Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

I could feel myself being drawn to Georgio. Maybe it was that he was younger, maybe he hadn't showered this morning, but I didn't want to attack him. I didn't want it to be like Dom. I wanted.. no .. I needed to get away.

'Mat, it's happening again. I can smell Georgio and I don't want to lose control like I did with Dom. I've got to get away.'

'I understand, Babe, just keep it under control until I tell them that you are you. Then you can run ahead to the house.'

"Geno, Georgio, you remember Sean?" Mat asked them.

They took one look at my giant naked body and I could feel their lust. I remembered what Geoff told us about how we put of strong pheromones and I could see their cocks pressing against their pants. I had to lighten the mood.

"Ah, Mr-ah, Geno and Mr-ah, Georgio, I'm-ah so-ah happy-ah you-ah decided-ah to-ah join-ah us-ah." I tried to use the same fake accent that Mat and I had used when we went to their restaurant. It broke them out of their reverie with a laugh. "I'm sorry to have to say 'hello' and leave you so soon, but I've got to get back to the house and get some things ready. I'll meet you there soon."

I thought to Mat, 'I'm going to run babe, I think it will take you at least an hour to walk to the house at normal pace. Take your time, I've got to talk to my brother.'

'Ok, Babe, see you there.' He reached over grabbed my face and kissed me. I could again feel Georgio's lust. Damn, the boy was hot and horny. I had to get away or I was going to rape him where he stood. I turned to them, waved and took off at top speed for the house.

Running through the forest, I could feel its calm reach into me. As I got to the path to Ady and Hao's house, I thought about turning off and seeing if Ady could help me keep under control. As soon as the thought when through my mind, Ady was running by my side.

'Sean, I will go with you to the main house. You can calm yourself, I will show you.' Ady thought to me, and I already felt comforted just having him next to me.

'Thank you, Ady, I don't know what's wrong with me. I've never felt so not in control.' I was willing to try anything not to go out of control again.

We arrived on the patio and I stopped. Ady stopped right next to me.

"Sean, let us step into the water and you must calm yourself. There is nothing wrong with you." Ady led me to one of the swimming pools. We stepped down the stairs into the cool water.

I saw Ady had also changed from the previous night's party. If anything, he looked younger and bigger. His skin was so perfectly smooth. His muscle was powerful, yet lean. He was very ripped and as I watched his ass descend into the water. All I could think about was lifting him up and sucking that ass into my mouth. It was perfect and round, so thick and smooth. His narrow waist swept up to enormous shoulders and every muscle in between was etched into deep relief. Every motion was magic. Muscles flexed and hardened with every graceful step. His hair flowed like black silk in the breeze and as it entered the water it swirled around him.

When the water reached our shoulders, I found I could again concentrate on something other than sex. I found the water clear and clean. There was no chlorine smell. I lowered my face to the water and took a good sniff. It was like the lake, clear and pure.

Ady smiled. "It was my recommendation that we change the filtration to a more natural method. The waters now filter through natural sand and stone and are constantly being replenished from the mountain springs. It is much healthier than putting our bodies in all those chemicals."

"I already feel better. Why is it that I cannot control myself?"

"My dear brother, you are simply not meant to control yourself." He seemed completely relaxed as we stood there almost up to our necks in the cool water.

"I know you are confused. I will try to explain it to you." Ady was so calm and all I could think of was that I was turning into someone that I didn't want to be. I had even been with Yuri without Mat, and hadn't even given it a thought. I was even lusting after the only man that could help me. I was not feeling like it was my shining hour.

"Sean, you have not had time to adjust to your new abilities. You are very young. Still forming both your physical self and your new mental abilities. You have also been introduced to your connection with the world around you. It is a very strong link you have with the natural world and you have not yet learned to control it, so it is controlling you. Your body is now built to build others. Geoff and Rob are the same, but they had the advantage of not being as connected to the world around them as you are. When you are in the presence of other men, they are drawn to you quite strongly. But, you are also drawn to them. You sense their desire for you both through their minds and through their scent. You can control these feelings if you take control of your mind. You must also remember that your brother and Rob have had years, that you have not, to both grow more mature and to become accustomed to their abilities. I must show you how to embrace control when you wish and to release the control when you wish."

I was trying to let it all soak in, but my brain was swimming as much as my body. "I will try, but I must get control of myself quickly. Before Mat and his friends get to the house. Mat means more to me than this body or the abilities ever will, I must be able to stand at his side and help his friends."

"Come closer Sean. I will do the best I can."

I moved closer to him and he reached out and put his right hand on my chest. I felt him actually moan in my mind. He knew I felt it and looked quite surprised.

"I'm sorry, my brother. I am not controlling myself very well. To merely touch you is a sensual experience. All this you can control. You are as powerful as your brother. I want you to look into my eyes and to put your hand over my heart. When I touch your forehead, then touch mine and we will be as connected as we can be."

I touched him and felt his warm skin and the hardness of the muscle underneath. I could feel the strands of muscle in his pecs. Feeling his heart beat caused something I didn't expect. Deep relaxation. He moved his left hand and touched my head at the temple. I reached up at and touched the same point on his head and I felt his mind open to me.

We were once again in the forest, but this time it seemed as if we were floating along the tree tops. Soaring through the air. I was calm, relaxed and at peace. I could feel Ady pressing closer to me and it was like our minds were mixing. I could feel his strength, his knowledge of each tree we soared over. His years living alone in the forest. His meditation with all elements of nature. I even had a glimpse of his first meeting with Hao, but it was just a glimpse. Ady directed me to his memories of meditation and his complete control. I was experiencing a lifetime of his knowledge of the physical and metaphysical. His ability to feel the spirit of other men.

My mind was floating in knowledge as we floated through the trees. We landed in a field that was filled with wild flowers. The long grass under our feet was soft and moist. It was like springtime in the mountains. Calm, peaceful and totally beautiful.

'Sean, this is your peaceful place. It is not from my memory, but from your imagination. Now that you have seen how to control yourself, do you feel you can do it?'

'I feel wonderful but it may take some time for my mind to understand all you have shown me. I can feel what you want me to understand, but I'm concerned that under physical stimulation I might still lose control.'

I heard him laugh full out a rolling belly laugh. 'Oh, my very young friend. Before you can ever fully control your sexual self, you must release yourself completely. If you are under physical stimulation, you could control yourself when that is appropriate, but you must also release yourself when that release is also appropriate. You have yet to truly release yourself completely to the man you love. Why?'

It was a simple question, but I wasn't sure I could share the answer. I thought for a moment and I found myself no longer in the field. We were standing in the loft of the barn and we were watching a child cry. I knew immediately that the child was me. Ten years ago. The first morning that I woke up alone in that loft. I knew immediately why I had not given myself completely to Mat. I was afraid he would leave alone. Just like Geoff left me alone. I knew Geoff loved me, but he left me alone. I knew Mat said he loved me, but was afraid he would leave me too.

We were transported to Jake's office the night Mat and I arrived in the compound. We stood near the window and watched as Geoff cradled a very unconscious me in his arms. I could hear him humming a lullaby that I remembered from when were were children. He turned toward us and I saw how small I seemed in his arms, how fragile. Yet he was being gentle and tears were running down his face. I could feel his spirit shining like a beacon. His love for me was unquestionable.

My thoughts swirled in my mind again and I saw my first night with Mat on the floor of my tiny apartment and felt the safety that I knew in his arms as I drifted off to sleep. His spirit was a golden glow that surrounded and protected me. I saw how he only pretended to sleep, breathing deeply, as the me on his chest drifted off to sleep. I saw him stroke my hair and press a kiss to my head.

There was another rush and I felt the water swirling around me. I opened my eyes to see Ady smiling at me with his eyes closed. His face showed such peace. Then he opened his eyes and they looked like those of a wolf. "You, my friend, have learned well."

I didn't feel like anything I had seen had really sunk in, except for the reason that I had not given myself to Mat. If the sex we had so far had not been giving myself to him fully, then it was going to be an experience like no other.

"I asked you a simple, one word, question and you took our spirits through time to find your answer. You already knew the answer but you had not accepted it fully. Now you can move forward. You can use the same ability to reign in your power and control your urges. All you have to do is feel what you felt in that field of flowers. Take not just your mind there, but your spirit, and you can control yourself."

I don't remember when we had broken contact but we were no longer touching one another. I still felt connected to Ady and told him so.

"Of course we are connected. You are my brother. We are kindred and children of the earth. You will find your connection with the others will grow stronger. I will leave you now to wait for Mat and his friends. They will be here in about an hour. And before you ask, we've only been in the water for five minutes."

He smiled and walked out of the pool. I floated there watching him walk away. He was still an incredibly beautiful and sensual man. His ass was just as inviting, but I didn't feel drawn to him as I was before. He dried himself with one of those big fluffy towels. He smiled back at me watching him.

'Oh my young friend, don't you worry. I want you to unleash yourself on this ass just as much as you want it, but that will be another day.' he thought to me, still smiling. Then he was a blur, running back to his mountain.

I floated there in the pool for a few more minutes. The warmth of the sunlight and the coolness of the water felt comforting. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the quiet. I wished I was floating in the lake. Somehow the pool seemed not quite as natural.

'Brother, you keep getting more beautiful every day. I may just have to suck that gorgeous cock of yours more often if it keeps standing up so tall and proud in middle of the pool.'

Geoff laughed as I opened my eyes and moved too quickly and floundered around until I realized that I had floated into the very deep end and could not stand. I swam toward the stairs and stepped out of the water. Geoff stood there and wrapped a towel around my shoulders from behind, but didn't unwrap his arms.

"Have I told you today that I love having you here Sean? I love you bro." He pulled the hug tighter and kissed the back of my neck.

"No more than I love being here with you back in my life Geoff. We have allot to talk about but I think Mat, Geno and Georgio will be here soon."

"Don't worry, we are ready for them down in the party room and the house has been mostly cleared to allow you to all the time you need. I just wanted to make sure that you wanted to be the one to enhance them? Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, I'm sure. Ady helped me with my control, so I won't be attacking them like I did with Dom, and I really want to be the one to help Mat's friends become part of our family."

"You got it bro. Hao would like to get some blood samples from them before you give them the juice. He will join you as soon as you call him. He is waiting in Jake's office. I'm sure Geno and Georgio will be tired from their long walk and there are drinks and some snacks on the bar in the party room. I'll be with Jake up in our room if you need me. If all goes well, there will be a nice dinner for everyone in the dining room and I'm sure that our newcomers will be made welcome."

"Thanks bro, I can't tell you what this will mean to Mat."

He finished helping me dry and then went into the house. I put the towel in the bin and went into the kitchen to see if I could scare up a snack. I was feeling more than a little hungry.

The doors to the kitchen were closed. When I opened them and walked in Nick was there cooking up a storm. I swear there was enough food on the stove and around the kitchen to feed a small army.

"Hi buddy, getting hungry already? Lunch won't be for another hour at least. We're going to wait until your friends are down in the party room before we start."

"I was just looking for a snack. It has been an eventful morning. Is all this really just for lunch?"

Nick laughed that wonderful thunderous jolly laugh, "No, my friend, this is the beginnings of dinner. Lunch today will be very light unless guys want leftovers from last night's feast. They can get those at the lake house. Here there are salads, soup and some sandwiches already in the dining room. Go through and help yourself."

"Thanks buddy, I really don't know what I'd do without you. I'm always so hungry and I can't even burn water." I went through and fixed a plate of sandwiches and snacks and went back to sit in the kitchen with Nick.

This received another deep chuckle. "You never have to worry about starving while I'm around. But I understand that your friends have a restaurant in town. I will certainly look forward to some more help around here."

"Oh, Geno is an incredible chef. I don't know about his son, Georgio, but I've never tasted better Italian food than Geno's. And, I know it will sound weird, but you have to get him to make you one of his cherry cokes. It is the best drink I've ever tasted."

"With such a ringing endorsement, they will be welcome in my kitchen anytime. How soon will they be getting here anyway? We have to make sure that everyone is out of the way." Nick asked.

I stretched my mind to the forest path and saw them coming. Mat was talking a mile a minute as he guided Geno with one hand on his shoulder. Mat was still dressed and his painted on jeans looked about to burst. Georgio was trailing behind them, but that appeared to be on purpose. He was completely hard and had a huge wet spot on the front of his shorts. He was practically drooling watching Mat walk. I could more than understand his fascination.

"They should be here in about five minutes." I told Nick.

"Ok. You better get out to the patio to greet them and I'll get things closed up and make sure everyone knows what is going on." He smiled at me and walked over and gave me a friendly hug. "Everything is going to go great, buddy, you'll do good. Now get going before I have to throw you down on the floor and jump that very fine ass of yours." He laughed full and hard as he slapped said ass and walked into the dining room.

I put my empty plate in the sink and went back out to the patio. Mat was just coming into view with his charges and I let him know I was waiting for them.

'Everything Ok Babe? You seem much happier.'

'Everything is the best Mat. Ady helped me with the control. I'll be Ok now.' I told him as he walked up to me.

He walked straight up to me and kissed me. It was unexpected and it was wonderful. 'When these two are properly welcomed, you and I are going to be spending some quality time together,' I told him and showed him a bit of what I had learned. Heard a small rip and looked down. The bulge of his cock down the left leg of his jeans was splitting the seam. 'We better get moving or these two are going to get a show right here on the patio.'

"Hi guys and welcome again. Come on in the house and we'll go downstairs where we can talk privately and we have some snacks prepared," I told them.

Georgio's eyes were glued to my cock. I put my hand on his shoulder. "Come on buddy, let's get out of the sun. You look a bit overheated." Geno laughed outright and Georgio just looked up at my face. I smiled at him and I felt him jerk. The damp spot on his pants grew and I knew he had just cum in his pants. This boy was going to be fun.

On the way to the party room as we passed the kitchen Geno says, "Something smells wonderful."

"Our friend Nick is working on a special dinner to welcome you to our family. He is a wonderful cook and is looking forward to having more help once you get settled Mr. Geno." I remarked.

"From what I understand from Mat, I'll soon be getting quite intimate with your mighty johnson, so I think you can just call me Geno." Gone was most of the accent and his eyes were completely calm and sincere. He was certainly horny, but controlling himself much better than his son.

We went down to the party room and there was quite a spread on the bar. We each got something to eat and sat around a large table. Geno and Georgio sat on stools to be high enough to comfortably reach the table top. We talked about what was going to happen. I wanted it to be similar to how I had been changed.

"Ok, guys, before we get started with this, one of our doctors wants to get some blood samples. His name is Hao and he'll be here in a few minutes." I told them.

I thought to Hao and he came down the stairs only seconds later. I saw Geno give the giant Chinese man more than a casual look. Hao was greatly changed from last night's activities. His cock was the recipient of incredible thickness. He had gained at least 100 pounds of muscle, mostly distributed in his chest and thighs. The most dramatic change was that his skin had deepened from its normal dark cream color to a rich tan. He was fairly glowing and his every movement was grace. When he opened his mouth to talk, Geno moaned.

"Gentlemen. Welcome. I am Hao. If I have your permission, I would like to gather a few samples from you and talk with you a moment about the process." Both were under Hao's spell. His voice was deep and melodic. They both nodded and Hao moved calmly between them taking blood, hair, skin and mouth scraping samples. "Thank you gentlemen. I have one more favor to ask of you. It would be very helpful if we could get a blood sample after your transformation. This is normally made extremely difficult because your skin will become nearly impenetrable. I would like to insert a sample needle before your transformation, so we can get a good sample afterward. Would you be agreeable?"

They were both still spellbound by his voice. Geno found his voice first, "Uh, Sure. I don't have a problem with that. How about you son?" Georgio just looked at his dad, "I'm still trying to tell if this is all real or some unbelievable dream. Doc, you can do whatever you'd like to do." He was smiling and drinking in Hao's smooth hard and graceful body.

"Ok guys, now I have to ask an unusual question. Which hand do you use normally to masturbate with? It may seem an odd question, but I want to make sure and put the sample needle, in the opposite arm." I think they were both red as beets with embarrassment. They told him and he installed the needles in the opposite arms and fastened them with a small amount of tape.

"I'll be upstairs," he told us, "just call me when you have finished and I'll come get the samples and remove them. Thank you gentlemen." Hao simply turned with his kit and climbed the stairs. Georgio's eyes were glued to his beautiful sculpted rippling ass.

"Ok, my friends," Mat started, "this is the last chance to back out. I know you have both said many times, this morning, that you want this, but if you decide right now that you can't do it, then we'll understand and find a way to get you back to the restaurant. You may not remember us at all, but you could go on with your lives...."

"Mat, just stop." Geno interrupted, "I admit that I was hesitant when I first saw you this morning. I thought maybe I was having a stroke or something, but from the first day we met, I knew I could trust you. I know by the way Georgio is drooling over here, that he wants it even more than I do, but I want to go first. If, that is Ok with you son?"

"Ah, sure, dad, I don't have a problem with that. But, ah, Sean, uh, can I ask you something first?"

This gorgeous Italian stud was tongue tied talking to me. "Of course you can ask anything Georgio."

"An, well, I know I wasn't very nice to you at the restaurant. Now you are so incredible and you are willing to share that with me. I was just wondering... why?"

"I'm glad you asked an easy question. Georgio there are at least two reasons. 1. You and your dad are Mat's friends. He wants you here. I love him. So I would do anything for him. 2. I believe that you and your father are good people, I could feel that even though you were not very nice. I want you both to join us here and I hope we can be good friends." I smiled at him. I thought for a second that he was going cum in his pants again.

"Thanks, man. I honestly don't know if I'd be as nice as you. Could I ask one more favor?"

"Yes, Georgio."

"Could I touch you? I just want to make sure you are real."

I smiled. "Come here Georgio." He tentatively got down off of his stool and walked over and stood next to where I was sitting. I reached down and picked him up and sat him on my right thigh. He was more than a bit surprised at my move. I just kept smiling. I took one of his small hands in mine and put it on my chest.

He soon had both hands on my chest. "Oh my god, you are incredible." I flexed and rolled my pecs and his body shuttered. I pulled both arms up into a double bi and his hands moved to my biceps. His hands traced the veins on my arms. He moved his mouth toward my hairy pit and I kissed him on the forehead. I could feel his strong desire. Now, under control, I just wanted to please him. "If we get started now, you can have a set of these for yourself before the sun sets."

He looked up at me and just nodded, almost as if he were in a trance.. I set him back down on the floor and he returned to his seat.

Mat and I explained what was going to happen. He was going to help me get off, and Georgio was to help Geno drink as much of my cum as possible. Then he was to help his dad to drink as much of the protein supplements as he could. After Geno recovered, we would start the same process with Georgio and Geno would help him. Georgio was concerned that he would not get as much as his dad. Mat just laughed and told him that he really didn't know me. Then he leaned over to me and kissed me.

We all stood up from the table and I told Geno that he should probably get undressed. I didn't have to tell Georgio, he was undressed even quicker than his dad. He really was a beautiful man. He was almost 6' tall with short spiky black hair. Probably close to 180 lbs. of nicely distributed muscle. He had a hairy chest and a treasure trail that ran down over his firm stomach to a very hairy crotch. He had a very hard and wet 8" uncut cock that was, by anyone's judgment, very sexy. His legs were coated with the same black hair all the way to his ankles. His thighs and ass definitely showed the results of his daily runs. His skin looked like someone had mixed cream and olives. Enough of the latter to see the Italian influence.

Geno was all Italian. His olive complexion showed his evident Mediterranean heritage. He was a stocky bear. Ok, he was well past his prime and kind of soft, but he had nearly the same hair patterns as his son. He was also shorter at only about 5'7" tall. It was also easy to see where Georgio got his sexy cock because daddy had one almost identical. Just a bit thicker.

Mat returned from behind the bar with a case of the supplements and we were ready. What they hadn't noticed was that Mat had taken the opportunity to shed his clothing. I heard Georgio gasp and Geno's eyes were locked on my lover.

Mat set down the case and every muscle in his giant body flexed. He was magnificent and I could tell that neither of them had seen his tattoo before. Geno was hard as a rock and Georgio was completely speechless. He didn't say a word or look up at all. He simply walked up to Mat and lightly ran his fingers over the lines tracing Mat's massive quads. His fingers traveled right up to Mat's glutes and I saw him shoot and jerk again. He was breathing heavy. Mat's right shin had a nice coating of cum.

"Oh, God. I'm sorry. I couldn't.... I didn't... No.." Georgio was extremely embarrassed.

I walked over and put my hands on his shoulders and turned him around. "Buddy, it is Ok. Don't freak out about it." I looked up into Mat's eyes and said, "He has exactly the same effect on me."

"Now, let's get your dad ready for growing." I told him.

I handed one of the bottles of supplements to Geno and told him to drink it. He did, but didn't much like the tastes. "I'm going to have to work on that. You really drink these all day long?"

I just laughed, but also knew we'd have some better tasting protein drinks soon.

Georgio moved behind his father who stood in front him me. My cock was almost half hard and bigger than his arm. At his height, it was bobbing directly in front of his face. Mat moved around behind me and wrapped his arms around me. I knew it was time to get started. I sent a quick mental note through the house letting whoever was here know that we were starting.

As soon as Mat began to run his hands through the fur on my chest my cock started to rise higher. I tried to calm Georgio with my mind because he was definitely getting over heated. Geno was watching my cock swing in front of his face and he was drawn to it. I let him be drawn. I wanted him to have what he desired. I could feel Mat getting harder behind me and soon his cock was pressing between my legs, actually lifting my nuts higher. It was like a hot poker pressing harder like he was trying to lift me up. He pressed his pecs into my back and pulled me back tight to him. Mat reached down and grasped the base of my cock and ground it down into his own.

'You are theirs today, lover, but tonight you are mine. Tonight you are going to fuck me like you never thought possible. You are going to release the beast. Grrrrrrr.'

I was now fully hard and dripping. Geno actually moved in and started licking the head of my cock. I wanted him to do more. Mat was stroking my huge shaft with just one of his hands, but Geno was working the head with both hands and his tongue. Mat pulled his cock out from between my legs and I thought he would impale me. I wanted him in me. But he only pressed his cock and melon sized balls against my ass. He pressed and rubbed and then moved his hand down to my balls and he squeezed as if he were milking the cum out of them. Geno was now stroking my shaft and pressing his tongue into my slit. I was breathing heavy and it wouldn't take much longer. We had told Georgio what to do at this point and he was rubbing his dad's shoulders and was ready.

Mat reached around my chest again and twisted both of my nipples and I shot. Georgio pressed his dad's mouth against my cock and Geno began drinking. I could feel him almost nursing on my cock. I wanted so much for this to be good. He drank and drank and finally fell down and was covered in my cum. His already rotund belly was stretched full. Georgio listened to what we told him and didn't jump on the last spurts from my cock. Instead, Mat turned me around and kissed me, deep hard and hot.

'Thank you, babe. I love you, ya know?' Mat was purring with his mind.

'I know beautiful. I love you too.' I reached down and grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times.

'Babe, don't.' He grabbed my wrist and pulled it away. 'I want to fuck you to get Georgio's load. If you keep that up, I'll blow right now.'

'Ok, Matt, but I'm holding you to that fucking. I want your cock inside me as soon as possible.'

We looked down and Geno was already changing. This was like Dom's change. He showed no pain only pure pleasure and his cock was already at least 10" long and swollen. He was stroking his cock with both hands. Mat moved to his side to hold the arm still with the needle still embedded. His gut was noticeably smaller. He was breathing heavy, his eyes were closed and Georgio was hold a bottle of the supplements at his mouth, ready for the hunger to hit. I grabbed a towel from behind the bar and started to wipe up the excess cum. The second I touched Geno he moaned and started shooting a load all over Georgio. Geno grabbed the bottle and sucked it down. His transformation was accelerating. Really filling out now, he looked like a wrestler and was maybe 7' tall. He drank bottle after bottle of the supplements and with each one his body grew and refined. He looked astonishingly younger and younger. By the time he reached 10' tall, he looked no older than his son leaning over him. He was still sucking down supplements and was far from done growing. He didn't get taller than about 10'6", but he grew huge. His muscles started filling with beef. His arms were heavy with strength and his chest heaved with its thick power. His beautiful cock had grown to nearly 3' in length and was fireplug thick.

"Nice," was all Georgio said, but his eyes were now glued to the stud that was his father.

Geno tightened and hardened. The hair flowed around his face in long black curls and when he finally opened his eyes they were a deep blue-green that looked like the ocean. He had a perfect Roman nose and broad handsome jaw. The pattern of his body hair had changed dramatically. It was as if he was shaved on his shoulders and back, but his crotch fur was so thick you couldn't see any skin with the exception of his bull sized balls and super thick cock. He was still stroking that cock for all he was worth.

"HOLY FUCK! SON OF A BITCH! IL MIO DIO FUCKING FUCK!" Geno yelled in his new deep growling voice. His cock looked like it was about to explode if he didn't cum. His balls were swollen to the size of melons. His hips started jerking hard and he shot. Cum fired more than 20' to the nearest wall. It hit so hard I wondered if the plaster chipped. He covered the wall and everything in between with cum. It was white and thick, and it coated his son as though he had been dipped in white paint. The tide finally slowed and stopped. Geno was ripped and tanned like he had spent his entire life in the Mediterranean sun. I noticed that even covered in cum, Georgio shot again. He was one horny man. What was he going to be like enhanced?

We helped Geno stand up and Georgio just stared. "Oh my God, Papa, Siete bei (you are beautiful)." He never lost his hard on as he watched his father stand in front of the mirrors and flex. Geno was a true Italian stallion. I would bet there were several guys here that would want his gorgeous cock and his furry ass.

"Grazie il mio ragazzo del handsom (Thank you my handsome boy)." Geno grabbed his cum covered son up in his new huge arms and he kissed him. First on each cheek, then firmly on his mouth. Georgio was obviously surprised, but not unhappy about it.

"Let's get you cleaned up and then it will be your turn." Geno wrapped Georgio in a towel. •

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