Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

I cradled Mat in my arms, marveling at both how huge my arms are now, and how much I had come to care for the man there in just a couple of days. I may have expanded to Geoff's proportions, but this was my big man here in my arms. My arms were nearly as big as Mat's legs. I wanted him to be my big man again. I helped Geoff strip him out of his cum drenched cloths and I carried him to one of the tables and laid him down gently. I saw the looks passing between Geoff and Jake and ask, "What's going on guys? What are you not telling me?"

Geoff looked a Jake again who just shrugged. "We don't know. He shouldn't have passed out or been affected at all by your cum. Usually it would have made him horny, maybe energized, yes, but nothing else. Then again, you didn't exactly have what we've come to know as a normal growth. You felt pain didn't you?" Geoff asked.

Some concern in his voice. "Yes, but wasn't that normal? I read it in the journal?"

"Yes, in the early days, it was painful, but none of the more recent men have had anything but extreme pleasure. You are also the first man to reach my size. Not that I'm complaining bro, but no one else has gotten as big as me."

I thought for a couple of minutes. "Do you think it might be because we are brothers? I mean, we share more than a little DNA." He looked at Jake, who looked puzzled and just shrugged. Then we heard a groan from the table.

I looked down to see Mat's beautiful face with a painful expression. He started breathing hard and he started shaking.

"Oh, man little bro, this should not be happening. He didn't get any of my cum. Jake wouldn't even let him get the precum so you could have it all. But..." and he turned to Jake, "Go get Ben and tell him to bring his med kit. He'll need to get a sample of Mat's blood while he still can."

I was starting to panic. I was screaming in my head, 'What the hell is going on?'

Jake reached up and squeezed my shoulder for reassurance and ran out of the room with amazing speed. I didn't think such a big guy could move so fast. Geoff noticed my expression, "We've had ten years to get used to what these bodies can do. You've already heard," and he tapped his head, "that we can talk with our minds. There are other things you will learn in the coming days and weeks, but right now, I'm more concerned about you and about Mat. He looks like he is starting to grow. It takes allot longer than it feels like. It has been over an hour since you drank my spunk."

He paused and felt Mat's forehead. "He's hot, so that is normal, but the thing is, he shouldn't be growing at all." He paused for a minute, just thinking what to tell me.

"When you reached the point of your spontaneous orgasm and spewed enough cum to cover us all, he drank allot of it. He seemed as drawn to it as you were to mine, but it shouldn't make him grow." He just looked down at Mat and shook his head.

"So who is this Ben, and why do you want samples, and what did you mean about getting them 'while he can'?" I was confused and concerned and a little bit frightened. "Ben is one of the scientists that we convinced to join us to study the initial slime. He's also a medical doctor. The reason we have to hurry, is that once Mat finished his transformation, nothing, not even a hypodermic needle, will penetrate his skin. We become nearly indestructible."

I think I went white. Indestructible, that was unexpected. Sure, I understood we would grow and be strong and be able to fuck like rabbits, but indestructible? It seemed impossible. Then again, it was all impossible.

Just then, Jake and a beautiful Arab man ran into the room. Jake introduced us and Ben started to work getting a sample of Mat's blood. Then he took out little tool of some sort and had me open my mouth and took a scraping sample. After that was done, he walked over to where Mat had been laying on the floor and collected some of the cum. He came over and looked at Mat, took his temperature with one of those sensor things that he stuck in Mat's ear, took his pulse and listened to his heart.

"Everything seems as if he is starting a normal transformation. I'll get back to the lab and run the tests on the samples and see what I can find, but don't expect miracles." His voice was accented, but I couldn't place the accent. He smiled and looked at me, put his hand on mine and said, "Welcome, Sean, I look forward to getting to know you and Mat better and I can't wait for you to meet my partner Jorge."

"Uh, thanks, are you sure Mat is going to be Ok?" I asked.

"I don't see any reason why he should not be. He looks very healthy, the signs are that he is starting the process, so we'll know for sure in less than an hour." Then he spoke to Geoff, "I'll be in the lab, call me if there are any problems and I'll get here in a flash." With that he left the basement as quickly as he arrived.

Geoff looked at me with such gentle eyes, "Sean, everything is going to be Ok. You'll see. But you should be prepared. We didn't do as good of a job of that with Mat as we should and this is the result."

He saw my concern and confusion. He took a deep breath, "Ok, once one of us starts to get aroused we put off this pheromone effect. It is almost impossible for a normal person to resist, and not all that easy for us. Mat wasn't ready for that when you were so, shall we say, engrossed, in getting me off. When a person goes through the growth himself, that effect is extremely strong. In the past it has been known to turn into an all out orgy for every man in the room. I guess I was too excited at the prospect of you growing, that I didn't think to warn him and neither did Jake.

When your cock grew to over three feet in length, right before his eyes, well it was too much for him to bear. After you shot your first stream of cum right in his face, there wasn't anything else he could do, he drank from you, just like you drank from me. He should not have grown, but we would have had to delay his transformation until he recovered. Now, it looks like we are going to have another guy around here that will be able to grow guys." My gaze moved from Mat's face to Geoff's. He must have thought I was still confused.

He reached across the table and put both hands on my shoulders, "You, brother. If he grows, then that means you caused it. He didn't drink from me at all." I just nodded and looked back at Mat. He was so beautiful and he seemed in such distress. And I was the cause of his pain.

I was stunned. I missed all that while I was in my transformation. Mat started shaking again. This time his perfect 10", very swollen cock, started to throb with every heartbeat. He kept breathing harder and harder. Finally he groaned, "KEFE...Hungry." Jake grabbed the first of many bottles of supplements and started feeding him. We learned later that 'kefe' was Samoan for 'fuck' and he had been in the same incredible pain that I was. We saw him start to grow, and he curled up into a ball.

That much man curling into a fetal position, is unnerving. He eventually stretched back out to lay flat and kept growing. He had started laying completely on top of the table, but now his feet and calves were hanging over the edge. My big man, was getting bigger.

It made me smile inside. Some must have leaked out because my brother's grin got bigger and I heard inside my head, 'I'm so happy for you bro, I know it is unfair, but I've known since the first time I looked into his mind that this man loves you, it thrills me that you feel the same. He's a good man.' I didn't know how this worked, but I thought directly at my brother, 'Thanks bro. I do love him. He got into my heart when the only one in there was you.'

I saw Jake smile and then heard his voice in my head, 'Sean, you don't have to concentrate so hard or force your thoughts. You can hear us, we can hear you. You can also turn it off for privacy, or direct it just to those you want to hear, it just takes time to fine tune your thoughts. Everyone in the house probably heard that.' I blushed but I could feel his smile.

'Don't worry, you'll get the hang of this and all the rest soon. Right now, concentrate on this big man on the table.' And I did. Mat was still drinking and growing. I watched his abs form deep crevasses. His powerful waist actually narrowed slightly.

I reached down and felt his abs as they tightened. His skin was like silk but the muscle was hard as stone. His abs and obliques were becoming more and more pronounced. His already impressive legs, expanded and new cables of power appeared. I noticed his tattoo stretching and it seemed as if it further enhanced his already striated muscle. It was as if the artist knew he was going to be bigger. His torso raised from the table as his lats and traps grew thicker and thicker. His knees were now off the edge of the table. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He was getting so thick, I was beginning to wonder how he was going to be able to move. His shoulders were so broad that they started inching over the edged of the table. His thighs were now easily bigger than his waist.

He looked like he was made of muscle and that muscle was hard as steel. It was thick and so powerful looking and he wasn't even flexed. His cock had to be at least three feet long and at least as big around as my own and it was getting bigger. His balls had to be the size of coconuts. He drank and he grew. His arms were ripped with deeply etched muscle and the veins stood out and throbbed, feeding his muscle more power. His bis and tris were now incredibly ripped and you could see every cord of muscle. The bands of tattoo around his biceps looked liked they would burst. He set the latest bottle down and took a deep breath. I caught the bottle before it fell off the side of the table and drank it down.

Geoff looked at me strangely and I said, "What? I didn't want it to go to waste and I'm still hungry." He laughed.

His pecs shook when he laughed and it was real hot. What the hell was I thinking, he was my brother? Then I thought, right, right, and you sucked his cock so you could get to be his size. This internal argument would probably continue, but it wasn't where my head needed to be right now. Jake was the one to bring our attention back to Mat. He touched both Geoff's and my shoulders and I saw what he wanted us to see.

Mat's eyes were opening and his gaze was searching. I moved so he could easily see me. His eyes were kind of glazed over and he looked kind of drunk. It was just like I felt when I was starting to come back to myself. Just as soon as I caught his gaze, I was drawn to his cock. The smell was overpowering. Not to be denied. His massive cock was swelling to its new giant size, at least three and a half feet long and so big around that both my hands could barely touch around it. I grabbed hold of it and started stroking.

His eyes rolled back in his head with the pleasure, his moan was so deep and loud I think the walls shook. His cock swelled again and he started shooting. I wrapped my mouth around the huge head, and found that I could take more and more of it down my throat. I got at least half of it down and could have taken more when he convulsed hard and we both ended up off the table and on the floor with a "HUMPH!" I removed my mouth from his spurting cock, and moved up to kiss him. He grabbed my head and kissed me like he was going to swallow my tongue along with the rest of his load that he was licking out of my mouth, and then off of my face. As we laid there kissing, his breathing started to return to normal.

I pulled up away from his face. In the deepest voice I had ever heard he said, "Hmmm, now that was one hell of a dream. Oh, God Babe, you have such beautiful eyes." He stroked the side of my head smiling drunkenly. He shook his head back and forth trying to clear his thoughts. I knelt and helped him sit up and then we both stood. I moved him over toward the mirrored wall and his expression was just the best. His smile was never brighter. I could tell he was loving how powerful he looked. He actually flexed a most muscular, veins popped up over his whole upper body. There were was more cabled power in his chest, sholders, arms and thighs than anyone had ever dreamed of before. Veins stood out proud on every inch of him when he flexed. He was truly now and island deity.

He looked over at me and smiled, then started rubbing my chest and abs working his way down to my cock. He wrapped his big hand around it and hefted it, stroking slightly.

"Babe, you are so fucking incredible, I can't believe it. I love all this hair. I didn't think I would, but damn, you are one sexy fuck, God, you are so big and so fucking gorgeous and I want you.. grrrrr.. Now." I realized that he was looking me straight in the eyes, I was as tall as he was, or he was as tall as I am, or something.

His hands were all over me, stroking and squeezing. Mine were just as busy. In between kisses I thought to Geoff, 'uh.... hey.. bro.. I think... we need... somewhere else... for this.... you.... got.. an... extra bedroom.... around here?"

I heard Geoff and Jake laughing, but what I saw in my head was a set of 3D directions to a room upstairs, 'you boys have fun and we'll see you tomorrow....or whenever.'

Their laugh continued, but I was already dragging Mat with me up the stairs. We were both completely naked, covered with cum and dried cum as we made our way through the living room. There were at least a dozen men in there and they all cheered and whistled. Mat and I didn't pay any attention to them and I dragged him up another flight of stairs and down the hall to a set of double doors.

I pushed the door open and ripped the handle right off. I looked at it there crushed in my hand, really surprised. It was soft as putty. Mat was still kissing my face, neck and murmuring things in Samoan that I had no idea of words, but the meaning was clear. He was more than horny and in love and lust with me. I knew the meaning, because I was at the same place.

I pulled him inside the room and he stopped. Stopped moving completely. I wasn't sure why until I turned around. The room was amazing. A huge bed, easily three times a king size sat in the middle of room. There was a table by the window with food and drink, there were a dozen bottles of supplements right next to the bed and several large containers of lube. There were candles all around. Behind the bed was another set of double doors, these open to an amazing bathroom. A pool sized tub, a shower more than large enough for two men our size. Our size. Damn we were huge and I felt like I was nuclear powered.

I ended our survey of the room and grabbed Mat by his rock hard shoulders and pushed him back toward the bed. We kept moving until he was under me laying on the bed. I pulled up from the kiss and looked into his eyes, "I want you big man. I want you so bad." Our cocks were hard and wet between us. I was grinding my hips, thrusting my iron rod next to his. He just pushed me up and raised his legs over my shoulders.

"Take me Sean, make me yours." It sounded like a line from some porno, but I was now driven by his heat, his smell, our desire and my lust. I pushed his feet up and buried my face in his ass. My tongue found his rosebud and worked at it until he opened for me for the first time. He was moaning loud now, begging me to fuck him. I couldn't wait anymore. I raised my dripping cock to his waiting ass and pushed. He moaned. I pushed some more and he opened so easily. My cock was pushing into heaven and he was so tight, so perfect. Made just for me. God this felt good. I pushed in slowly until my balls squeezed against his ass and I knew I was home. I saw stars floating in front of my eyes and it was like my whole body was entering his ass. He actually growled and I could feel it right to my core.

I pulled back and he moaned again. I could feel that I was hitting his sweet spot with every thrust, dragging against it for the whole thrust. I felt like I was in heaven. I was never so connected with another person. He started thrusting back against me and I was soon sweating and going harder and harder.

Mat grabbed my pecs and squeezed my nips. Before that instant I never connected my nips with my balls, but now they were connected with high voltage nerves. I moaned and dove for his lips. I was thrusting so hard it felt like the house was shaking. I was sucking on his tongue and I felt him release against my abs and chest. It felt like gallons of cum lubricating between our bodies. His ass clamped down on my cock and I exploded inside of him. I yelled, moaned, screamed all at the same moment.

I collapsed on top of him and my head was next to his. I started rubbing my face into his neck. He started talking to me again in Samoan and I when I started to come around, I thought to him, 'Babe, I love you more than life itself, but I don't know what you are saying.'

He almost jumped right out from under me. "What the fuck was that?"

I chuckled. "Just one of our new talents. We can talk to each other without actually speaking. The guys said there were more things, but we'd talk about them tomorrow....or whenever." I had now pushed up so I was looking into his eyes. I saw amazement, and then they softened into those brown pools that I knew.

"Ok Babe, just don't surprise me like that, I thought I was going to jump right out of my skin." And he laughed. Then he rolled us over.

"I would never want that, Mat, I love your skin."

He kissed me again, this time lightly, just a nibble, then moved down to my neck licking and sucking and nibbling his way down my body. I started stroking his shoulders and he looked up and said, "just lay still, this is for you." I laid back and he started really going to town. I swear he licked every inch of me that he could get at. Cleaned every drop of cum. My pits, my arms my pecs, man did he pay attention to my nipples, it was like they were hard little cocks being sucked.

He licked down my abs, tracing every crease to my navel. He poked and licked and even sucked it. By now, my cock was rock hard and evidently getting in his way. He moved down and stroked and licked my legs, again tracing every hill and valley. I flexed and he actually slapped my cock. He growled, "I said, lay still." I moaned.

He licked and sucked my balls like they were the finest thing he ever tasted. Then he lifted my legs and dove into my ass. His tongue felt as big as a cock thrusting in my chute. I thought the top of my head was going to fly off. I knew I couldn't take much more of this. I was humping against his face.

He stood up and pulled my ass to the edge of the bed and I felt his hot fire brand at my entrance. He was pressing into me and I yelled, "Oh, God, Mat, fuck me, fuck me hard. Give it to me you hot fucking stud." And he did. Every inch in one thrust. There was no pain at all. Only bliss. He was a man possessed. He slammed into me faster and faster, deeper and harder until I could take no more. I pulled myself up to him, pressing our pecs together, and erupted between us. Cum shot out of me and hit the ceiling fell back on us. I felt him fill me to overflowing at the same time. He shot still thrusting into me and I clamped down hard. We both collapsed on the bed breathing hard. I rolled on my side to look at him.

"Matafao Taase, I love you." I leaned in an kissed him lightly. He smiled at me still breathing hard.

"You know..... we are ... no where.... near finished ..... babe. I want to make ..... love to you ... all night long.... and for.... the rest .... of ...our lives." He took a deep breath. "And you know, the way I feel now, I think I can."

"I know, I feel incredible. Even after making love the way we have I'm not tired at all. I feel electrified. Let's go get a shower and do it again."

He laughed that thunder laugh of his. "I think I've created a monster."

"Oh really, now just who created which monster?" We laughed our way into the bathroom wrapped around each other.

We made love many times that night. In the shower, on the bed, in the tub and on the floor. We ate most of the food and drank all of the protein to fuel our lust. We could not wear each other out, but we were blissfully happy as we went to sleep near dawn.

It was after noon when I woke up to find Mat just laying there next to me, watching me. "See something you like?" He didn't respond with words, he just crawled on top of me and kissed me until I could barely breathe.

"I just never get tired of that. You ready for another shower? I think maybe we should get up and find out just where we are living and some more about these bodies we now inhabit. What they can do is incredibly fun, but I have a feeling there is more that we don't know yet."

"I know what you mean. Let's get up and see if we can find Geoff and Jake."

We went into the bathroom and got in the shower. Mat adjusted the water and soon it was steaming out of the four heads. We washed each other and we were both soon hard and hot. Mat was behind me rubbing his cock against my crack and up my back. I decided to take a bit of initiative. Turned around pressing our cocks between us and I grabbed his shoulders and pressed myself up until I felt his cock head press against my ass. My cock was in front of his face and his tongue was busy.

Man, this felt just perfect. I moaned and he groaned as I released my hold and slid down his pole completely in one long slow slide. When I reached the bottom I wrapped my huge legs around his thick waist and started pulling myself back up his cock and let myself sink down again. At the bottom, I kissed him and he pulled me tight against him. I kept pulling up and sliding down and squeezing his cock over and over with my ass.

He was moaning hard in the kiss and I finally heard him in my head, 'Oh, God, Babe, how do you know this. Oh, God, so good. Oh, God, Oh Fuck ME! Don't stop, Don't Ever STOP.' I pulled myself up again and this time licked his neck and ear. I felt his whole body tense and he exploded in my ass. His huge arms wrapped me tighter and the pressure on my cock against his flexing pecs and abs was all I could take. I covered us in another layer of cum. He held me tight against him until our breathing returned to normal. He lifted me up off of his cock and we washed again.

"Where did you learn that? That was amazing. I've never even dreamed of anything like that."

"I don't know, I probably read about it somewhere. There is so much I want to try with you."

He kissed me again. We dried each other off with towels that looked just like those that we found out by the pool. He smiled at me and lifted one to his nose. I laughed so hard I thought I would bust something.

"Come on Babe, let's go see if we can find your bro." He took my hand and we left our borrowed room and started back into the house.

Downstairs we didn't find anyone in the living room or by the pool. I looked in Jake's office, but that was empty too. I started toward the party room with Mat following when we heard someone working in the kitchen. We walked in and saw the same big bear of a man that had been working there before.

He looked up as we came in and said, "Hi guys, you must be Sean and Mat." He wiped his hands on a his apron to shake hands with us. "I'm Nick, kind of the chief cook and bottle washer. If it is food you need, just let me know and I'll do what I can."

"Thanks, Nick, I'm Sean and this is Mat. Something to eat sounds good, but don't go to any trouble."

"Man, it's no trouble at all. Lunch is just finished and I'm getting started on dinner. Believe it or not, there was actually food left after lunch. That doesn't happen to often around here." He laughed a hearty laugh. "Man, those are some really cool tats. I always wanted one, but that's kind of not possible now," Nick said to Mat.

"Why's that?" Mat asked.

"Well, one thing, we are kind of isolated here and no one is a tattoo artist and it is kind of difficult to get anything to penetrate this." He takes the knife he is chopping with and pokes it right in the back of his hand. It doesn't even scratch the skin. "See, I doubt even a tattoo needle would get through."

Mat and I realized that we both had allot to learn about our new life. Nick got us settled in a dining area in the kitchen and brought out enough food to feed a small army. I was surprised that we finished it all. Nick just laughed, "Yeah, it is kind of hard to keep the tank full with just food." He rubbed his waist. "We all enjoy the food, but do have to supplement with the protein drink to keep these bodies fueled."

Just then Rob walked into the kitchen, "Hey Nick, have you seen Brad? He was supposed to meet me for a workout ten minutes ago."

"Nope buddy, haven't seen him since breakfast, said he was going up to the lab to see what Doc was working on."

"Ok, thanks," Rob said and he was gone. Then he stuck his head back in, "Sorry guys, glad to see you two up and about. I've got to run, but we'll get to talk soon. Man, you did turn out as hot as I expected. Have fun. Catch you later," and he was gone again.

Nick just looked at us, "That's Rob. More than a little hyper, but fun. He is almost always on the move, when he's not with Brad."

"So Nick," Mat asked, "any idea where Geoff and Jake are? We kind of have lots of questions." Nick just smiled and chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are either at the lab or up at the lake house. Let me give them a shout." A look of concentration comes across his face. "Ah, they are up at the lab." He looks a little dizzy. "Whew, it always take it out of me to try to think through the mountain. You'll find that some are stronger than others in the mental speak. I usually do pretty good, but the damn mountain gets in the way."

"So why didn't Rob use that to find Brad?" I asked. "Oh, Rob is strong enough to get through the mountain, but you kind of have to know where to point your head. It just takes time to get used to it. He could have just tried different areas of the property, but since almost everyone comes through here to eat, whoever is on kitchen duty probably will know where people are. It's just something we got used to."

"Cool, we just have to learn the ropes. So, who decides on kitchen duty? I can burn water with the best of them." Nick laughed so hard he had to stop what he was working on.

"I know I'm going to like you guys allot. There are several of us that have experience with cooking. I was working in catering when I happened to deliver a party to these guys and the rest, as they say, is history." He pulls a double bi flex and his arms spring into mountains and his furry pecs almost burst through his apron. "We know different people have different talents. So you might not get kitchen duty, but you can help out in other ways. It all works together really well, at least it has so far." Nick seemed like a real likable guy.

"How do we get to the lab? I'd really like to see what my bro is up to and learn more about what we are now." Nick says, "Hey, no problem, it's easy. Just past the pool house is a trail. It is well marked. Follow it toward the lake. Once you get to the lake, follow the signs to the lab. It will be off on the south side of the property and don't be surprised when it looks like you are walking into the mountain. Because, you are. The lab is actually built into the lake side of the mountain."

Mat says, "Thanks, Nick, and thanks for the great food. Let me know if you need a hand in here sometime. I've got six brothers, so I know my way around a kitchen."

Nick laughed again, "have a good afternoon guys, see you for dinner."

We started out the back of the house. •

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