Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

As we walked past the pools, I noticed that the whole area had been completely cleaned. Gone were the piles of towels and the trash cans were empty. It looked spotless. The pool house was as big as a normal ranch house. The front was all glass and inside looked like a really cool party area. We walked past the back and found the path. As Nick said, it was well marked.

There were pointers for several destination. The gym, spa, lake house, village, airfield and the lab. We started off following the path toward the lake house and lab. It was kind of strange being outdoors completely naked, and yet, it also felt so natural. Mat's arm was across my shoulder and he turned me around to look back toward the house. He was chuckling. I looked back and finally saw what he was seeing.

The pools backed up to each other and along with the huge hot tubs looked like two sets of cocks and balls. The house itself looked more like a huge stone hotel than a house. It had to stretch out for several hundred yards and looked as though it had been added to several times. We turned and walked again toward the lake. I noticed that we were walking around the side of a mountain, just skirting the edge.

After about fifteen minutes we saw a valley open in front of us and most of it was filled with a beautiful lake. As we walked toward the shore we saw another signpost pointing along the shore that just said 'lab' pointing one direction and 'lake house' pointing the other. We looked down along the shore and saw another huge house. This one was built so the bottom floor opened right at the edge of the lake and it was three stories high. That is, it was three floors, each being about 20 feet tall. The second and third floors had large decks. I just looked at Mat and said, "Wow." He agreed and we turned down the shore toward the lab. There was a sandy shore that was warm with the afternoon sun.

"Isn't it kind of weird that we haven't seen anyone?" Mat asked.

"Yeah, it does seem odd that we haven't run into anyone. What did Geoff say? There were now 30 men here?"

"I thought that's what he said." A few minutes walk down the beach we saw another sign for the lab pointing right toward a cliff. Just as Nick had said, it looked like we were walking into the mountain or at least a cave. We started up the path and I heard in my head, 'Good morning little bro, just wait at the door when you get there and I'll come and get you.' I felt a warm hug sweep over my body.

Then I heard Geoff say good morning to, as he put it, 'my little bro's lover'. Then Mat got a strange look on his face.

"Damn, that is going to take some getting used to. How the hell did he hug me with his mind?"

"I have no idea but if that is your reaction, I've got to get him to teach me."

I chuckled at Mat as his cock was stretching longer. He just wrapped me up in a kiss. "Mmmm, I haven't been fucked in almost an hour. Sure you don't want to go back to the beach?" The leer in his eyes said, he wouldn't mind putting off seeing my bro.

"Come on, we can do that after we learn what all the mystery is about. Maybe we'll even learn some new tricks."

He laughed and we kept walking. We were wrapped around each other when we got to the door. It looked just like a huge set of steel double doors in the side of the mountain.

It seemed my brother was late and we turned back to look over the lake. It was such a peaceful spot. Then I about jumped out of my skin as I felt a hand on my shoulder that I knew couldn't be Mat's as his arm was wrapped around my waist. "Don't worry guys, it's just me," said my bro. "Sorry 'bout that." Mat gave him a dirty look then just smiled.

I'm not sure what my brother said to him in his head, but all was forgiven. "Come on guys, let me show you some of the toys." We walked into the now open steel doors. "This is the lab where we have spent ten years and several million dollars trying to figure out why what has happened to us, happened. Not that we are complaining, the results are even more incredible than you know yet, but it sure would be nice to know what exactly happened."

We walked down a hallway and then Geoff put his hand on an over sized hand scanner. Then he looked back a us and punched a something into a keyboard. "Ok, Sean put your hand here and hold it still." My right hand was scanned and the pad turned from red to green. Geoff punched some more keys and then had Mat repeat what I had just done.

"There, all done and painless. You are both now cleared for any of the secure areas of the compound. There are only a few, but we don't just want anyone climbing the gates...." he looked right at Mat... "and making off with all of our secrets."

Now he was laughing. He hit a reset button on the scanner and scanned his hand one more time and the doors at the end of the hall opened. Behind looked like something out of a scifi movie. There were several large rooms with all kinds of equipment and glass walls, there didn't appear to be anyone around and most of the equipment was covered and looked like it had not been used in quite some time. He led us on and we came to another door and he again scanned his hand, the pad turned green and the doors slid open.

"Yeah, I think Jake has a Star Trek thing going on with these doors. He designed the whole place, but it is really Ben's and Hao's show now." We walked further into the lab and Geoff turned and walked around a large piece of equipment that I didn't recognize and there were Jake, Ben, Rob and two guys I had not met before.

One was a blond hairy Nordic god and the other was huge Oriental guy with shining black hair and a big smile. "Sean, Mat," Geoff said pointing at us, "you know Jake, Rob and Ben." We both nodded.

"This big blond lump of hair is Brad, Rob's other half, and this guy," and he wrapped his arm around the Oriental guy, "is the smartest son of a bitch I ever met. This is Hao and he thinks we are closer to figuring out what happened to us than we have been in ten years."

Mat broke into Geoff's introductions, "Brad? Brad Phillips? Man, you are a legend in the football program at the university." Mat walked right over to shake Brad's hand. Brad smiled and returned Mat's hello. Then Mat returned to stand beside me. Geoff continued coming over to me and picked me up and twirled me around. It didn't seem like Mat's interruption had intruded at all on his excitement.

"And it is all because of you little bro. You unlocked the secret." He put me back down. They all looked excited. "I didn't do anything I can take credit for, I just wanted to find you," I told him.

"I know Sean, but you did that, you found me, and you proved something that we had not even considered before. We had not considered that Rob and I could change men because we had something similar genetically. We knew that we were the only ones exposed to the original slimy glop, but we didn't even think to look for genetic similarities. Then you come along and without even touching the slime, you change this big lug," and he grabs Mat around the shoulders.

"Man, you really are solid." Geoff's face is going to break if his grin gets any bigger. Then his focus returns to me, "I guess I'm going have to start calling him my bro in-law." And he wraps us both up in a hug. Man, my bro was one emotional guy, I didn't remember him being so excitable.

Hao cleared his throat, sounding like a tractor starting on a cold morning. Geoff looked at him, "Ok, Mr. Genius, you explain."

Hao told us that he and Ben had been working on the blood and cum samples since the night before. What they found surprised both of them. What they really wanted was a blood sample from me, but they knew that was probably impossible, so the cum sample and the scraping from inside my mouth, would have to do. They compared it to Geoff's and found them to be nearly identical. A full analysis showed the same thing. So they called Rob for a sample and found his to very similar. Then they started breaking the code by breaking down the samples even further, and running some genetic sampling and pieces of all three samples were so close that there may as well not have been a difference at all.

Ok, so all this science speak was starting to go right over my head with talks of genomes and this test and that procedure. Hao seemed really excited, but I may as well have been listening to Mat whisper sweet nothings in Samoan, I didn't really get it. My attention moved to the man speaking.

He was maybe six inches shorter than Geoff, who was now standing next to Hao. He was completely smooth, no hair at all below his head. The hair on his head was long straight and had a blue-black shine. His eyes looked black as well. He was very thick, had shoulders so defined you could see the individual fibers of the three heads twist and bulge as he gestured with both hands. The cables in his arms were huge snakes and his pecs almost seemed to dance. His abs were so defined that I could easily count a twelve pack and they weren't even flexed. He had a beautiful uncut cock, easily two and a half feet long, just a few veins showing, completely limp and hanging behind were two low hanging balls bigger than oranges. His legs were spread apart out of necessity. He had long thick legs and you could see his hard wide calves from the front. Every inch of his skin was perfect. There wasn't a blemish or mole.

Then I looked past him to the other new man in the room. Brad was staring at Mat like he was hungry and Mat was his next meal. I immediately felt jealous and put my arm around Mat's waist. I could tell Brad wasn't paying any attention to Hao either. This was one fine looking stud. He was almost a foot shorter than my bro. But where Hao was smooth, Brad was hairy, he had the most beautiful blond fur all over his chest and abs, thick and darker in the crotch and down over his legs. He had a deep shadow on his face and you could tell he would have a thick dark blond beard. I'd bet good money that he had a furry ass too, but I couldn't see that from my angle. The hair only enhanced his thick muscle. It added shading to the sculpture. Running a finger down the deep crevasse between his pecs would have felt like a silken valley. Even with the hair you could tell he was ripped to shreds. His hands were clenched and his forearms looked like steel bridge cables stretched tightly over a giant sized bowling pin. There was power there. His hands were huge, they seemed almost too big for his body. He had a very veiny cut cock that stretched to his knees and grapefruit sized balls. His feet were hairy too, but it was so light you could hardly see it.

He noticed me looking and I heard his deep voice in my head, 'I think you are hot too and that man of your's and his tats are driving me to distraction.' Then he smiled. Geoff looked at me and my cock was stretching toward my knees. Then he looked back at Brad and smiled and mind spoke so we both could hear him, 'Brad, behave yourself, and both of you listen, this is important.' He tried to sound stern, but I could hear the mischief in his thoughts. Hao was going on and on and Ben broke in to sum things up.

What this all meant was that somewhere along our ancestral lines, Rob was related to Geoff and me. It had to be within five or six generations, but with that many who knows how he was related. Rob walked over to me and put his arm over my shoulders, "Welcome to the family cuz." And he kissed me on the cheek. I guess he had decided that we were cousins. I gave him a warm smile.

Ben continued telling us that the original slime had bonded with Geoff's and Rob's genetic structure and could be passed to others allowing the enhancements we had seen, but only our unique structure allowed us to produce the power cum. When Geoff gave me his, it was like the bonding took place all over again and it was with almost every cell in my body. Where his and Rob's bonding had taken nearly a month to complete, mine happened in minutes. That was the reason for the incredible pain I felt. I would feel some tiny bit of that for a few days, but it should feel more like humming in the background than actual pain. I felt this, but I just thought that was normal. Some kind of feeling of power.

Now that they knew where to look and find the genetic markers, they thought they should be able to re-create the slime and make it work for anyone. I wasn't sure why they wanted to do that, but Ben explained that while they certainly lacked for nothing, they wanted to convert the slime into a product that could simply grow men in a controlled environment.

In short, what they were trying to develop was a stud pill that would make even the shortest skinny guy into a tall stud with the muscle of a super-heavyweight bodybuilder and the cock of a porn star. They also wanted to create a superman pill so they could take anyone and create men our size. I was really surprised and so was Mat. This could revolutionize not just the supplement world, but the whole world.

The stud pill would be made available for those who could afford it, and Geoff added rather emphatically, "and those who deserve it." The superman pill would only be created in case that Geoff, Rob or myself were not available. It would take several months to come up with the stud pill and even longer for the superman pill. They didn't even know if they could put it in pill form, it might have to be an injectable.

They were also going to see if they could find a way to turn off the hunger that all the men felt for each other's cum. That was not a high priority, but it was something they had on their wish list. I asked them, "What if the military or some terrorist get hold of those superman pills? It could be a disaster." Geoff smiled and answered, "We've remained in hiding for almost ten years, so I think we can keep this from them, but we have already started a plan for the security and will have the time that it takes to develop these wonder pills to make sure the plan is enough. If it isn't we won't make them and we'll destroy that research." That sounded good enough for me.

Jake was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning. "I think we need a party to celebrate this and to welcome Mat and Sean to the Haven. I mean a party like we haven't had in a long time. This will take some planning." He was lost in his idea and almost ran out of the room.

Geoff just sighed, "That's my Jake." But he was smiling too. "Ok, so if that wasn't enough information to fry your brains... at least for those that were listening...," he grinned at me and this caused Mat to look at me with an expression questioning what I was doing. I just shrugged and Geoff continued, "we need to let these guys get some rest before their partners send out a search party, and I need to spend some time with my bro and his partner and explain the world they have climbed into."

Geoff decided that some place called the Aerie would be the best place for us to relax while he talked with us. We said our goodbyes and Brad winked at me and as we were leaving he grabbed Mat's ass. Mat actually jumped and Brad laughed.

Geoff just directed us deeper into the lab complex and to another set of those steel double doors. These opened into a large elevator. Geoff pushed a button with an eagle's head printed on it and we started moving up through the mountain. When the doors opened all we could see was a path leading off to the left and trees. Geoff punched a few buttons in the elevator and told us, "I've locked it off, so we'll have some privacy."

The path split off several times with those little markers. Then he led us down the path to a deck that was surrounded by trees but looked out over the lake and was hanging from the side of the mountain. The deck had to be at least 50' wide by 100' long. We must have been more than 500 feet up the side of the mountain. The view was spectacular. We could see the whole length of the lake, the beach and the lake house. It was breathtaking. The deck had two built in hot tubs right at the edge and a building that looked like a smaller version of the pool house along the back.

Geoff walked over to the building and pressed his hand to another scanner and the front of the building opened to reveal it was stocked with deck chairs and lounges, a fully stocked bar and a kitchen. "What can I say," Geoff said, "we like to be comfortable and party. It will take a little while for the tubs to heat up, are you hungry?"

I thought for a minute, "Yeah, I could eat." Mat agreed. "You'll find that is now a normal response. We are always hungry. I'll throw some steaks on the grill." Geoff went over behind the bar and opened a fridge. "Here are a couple of bottles of the protein concentrate to hold you over until they are ready." He then walked toward the kitchen area. Mat and I took our drinks and walked to the edge of the deck and took in the view.

I just took in the view of my guy. He was so sexy, I wanted him again. I put my arm around his waist. His hair was hanging thick and wavy more than half way down his back. I reached up under it and scratched between his shoulder blades. The muscle there was so thick and his skin so warm and soft. Then stroked down his back and grabbed his ass and rubbed it gently. He had his arm over my shoulder and pulled me tightly against him. "You don't have to rub, you've already got the genie out of the bottle." He kissed me and that electricity and his fingers ran right down my spine.

I could feel myself getting thicker and harder by the second. I reached down and stroked him. "Think we have long enough for some fun before dinner?" he asked.

"I think Geoff will hold it for us."

"Do you think we should invite him to join us?"

"Are you OK with that?" I asked.

"I think we're going to need to get used to it. I've been propositioned at least twice today. That would just be sex. Let's face it, we are both really new to all this, and have allot to learn. We are horny as toads. These guys might just be the one's to show us what we need to know. I understand when you and I are together, it will be so much better because it is so far beyond just sex. We might play with them, but we make love together."

I thought about what he said and thought to Geoff, 'hey, bro, I'm sure you know what we are up to out here, want to join us for a little pre-dinner fun?'

'You sure bro? I've wanted a chance to hold you again since you got out of my arms in Jake's office, but if it's not Ok, with Mat or you, then I can wait until you have time to adjust and feel comfortable.'

'Just get your fine hairy ass out here, my man has a big hard cock that needs attention and mine isn't far behind.'

We heard him laughing coming through the kitchen and out on the deck. He was carrying various cushions. "I was hoping you two would invite me. I'm honored to be asked." Mat grabbed him and kissed him like he does with me and I moved around behind my bro and reached around his huge chest and grabbed his pecs. Pulling my chest into his back.

"Bro, I've had dreams about this for as long as I can remember. I just never thought it would happen," and I pushed his hair to the side and kissed his neck.

'Use your head and we can all talk even when our mouths are busy. Damn, bro, your man is one hell of a kisser.' Mat pulled back and laughed. Since we were all wrapped in each other's arms, we all shook with his laughing.

'I think I'm getting the best deal, two brother's that are hotter than hell. It's like a porn director's dream,' Mat was trying out his own mind speak. Geoff and I just chuckled. Geoff thought just to me, 'let's make a Mat sandwich. I think he'll like that.' I moved from behind Geoff around both of them until I was behind Mat. "Ok, big man, I hope you are ready for the Moore brothers." I pulled them both into a tight embrace, pressing my cock against his ass. He growled.

I was hard as a steel spike and I wanted nothing more in this world than to be inside my guy. I pulled myself back slightly and pushed my cock down to his tight ass. I was dripping so much, my cock slipped inside like a hand in a glove. A glove that tightened so quick I gasped. Once I was in, I just stayed still and waited, flexing my cock a few times and hearing Mat purr as he kissed my bro. Then Geoff started moving down the front, laving attention on Mat's hard, more than ample, nips.

I watched as he licked and nibbled each one, and I flexed my cock in time with his nipple play. Mat was starting to move on my cock so I eased out and back in, just slightly, just to let him know I knew what he was wanting. Geoff moved down slightly and took the big head of Mats cock in his mouth. Mat groaned and I could feel it all along my cock.

It was taking every ounce of self control not to just push Mat over and fuck him senseless, but I wanted this to be as memorable as possible. Just as Geoff plunged down to take all of Mat's giant cock down his throat, I pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in. Geoff showed me with his mind that he had been the receiver of a huge load of precum. Mat was stroking Geoff's shoulders and head as Geoff and I took good care of Mat. Mat was almost vibrating with his need, he wanted more.

'Geoff, get on your back, so I can get at your cock. I still haven't had my chance at that fine piece of man flesh,' Mat was picking up the mind talk quickly.

'You got it buddy.' Geoff repositioned himself and Mat bent over and took all of Geoff's cock, in one thrust. Just as Geoff had done with him. Now it was Geoff's turn to moan and my turn to really drive into Mat's ass. Being in that ass is the next thing to heaven, as far as I'm concerned. It is hot, wet, tight, smooth as silk, hard as iron and it feels just so good.

I'm quickly lost in my own feelings, but I also feel Mat's mighty ass start to tighten further and I realize he is getting close. I increase my thrusting harder and harder, knowing I'm going to explode any second. Mat and I are both now sweating heavily. Geoff opens his mind to show us the pleasure we are all feeling.

'This is one of the things you can do now, you can share the bliss that you give to whoever you are with.' I could feel Mat sucking and tonguing Geoff's cock, Geoff teasing the head of Mat's cock and stroking and squeezing his balls and they could feel me slamming into Matt like a pile driver. We were completely connected. It was three men sharing sex like I had never even dreamed.

We were three supermen and we were one super fuck. We were all close and all moaning and then I felt it. It was as if there was another hand on me and I realized Geoff had reached back and was now stroking my balls and ass. I lost it and blew what felt like a gallon of cum in the first of many shots into Mat. Geoff exploded into Mat's mouth and Mat slammed his cock down Geoff's throat and unloaded an ocean of cum. Mat's orgasm slammed his ass tight so hard, it caused another massive explosion from me. I was breathing hard and I fell forward onto Mat's incredibly wide back. I was still cumming and it was now flowing out of Mat's ass down his legs and all over the deck. It was also flowing into my brother's hair. I could feel his smile.

We slowly untangled ourselves and Mat tried to help us all keep standing, but there was cum everywhere and he lost his footing and we all collapsed in a heap. He started it and soon Geoff and I were lost in uncontrollable laughter. "Damn, guys," Geoff said, "that was incredible."

"Yeah, I'm still breathless," I replied.

"All I know is that we have to do that again. Man, this sex stuff is fun!" Mat exclaimed.

That set off another round of laughs. "Let's get a quick shower and get those steaks going. It will be getting dark soon and we have a great deal to discuss." Geoff was finally standing and helping Mat and myself get standing.

"Oh, and after you shower, while I'm getting the eats, you two grab a hose and clean off the deck." We all laughed some more and Geoff wrapped his arms around our shoulders with me on his left, and Mat on his right and he walked us into the deck house and through to the showers.

"Let's keep this separate, or we'll end up going for another round and we really do need to talk," Geoff suggested.

"Ok, bro, no problem. Believe me, we are both incredibly curious," I said and Matt just nodded his head. We did help out each other by washing each other's backs, but other than that kept it to pure cleaning.

We all dried ourselves on the huge fluffy towels. Mat caught my eye and put one up to his nose and sniffed. I burst out laughing and gave him a mock punch on the shoulder. "Just pull that door open and throw the towels in there. It's a laundry chute and will send them right to a collection area for the lab's laundry area," Geoff explained.

'What's all the laughing about?' Geoff asked in my head. I did my best to give him a 3D explanation of why soaked towels were so funny. He laughed all the way to the kitchen. 'I can't wait to tell Jake that one, he'll bust a gut.'

Mat and I went back to the deck and got out the hose and cleaned up the cushions and deck area that was still covered with cum. "Doesn't it amaze you that we can cum so much now?" Mat asked.

"Sure, I've never been much more than a couple of shot kind of guy, but now it seems like every time it is, like, quarts."

"I guess that's one reason we need to keep well fueled. Then again, I guess, nothing should be surprising now."

We walked back over to take in the view of the valley. The sun was just heading toward the horizon and it looked like it was going to be a glorious sunset. Mat took my hand and pulled me to face him. He put my hand on his chest. He placed his right hand over my heart and leaned in and kissed me. The electricity was on full force and I was melting inside. My whole body was vibrating with love for this huge man.

I was still having trouble seeing myself as just as big, but somehow I knew, Mat was always going to be, my big man. We stood there on the deck making out like school kids as an incredible sunset developed behind us. The golden, orange and red hues shone around us.

At one point, I thought to myself, 'I wish I had a picture of this.' I felt Geoff in my head and I knew he was way ahead of me, and had already taken it. He didn't say it, he just gave me the impression of it.

'Thanks big bro. For everything.' •

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