Haven, The

A sequel to The Journal


By Braun1

I jogged over to the library and looked up some more copies of the campus newspaper from the time my brother disappeared. Several weeks were missing and I was really getting frustrated. I asked one of the librarians about copies of the town newspaper, but she said that I'd have to go to the newspaper office for those.

Just when I was about to give up for the afternoon, I had an idea. What if I was looking at this all wrong? Maybe I shouldn't be looking in the obvious places. If something was being covered up, surely whoever was doing the covering would have thought of all those places. The University records all seemed to be missing or not make any sense. It was as if months in their history had just disappeared and no one seemed to think it was odd. I started thinking about how one would go about creating such a cover up. The first thing was money. It would probably take lots of money. Looked back at the campus maps again. The current one showed that the science center was called the Masters Center. The older maps showed it as the Prescott Building. I wondered why the name changed? If something had happened and the old building had to be replaced. Even if it was old and obsolete and was torn down, you would think that there would still be some part of it named for the original Prescott, whoever he was.

I asked the librarian if there was a record of donations to the University in the archive and she showed me where I could find the microfilm. Damn, this was a first class library and yet all the financial records were on microfilm? I went through the catalog, but when I went to the cabinet containing the film, I was not really surprised that the rolls that I needed were missing.

I looked through the catalog again and found many references to Masters Inc. being a benefactor of the University. I never saw any connection at all to science. In the years before my brother came to the college, almost all the donations by Masters Inc. were channeled to athletics.

The fitness center was sponsored by the corporation. Several athletic programs were almost entirely supported by the corporation's donations. After the missing period, there were no more entries for Masters Inc. I wasn't sure where this was leading but I felt a trail of bread crumbs was leading somewhere. I spent the next several hours going through roll after roll of the microfilm, looking for references to Masters Inc. They went back many years, but stopped abruptly with the same period that was missing. I started getting a sinking feeling that something sinister was at work. I pulled back from the film viewer and noticed that it had gotten dark outside. I looked at my watch and it was almost 7pm.

I started to wonder if Mat was going to stop by the library or not. It was Saturday night and I knew the library would be closing soon so I gathered up my stuff, shouldered my backpack and started toward the front of the building. Along the way, I started thinking about Mat.

Why was I so taken with him? What did he see in me? Since he didn't come to the library, did he really mean what he said this morning? What reason did I have to doubt him? I didn't really know him at all.

As I was musing with my doubts, I reached the front desk of the library and sitting in the lounge area right next to the entrance was a huge sleeping man. Mat was waiting for me. I guess he did stop by but had no idea where in the building to find me. I was surprised by my reaction. My heart raced, my breath caught in my chest and there was a very pleasant twitch in my pants.

Yep, I was smitten. I very nearly floated over to where he was sitting and tapped him on the shoulder. He groaned and stretched his arms over his head. The muscles of his arms and shoulders looked like they would rip right through his shirt. Damn he looked pumped.

When he realized it was me waking him, that 1000 watt smile returned, "Hi Sean, sorry I fell asleep. I didn't know where you were but figured you would find me if I waited here. This chair was so comfortable that I must have dozed off. So, how is the research going?"

He actually reached up like he was a little kid as if I should pull him out of the chair. I grabbed his hands, but don't think I helped very much. I leaned almost my whole bodyweight back pulling at his hands and he stood up easily. I was still just staring at his enormous arms and chest when he cleared his throat and said, "Um, you enjoying the view?"

I think I must have turned every shade of red that there is. He just laughed that thundering laugh again. He threw one of those heavy arms over my shoulders and said, "Come on, I'm starving and I'll bet you haven't eaten all day. Let's go get something to eat, and you can tell me all about what you have found today." My stomach took that opportunity to answer for me with a loud rumble. He was basically pulling me through the door and down the steps of the library laughing all the way.

We went to this little Italian place across the street from the campus. I had seen it many times, but had never been there. It was a tiny place, just ten tables or so and a service counter with a door to the kitchen behind. Of course everyone there knew Mat and when he walked in the owner, a rotund Italian man, came out from behind the counter and Mat wrapped him in a big hug.

"Ah, Mr. Mat, I see you are back for more of Geno's food. You will eat me out of business. And who is this with you? A new friend?" he asked in a genuine Italian accent. Geno was obviously pleased to see Mat. Mat responded with the most fake Italian accent I ever heard.

"Ah, Mr. Geno, you-ah know I can't resist-ah your-ah cooking. It is the only-ah food that can fill-ah my-ah empty-ah tank. This-ah here-ah is-ah my-ah best-ah friend Mr. Sean. You will-ah be seeing lots-ah of-ah him-ah." By this point I thought Geno would have heart failure he was laughing so hard. Mat was enjoying himself thoroughly.

In between his laughter Geno replied, "any friend of Mr. Mat is a friend of mine." He proceed to prove this by wrapping me up in a big hug and kissed both of my cheeks. "So, you boys sit and relax. I'll get you something to drink and tell the boy to get out here to find out what I'll be fixing for you."

Mat and I sat down at an empty booth and Geno went off to the kitchen. I was starting to fill Mat in on my strange findings about Masters Inc. when Geno returned with two huge glasses filled with some kind of cola.

"Sean, you are about to taste the best cherry Coke on the planet. Geno introduced me to them and I never drink anything else here. This is not some out of the bottle cherry Coke, he makes the flavoring himself from real cherries," Mat informed me.

Geno handed me my glass and they were both staring at me. I figured I had better taste it because they were obviously waiting for my reaction. I took a sip. It was heaven. Sweet, tart, not too carbonated. There were real cherries floating with the ice cubes. It was truly the perfect cherry Coke. I had never been a fan of this drink, but I sure was now. I just kept drinking and finished almost half the glass. When I finally set the glass down they were both grinning like the Cheshire Cat.

I thought for just a sec then told them, "Man, Mr. Geno, that-ah is-ah the best-ah thing-ah I-ah ever-ah tasted." I tried to mimic the same fake accent that Mat had used earlier and now there were both laughing so hard Geno was pounding on Mat's shoulder and Mat was slapping the table.

Geno recovered first and now with no accent whatever looked right at Mat and told him seriously, "Mat, whatever you do, my friend, don't let him go. This one is a keeper." He turned quickly around and headed straight for the kitchen turning back just before he got there and gave me a wink.

I knew I had a stunned look on my face, but Mat was just smiling. "Geno was the first friend I made when I came here," Mat said. "I was really hungry after the long set of flights from Samoa and I asked the taxi driver where I could get something good to eat. He brought me here. I think I ate everything on the menu. Ever since, Geno and I have been very good friends. When he found out that I was gay, he tried to fix me up with his son, but he wasn't the one I was looking for."

He reached over the table and just put his hand over mine, totally covering it. He was looking at me with those shining eyes and that smile that just made me melt.

The 'kid' showed up a few minutes after to take our orders. The 'kid' was Geno's son and really very attractive. About 6' tall with short on the sides, long on top black hair. I would guess he was about 20 and quite muscular. He looked small next to Mat, but then so would anyone. He had that hairy chest, gold chain, too much 'product' in his hair look. Right down to the too tight pants and the white wife beater, his look screamed young Italian stud. Mat introduced him as "Georgio".

He flashed me a smile, but I could see something else there too. Was it jealousy or a look that said 'yeah, this will never last'. I couldn't be sure. He didn't speak to me at all. Mat ordered for both of us and I was wondering where all this food was going. Sounded to me like he was ordering for six people, not two.

"I want you to taste all the good stuff, then you'll know what to have next time. Geno would be insulted if I didn't eat allot. Sometimes I just pack it up and take it with me but tonight I have you to help." He was grinning again. "So, tell me more about what you found today."

"I really want to follow up on this Masters Inc. lead. It is another thing that just does not add up. I would have liked to check out the town's newspaper archive, but I'm sure they are closed. I'll have to just settle for a web search when I get back to my place. If there is a connection to my brother's disappearance and that of Brad Phillips, well, it is much harder to hide corporate records than make the University library files disappear."

I could tell I was rambling, but I finally had something to look for. Mat was just smiling at me.

"How can I help?" he asked.

"I really don't know yet, but you can come back to my place while I search on the computer, or we can split up and each look on-line for more info."

I wanted to give him the option because I knew I was going to be too distracted from anything until I had figured how this latest puzzle piece fit. Mat didn't reply right away. He seemed to be thinking over the options.

"It is nice see you so excited. I have another idea. A few blocks from your apartment there is an internet cafe, we can go there after we eat, and we can look together." I wasn't sure how to react. It was like he as determined as I was to find answers.

I was saved because Georgio returned with plates, lots of plates. Very quickly the table was covered with food. Spaghetti with huge meatballs. Lasagna. Veal Picatta. Fettucini with clam sauce. There were dishes I had never seen before. Enough garlic bread to feed an army. It was an Italian food lover's feast. Mat just grinned and dug in. All through the meal he kept pushing food at me saying, "try this." We ate until we were stuffed. At least I was stuffed. Mat looked like this was nothing out of the ordinary for him.

As I finished my second giant cherry Coke, I finally came to a decision, "Mat, I think we should go to the cafe. Two heads are better than one." He seemed more than a little pleased. Mat wouldn't let me pay for dinner at all, but I did convince him to let me leave the tip for Georgio, even if he hadn't said a word to me all night.

We walked to the internet cafe chatting about dinner and what we were going to be searching for. When we arrived there were only a couple of PC's together but we took two near the back. I went to get us both some coffee and pay for the on-line time. This time I wasn't letting Mat pay.

It wasn't long before we were both searching through records. Mat seemed more than adept at web searching. There were lots of references to Masters Inc. SEC filings, shareholder notices, annual reports and property listings. I started on the SEC filings for the years before what we were now calling 'the period'. Mat concentrated on property listings. There were many of both records.

After about two hours of searching Mat put his hand on my shoulder, "Babe, look at this." He was pointing at something on his screen. I just stared at his face, not his screen. He asked, "What?".

I was the one with the cheshire grin now, "You called me 'Babe'. No one has ever called me 'babe'."

He looked around to see if anyone was paying attention and then leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "That's because you are my babe. But look here, this might be something important."

I looked where he was pointing. It was a corporate property transfer report from a few years before 'the period'. It showed several properties in the same town as the University being transferred from a corporate trust to a guy named Jacob Masters, IV.

There were a couple of office buildings downtown and something called the Masters Estate outside of town. It also showed the transfer of a gym from Jacob Masters, IV, to the corporation. It looked like we had more bread crumbs to follow.

Mat looked straight at me and says, "It is too late on a Saturday for the office buildings or the gym to be open, but I'll bet we can find the estate."

I was surprised, it was already after 10pm, "Are you sure you want to try to go out there tonight? It might be better to wait until morning?"

"I don't know, but something tells me we need to go tonight." He was intent on going.

"But I don't even have a car, how can we get there?", I asked. He printed the page he was reading.

The big smile was back. He wrapped that heavy arm around my shoulders and said, "Gather your stuff. I've got a car. We'll go back to my place. Get the car and go. I've got one of those "direction finder" things like the rental cars, so all we need to do is put in the address and it will tell us how to get there."

Just that quick, we were on our way to his place. I could hardly keep up, he was walking so fast. Now I knew what people shorter than me felt like. He was as excited as I was. His place was in a really upscale apartment complex near the campus. We never made it to his apartment. He took me right to his car. Well, 'car' is an understatement. It was a huge SUV. I later found out that it was a Chevy Tahoe. We climbed in and he started it up. It looked like it had every option known to man and then some.

He said it was 'leased' to him by a football team supporter for a dollar a year. I guess jocks really do get all the breaks. He typed in the address and the car started giving him directions. A little more than half an hour later we were driving down this country road and the computer beeped and told us we had passed our destination.

We both looked at each other with confused looks on our faces. We had not seen anything that looked like an estate. He pulled off the road, turned around and drove slowly back up the way we had come. On the right side of the road, about a half mile back, we found an unmarked paved lane that looked like it had not been used recently. We looked at each other again and he just shrugged and turned off the road onto the lane.

A few hundred yards up the winding lane we came to a huge wrought iron gate that was attached to a stone wall that was at least 20 feet high. The wall stretched off into the forest for as far as we could see with the truck headlights. There was no sign to indicate that this was the Masters Estate. Instead the rather imposing gate had a big 'H' at the top.

We got out of the truck and walked up to the gate. There was no key pad or call box that I could see. He didn't find any way of opening the gate either. I was getting really frustrated. We had come this far, but the gate was keeping us from getting any further. I shouted to the forest, "Damn It!"

Mat went straight back to the truck and pulled some leather work gloves from under the seat. He looked at the gate and grabbed it and started climbing it like some kind of gorilla climbing a tree. This man looked great from every angle. His arms and legs bulged with the effort and one part of me just wanted to dive into his ass.

"Mat, what the hell are you doing? We can't just break in here. We'll get arrested," I was nearly shouting.

He was quickly up and over the top and climbing down the other side. He looked me through the gate, "don't worry about it. We're just going to look around. If we run into anyone we'll just plead ignorance, tell them the gate was open and we were lost."

I was not convinced, "I don't know about this, I don't even know if I can climb this thing." He started to look around on the other side of the gate.

Then I heard, "Sean, go look under the passenger seat and see if there is a flashlight there. If it is not there, look in the glove box."

I went to look through the truck and found a flashlight under the seat. I handed it to Mat through the gate and he started once again checking around to the one side of the gate, then not finding whatever he was looking for, he checked the other side. I couldn't see what he was doing but soon I heard him grunt like he was straining with something.

"Mat, are you Ok?" I asked.

"Yeah, it was just rusted shut and I had to really pull to get it open" he replied.

Just then I heard a click and the gates started opening. Mat came jogging through the now open gate and said, "Jump in" and he climbed into the truck and he pulled the truck inside the gate.

"I wasn't sure when I climbed over, but I was betting that this was on some kind of remote control. There is usually an electrical box on the inside of these gates with a backup switch, just in case they can't get it open. Usually it will just let the gates swing freely so they can be manually opened, but this one actually had some sort of battery backup."

"How the heck do you know this kind of stuff?" I was getting more and more amazed at just how smart this big jock was. I guess I had been giving in to the stereotype of the dumb jock. This man was no stereotype.

He just chuckled, "I worked at a hotel when I was in high school and they had a similar kind of gate to get into the VIP area. It was always breaking down, so I had to figure out how to deal with it. After I forced the gate the first time and broke the works, the grounds keeper showed me this little trick." Hmmmm, I thought, smart and resourceful.

We drove up the lane for what seemed like miles, and didn't see any lights or anything that looked like buildings but it was dark and we only had the headlights so we couldn't see much inside the surrounding forest. I was just beginning to wonder where we were really going when the trees parted and in front of us was a large parking area. Across the area was a very large stone house. I guess it was a mansion really because it seemed huge. The headlights didn't even show all of it.

The strange thing was that it was completely dark, there wasn't any sign of life. Mat pulled up right in front of what looked like the main door and turned off the truck. We got out and with the flashlight showing the way, walked up the steps.

Again, on the front of each of the two huge wooden doors, was that same 'H' symbol from the gate. These were some impressive doors. They were at least double the height of normal doors and probably twice as wide. Mat just looked at me and I reached over and pressed the button for the door bell. I didn't hear anything, so I pressed it again.

After several minutes went by, we realized that no one was going to answer the door. Mat tried the door's handle, but it was locked. "Let's try around the side, maybe we can find an open door or window," Mat said. This guy of mine was determined. "Ok, let's go" I said just shrugging.

We walked toward the garage and around the side of the house and saw the first glow of lights we had seen on the whole property. When we reached the back of the house, there was light coming from not one, but two outdoor swimming pools. 'Now why would the pools be lighted when nothing else was?' I thought. We kept walking to the pool area. When we got there, the sight that greeted us was really surprising.

There were towels everywhere and the trash barrels were full. It looked like a pool party had just ended. There were large lounge chairs that looked more like king sized beds. Mat picked up one of the towels and it was huge, at least twice the size of a beach towel. "Still wet" he stated. Then he sniffed and he raised the towel to his nose and sniffed again. He looked at me and held the towel out for me to sniff. Cum. The towel was wet with cum, soaked in it.

"What do you think is going on here?" he asked. "I have no idea, but if I had to guess, I'd say some kind of orgy just finished. But if it just finished, then where is everybody?" I asked. He turned the flash light toward the house. "Look at this." I turned around to see what he was seeing.

There were huge glass doors on the back of the house and again, they were the size of the doors on the front of the house. The weird thing was that they were standing open. Mat walked toward one of them and motioned for me to follow. I kept behind him and what we saw inside was even more shocking.

It was evidently a lounge area or living room but the furniture was giant sized. It looked twice the size of normal furniture. As we looked around, it appeared that everything in the house was bigger than normal. Mat walked over to a wall and tried a light switch. It was a his eye level. A light came on down a hall off this main room and he followed the light. Again we were confronted with more of these huge doors. It almost seemed like we were children sneaking around in a house for giants. I expected to hear "Fe Fi Fo Fum" any second. It just appeared to be deserted. There was no sign of anyone being around. Mat looked back at me and shrugged and turned the door handle and started into one of the rooms and flicked on the lights. I followed him and we entered a library or office area. The books were normal sized, but again the furniture was giant sized.

We both looked around the room, not even knowing if we were in the right place. Mat looked around the desk and I was looking at the shelves of books. There seemed to be many books about bodybuilding, biology, anatomy and nutrition.

"Look here," He says, "This letter is addressed to J. Masters. I think we found the right house." I was starting to get excited.

"Ok, well if it is the right house, then where is everybody?" I asked.

"I don't know, but let's keep looking," he replied.

It was after midnight now and I was really getting tired. I sat on one of the over sized leather chairs and was almost overwhelmed by the smell. The chair smelled of leather, musk, cum...it smelled of sex. I looked over on the table beside the chair and laying there was a theme book like we used at the University.

It was even from the University bookstore. I picked it up and opened it. I read the first line and I knew all the color drained out of my face. "The Journal of Geoff Moore" it read. "Mat, Mat look at this!" I almost shouted. Mat came rushing over and I got off of the chair to show him the journal.

"It's my brother's journal. The first date is right when 'the period' started. I can't believe this. I just can't believe this." Mat was smiling and hugging me.

"I'm so happy for you, I just knew you were right. I knew we were right to come here," and he kissed me hard. I melted into the kiss. When we both pulled away, we started reading the journal.

We had to stop reading several times to talk about how impossible it all seemed, but after reading my brother's story, all, well most of the pieces of the puzzle were coming together.

If this place was the Haven mentioned in the journal, then all those 'H' symbols made sense. If there had been an explosion of some sort at the science building, then replacing it also made sense. What still didn't make sense was why all the mystery and why had my brother never contacted me? And what was up with this house built for giants?

Mat held me close to him as we read the story and we both spent most of the time hard and from the look of the front of his pants, dripping as well. It was hard not to just rip our cloths off and beat off. My brother's tale seemed like some impossible fantasy, but man was it hot.

Guys growing to unbelievable sizes. Cocks as big as your arm. Never ending sex. Mat kept holding me tighter and I knew he was breathing hard, but I was determined to finish it. I had already checked the end of the journal to see if there was any clue to where my brother was now, but the whole journal only seemed to take a few days. I went back and read chapter after chapter looking for clues.

We must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is opening my eyes and seeing light coming through the windows. It was still very early morning. I could hear Mat's heartbeat and realized I was curled up against his chest. Not quite awake, I also thought I felt a vibration through the floor. It was regular and soon I not only felt it, I heard it. A regular thump, thump, thump like very heavy footsteps. I panicked and grabbed Mat tight, but didn't say anything. He was just stirring when we heard the door open.

I looked up and saw a giant for the first time in my life. He was blond, huge and handsome does quite cover it. About 12' tall and naked. I felt Mat's whole body tighten and become like rock. A protector ready to pounce.

"Well, well, now what do we have here?" said a deep bass rumble. That was the last thing I heard as I passed out. •

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