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Jerry carried Kevin all the way to the island in his capable arms. As he approached, he searched for Carlos with his mind to tell him what had happened and to be ready for them when they arrived.

::Welcome back,:: he answered. His voice sounded soothing, cool and rich in Jerry’s head. ::I’m sorry to hear about Kevin. Is he all right?::

::He’s alive, that’s about all I can tell you. This stuff they shot him up with – that’s not entirely accurate, they..::

::Just tell me.::

::It’s bad. It’s very bad.::

::Just get here as fast as you can. There have been some changes recently. We may be able to help him.::

::I hope so,” Jerry responded. Because no one else can.

The four naked men landed before the main lab housing. Carlos and Michael were waiting for them, and their faces registered the surprise they were feeling at seeing the obvious results of Transform 3 on the faces and bodies before them. Kevin was a sagging collection of flesh and bone in Jerry’s arms. The huge man held the other close to his chest, the muscles of his arms and shoulders bulging and flexing as if he was struggling, though that was hardly the case.

“Bring him inside. Adam is waiting.”

“Why is Adam…?”

“As I said, there have been some changes.”

Michael scanned the masses of perfect masculinity before him and added, “Evidently, there have been more changes that we knew of.”

Adam stood just inside the door. It was obvious to Jerry that he was quite a different man than the boy he’d last encountered. There was an aura of wisdom and self confidence about him that hadn’t been there before. He still gave off his overwhelming sensation of unconditional and all-encompassing love, but another flavor was added in to the mix of his being, and it emanated from him quite palpably. “Welcome back, Jerry. And Kevin,” he said, placing his hand on the other man’s soft forehead. He kissed Kevin’s mouth with tenderness and affection.

“What can be done?” Jerry asked, laying Kevin down on a platform gently. There were no formal beds in the lab. It was never meant to act as a hospital. There was never going to be a need for that. Transformed men were invulnerable.

Adam’s face looked determined. “We will heal him.”

“I’ve tried it! I tried to Transform him back! It doesn’t work.”

Sherman cleared his throat. “It won’t work.”

Adam, Carlos and Michael turned to this new man. Michael, as elected host, extended his hand. “I don’t believe we’ve been introduced. My apologies, but we have been rather preoccupied. My name is Michael.”

“Major General Sherman Tipton,” he said, coming immediately to attention. Some habits are very hard to break.

“Sherman,” Michael said, ignoring the title. “And these gentlemen?” He looked at the other three.

Jerry said, “This is Scott, Jay Lee and Jason.”

Scott came forward, pulled Michael into an embrace and kissed his mouth deeply in greeting. Michael nearly staggered, then recovered himself and said, “We will certainly have to get to know each other better!”

“You better fucking believe it,” he answered with a wink. Jay Lee and Jason, also still under the influence of their military training though far less formal than Tipton, shook hands with Michael and Carlos. Adam insisted on a kiss from each. After Scott assaulted Adam’s lips, he observed, “You said ‘we’.”

Adam smiled brightly. “You’re a very unusual man.”

“I’m an upgraded model,” he answered .”All the latest features.”

Adam cocked his head slightly. “Well, not all of them.”

Jerry was beside himself. “What about Kevin? What are we doing about him?”

Michael looked at Sherman. “You were saying?”

“I was in charge of the facility where the formula was created, that is before these four took it upon themselves to educate me about Transform.”

“A tale for later, please. The formula?”

“What Jay Lee and Jason got was a descendant of Transform. It was natural, I presume, that the mutations we four and, I guess, about a hundred other former officers and enlisted men and civilians stationed at Main Office now enjoy would come about if Transform 1 was introduced to Transform 2.” Carlos arched a brow, but did not interrupt. “What Kevin has been exposed to is a different strain entirely.” He looked at Carlos and Jerry. “You were not the only scientists we employed. Transform was not the only genetic mutation we were developing.

“We were working from both sides of the playing field. Offense and defense. Transform was defense. Develop an army of supermen and send them into battle. This,” he said, indicating Kevin’s sad, sagging form, ”was the offense. It was called Demolish. If Transform was Home Depot, then Demolish is the wrecking crew.”

“That’s horrifying,” Jerry whispered.

Tipton nodded. “Of course it is. What did you expect? We knew, of course, that Drs. Martinez and Lassiter were developing Transform. We had access to all their files, samples of the on-going tests, we had the actual serum that was used on the first human test subject. We may have been cruel, but we weren’t stupid. When Carlos and the test subject suddenly disappeared, along with the records and videos and samples, there was an obvious conclusion to be made.”

“You allowed it to happen.” Carlos said it conclusively.

Sherman nodded. “Of course. What would be the benefit of trying to stop a process that was clearly creating male subjects with strength and abilities far above what we ever planned or thought was possible? We lost track of you now and again, but we started monitoring missing persons reports, looking particularly for gay men of a certain age or disposition and following the varied and curious tracks of those who left this island sanctuary and were creating more Transformed men. You were hardly very stealthy, particularly someone named Chuck.” Adam couldn’t help it, he huffed out a coughing laugh.

“Be that as it may, we had a hell of a time locating this place. However, by the time Scott and Jerry went nuclear on Main Office, we were very close to pinpointing its location.” He looked at Michael. “You would have made an excellent operative. You hid your tracks well.” He looked at the gathered men. “One can easily assume that with the destruction of Main Office – accidental though it may have been – my former employers will assume that the occupants of this island staged an attack and were responsible. They are very likely moving with much more diligence and alacrity to locate us and use Demolish against us.”

Adam looked at Carlos and spoke to Jerry, too. “Then we have very little time. I have a hypothesis, but we need to move Kevin to the grove. Now.”

Adam sent out a call to every Transformed man on the island. He called back any Transformed man out in the world. He asked them all to come to the aid of a comrade, and to be a part of making them all free from threat foreer.

“I propose,” he said ,”to flood Kevin with Transform. With every current modification or mutation and diverse or distinct variant of it.” His voice carried across the glade. Those heeding the summons but not yet arrived heard him in their minds.

A collective excitement filled the grove. The space was overwhelmed with naked masculine perfection in its every form, made possible through the continually evolving power of Transform. “We will, all of us, each of us, release our essence, the pure and most distilled and fullest eruption of Transform since The Gathering. We will burn away the disease that has been planted among us, within one of our brothers, and so doing, we will again share all the benefits that we each possess with every other man present.

“Brothers, understand. I am asking you to allow Transform from you unrestrained, unlimited by your innate control. You are not changing an ordinary man into a god, you are giving back what was taken from him. And we will all benefit from the gift.

“If we are successful, we will not only be bringing a loved one back from the brink, we will realize the ultimate destination to which we may currently travel. Among you, there are those who have shared with others in exclusivity, or passed on what you have attained in limited liaisons. Others,” he said, glancing at the five men amped up on Transform 3, “have received new power and ability through other means.

“Now, we will all share. But strain to keep aware during your Transformation that we will be send all our strength, all our power and al lour love to this man. His name is Kevin. Concentrate on him.” He closed his eyes momentarily then spoke again. “Others are traveling here as swiftly as the winds can carry them. We will wait. I suggest you use this time to find those you haven’t seen and to welcome them back.” He smiled brightly. “I know it will be hard, but please refrain from fucking each other until afterwards.”

There was a general murmur then of glad voices and shouted greetings. Names rang out as men searched for others they knew, or missed. They were all at their fullest glory under the darkening sky. The moon was full overhead, and a few bright stars were piercing the dimming heavens.

Slowly, as they found each other and felt the passion and power within, they would approach where the inert body of Kevin was laying. They looked at him, and they touched him, and their determination grew profound. Some knew him personally, which meant (for a Transformed man) sexually. They knew what he had been, of his significant beauty, his humor, his intelligence and imagination. He was a passionate lover, eager to please and seemingly without ego.

They wanted that man back.

As the skies darkened, all the Transformed had returned. An exact count was not taken, but from Adam’s vantage point as he returned to stand upon the granite boulder overlooking Kevin, the sea of naked male beauty filled the football field-sized meadow.

Silence fell. “Dr. Lassiter – Jerry – would like to speak before we begin.”

Another man took Adam’s place upon the rock, his eyes gleaming with restrained tears. “Do not assign blame for this, or if you do, assign it to the fear of men. And remember that. What was done was done. We will not look backwards. We will not – cannot exact revenge.” He looked at the sea of beautiful faces and bowed his head. “For Kevin, and for us all.”

Adam’s voice spoke a single word, “Begin,” and a small space on the face of planet Earth suddenly exploded with the power of Transform.

It had grown incredibly strong, stronger even than the five most powerful among them could comprehend. It erupted not in waves or pulsations or an expanding sphere, it manifested all at once everywhere among them, an invisible tsunami of masculine might that was suddenly combining and attaching and growing even more powerful, gifting the men present with all the muscle and facility and capability that was held inside any one man.

Instantly, those who had not received Adam’s gift of total group consciousness were made aware of every other man who had ever been Transformed. Jay Lee’s, and now Scott’s and Jerry’s ability to drive a man to orgasm with a mere wish launched itself into every man’s head. More muscular glory and more height and more strength and more sexual drive and more sensuality and eroticism and masculine energy flooded them all.

Bodies arced, cocks swelled, muscles bulged. Men grabbed onto each other to fulfill the overwhelming physical lust inherent in every molecule of Transform. It grew and multiplied and divided and grew again. Stronger and stronger, and all of it directed toward Kevin.

It was no contest. The purifying power of Transform wiped Demolish from his cells and began quickly to rebuild him to an even more glorious level of male perfection than before.

No one saw as his body suddenly condensed and spasmed. No one witnessed his limbs thrown straight and the muscle begin to frantically build along his bones. No one heard the bubbling groans of a man in pain turning to the deep, feral moans of a man in blissful sexual ecstasy. His face was drawn slack before it began to coalesce into a vision of pure masculine beauty.

Everything that Demolish had done to him was erased in the space of a few seconds, and within a few minutes more the man lying at the foot of the boulder began to rouse and to stand on his legs, rising to his full 22-foot height.

Under the soft blue glow of moonlight, it looked like the meadow had given life to a deity. Kevin, like all the Transformed, was now fully charged on the combined strength of the newest version of Transform. Bigger still, more massively muscled, his brain was hooked into every other Transformed man. He was a top-heavy giant, with shoulders overwhelmed with strength and a chest of massive, cabled glory. His face was a perfect assemblage of beauty and brawn, strong and masculine and blindingly handsome. He could feel the evening breezes slipping over his soft, silken skin, sifting through the curls of dark fur on his chest, tickling his heavy balls and fat cocks.

He realized then that he had not completed his own Transformation. The soft brush of the wind across his nipples made him reach up to rub his thumb along their fat nubs, and an immediate electric erotic charge rewarded his attentions. With his palms against the heavy meat of his broad chest, cupping the wide mountains, he could feel more muscle growing.

The brawn expanded under his hands. His skin stretched to accommodate it. The muscle was firm and strong, hard as steel plates, but it was swelling and warm and alive. He felt his cocks growing heavy with pride and bliss, he was turning himself on just feeling the muscle growing. He’d neglected to Transform anyone else before turning up at IGE with Dr. Lassiter, so he’d never experienced the feeling of holding another man as he grew.

Kevin moved his hands along his body, and every inch of him was changing. Muscle was unfolding under his soft skin, cables and plates of masculine power blooming hard and thick. He moved his left hand onto his right bicep and it was swelling against his palm. He raised his arm and bent his elbow and tensed the muscle to full glory, rock hard and big as a bowling ball, and still it grew, stretching itself closer and closer to his curled fist.

He raised his arm above his head and gripped his latissimus, and it flared out from his back like a wing, thickening as it widened. He moved his touch down his side, over the fat fingers of his external intercostals along his ribcage and down across the high, prominent arch of muscle that lead unerringly toward the two massive pricks jutting proudly forward from his groin.

He sighed and shuddered and released a sudden flood of precum, feeling the warm honey drizzle down his legs. He ran his hands down his cocks, one on each, unable to encompass them fully in his grips, and rubbed his fingers and hands into the streams of lubing juice that contained heavy doses of his pheromonal scent. He lifted his hands to his face and breathed in the smell of man sex. His cocks swelled in pleasure.

He reached behind him and moved his touch over the high, hard, muscled orbs of his ass. The glutes were slowly expanding, pushing themselves away from his body, forming perfect muscular twin bubbles, arching high and proud. He set his swelling legs apart and moved his hand between and under and rubbed his finger against the moist heat of his butthole. He pressed his fingers into the dark, sweet meat and felt a thrill of erotic promise shove itself into his cocks. He returned his hand to his face and breathed in another heady perfume of musky masculinity.

“Fuck,” he said softly. Looking around the glade where hundreds of naked Transformed men lay tangled in each other’s arms and legs, he could see that some of them were still growing, too. Others were pulling their neighbors to them and were kissing them, sucking them, fucking them. Kevin felt amazingly good, but he could not recall how he had ended up here, or what was happening all around him.

That was when he heard the sounds of jets overhead.

“What will they do?”

Tipton’s brow darkened. “They will not put a landing force here. They know we would simply Transform them. If I were in charge, I would launch canisters of microdispersing viral agents and flood the island in Demolish.”

“Which would still do them no good.”

“But they don’t know that.”

“So we have the advantage,” Todd said. He was standing near the speaker’s rock with Sherman, Carlos, Scott, Michael, Chuck, Frazz, Stan, Jerry and Kevin. Several other men stood around them, and more around them. Though the mind connection obliterated the need for speech, it was still the most comfortable way to communicate. Centuries of human development could still trump Transform’s evolutions when it wanted to.

“What should we do?”

“We must leave,” concluded Adam. “There is no alternative.”

“He’s right,” Scott agreed. “We’ve been through this before. It’s useless to think we could fight them.”

“And also pointless,” Sherman pointed out.

“But this is home,” Stan interjected, squeezing Todd’s hand in his own. “Where will we go?”

Chuck was grinning his sideways smile. “Everywhere.” •

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