By Also_KnownAs

Carlos’s mind was suddenly filled up with knowledge. He knew everything that any Transformed man had learned. He knew what Adam knew. He knew what Stan knew. He knew what Michael and Chuck and Frazz and Todd and Bobby and Joseph and Tommy and Jeff and Willy and Brad knew. He realized what had changed.

A collective gasp erupted from the seven identical men known as The Escaped and in the next heartbeat, they began to grow. Their individual selves manifested as they were altered by Adam. They regained their identities, their sexuality, their talents and emotions and desires. They swelled outward and upward and become Transformed men with suddenness and completeness.

And they knew what Adam knew. And what Stan knew. And what Carlos knew. Because Adam truly was the instrument of change and the agent of perfection. Through him, all Transformed men were joined together. What any one of them learned, they all learned. What any one of them experienced, they all experienced. The chains were broken. The walls were destroyed. They were each, and they were all.

It was, in a word, freaky. Carlos was Carlos. He retained that sense of himself, and his loves and his fears and his sense of right and wrong. Carlos was Carlos. But he now held within him the entirety of every other Transformed man. They were one. He knew Michael’s love, and could feel his love for Carlos. He felt Chuck’s love for Frazz and Todd’s love for Stan. Each love different, each the same. And he realized he loved them all, and they loved him.

Adam still smiled at Carlos as realization dawned on his face. “Clearer?”

Carlos laughed. “Very much so! But how is this possible?”

“I don’t know. It happened to me as it happened to you. Wonder. Curiosity. Realization. Stan and I were fucking in the glade among the others. He was the agent. He's special. I don’t know how. But it's true. We are all now joined. Each of us lives inside the rest of us. I know where everyone is. They will know where I am. We will love each other, and find love in each other.”

“And wait until you have sex! It’s amazing! I mean, it’s even more amazing! It’s like… it’s… amazing!”

“Well put,” Adam said with a grin.

“Have the others…”

Adam nodded as he strode forward. “If you can sense them within you, they can sense you within them. It’s like a software upgrade. It works like a giant network, and we’re all connected to it all the time. You can also unhook, if you want or need to.”

Carlos did it, and a sort of emptiness filled in where the others had been. It wasn't a sound or a feeling so much as a presence, or the absence thereof. He re-engaged immediately and the warmth and power of hundreds of the Transformed filled him up again. “Remarkable.”

“Handy, at any rate, if you consider the ramifications.” Carlos noticed that Adam was no longer speaking in exactly the same manner as before, and was about to ask why – although he had a strong assumption – but Adam beat him to the punch. “I’m sort of assimilating and processing all the knowledge and the personalities, filtering through it all fairly rapidly and I guess my upgrade is the most evident. Apparently, Transform and you have provided me with an exceptionally efficient brain. So I thank you again for that, father.”

“Did you anticipate my question or was that a coincidental explanation?”

“Does it matter?” He smiled warmly.

“I suppose not. What I find most interesting is that I’m not standing here slowly going mad.”

Stan wrinkled his attractive brow. “Huh?”

Carlos turned to him. “Considering that there are now hundreds of distinct personalities extant within my mind, and that they are all also thinking and processing and speaking and doing all the things I am doing simultaneously, one would logically expect to be overwhelmed by a cacophony of chaotic and combating thoughts and ideas and realizations – but such is not the case.” He looked again at Adam. “How is that possible?”

He shrugged. “You’re the scientist here. And I know that because you’re also up here,” he added, pointing at his temple. “Perhaps an answer will occur to us in time. The collective intelligence and imagination is somewhat staggering, have you considered that? We share a mind that is hundreds of times larger than any of us had individually. The processing power alone is astounding.”

“True. There is much to ponder.”

“Has anyone else,” Stan said softly, “noticed something weird about Wolf?”

Carlos and Adam turned their attentions to The Escaped. The eight of them now stood there utterly changed. They had been joined to the group mind that Transform afforded, and shared all that they were and all that they were going to become with every other man on the island. As a group, they looked bewildered and euphoric at the same time.

All except for Wolf.

The man was a wonder to behold. Having regained his Russian ancestry, the northern blood displayed itself in his ivory skin and icy gray eyes. His hair was blonde, approaching white, close-cropped and militaristic, and his thin lips were overshadowed by a hard, masculine nose. He could probably cut glass with his cheekbones, and his brow had two angled ridges on either side of those piercing eyes. He was, for all appearances, an ice God.

His body was a colossal mass of brawn. He looked rock hard standing there, as if every muscle was tensed to iron solidity, every line and every cut stark and deep. He had small, dark nipples and a small navel mounted amidst the curves and bulges on his torso. The taper from his shoulders to his waist was amazing, almost putting to question how such narrow hips could hold up so much meaty muscle above. But an examination of his abdominals and ass and the thick sway of his inner obliques would put any worries to rest.

The man’s ass was a marvel of male perfection. It wasn’t just sculpted, it was carved. High, round, firm and tight with two deeply etched concave indentations. Then his legs exploded outward fighting for space, but they were destined to lose that battle because back around on the front of his pelvis hung two meaty cocks with smooth, thick shafts and fat dangling heads. They were drooling streams of precum. His balls visibly pulsed, pumping thick rivers of warm honey that drizzled heavily down his legs. His scent was strong, thick on the breezes. He smelled of forests and earth and sweat and musk.

He stood there amongst his men, his arms slightly away from his body, forced wide by the flare of his thick lats and the bulging masses arrayed down his limbs. He was breathing a little heavily, causing his wide chest to swell in and out, and he was staring directly at Stan.

“You have done this,” he said. His voice was quiet, but infinitely profound. He pulled in a deep breath, flaring his nostrils, and his entire body visibly expanded.

Stan looked at Wolf as intently as the man stared back. Wolf was inside his head, too. The essence of the man, his feelings, his memories, his dreams. Stan could feel him inside, a separate entity but wholly personified. He could feel the depth of Wolf’s emotions. He could feel the deep well of his passion, the fiery furnace of his desire, the hard edges of his determination. And the overwhelming condition that colored everything about the man at the moment pointed to one inescapable conclusion; Wolf wanted Stan. Wolf wanted him very badly.

The ice God’s lips twisted into a lean grin. His eyes flashed silver. “You,” he said, the word emitting like a growl. His entire body, each muscle, tensed into stark solidity. The air itself seemed to heat up between them. Stan felt himself, felt his body, echo Wolf’s fierce moment of power. The heat between them swelled ominously, it filled up with a long-denied passion, a wealth of deferred desire, the insatiable and unfed hunger of one man for another.

The tension between them stretched to the breaking point. Then Wolf suddenly hunkered down and rushed toward Stan’s body, and the two were propelled backwards by the force of the impact. The pair hit a tree and passed through it. They hit another and another, the sheer power and weight of their bodies coupled with the speed and force of Wolf’s tackle driving them into the forest.

Stan felt Wolf’s arms surrounding him as they flew backwards, and he felt the man’s mouth pressed to his, and he felt the man’s tongue shoving itself inside. Oblivious to the damage cascading around them, caught up in Wolf’s undeniable and overwhelming lust, Stan surrendered eagerly to the other man’s command and fell into the heat of their passionate and sudden coupling as they forged a new path through the forest.

“Holy shit!” Adam summed it up for the entire company of observers. The sounds of breaking trees and other ruinous devastation continued to echo back from the darkness of the woods, along with some heavy grunting, the occasional deep moan, something that sounded like bears fighting and a few choice words that Carlos, at least, had used himself on a few such occasion.

Wolf grabbed onto Stan and swung him around, shoving him against a boulder, cracking it in two, and thrusting his twins up Stan’s hot, wet hole. Stan gasped, sucking in dust and detritus and the strong scents of the forest and the man eagerly and forcibly fucking his ass. Erotic bliss erupted through him. He gritted his teeth and grabbed onto the rock, his super strong fingers sinking into the surface and he began slowly pulverizing the granite into dust with his bare hands.

Wolf was fucking his partner so hard and so deep that he appeared to want to be physically inside Stan. He threw his head back and opened his mouth to gulp in air. Stars shattered across his vision as he delivered another thick, hard rush of hot cum, feeling the depth of his on-going orgasm wrack his body and soul. He was releasing everything, letting it all go, the pent-up frustration, the anger, the emptiness. It had all been burned away during Transformation, but it had been replaced by a lust so powerful, it was overwhelming him.

He leaned himself over Stan’s back, feeling Stan’s bulging masses pressing against his own. His nipples tingled with erotic ecstasy, his skin was on fire, he pulled himself out of Stan’s amazing and wonderful ass and spun the man around and attacked his mouth, shoving their bodies together, wrapping his arms around Stan’s head, sucking his hungry, sensual tongue into his mouth and kissing him hard and deep.

He couldn’t get enough, He had so much strength, so much power, so much sex pouring through him. He was an electrical cable with a million-watt overload. He was a tidal wave of passion. He was consumed by it.

They fell to the ground and Stan found an advantage and managed to position himself atop Wolf’s hard, powerful form. He grabbed Wolf’s ankles and spread his legs wide and lifted the man’s butt from the ground and slammed his own hard cocks inside, thrusting his hips over and over. He began cumming immediately, flooding Wolf’s ass with thick cream until it spurted out and splashed hot across his belly and legs.

“Do you think we should…?”

Adam looked at Carlos. “Not really, no.”

Wolf moved his ankles onto Stan’s shoulders and reached around to grasp his ass, physically pulling him inside deeper yet. It felt so good, God, so good. He was filled up with Stan’s twin monsters. They pulsed and throbbed and gushed sex into him. Heavy waves of the Touch radiated out from Stan’s pricks and he kept cumming, his balls prickling with sexual radiance. He leaned down as he fucked Wolf’s ass and kissed him again, fucking him and kissing him with equal passion.

Wolf’s cocks exploded between them. A flood of wet heat coated their skin and was swallowed by their bodies. He came again, lost to orgasmic bliss. He came again.

Adam looked at Carlos. “Is this normal?”

“Haven’t you ever wondered about that pit behind the main lab?”

“The deep one? With the broken tree stumps and the shattered… Oooooh!”

Carlos smiled. “Michael can be quite vigorous when the mood strikes.”

“Boys will be boys.”

Wolf wrapped his legs around Stan’s neck and twisted, pushing him off balance. They fell to the earth, tangled in each other’s grip, wrestling naked under the dimming sun. Stan whooped and regained his feet, crouching in readiness. Wolf straightened and circled around him, strutting like a rooster, his cocks drooling precum, his body heaving and gleaming with sweat. “You are good,” he said in his accented voice, rolling the R slightly and smiling.

“Thanks,” Stan said roughly. “It’s my first time.”

“No, surely. You are joking.” Wolf kept moving. His hands were held open, his muscles were tense and bulging. The ice God awaiting his chance to strike.

“I’ve fucked a man before, but I didn’t think that’s what you meant.” He grinned in return.

“Not someone as handsome as I am.” Wolf darted in, but Stan reacted quickly, slapping Wolf’s grip away.

“Maybe ‘handsome’ means something else in Russian?” He laughed slightly to himself, and Wolf’s brow darkened.

“Who is better?” Wolf paused to swell his impressive frame into muscular glory. His chest bulged thick, his arms overwhelmed with brawn, his fat, long cocks streaming clear honey.

Stan’s body reacted to the show of masculine beauty. He was drawn to the man, undeniably, so he attacked again. Anything to hold the ice God in his arms, to feel his muscles against his own, to fuck his perfect ass.

Wolf was quicker. He ducked under Stan’s arms and twisted him around, locking him into a full Nelson and pushing him to his knees. He moved his mouth very close to Stan’s ear and spoke soft and low. “I am going to fuck you. I am going to fuck you very much.” His accent was driving Stan wild. He moaned from desire. He ached to feel those Russian cocks buried deeply in his ass and flooding his guts with cream. “Say you want me to fuck you.”


“Say it.” He tightened the hold.

“Fuck me, Wolf. Please, God, please fuck me.”

Adam looked up. “It’s gotten awfully quiet in there.”

Carlos followed his gaze into the shadows of the forest. “It’s like a dance, Adam. Sometimes the music is fast, sometimes the music is slow.”

“When does it stop?”

Carlos’s grin grew into a wide smile. “It never does, my boy. It never does.” •

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