By Also_KnownAs

Adam found Stan in the glade at about the three-hour mark. Frazz and Stan had started off as a pair that soon turned into a trio, then a foursome, and a five-way, then there were seven, and on and on until it was impossible to tell whose mouth you were kissing, and whose hand was stroking your dicks, and whose cock was shoving into your ass. Hands and tongues and mouths were all over his augmented body. Muscle pressed against him. His head was filled with the scent of one man after another, every smell distinct and beautiful and perfect.

Adam was amazing in his own way, just as Michael and Todd and Frazz had been. Fucking was fucking, but somehow every man he was with yielded a different experience. He never dreamed that sex could be so varied and so satisfying. Getting off was no longer his only goal, because he could get off continuously and just keep going, reaching out to pull in another pair of sensuous lips to kiss, or pushing his insatiable cocks into another tight, perfect ass.

But there was something different about this encounter, something deeper. He looked into the other man’s eyes and a shock went through him. He kissed Adam’s lips and Adam kissed him back in a manner that was so full and so complete and so obviously overflowing with masculine love that he reeled and swooned and lost his breath. “Who are you?”

Adam smiled brightly and leaned in to kiss him again. “I’m Adam!”

“Oh. Oh! You’re Adam!” He nodded vigorously. His cock was squirting a non-stop fountain of cum all over the men who seemed drawn to him, and Stan watched in awe as it was instantly drawn inside their bodies, evaporating like water on a steaming sidewalk. “Chuck told me I should meet you.”

Adam kissed him again, long and passionately. “I love Chuck! What’s your name?”


“Hello, Stan! Do you want me to fuck your ass?”

“Uh, sure, I guess.” He paused. “Only, I think someone already is.”

“Don’t worry, I can fuck you, too!” Adam simply pulled Stan toward him and pulled his legs over his shoulders, disengaging Stan from whatever dick had previously been so happily drilling away at his overused, juicy, tight hole. Adam was on his knees, his huge cock still erupting a never-ending stream of hot, pearlescent cream, when he smiled down at Stan, positioned the head of his cock at Stan’s asshole and shoved himself inside.

Stan was delivered into heaven. Adam’s cock was the essence of the sexual power of Transform. Because he was Transform. Not changed by it, but made of it. As he slowly bucked his hips to fuck Stan deeper and truer than Stan had ever been fucked, he leaned forward so that their massive chests were rubbing against each other, said very softly and with intense honesty, “I love you,” and kissed Stan’s mouth with his own again, as if completing some erotic circuit.

Stan’s body seemed to implode. Sexual pleasure of an intensity almost too thick to fathom filled him up entirely and shot out from him across the glade. Everyone felt it. Something was happening. Transform had found another agent for change, and the coupling of its truest disciple and this conduit exploded outward through every man present. Stan was a trigger, and he’d just fired the bullet.

He gasped and shook and shot a thick, hard load from both his augmented cocks that arced across the glade and splattered down across a couple dozen different men. He shot another one from his cocks, bigger still, shoving it from his balls, cumming like a fountain. And then another one, still fuller, each building upon the last blast, each one fatter and thicker and shot harder than the last.

His balls swelled. Adam was pumping his load into Stan’s ass as Stan was pumping his load across the sea of naked men. The Transformed bodies welcomed his hot seed inside, drinking it in like parched desert.

The change Stan’s triggering flood of cum manifested was subtle at first. No one who received his gift realized what was occurring, and no one bothered to stop what they were doing even as their sexual actions grew suddenly deeper and more profound. The eruption of sexual power that rippled outward merely drove them all into a deeper frenzy of fucking, as if everyone suddenly had their second wind and whomever they were with was even hotter and sexier and more beautiful than before. The rhythm picked up and the intensity ratcheted and the glade’s orgy was energized with a heavy torrent of male sexual energy.

But Stan realized what had happened, and what was continuing to happen as he looked at Adam and sensed the change in him.

“What has occurred?”

Carlos looked at Wolf. “What do you mean?”

“Something has occurred. You did not feel it?”

“I’m not sure what you mean. Did something happen to you?”

They were standing in a small lab examining samples of Wolf’s DNA. The curiously sexless man closed his eyes and raised his hand to his chest. “I can feel it here. And also… and also here.” He moved his hand down to the smooth planes of his groin.

“You felt something down there? What did it feel like?”

Wolf smiled. “Like good.”

Carlos raised an eyebrow. “Something physical then?”

Wolf nodded. “From outside.” Carlos wrinkled his brow, so Wolf went on. “It was something from outside, passing through. Something has occurred. Something is changed.”

“Well then,” Carlos said, “let’s go see what it is.”

They rejoined the other Escaped and wandered out of the building into the bright afternoon sun. A strong scent of sex permeated the breeze, a scent so strongly spiced that Carlos felt his cocks grow heavy and his balls tingle. “My goodness,” he said, “isn’t that pleasant?”

There was a commotion among the trees that lead to the meadow, and shortly the branches parted and out of the shadows emerged a man who seemed to resonate with masculine sexual prowess. Carlos could feel it pouring from the man’s skin like heat, and it radiated outward without diminishing. Another man stood next to him, a man who seemed to possess some of that same sexual power in a slightly diminished capacity, or perhaps the main man was so potent that he threw any other man’s sexual supremacy into relief.

Carlos recognized the second man as Stan, who had accompanied Joe and Bobby back from the outside and brought The Escaped to IGE. He looked at the other man with interest and desire, for there had never been another man, Transformed or not, who had ever presented such a strong and undeniable sense of male sexual aptitude before.

The man next to Stan looked imposing and utterly commanding. Perhaps it was that indefinable sexual command that he possessed, or the fact that he was the most attractive man that Carlos had ever encountered. Was this some new arrival at IGE? Who had brought him, where had he come from, and how was he manifesting such a strong sexual energy that Carlos was having trouble staying where he was without dashing over to the man so he could fuck him senseless.

Stan was smiling continually. “Hello, Wolf. I brought someone I think you should meet.”

Carlos asked, “Who… who are you?”

The intensely beautiful man smiled. Carlos felt like falling to his knees in worship. He felt his heartbeat quicken and his cocks rose to attention. “Hello, father,” he said. His voice detonated against Carlos’s wall of control. He staggered backwards slightly, overcome with desire. “Oops. Sorry about that.”


He bowed his head slightly and his smile grew incandescent. “In the flesh.”

Wolf said nothing, but it was obvious that he, too, was feeling something in an area where nothing existed. The others of his company looked aroused, confused, frightened and awestruck in equal measure.

Stan said, “Something happened to him in the glade. While we were... uh… he was…”

Adam laughed, it was a resonant warm sound. “I was fucking him. He’s a trigger. A very special trigger.”

“What happened?”

Adam spread his arms wide and began to grow, swelling with masses of power. The sense of male sexual potency grew accordingly, filling the space and stretching high and wide. “I am no longer a child,” he said. “I have matured.”

And it was true. Adam had changed. Not only his appearance, but his demeanor and his presence. The culmination of his process of development had reached its pinnacle, and he now stood before the man who had brought him into the world to display all that he was, and all that he had become.

“What does this mean?” Carlos asked.

Adam’s face was etched with knowledge and wisdom. “I am Transform. I am all men. I am with you, and of you, and for you. I am the instrument of change, the agent of perfection.”

“That all sounds nice, but what does that mean?”

Adam laughed again. “The chains are broken. The walls are destroyed. There are no limits.”

“Okay, but still…”

Adam’s inhumanly perfect face took on a completely human look of frustration. “Perhaps if I show you.” He smiled. A flash of heat seemed to erupt around each man present, silent and otherwise without form or agent.

And suddenly, they were all changing. •

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