Bigger Issues


By Muscl4life

Kyle was really mesmerized. He made the three of the strongest jocks of his campus at his feet : Steve, Fred and Michael, they were all over his mighty body. Fred licked his pecs and Michael smelled his arm pits while Stevie was just there staring at that mountainous man. _ Hey Steve Said Kyle looking down at him Aren't u going to join you fellas up here? Stevie could just open his mouth and kept staring at Kyle. _What's the matter with you? Asked Kyle trying to figure out what was happening _You... you are do fucking huge, It is not possible... _Are you afraid of me? _You can kill me like this!- Said the young jock, trembling going away from the giant. Kyle embraced Stevie's waist with one hand and brought the smaller man near his big face and said in a low tone, which made the other guys shake under their raging hard on's _Don't you desire me like Mike and Fred? _Yes, but I feel so small and afraid about you hurting me... Kyle stared at him and smiled an open white smile, which made Stevie smile back at him _ Babe, I'll never hurt you or your friends! I mean , I COULD, but that's not who I am, I like being this BIG, being so much stronger than the rest of the men, but never to hurt, only to please you and myself... And then he kissed Stevie, almost eating the smaller man's face. Stevie moaned as he cupped Kyle's massively desproportioned torso, the mighty globes of his pecs were so thick , his hands could just coupe his big sized nipples . Stevie pinched them , but they were yet so hard , Stevie could just try to rotate them in his hands. Kyle moaned back as he felt those tiny hands forcing his giant nipples, trying to pinch them, he could feel the pleasure, but Stevie would never be able to dent his massive muscles. Mike and Fred made their way over Kyle's impressive thighs and joined Stevie in his delicious work of worshipping Kyle's torso. _You two are comfortable? Asked Kyle as Stevie made his way to his neck and was kissing all his face _We sure are a little tight, but we can manage it Kyle smiled as he felt the tingling in hid groin indicating his new growth spurt wouldn't take long ... _ You need a bigger spot, huh? Well it can be arranged... Michael just smiled back at Kyle as he bites Kyle's nipples and Fred licked his right biceps _You are kinda quiet Fred! Teased the giant freaking muscle man _You're so damn good to be true, I just want to remain here feeling your power moaned Fred as he bite Kyle's ear lobes _The customer is always right! He said stroking Fred's hard tool with his mighty fingers. Michael was lost on his desire for Kyle's muscles , he just kissed Kyle's neck and smelled his arm pits feeling intoxicated by his overwhelming male lustful scent which came from him. His limbs were so big, his chest so amazingly super developed, and his magnificent legs sustaining his gargantuan upper body like two colossal pillars of might muscles. Kyle was in heaven. He dreamed about this, Steve, Mike and Fred worshipping him as their musclegod, making him feel even more powerful, comparing his monumental body with theirs and realizing how puny he made them look, although they were three of the biggest guys in campus. That's the kind of revenge Kyle urged, not hurting those bastards, but make them cum with new improved body, hear them begging for his attention and for his heavy muscles brushing against their fragile bodies. _Enough with the preliminaries! Kyle purred as he embraced the three jocks in his huge arms. All of them were just shocked at that vision, Kyle had literally engulfed the three of them in his embrace as they were mere things and closed his monstrous arms around them, squishing them hard, in such a sexy way they could feel each other hard and getting harder by the moment, but specially Kyle. He seemed to get hotter and harder with every breath, his chest looking bigger and heavier and his arms growing thicker, they were getting more cramped, like the space was disappearing , like Kyle's arms were growing... _ Listen you three runts, I AM YOUR MUSCLE GOD AND DEMAND TO BE PLEASED BY YOU MY LITTLE DWEEBS..! " Man, am I calling them dweebs? they are well over 200 pounds! But compared to me that's what they are!" Kyle thought as he saw the look of pleasure on the jock's faces. Each one of them was lost in the magnificence of Kyle's enormous body, and his astonishing muscles. _ What do you want from us, man? Say And I'll do it for you, please let me just make you pleased Those were the words which came out of Michael's mouth, the toughest of the three jocks, a 6'3" , 230 pounds stud who used to rule the campus was now totally at his power overtaken by his imperial muscles. Kyle approached his face from Michael's and looked into his desiring eyes You want to please me? _P- Please! Gasped Michael as his tongue tried to reach the impossible cleavage of Kyle's chest _ OK Then! Kyle walked through the garage, carrying the three jocks mentally astonished that he was carrying effortessly over 600 pounds of male muscle and he wasn't even feeling tired. Kyle gently put the three down, well he tried, but Michael had his powerful legs around his thin waist and continued to kiss and worship his body, Kyle smiled and kissed him back and said to the other two: _ Grab that bench over there and bring me all the weights! Mike and Fred quickly made what they were told almost guessing what their muscle master had on his mind. Kyle sat on the bench, with Stevie still around his chest and ordered the guys to load the bar with all the weight available , about 700 pounds, and he started lifting the bar , with just one giant freaking paw of a hand _ That's nothing, I can't feel a thing ! Kyle tossed the heavy loaded bar from hand to hand as it was a mere dumbbell. _You are lifting all the weight we got, that's more than all of three together on your arms said Stevie with a glint on his eyes _Man, you're so fucking huge! Fred moaned stroking his prick with the other hand Stevie kept feeling the hardness of Kyle's chest while he hefted the impossible weight above his chin with just one hand. _ I can't believe how hard you feel Kyle , you feel like a brick wall, but with heart beat and salty sweat, and this strong odor! _You are really into licking my sweat ! Said Kyle looking down to Stevie as he licked the depth of his cleavage _It makes me feel how strong you are, your smell is an aphrodisiac to me! _So let's give you something to work on! I am barely pouring , this is to light! He Looked at Fred and Mike playing with each other's pricks and said _You two runts! Hump on this bar, one each side! Fred was about 215, and Mark were 230 , they sat on the bar and Kyle started lifting more than 1100 pounds with just one hand, he made 200 curls and his biceps started feeling hot and burning like a good pump, but he wasn't even tired, although he could feel the sweat coming down his armpits like rivers of salty smelly water, his musk odor intoxicating Michael and the other guys. _ I hope you can handle up here guys! - Kyle switched hands and curled another 200 reps, with Stevie worshipping each time with more enthusiasm . _Kyle you've got so fucking amazing, you are curling them for about half an hour, please let them down they look tired! _So I am doing all the effort here and they are supposed to be tired? _ Teased the gargantuan man as he looked to the exhausted faces of them, although they were more than ready and quickly jumped from the bar and grab the hugest limbs, opened them and liberated all the smell, Kyle had produced during his impressive training, licking Kyle's arm pits eagerly. Kyle set on the bench and let the three jocks run over his immense body, each one exploring his favorite part, Fred worked on the chest, Steve on the biceps, which now were about five inches bigger, thanks to the "warm up" Kyle just did, and Michael went down to the impossibly 10 pack flat stomach of Kyle, he just sat there feeling the monster breathing of his muscle god lifting him each time he inhaled, than he went down on the legs, bathing each vein with his saliva and feeling how hard those legs felt as Kyle flexed them. _ Why don't you work on my favorite part? Said Kyle with his impressive finger on Stevie's mouth and pointed down to his throbbing cock... _Holly shit! I had forgotten how long that thing is! Gasped Stevie when he reached for the hot impressive prick getting each time longer and thicker He tried to mouth it, but his mouth was to small for its diameter "I think I am too big for you too!" _You are never too big for me, stud! Replied Stevie with an unexpected attitude as he managed to shove that enormous head down his throat and started sucking on it, loud and eagerly . _OH MAN! Yelled Kyle as his prick sent him waves of sensual bliss, he never felt, maybe because, he never had been blown like this, Michael really knew this shit, Kyle moaned and gasped, and in that he grabbed Mike and Fred by their chests and started curling them like they were dumbbells , up and down , they grabbed on Kyle's fists and started rubbing their hard cocks against them like they were fucking Kyle's arms, in fact they were so thick they looked like thighs no bodybuilders could ever show. Kyle never saw it coming, he was shocked by such bliss he could just lift Fred and Mike back to his chest and squished them moaning with pleasure as Stevie sucked on his mammoth cock like he never did before. Although he was a big jock he was a wonderful topper such as he was a bottom too, he liked to suck Fred and Mike when they were playing around the breaks in training, sure no one could ever imagined, but he knew it very well, and then Kyle's enormous cock responded such excitement by growing longer than ever and thicker. Kyle could just say "Stop it! Please you don't know what you are doing" He tried to take his prick of Stevie's mouth but he was so lost in his sensual hurricane he couldn't make it _ Come on Babe! You know you want it, come on give me you juice, I want you cumming on my mouth! And then he restarted sucking, this time, more used to the size of Kyle's prick and he managed to swallow more of the giant prick and suck it even harder. Kyle gave up when he felt the feedback building inside of him. This time stronger than never, because, it was the realization of a so desired fantasy, he could just moan and storke his two little fellas as they managed to please him even in that powerful grip. Then it begun, Kyle felt he was cuming even though he wasn't yet. He felt his breathing heavier as his chest begun inflating and his back widening, he was ballooning just there, becoming each time more gargantuan and muscular and wider, his muscles packed on his already impressive muscles , but more freaking, more freaking, more astonishing he was so thick and wide, soon Fred and Mike felt the crush on the grip and realized Kyle was growing ! _Damn it! Kyle what the hell is going on ? _You are growing ! How is this fucking possible? Asked Fred as his prick spewed his hot jism on Kyle's body, who kept moaning and stroking his little partners. _ Don't stop now Steve, you gotta keep sucking! ordered Mike to his friend down on the prick. Stevie kept his sucking, although he couldn't notice Kyle's growth, only that the head was bigger, but he imagined that's because Kyle was about to burst his jism. But Kyle kept growing and growing, widening by the inches. Kyle moaned as he never felt the feedback kicking in, only this time it was so intense he could barely move his hands, his prick felt heavy like it was going to blow up any Second. "Fuck! What's going on? I am already monstrous and I can't cum! I wanna cum!" Kyle kept moaning as he grew and when he opened his eyes, both Fred and Stevie manged to go down on Steve's blow job and started helping him by storking the base of Kyle's pole and playing with his incredible ballsac . _You gotta make him cum Steve, the guy may explode if he continues to grow like that! And then Kyle came in Steve's mouth. In fact, he came in almost wholes in Michael's head, mouth, nose, he just kept cuming and growing, but Stevie managed to keep on sucking and drinking Kyle's powerful juice, like he needed to drink his essence. Kyle continued to grow more and more, until the bench in which he was sat, broke down, and the four of them ended on the floor, all sweat and slippery with Kyle's spike. Kyle seemed to be ceasing his growth, his shoulders were so wide, that he seemed like a marble wall, his waist was tight and minimal compared to his upper ad lower body, his Chest almost doubled his previous sizes and the guns, well now they looked like other pecs, so heavily developed under his arms, they hung over like they belonged to a giant, and his triceps were the same way making his arms look just unbelievable big, the shoulders were so big they made Kyle's head look smaller, and his prick, it was so big, and long spewing a river of cum down to Michael's throat, or better, that much he could keep in his mouth, because it was too much for him to contain himself. _ OH! MAN! What the hell happened? Asked Kyle in a lower tone than his usual like he had been amplified... _You are asking us? - Fred answered brushing his hands on Michael's cumed hair trying to help the even more impressive giant ! _ You suddenly started growing, while Stevie blew your cock! Completed Mike, feeling Kyle's guns with his both hands trying to embrace it. _ Well I sure did it again! Said Kyle looking at himself and noticing his new improved size and his freakier muscles. He realized Michael feeling his new guns and flexed them , making an impressive ball of flesh so mighty the peak just lifted Mike's body as Kyle brought his arms up high! _I FEEL FUCKING AWESOME! Said him, grabbing Mike's waist with one hand and making him sit on his biceps _Well you sure LOOK amazing, ask Steve about that And then they looked down to him realizing the poor guy passed down trying to keep Kyle's pace! Kyle, quickly grabbed him and nested him in his chest trying to wake the "little" jock from his nap. Steve! Stevie, wake up little fellow!! I should have warned you not to make me cum! Look at me now, I am HUGE! _Excuse me, But you WERE HUGE! Now you are FREAKING HUGE! Teased Fred feeling the hardness of Kyle's hot iron skin Stevie woke up slowly, seeing his augmented musclebound even more freaking muscular _ Man, I think this entire house isn't big enough for you! Smiled him at Kyle _If you keep sucking me like that, it sure won't fit me anymore! Replied Kyle with a smile which made him desire him again right there! Kyle stood up and had to be very careful not to hit the ceiling, he was now about 10 feet high, but what made him even more impressive is that he looked about eight feet wide if not more, his muscles were just out of proportion with his body, like he had doubled his muscular mass, but got only 20% taller to accommodate all that extra mass, he managed to get a measuring strip and made his "servers" read his stats. Guns : 68 inches, bigger than most of the bbers chest Quads : 80 inches, calves 55 inches, Chest 136 inches, 12 pack abs and a matching 48 inches prang thicker than Michael's arms. They tried to read Kyle's weight, but it was impossible with a regular scale and Kyle guessed something like 1200 pounds, in which he couldn't be denied, afterall, he was FREAKING HUGE. _What the hell did u take? Asked Mike _Well it is a long story, back at the time you guys broke my arm and... _Gee, again with his broken arm Complained Fred, just to tease his muscle master When Kyle would restart, he was interrupted by a strange sound, which came from Steve. The jock trembled in Kyle's arms, feeling so hot and feverish, Kyle took a moment to realize what was happening. And then he felt shocked. Steve had entered the adaptation period. Soon he would grow like Kyle did, only that he hadn't had the serum like Kyle did. he had done something even Sean didn't think of. Steve had drank most of Kyle's spike and it was, somehow, having the same effects as the serum. _Oh Man what did I do? Now Steve will become inhuman like me ! Thought Kyle as he went near his trembling friend _What's going on with Steve? Asked Fred looking at the trembling figure nested in Kyle's arms. _ I don't know for sure, but I think this is going to be awesome....

Sean and Mark broke a long passionate kiss, their augmented lungs could hold it for much time. I f Kyle had grew amazingly since his last spurt , he still would have to do plenty of growing in order to achieve Sean and Mark's proportions. They were so tall and huge, even sat as they were, their heads were standing up high in the level of 6'8 and almost 7'3. They were so wide and muscular their lats kept preventing them of a perfect touch, their arms hanging so wide and apart form their own bodies they had to stretch to embrace each other as they were kissing. _ Mark, you're just the most beautiful thing on this planet Said Sean brushing his huge hand over Mark's chestnut hair. _Well have you checked yourself lately, You make me feel a piece of spaghetti _No one can ever do such thing to you you're just impossibly wide and big _And you know what? I LOVE BEING THIS HUGE! _Yeah, I love you this big, in fact... Sean made a pause _What's on your brilliant mind this time? _ I was wondering if you feel OK about me _I beg your pardon, I just had the best fuck on my whole life and became more than a musclegod, a real muscle freak _I know but... Well my whole life you had been so much bigger than me, I just don't feel right being bigger than you, If you want I can give you another dose and we can see if you outgrow me... _Well my dear doctor, I think I have already done that! _What? How could you _Think Sean! Didn't you think strange that you had took so much more than me and after our spurts I am not much smaller than you? _You mean that you had taken my serum before, but you didn't grow at all, and WHY did you take it anyway? _Well I had this injury on my knee from the time I used to train at college, never got better, so I thought your "rebuilder" could help me on my treatment, I felt better, stronger, but there were no more effects so I decided to take a time and go on a trip. _It seems like you took the formula without the "ignition" element _Which is? _Well, we added a combined mixture of testosterone and adrenaline, and those elements in the bloodstream caused a feedback which made the gene treatment start... _What you didn't imagine was that when your own organism released adrenaline and testosterone it would restart the process all over again... _More or less, we didn't expect it to make non injuried muscles grow either, it could be a possibility, but only when Kyle..- Sean felt shocked, he had totally forgotten about Kyle in his house and all that "being too big for you" story. _What happened Sean? _Kyle is still in my house, and he might leave at any moment _You took him to your house? Why? _I needed to take him out of here, anyone could see him They looked at each other _I think we might have a BIG problem _How are we ever going to clean this lab and get the hell out of here: Sean felt terrified, making that mountain of muscle shake with excitement, how could they... _Sean Said Mark softly We can take care of this _How: Look at this mess! We would need ten people to clean... _ Sean WE ARE TEN PEOPLE! Look at us! We could put this whole building down! _That's why I always loved you, you are much more than a pretty face teased Sean looking at his muscle freaking lover They started lifting the cabinets, which were so easy they played around the lab carrying all of them and feeling their muscles even bulge as the weight tossed from hand to hand. Sean cleaned the floor, and Mark rearranged the notes which were all over the place. Sean found the rest of the serum, about half of the original amount and kept it in a tube safe in the refrigerator. They finished the work with some effort, not because of the strength required, but because the size of the lab, Sean kept bumping his head on the ceiling and they couldn't help but bumping each other as they walked by the lab _We gotta find out a way to measure ourselves, I can't wait to read your stats! Said Mark as he slapped Sean' s mighty-mighty butt. _I'd rather find some place where I could stand right, my back is killing me Complained Sean, he was so tall the 12 feet ceiling lab couldn't hold his colossal height no more, to emphasize this point he tried to became fully erect and his head immediately bumped on the ceiling. _You poor baby! Mark teased Sean realizing how much taller his friend/partner/musclefreak had grown since their last growth spurt _Sean, you think we will just keep growing like that every time we fuck? _Well, Mark, this is pretty improbable. You see, we've been through a genetic treatment, and are still in the period of the readjustment period, it means, we still have something to develop and then we shall stabilize Sean lifted one huge cabinet with just one hand and tossed it to Mark, who grabbed it and arranged it into a corner _But, I took the formula more than one time... Sean stopped for a moment while sustaining an enormous table in the air. True. But I guess in your case there won't be any complications, when you took the formula for the first time, it wasn't effective, it remained in your organism, and only reacted when I gave you the other injection with the effective version., all that happened is that you managed to sum the amounts of the formula activating the whole thing at the same time. Sean played with the table feeling his thick limbs bulging and flexing with every time he played with the table. _ Yeah, I guess you're right babe, but what about our genetic structure, what might have changed with the formula? Asked Mark as he moved an entire cabinet full of books to the other side of the lab. _If the tests I previously ran are right, We now have muscular tissues fibers which can multiply themselves normally, and apparently our skeletal cells as well all the other ones seem to multiply or enlarge their previous size... _Well this sure is a breach to most of the cithological theories. _Yes, but I don't know whether this is good or bad _You mean? Sean turned himself to Mark his arched yet still impassive figure and brushed his arms _Babe, look at our size now, we are way bigger than any other human being, and we are just in the middle of the period, what are we going to look from two, three years from here, will we be stronger, or taller or still alive? Sean had this sad look on his face _Why are you so worried,? _Mark, I dragged you into this, you didn't want... _Hello! Didn't I tell you that I HAD taken the serum before you gave it to me? _But Mark! Sean tried to speak but he was stopped by a passionate kiss which blew all his thoughts away. _ Don't you even start regretting yourself now ! WE both desired being this big, you didn't drag me into this I wanted it as bad as you, you just didn't know, I always liked to be the biggest in gym class, always liked to have big muscles, but since I became THIS nothing else matters, I want u to know that I wanted this Sean Bennett, and I thank you for this supreme gift. They embraced again and kissed, but Sean had to break this beginning love making. _Look Mark I think we'd better find another place, we've just cleaned this lab, and to be sincere, I don't think it will hold both of us if we grow like last time... _Damn! You're right! Don't you hate when this happen? Mark laughed and they kissed again. _Well we gotta get out of here anyway Said Mark while flexing his enormous arms, trying to feel less "cramped" in that small place. _Yeah, but where? Asked Sean massaging his lover super wide backs. _We could go to my place! Mark looked into Sean's inquiring eyes. _Mark you live in a small, loft! For heaven's sake I think you would barely break the main entrance to fit in that place. _ Well at least, I have higher ceilings and You wouldn't have to duck while you are standed! _And how are we supposed to pass by the security guard on your condo? _I didn't think about this! Fuck we have to get a way ... Sean had a brainstorm and quickly standed up hitting his head violently into the ceiling and making a lot of debris come down on his beautiful chestnut hair... _ I've got it! And then, shaking his big head There are quite of deactivated University facilities on the other side of the city, we could get someplace there, and this way no one would bother us until.. _Until what? Asked Mark finishing to clean the mess Sean dropped over him with his idea. _Well, just keep on mind that we are not "ready" yet, we don't know for how long we are going to keep growing, and if it keep this pace, soon we'll have to find some really quiet place to move on with our lives... _Sean... _I know Mark, we'll have to give up all the things we used to call "life", but just think at the bright side, now we have the power and the muscles, and the bodies we've always fantasized about. _I don't care for all this stuff, I just can't wait to do it! I can't wait to be with you... And the next thing they noticed was Mark around Sean's waist kissing his lover with such urge and power the bigger man managed to find a wall to support all the combined mass and weight. _Me too babe! Said Sean as he slipped his hand through Mark's dark golden hair But we still have another "grown up" to take with us... _You mean Kyle? Gosh I had forgotten he was the first to take the active serum! Where is him anyway? _Well, the last time we talked he said he was leaving, you see he had gotten so big and tall, he was desperate when he unintentionally hurt me with his supercock into my previous ass! _You mean, you handled an augmented cock into your butt? Man you are some kind of bottom Mark whistled massaging Sean's super rounded bubble butt. _Well, kind of. Actually he pushed that thing up to my ass, but that's just he was in the rush of power due to his growth spurt, and then we he saw me faded and with blood near me the poor guy almost freaked down. _Sean, do you think it is possible he is bigger than us now Asked Kyle afraid to hear the answer. _Mark, I sincerely don't know the possibilities! Look, I know I took much more than he said to me that he had taken, but he has much time ahead of me. We realized that even when he jerks off he can experiment some real growth, and the guy is REALLY horny, afterall he is in his early twenties... _Sean, we gotta check on him! Let's get to your house _ OK! OK! Sean hurried after Mark, forgetting that both of them were pretty much naked, they had thrown the remains of their ruined clothes out, their impressive cocks hunging loose on their groins and their super freakish bodies bouncing up and down with every powerful step they took, they almost got stuck on the stairway. Running at a 12 feet high weighing more than 1500 pounds of massively colossal titanic impassive muscles is really something that Physics hadn't quite studied, they were fast but their amount of energy was so damn unstable they could break a wall by just running into it. When they got to Sean's van, all they could do was laughing! Fortunately there were no single soul, it was about 2 a.m. and the old security guard used to take his nap about that time. _How are we going to fit in that fish tank? Asked Mark noticing that his chest was higher that the ceiling of the vehicle. _Well, help me here Sean opened the van and ripped of the front seats, throwing them aside. _You drive ! Said Sean pushing Mark into the car _Are you crazy? I can't barely fit in this thing even with the seats of, how am I supposed to drive this shit? _You think I can do it? Said Sean pointing to himself. He was so beautiful at moonlight, his impressive figure towering over the van so wide and so broad, like the whole world would be no longer big enough for Sean and his muscles. _OK! I'll try, there isn't much traffic at this time anyway, hope my feet don't destroy this piece of shit! _Or WE could try taking your BMW! Teased Sean pointing Mark's silver shining car . _Shit I'll never fit that Sweet thing again Complained Mark as he managed to accommodate himself inside the van. _Don't worry babe, you can ride ME anytime you want, I am still big enough to handle you log inside me, besides I am one eighth german! Shouted Sean as he pushed himself into the back part of the van, The van slowly slipped through the streets, the combined weight of Sean and Mark made it so heavy, and Sean's impressive body forced the back part lower than the front, although Mark was pretty heavy for himself, and he could barely see the road, his head was so up in the ceiling , he had to drive with the head bent like some weird clown in his small cramped automobile. They've managed to get at Sean's.. They got into the backyard of Sean's house, instead of his usual parking spot, because they couldn't take the chance to be seen in that freakish gargantuan size. Mark barely believed he made his way inside such a small car Actually, he could barely believe he could make his way OUT of that little piece of shit. With a loud POP! he managed to get his monstrous body of the front part of the van. _OOOhhhhh! My back is killing me! Sean you'll pay me for this! I couldn't see most of the road, we could hit anything on the road and I would never notice... I am definitely way too BIG to drive any car... My arms were so cramped, I could barely hold the wheel, luckily there few turns on the way, my are sleeping, I can't feel them yet, Sean? Sean are you hearing me ? Mark looked around and he couldn't see his freaking musclebound although he was sure to hear the sound of the back door opening. _Mark! I think I REALLY need a hand over here! _OH! GOD! SEAN! Screamed Mark as he noticed the ridiculous scene. All Sean's massive-gargantuan-impressive figure filling the inside of the back half of the van. Sean's wonderful mega-bubble-butt stuck as he tried to turn himself inside that "tiny" space. _How did you get this way! Asked Mark barely restraining his laughter as he pinched Sean's most muscular rear. _Why don't you guess, you bulldozer! Answered Sean in a rough tone I tried to get out of here, but I miscalculated the space to maneuver this HUGE Butt of mine, Man this is enormous! _Good enough to eat! Teased Mark as he caressed the impossibly hard of that superhuman muscular body... _Mark, get me outta here, I can't move, for heaven's sake . But all Sean could hear was the sound of Mark laughing out loud. Maybe it will teach you a lesson, do never outgrow your own car !! _That's ENOUGH!- And then a loud sound of metal being cramped and ripped apart. The whole van started to shake, and from the outside you could see the surface being tore as Sean's huge paws became almost visible, emerging against all the metal lay of the car and making his powerful way to get free of that so called prison. Mark observed astonished as Sean's gargantuan muscles flexed, he could see every vein double its diameter and increase the depth, making the muscles expand and get even more massive, augmenting the power of Sean's already freakish body. The arms were so thick now they looked bigger than Sean's legs, his limbs were so huge they seemed two bodybuilders attached to Sean's colossal figure, and they crushed their way outta the van with the smallest effort. In a matter of seconds the entire structure gave up resisting to that inhuman display of strength and obliged to the command of Sean's super freakish muscles. The van quickly became a bunch of scrap metal with a great round bulge, like a bubble, form where Sean emerged in all his glory of muscles and the power of an entire army empowered in his colossal muscles. Sean didn't pay attention to what he just did. His breath was a little heavy, but nothing quite exhaustive. He could feel the rush still feeding his organism as a flood, all his mighty veins twisted visibly in his hot skin, his heart rushed inside his chest and his arms felt like they were alive, trying to get their own will, pumping and flexing. The look on his face was at least intimidating, his eyes full of power, his mouth had still some drooling rests, the sweat came down, his skin once so babyish pink turned into a radiant tone of red making his muscles look even bigger, he cleaned his mouth and looked to Mark. Mark realized his massive prick already steel hard, excited with all that power Sean displayed to him, precum already fountaining form his impressive log. And then he noticed Sean's massive cock poking the chest of his owner, like it had given him part of the power to tear the van . Sean walked and his muscles bounced, bulging under his tight skin, his chest rolling over each other, his arms flexing and twisting against his lats, struggling for space in that monumental freak of muscle. Sean stopped and looked to Mark, their looks need no word. Both of them realized the truth about the power they shared now; Sean had just proved it, he crushed an entire car with his bare hands, they had such unknown resources, his muscles were much stronger than they looked, they could look two times bigger an above average man, but they sure were ten times or even more stronger than that. Sean looked to his body, his blood reddish skin shining and his veins working as a net of power cables feeding his body with all the power of his muscles. And the most important was that Sean really enjoyed every moment, he felt the resistance of the material, the increase on his already gargantuan muscles, and the rush of the power he accidentally released feeding him like a newborn eating form the source of power he demanded to get more and more of such power, he felt his grip surpassing the resistance of the car, and yet he could feel himself getting each time stronger, desiring to know the limits of what he had transformed himself. As the metal seemed soft and flexible, he needed to feel his body becoming stronger and stronger, feeling the thin line of metal finally bursting into his mercy, he watched as his cock poked the point of his chest realizing he was so turned on with himself and his mighty muscles, he could feel the power getting each time stronger, like he was building himself into a new growth spurt, but he wasn't. It was something else, he could feel the power he had gained during his growth was now somehow amplified, his muscles now didn't got denser but potentially powerful, like he had multiplied his strength into some other level, a level he could only imagine, a frontier of power and strength beyond human proportions, something unbelievably exciting and terrifying, but yet amazingly exciting. Mark, just touched Sean's skin and felt the rush of power coming from him, like the end of a storm, he could feel the urge of power, even though it wasn't still there. Mark felt the density of Sean's muscles and compared to his own. Sean was definitely thicker. His muscles now felt like hot iron covered with silk, so good to the touch as it was at the look. _Sean you've just Mark tried to go on but he couldn't finish the sentence. His load burst out of his cock like a fountain of jism. He grabbed Sean's body and embraced his titanic lover, giving him his load, thanking for the display of absolute power. As soon as Mark's load hit his skin Sean closed his eyes and felt himself cumming together with Mark, like they were connected, their cocks touched and started spewing their massive loads over each other, like two rivers merging into one colossal one. Sean kissed Mark as they still came , their embrace felt moist and warm, their jism just made even hornier. They felt energized and then Mark felt himself getting the thickness of Sean's body, he felt the veins and the increase on the depth of his muscles, he almost passed when he felt this hunger for power and the necessity of becoming each time stronger and powerful, his cock felt hard again and he could burst another load over Sean, who just retribute with more and more power cum over them, exchanging their newly found capacity as two brothers in the same womb of Power. They could feel each other thicker and harder, and the power of them now seemed to be amazingly, becoming something they wouldn't dare to find out. •

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