Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

Mat made love to me that morning in the shower, on the floor, in our bed. He said I was a fucking machine, but I couldn't get enough of him. He kept telling me how beautiful I was, how big, but would barely let me up for air. If it hadn't been that we had Geno and Georgio coming in a little more than an hour, I don't think anyone would have seen us for days. As it was we took longer than we should in the shower. There was also a hunger building because we had no supplements left in our room as we had failed to refill the supply.

When we went down to the kitchen a very tired looking Nick stood there cooking eggs at the stove. This, however, was a very different Nick than I'd seen at the cookout the night before. Nick was at least 6" taller bringing him up to about 11'6" and he was much broader in the shoulders and chest and much more narrow in the waist and hips. He was still a dark furry bear, but the bear had more shape and a much more powerful look. His thick cock was longer, thicker and more beautiful than ever. If he was any indication, each of the men would be different and possibly much improved.

When he saw us his face lit up, "Good morning guys," he said enthusiastically and gathered each of us up in a big hug. "Are you hungry? Of course you are. Don't you worry, we'll take good care of you." I thought "We?"

Just then Dominick came into the kitchen from the dining room. All I could think was, 'damn' these two are definitely brothers. Dom was now just as huge as Nick and just as beautiful. His dark blond fur covered his body in almost the same patterns as Nick's black fur. His body was similarly proportioned and his cock was just slightly thicker. "Hi guys, how are you feeling this morning?" he asked smiling from ear to ear. He too wrapped us each up in a tight hug.

"We feel as good as you look Dom," I replied. "Is everyone back from the party? Or are at least some sleeping in?"

Nick answered, "Most of the guys are crashed at the lake house or at their own homes. A few stayed to clean up the party and, Alex and Thad drew the task of cleaning up the leather room." That was said with more than a little grin. "Your brother and Jake said to call them as soon as you two came down and Geoff will be here shortly. About half of breakfast is ready, so just go on through and enjoy."

Mat and I when through to the dining room and we were the only two there. The buffet was laid with its normal fare and we both loaded up. Dom brought through two huge mugs of some smoothie concoction of Nick's. It was a combination of berries and yogurt. I could tell there was a hefty helping of nutritional supplements and I immediately felt better after finishing it.

Dom just chuckled, "Nick claims that is his patented after party recovery drink. I don't know all what he puts in it, but it certainly does the trick."

"You got that right." Mat stated already finished with his and he slapped Dom on his ass. "How about another?"

"Sure buddy, you bet." He grabbed our mugs and headed for the kitchen. We could hear Nick laughing as soon as Dom arrived in the kitchen with our mugs. He came through the doors with a serving pan filled with scrambled eggs. He didn't even ask, he just added huge portions to our plates.

"I know you need to reload after last night. I'll get you a couple of smoothies when I get back to the kitchen." He sat down across the table from us. He seemed even more jovial than Nick normally was, "I know it doesn't really make any sense to thank you for all you have done since you've both arrived, but I want to anyway. Before you arrived, things were great, but they were getting to be routine. I just want you to know that you have literally fucked some life back into this place and I for one, am very thankful. I feel more alive and I look exactly like I wanted." He stood up and started back toward the kitchen, "Alex has been trying to help me tighten up my waist and square up my glutes for two years, but you did it in one night." He flexed his glutes and looked over his shoulder to smiled at us.

In between chowing down Mat said, "Sean, do you think everyone had as much of a change as Nick and Dom? Nick is definitely bigger and more proportioned and I swear, Dom looks like a carbon copy of him, except for the hair color."

"I know, it is nice but kind of freaky. We are barely even getting introduced to all of these guys, and now they're different. It will be fun to see just how much everyone has changed."

As if on cue, Geoff stepped through the door. Mat's jaw dropped open and I dropped my glass. He was, in a word, unbelievable. He had grown taller, yes, now he was almost 13' tall. His muscle had also increased by at least 100 lbs. But it wasn't the addition of the muscle that was the stunning part. His eyes fairly glowed with their blue brilliance. His face was even more perfect. Broad jawline, deep cleft in his chin. He had a short beard that had not been there last night. Even his hair seemed to shine more. His shoulders were more than 5' across and the arms that hung from those shoulders looked to be more than 40" around relaxed, his forearms were not any less impressive. They were cabled and larger than some men's legs. You could actually see the striations in his triceps from the front. His chest was a square set of shelves that looked more than a foot thick. He had to be more than 6' around. My bro's chest was bigger around than most men are tall. The sweep to his waist was dramatic. It started with a near T at his thick lats but his waist could be no more than 38". His abs were so covered in hair that until he flexed them you didn't realize that he had a 12 pack of rippling steel. The legs had to be bigger than most bodybuilder's chests, but built of cables as thick as a normal man's arm. His calves were no less impressive than his arms. Separated, cut diamonds nearly as big as his waist. And he was ripped. Standing there, in that split second, I could see no sign of fat. His skin was thin and bronze and his slightest movement caused sinew and muscle fibers to move under his skin. It was mesmerizing. As well as this enhanced body, my brother had a cock that could bring tears to your eyes. Veins covered the full length with a head perfectly helmet shaped and thicker than the rest of the shaft. That shaft was easily 3'6" long completely flaccid and it had to be nearly a one foot across.

I took all this in in a flash, but I realized I was getting hard fast. My cock slapped the underside of the table and I heard Mat's do the same. Our plates jumped and rattled. Geoff laughed.

"See something you like little bro?" he asked. Then he flexed his arms. His arms and shoulders looked like four mountain ranges with giant peaks and valleys. His biceps had so many cuts and veins that it looked like the peaks had peaks. The veins that surfaced on his forearms made me wonder if there were any left below the surface. His lats spread to look like wings and I found myself feeling a desire to get up and lick his pits. The outer edges of his pecs showed deep cuts and the valley between his pecs was shadowed it was so deep. The table lifted off the floor.

"Damn, Geoff, you look incredible. How fucking big are you?" I asked.

"I'm really not all that much bigger, but it certainly has redistributed nicely. You should see some of the other's. Jake is as big as us and watch out for Yuri. He was so happy he wanted to come find you last night, but we persuaded him to leave you and Mat alone." He stated.

I was stunned. Wait a sec, he said 'big as us'. I wasn't nearly as big as he looked and I told him so.

"Bro, haven't you looked in a mirror this morning? Mat, didn't you tell him how fucking gorgeous he is? Fuck, come on you two." He grabbed us and pushed us toward the basement party room. He stood us in the middle of the room and then turned on the lights. Then he moved over to stand between Mat and I.

I was stunned. I was just as tall as Geoff. I wasn't quite as broad, but I was just as thick chested, just as well furred, just as ripped, just as gorgeous. My cock was moving to full hard and slightly smaller than my bro's. It was only 3'6" hard and probably 10" across the head. I flexed and was stunned by just how hard I looked. I pressed my hand into my chest. It was like touching warm stone.

When I looked over at Mat, my cock was dripping. He was hard as well and nearly as big as Geoff and I were. I always wanted him to be my big man. His legs looked thicker than even Geoff's. His tattoo was amazing. It may have been more stretched, than the original artist envisioned, but it traced and swept around his quads and glutes like an ink wrapped statue. But this statue was living, breathing, huge, hard and ripped. His waist was narrow, probably only 34" and the lower two rows of his 8 pack were still tattooed, but his pecs were huge thick pillows of steel strong muscle. His shoulders were actually broader than my own and those arms. How could I have not noticed the change in his arms. I'll bet his hands were now as big as Brad's paws. I'd heard forearms described as bowling pins or big as hams, but there was never a pig as big as my island god. He was flexing his biceps and shoulders. So huge, so peaked. Veins snaking everywhere, writhing under his skin and pumping with blood. I was going to lose it just looking at him. The grin on his face told me how he liked the changes.

Mat moved to a most muscular and the bulges erupted the same time I did. Without touching myself, without anyone touching me at all, I shot stream after stream of cum all over the mirror. They both looked at me and Mat's grin got even larger. I heard in my head, 'I love you too babe. Now do you see why I didn't want to let you alone. You are so incredible.'

"Everyone has changed. Everyone is incredible. The men are all pleased and Hao has a theory that we somehow got what we wanted." Geoff explained.

"How do you mean? 'We got what we wanted?' " Mat asked.

"Well, Hao would have to explain it, but sometimes when you look in a mirror, don't you think... 'If I could just change this...?', well Hao thinks that we got what we were wishing for. Alex got a hairy body, I got stronger and harder, Jake got to be as big as I am, Dom got to be just like his big brother. It really makes sense in a way. I haven't seen everyone or asked what they all wanted, but that's what Hao thinks. There has also been at least one other enhancement, we can now see in the dark, a kind of night vision."

Mat and I looked at each other. "Geoff, I need to tell you that Mat and I had night vision the first night. We noticed it after our night at the aerie. We just thought it was something that everyone else had as well." I told him.

The look on Geoff's face was priceless. For once he was really surprised. "Bro, all I can say is that after we see to your potential recruits, we'll need to spend some time with Hao and Ben. There may be other talents that we haven't discovered yet."

"For now, let's get ready and get over to the warehouse. It's about time for you, Mat, to meet with your guests. You better go up and get something to wear." Geoff told him.

"What do you mean? If I see them this size, even with clothes on, they are going to freak out." Mat said.

"Well, at first you are going to only 'meet' them on a video feed. They won't be able to see your size. Then, if they are agreeable, you can see them in person. It will be less shocking if you have clothes on. There should be something in your closet that will fit. Most things there will stretch even to your new size." Geoff smiled at Mat.

Mat headed up stairs and Geoff and I went to wait on the patio.

"Don't you think I should have clothes too? I have met them before." I asked Geoff.

"Sean, remember what you looked like in that mirror downstairs. Did you look anything like that before you came here? Mat looks bigger, yes, but he was always muscular and they will expect him to look like that. On the video, he won't appear very different from his previous look, but you will."

"I just want to help if I can. These people, especially Geno, are like family to Mat."

"Don't worry bro, if there is a way for you to help. I'm sure you will." Geoff put his hand on my shoulder. Then he squeezed. "Damn, Sean, you are one hard stud."

I'm sure I blushed. I wasn't used to getting praise from anyone. "So, bro, where is that other half of your's this morning?" I asked. "I kind of expected him to be with you?"

"He's already over at the warehouse getting things set up. That reminds me, Yuri is with him working on setting up the video equipment. He will be looking for you. I don't know what he thinks you did for him, but he is really not his normal stoic distant self. He is usually gruff and firm, and well, very Russian. Now you would swear someone had flipped a switch. He's now so happy that I wouldn't be surprised if he waits at the warehouse to see you."

"Well, I'm very happy that he is happy. He seems like a great guy."

"To you he seems like a great guy, but to just about everyone, except Marco and Dan, he's usually pretty cold and kind of acts superior. Now, he's everyone's best buddy. It's just going to take some getting used to." Geoff explained.

"So, Yuri is a partner with both Dan and Marco?" I asked.

"Yes. They call themselves a 'trio'. I don't know all the dynamics, but I know up until last night, Yuri was the dominant one in that trio. The other two always deferred to him. It will be interesting to see if that changes."

Mat came out dressed in jeans, a sweatshirt, running shoes and sunglasses. "So, how do I look?"

"Babe, you look good enough to strip and fuck on the spot." He really did. The jeans were shrink wrapped around his thighs and ass. The sweatshirt may as well been painted on and the shades just made him look cool. Where they got shoes to fit his gigantic feet, I still didn't understand. I mean, there are no companies that make Nikes for feet two feet long.

"Mat, you look fine. I think we need to get moving. We are headed for the warehouse. You've been there, but I'm going to run ahead. Mat, you'll need to go at a slower pace because the clothes don't survive well at high speed. I'll see you guys there."

He was gone in a flash. Mat and I jogged toward the warehouse through the forest. As we passed around the mountain, I noticed the various paths leading to different parts of the property that I hadn't seen before. I also saw the path that led up the side of the mountain to Ady and Hao's home. I could almost feel him up there sleeping with Hao in his arms. I knew I would get to know that path well. Thinking of Ady, I turned my attention to the trees. It was now as if they were somehow greener, more alive, more beautiful.

'Yes, Sean, it is beautiful. Someday soon, I hope you can see my home. I don't know how we could do it, but I want you to see the nature, feel the spirit.' Mat thought to me.

'How did you know what I was thinking?'

'I didn't, but I could feel you opening yourself to the forest. But we'll have to talk about it later, we're here.'

We walked into the inner warehouse and found Geoff and Jake waiting.

"Good morning you two. How are you this morning?" Jake asked in greeting. His transformation was simply stunning. He was as big as Geoff in almost every way, but from his neck down he had no hair at all. His deep bronze skin was completely smooth and free of any blemish. His alabaster cock hung to at least 3'4" and was perfectly smooth, and was at 10" across. His musculature was amazing. Where Geoff and I were hairy and some of our deep cuts didn't show, Jake's were diamond hard. He had a 10 pack of abs that would have put any brick mason to shame. His pecs were each two feet across and so thick things could get lost in his cleavage. I thought that I wouldn't mind if my cock was one of the things being lost. Damn, I was turning into one horny bastard. Jake's legs looked like what he wished for was to have legs like my brothers. They matched his almost striation for striation and ridge for ridge. His hair was unusually loose from his braid and stretched to his waist. It looked like a lion's proud mane.

My reverie in Jakes changes were cut short by a huge blond blur that wrapped me up in his arms and spun me around. "Ah, Sean, my friend, you are here. I am so happy to see you and to be able to thank you. I have never been happier in all of my life and I owe it all to you. I so wanted to thank you last night, but you were gone by the time I recovered. You must allow me to thank you properly." Yuri was everywhere at once. I was getting aroused again and I saw Mat actually chuckle at my discomfort.

"Yuri, I don't know what you think I did, but what I did, I did for everyone. I've been told so many times since we arrived that we are all family here. Brothers. I only did what I would do for all of my brothers." I tried to calm him, but he would not let go of me. He kept me in a tight hug. And all of a sudden I was almost dizzy with emotion.

Yuri was letting me feel what he was feeling, what he felt as he recovered from last night's changing. It was as if a whole world of love opened in his mind. Dan and Marco were leaning over him, feeding him the supplement and he could feel their worry, their concern. Marco was praying that he would be alright. Yuri was feeling their love flowing over him. Then he showed me some other memories. Of how he was before. Never trusting, never belonging, always must be separate, cannot fail, must survive. Then I felt his heart open and sing. It was as if light had come on in a dark room for the first time.

'You see, my friend, my brother. I never knew love. I didn't get the head talking very good from my first changing. But when you changed me, all was open, all was set free. I could see that my lovers were not just with me because of how I looked or how I dominated them. They were with me because they cared for me and were concerned. This was something foreign to me. I only have known discipline and duty. Now I know there is so much more. Thank you, Thank you so much.'

He kissed me. It was long and deep, and so passion filled, I knew I was getting hard, but there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing I wanted to do about it. When he broke the kiss, he still held the bear hug. His pecs were tightly pressing into my own.

I noticed that Geoff and Mat were gone. Jake noticed me looking, 'They went into the room over there.' He pointed at a door. 'Geno and Georgio have arrived and are meeting with the warehouse manager and Mat is about to greet them by video conference.' Then he walked away into what appeared to be an office area.

Yuri was still squeezing against me and it was driving me mad. 'I want you, my friend. I want you to plow that beautiful hard cock up my ass. I want you to be the first to have me. I want you now.' Yuri was rock hard against me and kissed me with an incredible force. His face was stubbled and he thrust deep in my mouth. My mind was on overload. I knew I should be helping Mat, but Yuri was driving me crazy. He was feeding me lust with his mind. He broke from the kiss. "Let me show you pleasures I have never given anyone." He was almost growling and his voice was so deep with that thick Russian accent. I was succumbing to his desire.

My cock was leaking like a hose. I should have been feeling guilty about not helping Mat, but I was so turned on, my cock had other ideas. Yuri had pulled us into one of the storage rooms. There were cases and crates stacked high. He pulled two down and dropped to his knees in front of me. Yuri took my balls in his mouth and actually bit down on them one at a time. I thought my eyes would pop right out of my head.

I grabbed his head and tried to pull him away, but he grabbed onto my hips and pulled back licking and stroking my cock. My precum was now flowing. 'I must have you your hardest and your biggest, my friend. You will take my ass, yes?'

'Yuri, you've got me so hot right now, I might just fuck you into next week.'

I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him away from my cock. I was getting too close to the edge to leave him there. I picked him up and slammed him on top of one of the crates he had pulled down. I lifted his legs up and noticed how powerful he looked. This was a powerful man. I put his feet over my shoulders and then decided to drop down and give his balls the same treatment he had given mine. Damn he has big balls. They looked like swollen grapefruit in a long hairy sack. I took one in my mouth and the taste drove me on. He moaned as I clamped down with my teeth. I licked his balls and sucked his sack. I wanted to make this last, but his musk was driving me nuts. My mouth closed on my prize and I shoved my tongue into his ass.

He tasted wonderful, that distinctive taste of man that was Yuri. I licked deep then pressed a finger in and worked him hard. I thrust my tongue more. Then two fingers. Then more licking, more thrusting until I had four fingers in and was stroking his hot spot. He was writhing. "Oh, Sean, FUCK ME NOW!!," he growled and then broke into Russian and I had no idea what he was saying, but his intent was clear.

I looked down into his clear blue eyes and my look must have been intense because his eyes opened even wider. I pulled his legs back up to my shoulders and pressed my cock against his hole. I let it slide up and push against his balls, then picked it up and slapped it down along his hard dripping cock. His cock was hard and hot and so muscular looking. But when mine slammed into it, he yelped.

I pulled back and again pressed against his hole. He opened to me, but he was tight. I slapped his ass and it was like hitting fur covered granite, but me moaned and opened. I pressed in a little further and was again stalled by how tight he was. I slapped him again. Again he moaned and I was able to slide in further. I grunted as I got stopped again. I was on overload and I grabbed his ankles and pushed his legs higher. They moved toward his head and my cock slammed in 'til my balls slapped his furry ass.

He yelled. "AHHHHHHH, SOOOO, BIGGGGG." I pulled out and slammed in. He groaned. He was covered in sweat. His cock was dripping on his abs. His head was slamming from side to side and he was yelling at me in Russian. I was thrusting into him deeply. I was sweating and dripping all over him. I felt him going over the edge and dove down and sucked in the head of his cock. His head slammed back denting the crate further and he shot into my mouth. There was no way I could swallow it all. His already tight ass grabbed hold of my cock and I shot into him so hard I thought it was going to blow out of his ears. I collapsed on top of him as I pumped more and more cum into his hot fucking ass. The crate was now totally crushed and we were covered in chocolate supplements.

I couldn't help it. I started laughing. We had cum dripping all over and were covered in chocolate cream. I pushed up and looked at his face and the expression on his face was priceless. He was smiling but his eyes were still hungry. I ran my fingers across his furry chest, scraping up the chocolate and a rather large helping of cum and shoved it in his mouth, then scraped another into my own.

I started to pull out and get up. "Wait, Sean, my friend." I paused. "Thank you. I know this was not how you planned to spend this time, but, I needed you to be the first. I don't know why, but I've had this feeling since last night, since we changed again."

"I'm not upset, Yuri. I was quite out of control last night, but I remember your kiss. I remembered your scent. Today, it was just a bit overpowering. But, somehow, I think we are going to be very good friends." I told him.

"Of that, my friend, I am certain. You must come to the village and visit my...., I mean OUR home. Dan, Marco and I would love for you and Mat to visit. I think we can all be good friends. Yes?"

I wasn't sure Mat was going to be too pleased with me fucking while he's trying to convince the nearest thing he has to family here to join our new family, but the look on Yuri's faces told me that he wasn't going to take 'No' for an answer.

"Of course Mat and I will visit your home. It may just be a few days if he was successful in convincing the men he was meeting to come join us here."

"Great, my good friend. I will talk with my partners and you will talk with Mat, perhaps his new friends and we will have a party." Yuri was excited.

I pulled out and stood up. I was dripping all over the floor. I reached down and grabbed Yuri's and pulled him up. He leaned in to me and kissed each side of my face.

"I know where we can find a shower. Let's get cleaned up. And don't worry about this mess, I'll clean it up before I dismantle the video equipment."

He led us to some showers at the end of the warehouse. We were dripping chocolate the whole way. We washed each other and he even helped re-braid my hair.

"You should go outside for a quick run, you will be completely dry in minutes. Why don't you contact Mat and find out if he is still talking with his friends?"

I started to walk outside but turned back to Yuri and grabbed his shoulders and returned his kiss, one touch on each cheek. "I'll see you soon my friend." I told him.

Then I turned and ran into the forest. He was right, I was dry in minutes, but I was also feeling guilty about not being there for Mat. I ran back to the warehouse and went to the office I had seen Jake go to. He was not there. I sat down and tried to contact Mat mentally. This was the first time I had tried to contact him when I didn't know exactly where he was. My mind searched the warehouse and I found him in a room with a large table. Across from him were Geno and Georgio. They seemed happy.

'How's it going babe?' I asked.

'It is going well, Sean, I think we are just about ready to bring them into the compound. Is Jake back yet?'

'I have not seen him since you went to do the video conference.' I answered.

I heard him chuckle, 'Are you finished with Yuri?'

I was shocked, but knew he had a better handle on the mental thing than I did. 'Uh, yeah, Mat, Yuri and I are finished. He invited -us- to their house. Are you upset with me?'

I felt waves of love coming from him and could see him smiling in my head. 'Sean, I love you. I know you love me. If you haven't noticed, I've had some fun since we've been here too. Are you upset with me?'

Of course I wasn't upset. He was right. This was just a new world for all of us.

'Sean, I don't care if you fuck every man here twice a day, as long as you come home to me and we make love.'

I flooded back love toward him, but hoped he didn't see the tear running down my face.

'We'll be coming through in a few minutes. Geno and Georgio are going to join us. I've explained that you will be waiting and huge, and naked. Why don't you wait for us on the path and we'll take them back to the house?'

I did as he asked and waited just outside the door to the warehouse. When Mat emerged from the door, with two very small astonished men behind him. I felt that tug to make them big. Mat came over to me and wrapped his strong arms around me. I knew my big man was still my big man. •

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