind his son and looked down at him, probably for the first time in many years. The look in his eyes wasn't lust, but love. He turned him around, picked him up and hugged him tight to his chest.

"I love you son," Geno growled in his new very deep and sexy voice. Georgio didn't say anything, his whole body just jerked again. This time his orgasm was dry, but he was breathing heavy and his moan was deep and long.

"Geno," Mat said, "I think you need to put Georgio down. We are ready to begin and I think Georgio is more than ready." I chuckled and Geno just smiled.

He set Georgio back lightly on the floor and turned him back around. Before we got started Georgio turned back toward his dad and reached out and rubbed his thigh. "Wow." was all he said in a breathless voice.

Georgio turned him back around toward me again and nodded.

Mat again put his arms around me and started stroking my chest and abs. His finger tips just brushed the hair above my cock lightly, but it sent shivers through me. I could feel myself rising again. He rubbed his already hard cock along my ass and back. I could feel the head of his cock was dripping already. 'Babe, you have got to have the most magnificent ass on the planet,' he thought to me and I was bathing in his warmth and love. His hands moved around and started squeezing my glutes. God, he was making me hot.

I looked down and Geno was holding Georgio's shoulders, keeping him from getting to my cock. Georgio was licking his lips and his eyes were locked with my one eyed monster.

"Geno, let him go. I need him too."

Geno smiled at me and released his grip on Georgio. Georgio shot toward me and was soon all over my cock. His hands squeezed and stroked my balls and his tongue, mouth and teeth were all over my cock. He rubbed my drooling precum all around the head of my cock and then started to lick it like an ice cream cone.

Mat slid his cock lower and into my welcoming ass. God it felt good having him in me. My head rolled back onto his shoulder and he kissed the side of my face. I was purring. I felt him start stroking into me and I tried to concentrate on giving him as much pleasure as I could. I squeezed his cock and it pressed tighter into my prostate and Georgio got a load of precum that he drank down like it was the best thing he ever tasted.

Georgio was moaning and I felt him orgasm again. His hands were all over where ever on me he could reach. His mouth was already pressed tight against my cock and he was sucking the slit like a straw. I looked at Geno and signaled him to be ready and Mat picked up his pace. He was breathing deeply and was getting close. Mat reached around me again and started squeezing the base of my cock. He thrust into me again and unloaded into me with incredible force. I lost it quickly and soon Georgio was sucking down an incredible load. Geno was right there holding his son's head against my cock. Mat kept stroking into me and I kept shooting. I was growling like a beast.

Soon Georgio could take no more and cum actually shot out of his nose. Geno laid him on the floor and I shot at least a dozen more times all over both of them. He was ready with a bottle of the supplements, but I was more concerned with Georgio. He looked like he had a basketball in his stomach. Mat pulled out of me and cum ran down my legs and splattered on the floor.

He came around and kissed me. Then started cleaning me up with towels. "You make me crazy, Sean. Every time we are together, I just want more."

"No more than I want Mat, no more than I want." I was getting my breath back and reached for a bottle of the supplements for myself.

I knelt down next to Georgio. His stomach was still stretched and he was breathing shallow. Geno was just stroking his son's hair. The look of concern on his face spoke of a parent's love.

Georgio was hard as a rock and his left hand reached for his cock. At first, he had a hard time reaching around his expanded gut, but it started receding. He moaned for a long time, but that moan deepened the longer it went on. He started stroking his cock and his hand was a blur. Once his stomach had fully returned to its flattened form, the man's growth took off. His cock grew longer as it shot streams of cum. Each stream larger and more forceful than the last. Each long shot was accompanied by a deeper and deeper moan. He stretched taller so fast, Geno was forced to move away from his head. Georgio's body was exploding with power. His chest expanded so quickly it looked like someone was inflating him with an air hose. It quickly became the prominent feature on his upper body, but his legs were something else. When he reached about 9' tall, his legs swelled to nearly Mat's proportions. He was sucking down so many supplements that Mat had to get another case. His balls were swelling to easily the size of his fathers, then further. They looked like bowling balls. His cock stopped shooting, but he was still growing. He passed 10' and was headed for 11' tall and more than 4' wide. He was nearly that thick. He was beating his cock so hard it looked swollen and angry. A nearly 3' angry cock is not something you want to stand in front of. Unfortunately, nobody told Geno that.

Georgio was settling into his full size at close to 12' tall and his muscle was incredibly thick. He looked harder than steel. "FUCK.. DAMN.. CUM YOU MOTHERFUCKER.. CUM DAMMIT... OH, GOD, OH FUCK ME, UGGGG, OH FUUUUUCKKKKKK" Georgio roared and his new 3'4" cannon shot a stream of cum straight at his unprepared dad. The force was so great and Geno so unused to his new body, that it knocked him over onto his ass. Luckily both the floor and his ass were well padded. His new reflexes kicked in and he jumped right back to his feet.

Georgio was still cumming. His hips were thrusting into the air and his entire body was refining itself. His hair was changing to a strikingly beautiful pattern. Swirling around his pecs and streaming down over his deeply etched abs. It continued to thicken as it reached for his crotch and even his bull balls were coated with hair. His legs were still hairy, but as it reached over his super thick thighs, it thinned but was again thicker past his knees. His skin had darkened to a far more bronze shade and the hair on his head was flowing around his head. Black as night, straight and thick. His face had taken on a very masculine shape with a more roman nose and prominent brow. He had a deep beard shadow.

His breathing was returning to normal and he stopped drinking. Mat and I both noticed that he had finished nearly a case and a half of the supplements. He reached up and rubbed his eyes as if he were waking from a deep sleep.

When he opened his eyes, all three of us gasped. His eyes were nearly golden. There were a few blue flecks but mostly they were shining and invitingly beautiful.

He moved to try to sit and Geno helped him stand up. He was once again easily taller than his dad. He staggered like he was drunk, so Geno smiled up at him and helped pull him over to the mirrored wall.

"Holy Shit! I'm fucking huge!" Georgio exclaimed in his new basso profundo voice. That alone surprised him, but then he tried a few flexes. "Damn, this is great. I feel incredible. Damn!. I'm not sure about all this fur, but, Wow." He exuberance was contagious. Geno tried flexing a bit and he was just as impressed.

"You are beautiful, son, just beautiful." Geno said.

Georgio didn't answer him, he just picked him up and hugged him. Then he started kissing him. He planted kisses all over Geno's face. He put is dad down and walked over to Mat and picked him up. They turned around a few times and he covered Mat's face with kisses. Then he looked at me. For a second I felt like that rabbit that the fox was chasing.

He walked up to me and just looked into my eyes with those golden eyes. I just smiled at him. I could feel his joy and something else. He pulled me into a hug, but wasn't moving to pick me up. He buried his face on my shoulder and hugged me tighter. His whole body shook and I realized he was near crying. "Thank you, Sean, I can never ever tell you what it means to me. I can't hold this in anymore. I'm so sorry. I thought terrible things about you because I was so jealous. I could see in Mat's eyes that he loved you, but all I could think was 'why not me?'. Now you give me more than any man could ask for, I'm just so sorry."

"Buddy, look at me." I pulled his face up and cupped it in my hands. Those golden eyes were full near dripping. "I don't want you to ever think about it again. You are now my family. My brother. You have nothing to be sorry about." I admit, I tried to use a little mental convincing, but he was still caught up in the incredibly emotional aftermath of the change. I knew just what that was like.

I didn't let his face out of my grip until he smiled. Then I kissed him and pulled him into a hug. Soon Geno was wrapping us both in his arms, then Mat joined in the group hug.

"So guys, how about we get a shower and then we can introduce you to your new home?" I asked.

"That sounds like a great idea. I'm feeling a little sticky." Geno said.

"A little? Dad, we are covered in cum. I'd say we're allot sticky."

We all laughed and we walked into the showers. Mat and I turned on the water and started helping the guys get cleaned up. I started helping Mat scrub his back and I felt hands on my own. I looked over my shoulder to see Georgio with a fully hard drooling cock. The look in his eyes said he wanted more than to wash. When I turned back to Mat, I saw Geno helping him wash. Then Geno disappeared kneeling in front of Mat and Mat moaned.

Georgio pressed his cock against my wet soapy ass and wrapped his hands around me grasping my chest. "I want you, Sean. I want you inside me. I'm so horny and you are so fucking hot. I've never seen anyone as sexy as you." He was grinding against me.

I reached out to Mat with my thoughts, 'Babe, are you Ok with this?'

'Yes, Sean, it's fine, just remember.... Nnmmmmmm ... Your cock is mine tonight.' He let me feel what he was feeling and Geno was one talented cocksucker.

'Ok, Mat, but my cock is yours always.' I could feel him smile through our link.

I turned around to Georgio and my very hard cock slapped his leg. I kissed him and sucked his tongue into my mouth and played with it. He moaned and groaned. We pressed our cocks tightly between our two sets of very hairy abs and I thought to him, 'Georgio,' I felt him jump, 'don't worry, this is just one of your new talents. You can think to me and I can hear you. Everyone here can do this. You don't have to push or try hard, just let the thoughts flow and we can talk while I fuck you.'

'MMmmmm. You hear that?'

'Yes, Georgio, I heard that. So, do you really want this big, hard, hot, wet cock inside of you?' With each word I thrust it against his own huge hard and very wet cock.

'Oh, God yes. I want you to fuck me so hard I can't stand for days.'

I turned him around and had him bend over and grab the wall. He really was a solid wall of incredible muscle. His back was hairless and completely smooth. His skin perfect. I stroked his perfect back and slid my hands between his deep ass crack. His thick back had more peaks and valleys than the Rocky Mountains and I just knew, if he wanted to, he could probably push that wall in front of him down. His ass, however, was a furry beast. Hard and round and made for fucking. I dove into his ass with my tongue. I ate him like a starving man. I allowed myself to open to his musk, his heat, his taste, his texture. Man, he was fucking sexy. His ass was perfectly fuckable. Thick and hard, so hairy. I licked the hair away from his rosebud and thrust my tongue in. He shot a stream of precum against the wall. I hadn't even reached his prostate yet. I stood up and started to press into him when I felt hands on my shoulders.

I looked back and saw that Mat was already deep into Geno. The look on Geno's face was bliss. He kissed me quickly and bent over and started trying to get at my ass. I just mentally told him to just fuck me. Mat looked at me and motioned with his eyes to look down. I saw Geno's predicament. His feet were almost a foot off of the floor. He was completely suspended on Mat's cock and Mat had hold of Geno's hips, pushing him up and down the length of that mighty pole.

Mat pushed forward and positioned him so that Geno could get his cock at my ass. I was pressing deeper into Georgio and he was moaning and then as soon as I hit his prostate, he yowled and he painted the wall with cum. I wasn't that close and pushed into him deeply. Mat pushed Geno into me and he moaned, but didn't cum. Mat became the engine in an incredible fuck train. He started pulling in and out of Geno, which forced Geno's big veiny fireplug into me and forced me deeper into Georgio. I reached around Georgio and grabbed his pecs and started working them with my fingers.

"Oh, God, Sean, Oh, Fuck, Oh, Ug, Uh. Ng. FUCK." Geno and Mat were similarly grunting and groaning. I reached down further to get Georgio's cock in hand and started stroking. His foreskin was not as tight as Mat's but not all that different. I started pulling and stroking with it. He simply reared back, his ass slammed tight on my cock and he again painted the wall and shouted. This time I roared and filled him to overflowing. The train was chugging to a halt as Geno filled me with such force, I unleashed another round into Georgio. I felt Mat's bliss as he came into Geno and we were all leaning on Georgio panting.

He lost his footing as I was pulling my softening cock out of his still tight hole and he started falling. I was, of course, the next domino and we all landed on each other on the shower floor. I started laughing and it was infectious. We all started laughing as we slid around the slippery floor.

Mat was the first to stand back up and said, "Welcome to the family guys."

This started another round of chuckles, but at least the edge was taken off our lust for the moment. We started re-washing each other but it was much more relaxed this time. Mat handed out those big white fluffy towels and after we got ourselves dried.

"So guys, is there anything other than that protein gunk to eat around here? I'm starving." Geno asked.

"Sure," I answered, "there are some snacks on the bar and if they don't satisfy, then we can go up and see what is left of lunch. I could eat."

Mat laughed hard. Geno and Georgio looked at him like he had grown a second head.

I just chuckled and then told them, "I'll tell you later. It's kind of an inside joke."

We walked back into the party room and I pointed out the sandwiches and other snacks on the bar. Our two new family member dug in, but I also noticed the mess that we had made all over the room. There was cum and towels everywhere. I motioned to Mat and he started gathering up the towels and put them in the collection hamper. I grabbed the hose and started washing down the room. I looked back at our two new brothers and they were shoveling food down as fast as they could. I just smiled.

Just then I remembered about Hao wanting to get the blood samples. Both the collection needles seemed to still be in place, so I mentally checked the house for him. He was in the dining room eating lunch and told me he would be right down.

A few minutes later he came down the stairs with his kit. 'Holy Fuck, Sean, these two are amazing. I take it the big one is the younger, Georgio?'

'Yes, he did grow up nice didn't he?'

'Let me just say, that I know several guys here who will be very happy to show him around and his dad... Damn, he looks like he's about 20 years old. You are just too potent for words. When you get a chance, I want to see you in the lab.'

'Ok, no problem buddy, but it won't be until at least tomorrow. Ok?'

'Fine, Fine.' "So, how do our newest members of the family feel?" Hao asked?

"I feel great. Better than I have in many years." Geno replied, he stretched his arms to the sides and the muscle popped into bold relief. His forearms twisted and writhed with steel cables, his shoulder bounced and flexed.

"Yeah, me too, I feel... well.. just so alive." Georgio responded, he pulled in a most muscular and Hao's eyes widened as even Georgio's thick fur could not hide the power and striations popping all over his chest and the veins standing proud on his neck, shoulders and arms.

Hao pulled the tape off of Geno's arm gently and the needle was still properly embedded. He took out several sample tubes and filled at least six of them. Then he removed the needle and there was no wound. By the time he moved his finger away from where the needle had been in Geno's arm, there was absolutely no sign that it had been there.

Georgio just said, "Wicked."

Hao nodded and moved to do the same with Georgio. When Hao applied the first sample tube to the collector, it filled and burst. He got another and was more successful as he wrapped his hand around the tube. He took another five samples this way and then removed Georgio's needle. His arm also showed no signs of the needle having been in one of his most prominent veins.

"Well, gentlemen, that's all there is to it. Those are most likely the last needles you will ever have pushed through your skin." Hao explained.

"So what happens if we get sick or something and need a shot?" Georgio asked.

Hao laughed a bit and with a big smile told him, "My friend, no one here has even had a cold, not a sniffle in the last ten years. I think it is safe to say, that getting a shot, will never be necessary."

"Cool. So why did that first sample tube burst like that?" Georgio was just full of questions. I also saw him eying the Doc with increasing interest. I think the interest was mutual.

"When you are enhanced, as you are now, everything is increased including your blood pressure. If it is elevated for any reason, then the vacu-container can't take the force." Then to Mat and I he said, "I need to get these samples back to the lab and start the analysis. If you see Ben, ask him to join me, please?"

"Sure thing, Hao. I think we are going up to see if Nick has any lunch left. I don't know about the rest of these guys, but I'm still hungry." I replied.

Mat snickered again. Hao just smiled and took off up the stairs in a flash.

"Damn, he moves fast!" Geno exclaimed.

"You can too, it is just one of your many new talents. You will both learn about them over the next few days and weeks. We are still learning." Mat said.

We all went upstairs and I led them to the dining room. Lunch was still laid out and we all filled our trays. At first we were the only ones there, but after a few minutes Nick came in from the kitchen.

"Nick, buddy, let me introduce you to Geno and Georgio. Geno is the chef extraordinaire that I was telling you about." I said.

Nick came over to the table and Geno stood up and they shook hands. "Man, I'm glad you are here. These guys have been just singing your praises. I can't wait to get you in the kitchen and see what you can do." Nick's statement was said with such a leer that he definitely meant more than just cooking.

Geno didn't miss a beat, "It would be my pleasure. I'm sure you could even teach me a few things."

Nick made sure we had everything we needed then started to clear away the lunch leftovers. I noticed that he simply put all the food on serving trays that could be used for snacks all afternoon.

Mat and I introduced Geno and Georgio to the protein frozen yogurt. Geno said it was wonderful and I caught Nick proudly smiling on his way back to the kitchen.

Geno excused himself to check out the kitchen. I saw him wink at Mat as he went through the door. I'm sure he was going to be checking out our resident kitchen bear as well. Georgio just stretched his arms over his head. He was truly a magnificent man. His shoulders were so wide and his waist so narrow it was a dramatic V but the top was much wider than the letter.

"So what's up now guys. Now that we are fed and pop's checking out his element, how do we spend the rest of the afternoon?" Georgio asked.

"Well, we should really find you and your dad somewhere to live. I'm sure there are plenty of places. We should take a tour around the compound and see what you like and you need to meet with Geoff and Jake to really get a feel for the place." I said.

"Ok, but if you think you are going to get dad out of that kitchen anytime before dinner is finished, forget it. He has entered his domain and will be there unless he is forcibly removed," Georgio said with a chuckle.

Mat looked into the kitchen and found Nick and Geno over by the big stove with Nick giving Geno a taste of something with a huge spoon. Nick was talking but Geno had his hand rubbing Nick's hairy butt.

"I think Geno is perfectly happy getting to know his way around the kitchen." Mat said with a laugh.

"Then why don't we go and just relax by the pools and we'll take it easy today. I'm sure we can find somewhere for you to spend the night and we'll sort out the rest tomorrow." I said.

We moved out to the pool and found Troy and Dom lounging in one of the hot tubs. "You want some company guys? This is Georgio, one of the new men and Georgio, this is Dom, Nick's brother, and Troy our top security guy." Mat did the introductions and I watched Dom and Troy nearly drool over Georgio. After Mat finished the introductions, I thought to myself, 'Yup, one of our resident golden bears and our dark chocolate superman like this Italian bear.'

"Sure, there's always room for a few more." Troy invited Georgio to sit next to him. Dom slid over next to Georgio and Mat and I filled the remaining space.

"Mmmmmmm, Mmmmmm, just look at all this fur. Mat, you and I are going to have to be careful with all these bears around." Troy was definitely in a playful mood.

He reached over and started to stroke Georgio's chest. Soon his huge black cock started pushing up out of the water. Georgio was surprised, but not as surprised when his own monster cock did the same.

Dom reached over and stroked Georgio's monster cock. "Yeah, buddy, it takes some getting used to. I'm still not used to being so big."

"I guess that's true," Troy remarked, "I'm the only 'old timer' here. I'll just have to show you other guys how to give the new man a proper welcome." Troy's 10000 watt smile was practically splitting his face in two.

Troy also reached over to Georgio's cock and gave it a squeeze that made Georgio moan. His other hand disappeared behind Georgio and I could just imagine how it was making it's way to Georgio's hot ass.

Just then Jorge walked up, "So, I see you are welcoming our new friends Troy, got room for another?"

"Always for you buddy." Jorge bent down and kissed Troy. His dark hair fell around the smooth head of Troy. Jorge may have been a dark skinned beauty, but Troy was so incredibly dark he seemed completely black under the water.

Jorge climbed in and sat between Troy and me. "Sean if you get any more beautiful, I might just have to give Mat a run for his money."

"Jorge, the way you throw a party, you and that gorgeous cock are welcome to visit Mat and I anytime. And if you can ever pry him out of that lab, you can bring Ben with you." I said.

Jorge just laughed and threw his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into a quick kiss. "You guys are just too much."

I was certainly getting more than a little hot and horny and I felt Mat getting the same as I stroked his thigh under the water.

"So guys why don't we move this where we will have more room to play?" Troy asked.

"I don't know," Mat replied, "I kind of like the warm bubbles." He chuckled.

"Ah, but you don't know all the secrets of this place yet." Troy stood up. The man was magnificent. As tall as anyone here, definitely over 12' tall and every inch was black beauty. There wasn't a hair on his body. His cock stood hard and tall slapping against his abs and pecs as he moved. So thick and perfect with a burnished brown-red helmet that looked so tasty. His muscle was perfection in motion. No Mr.O ever looked this good. He had such perfect proportion that seeing him glistening in the sunlight made me stand up to follow without even thinking about where he was going. He had a perfect 10 pack. His waist was so narrow that you had to wonder how it was strong enough to hold up the power in his upper body. He had absolutely no fat at all and every muscle moved under his skin like writhing snakes. His thighs were larger than his waist and tight with cords of muscle. I would have loved to see them flexed. He turned away and walked toward the nearest pool. To see him from behind as he descended into the pool, was to see a perfect ass, two boulders of striated muscle moving against one another. My gaze swept up to see the spread of his back, up to his wing size lats and boulder sized shoulders. He pushed off and swam to the other end.

I was mesmerized, we all seemed to be, by watching him, this giant super bodybuilder, move through the water with more power and grace than any olympic swimming champion. When he reached the other end he pulled himself out of the water and we all got to watch those back muscles come to attention. The ripples and striations were incredible. Deep cuts and huge bulges. His triceps were so defined there were cross hatching striations on the huge horseshoes. He reached for a small box at the end of the pool and adjusted some controls. The whole pool started to bubble and froth. The entire pool was a jacuzzi and the water was already heating. He dove into the pool and surfaced about half way.

"Come on in y'all, the water is fine." Troy was smiling, but his eyes said 'let's fuck'.

We all jumped in and I noticed that Georgio was the first to reach the ebony adonis. Mat and I reached them next. Jorge and Dom joined us soon. It was easy to move in the water and soon I felt a hot mouth enclose my cock. I knew Mat was kissing me so I sent my thoughts downward and knew that it was Jorge. His mouth was so hot and felt wonderful. It felt wonderful. I reached down and grabbed his shoulders and pulled him up into an embrace. Georgio had already moved around behind Troy and was working his ass like he was born to it. Troy was already deeply buried in Dom. I lost track of them as I felt Mat press his hot cock into me from behind. Damn, it was always like I was whole when he did that.

Jorge was everywhere from the front and Mat was more than taking care of my ass. I wasn't going to last long. I felt Jorge's pecs pressing into my own, his cock slid against mine and his hands stroked everywhere he could reach. He pulled back slightly and purred in my ear, "So, my beautiful beast, you like my big latin cock, then you should have it."

He started pressing it into me from the front. Right alongside of Mat's. At first I felt Mat tense, then he pulled out until they were matching head to head and they pressed into together. I moaned and then felt more filled than I ever thought possible. Two giant uncut cocks were pressing into me and I was in heaven. This was raw, incredible, sex. I realized that Mat and Jorge were kissing over my shoulder. I turned my head and kissed them both on the cheek and they turned to me and we shared a three way kiss. I have no idea how he did it, but I soon felt four hands on my cock and balls. Squeezing and stroking. They were getting into a rhythm now thrusting in together and driving me higher and higher.

I soon felt more hands on me as the other three joined in our passion. I could see Dom over Jorge's mountainous shoulders, his furry chest visible until he lowered himself to press into Jorge's beautiful smooth ass. Georgio pressed in aside of Jorge and me, and we wrapped our arms, on that side, around him. I felt Mat's constant piston action stop for a moment and I saw two chocolate hands grasp my shoulders as Mat growled behind me. I knew he was experiencing Troys magnificent black cock pressing into him. Soon his thrust became driven and I was quickly losing myself in the intense pleasure. I could feel a mouth enclose the first few inches of my cock. I opened my eyes to see Georgio sucking me for all he was worth. I could only groan. The intense pleasure was overwhelming my mind. I opened my pleasure to all there and received their's back. I could feel Dom's satisfaction in having just been royally fucked by Troy and now enjoying his new giant cock slamming into Jorge. Jorge was feeling such extreme pleasure that he was on the edge. Mat was feeling as lost in sensation as I was. His cock pounded my ass and was pressed tightly with Jorge's iron hard spike. Troy was balls deep into Mat and stirring his insides to mush. I felt him bite my shoulder and lost it.

I felt my balls contract with incredible forces pressing down on Jorge's cock. I turned my head to the sky, roared like a beast and unloaded. I didn't even realize that Georgio was still sucking me down his throat, but he sucked every drop. I came more and more, and he sucked. My orgasm sent Jorge and Mat into thrusting spasm as they filled me more than I had ever dreamed possible. The pleasure I felt was only amplified by that of the others there with me. Six of the most powerful men in the universe were all cumming at once and the water was soon foggy with the white soup of our release. I could feel Georgio's seed flowing against my legs as his cock thrust between my thigh and Jorge's.

Georgio fell away from us then and we all started to separate, floating backward into the water. As Jorge and Mat pulled out of me, I felt the water of the pool rush in. It was a wonderful feeling. The entire pool was frothing with bubbles and cum. Mat turned me around an pressed our pecs together as he kissed me deep and long.

"If you think this gets you out of our time tonight, think again." He said smiling.

I looked around and saw the guys helping each other stand. I was feeling a bit woozy myself. Mat and I were leaning on each other for support. That was when I noticed...Where was Georgio?

"Mat, where's Georgio? He was right next to us and now I don't see him."

"I have no idea babe."

Troy got out and adjusted the pool controls and we could feel the water swirling quickly around us. It was being completely refreshed and became clear. He must have been the first to look down into the water and I felt a huge splash as he dove into the water and heard in my head a general call for help.

I looked down, and there at the bottom of the pool was Georgio with Troy already there pulling him toward the surface. Mat and I went to help Troy lift Georgio out of the pool. While he wasn't too heavy, he was completely limp and it was awkward to handle him. As soon as we got him out and laid him on the patio, Troy and Mat started CPR. It only took a few presses and one breath from Troy and Georgio groaned. He coughed up some water, but then did something none of us expected. He smiled.

That was when we saw him start to change. His skin darkened to a more medium brown, like a dark tan gone on too long. Instead of looking sun damaged, his skin was vibrant, smooth and healthy. He did not gain size but his muscle refined to appear much more like the thick powerhouse that was Troy.

Mat had been doing the chest compressions and when he took his hand away it was covered in wet hair. All of Georgio's chest hair was falling out. Not only that but I reached down and rubbed gently along his thigh and all the hair just pushed away.

Georgio just moaned and his cock stretched to full hard in seconds, then it swelled larger and he shot a stream of cum into the bushes. I don't know what possessed me at that moment, but I covered his cock with my mouth and drank. I must have sucked down gallons of his cum. It tasted and felt wonderful, sweet cream and warm contentment. I was content and full for the first time since my transformation.

Georgio sat up and started brushing the hair from his body. He looked at me and smiled and dove into the water. When he emerged there was not a single hair on his body below his neck. He was shining as the water cascaded off of his incredibly muscled body. His golden eyes were shining in the sunlight. He ran his hands down over his giant pecs and over the bricks of his abs. He appeared more ripped than ever.

"Now this is more like it." He smiled even brighter. •

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