By Also_KnownAs

Four super beings stood within the small, glass-fronted room overlooking the lab space below where they’d each been altered into the hyper-masculine specimens they now were. The power of their bodies poured off them in waves of heated sexual force, saturating the room with the strong, spicy scent of their naked forms.

Each was his own man, unique and perfected, but each was also exactly like the other, brought to a level of masculine perfection and absolute supremacy unknown before them.

On the floor at their feet lay two inert bodies. One was clad in a white scientist’s smock, stained now with a wet puddle at crotch level where Jay Lee’s sexual assault had caused his balls to empty. The other was a much older man, dressed in a dark green uniform, his chest arrayed with medals and a smear of white cream that Scott’s previous body had sprayed onto him. That could not Transform the man, so it was simply soaking into the cotton of his Army fatigues.

Sherman Tipton was a single-minded individual with an absolute devotion to his country. He was a career army man, as his father had been, and his father’s father before him. A graduate of West Point, he had served in military campaigns and distinguished himself as an intelligent, if unimaginitive, hard-working, dedicated officer. He had been rewarded with medals and honors and appointments that lead up to his current post at Main Office, where his command included men who had been specially augmented and trained to be killing machines.

Scott Maddox was one of those machines. He was the best of those machines that the government could develop. His body and mind and heart had been honed to a state of perfect service. And he hated Major General Sherman Tipton because he represented everything that Scott Maddox had learned to abhor.

Efficient, ruthless, heartless and merciless, Tipton was a perfect officer. Maddox, by contrast – and perhaps the reasons why he was so successful in his role but would never have advanced to the same level as the man on the ground before him – was passionate, intelligent, easily insensed, easily aroused and perfectly capable of entering into any situation and instantly becoming the person in the room that everyone wanted to be with. He was driven by duty in some of the same ways as Tipton, but his vision of the world was not necessarily regulated by any form of fanaticism to a central thesis founded in a form of government, but rather that he believed the bad people should be punished, and the good people rewarded.

And bad people were the ones stripping away the freedoms of the good people – sometimes in the very name of freedom itself.

“Do you really want to do this?” Jerry asked. “Do you realize what will happen?”

Scott nodded. “Probably better than anyone.” Maddox proposed to Transform the entire base. Here. Now. Immediately.

“It won’t end here, you know. There are other Tiptons out there. Other labs and other scientists and other soldiers.”

“There always are. There always will be.” He looked at Lassiter. “And I’ll handle them when I have to. But for now, all I need to do is handle this one.”

Jason said, “What will happen?”

Scott raised his head and smiled. “Watch.” With that single word, he released the flood of the essense Transform 3 that swam through every cell in his body.

It wasn’t a smell or a touch or a sound. There was no physical indication that anything was happening at all. Transform 3 had suffused every piece of Scott Maddox’s body and mind and soul, whatever that was, it was inherent in his every move and thought, it leached out through his skin and lived in his eyes. Male perfection made manifest. More powerful than any detonation, more subtle than the slightest breeze, Scott’s body erupted with a thick, warm blast of it from his pores and sweat glands and hair follicles and tear ducts and asshole and piss slits and nostrils and any other hole it could find.

It came from him in waves, traveling out from him in a broadcast of perfect male power, seeking the bodies of others it could sink into and change, seeping under doorways, circling air ducts, creeping through electrical outlets, infinitesimally small and absolutely powerful.

In the room with them, they watched Tipton and the technician swell with power. The general’s eyes shot open as his body was impacted with Transform 3 and his limbs shot out. He gulped in a breath of air and arched his back and balled his hands into fists. His uniform was ripped to tatters, not simply tearing along the seams but thrust off his body as if he’d exploded, and that wasn’t far from the truth.

They watched his ancient frame coalesce into a vision of prefect male power. His wrinkled, pale flesh seemed to suck onto his flabby, age-damaged body and then smooth itself out as if a hand was stretching material over him. The blemishes and war ravages faded and his skin began to darken slightly. His face looked skeletal for a moment, the lips drawn back against his teeth and the skin on his forehead growing tight and shiny, but a moment later a clear calm settled over his naked form, and the magic of Transform began to truly manifest.

He was inflated with brawn everywhere. Muscle on top of muscle. Quickly, he passed from looking like a wizened old man to a middle-aged swimmer to a 30-year-old weightlifter to a 25-year-old bodybuilder to a 19-year old superman. Every muscle etched itself into perfection and then began to swell larger and larger. His entire frame was elongating to accommodate the growing muscle, and it was then that the four men watching started to hear unusual sounds all around them.

“What the hell is that?” Jay Lee was looking at the ceiling. The sounds of metal bending and concrete cracking and wood splintering built upon itself like an orchestration of destruction.

“Muscle,” answered Jerry. “Men are growing. And some of the rooms around here aren’t exactly adequate to hold something as big as that.”

He motioned to Tipton’s enormity. Transform was developing him exponentially, constantly, and his body was now twice as big as it was and still gaining momentum.

“Jesus! Do you thing this place is going to come down on our heads?”

Scott was grinning at the thought. “Maybe.” He looked at Jay Lee. “What are you worried about? You’re indestructible.”

“Still,” added Jerry, “it’s something to consider next time. Let’s plan on doing this where there’s some growing room.” The ceiling cracked over their heads and a soft rain of dust coated their naked flesh. “If nothing else, it’ll be a bit tidier.”

Tipton’s growth continued unabated. He was moaning now, seemingly overcome by sexual pleasure. It was one of Transform’s gifts, that while it was performing its miracles on one’s body, it engaged the pleasure center of one’s brain so that the entire process from beginning to end felt like the best, longest, most intense and complete orgasm ever experienced. Bones were distending, muscles ripping and rebuilding, tendons stretching to the tearing point but all Tipton was feeling was one long, unending, deeply powerful orgasm.

Moans of feral sexual pleasure were now joining the sounds of the underground facility attempting to cope with what was happening everywhere. The facility’s struggle to stay in one piece seemed to be winning. It had been reinforced to withstand earthquakes and nuclear attack from without, and the reinforced beams and thick metal walls seemed equally able to withstand a growing muscular attack from within as well.

“Oh, fuck.” The voice came from the floor, and the four men looked down to watch Sherman Tipton’s process of evolution slow as he resolved into his ultimate form. The other man in the room was also rousing from the process, pushing himself up onto his hands, the bulging masses of his triceps standing out starkly on his upper arms. His back rippled with restrained power and he let out a low growl that shook the great glass window.

“Be careful,” Scott advised. “I wouldn’t stand up in here. You’re about 12 feet taller than the ceiling.”

The technician turned himself over and looked up at the four men, then down at his new body. “Jesus!” He moved his hands across his bulging form. He looked slightly dazed and his face and skin tone suggested that he had some Spanish or Mexican blood in him. The hair on his head was straight and pitch black, the same color as his eyes, and his gorgeous face was gifted with thick, moist lips and a prominent, aquiline nose. He had a very long, very muscular neck that exploded into high, thick traps and out to his fat, highly defined shoulders.

He was hairless across his skin, except for a treasure trail of darkness that traveled from his navel to his groin where the hair erupted into a thick glade of shining curls surrounding the magnificent majesty of his huge pricks. A set of hairless balls lay perched between his massive thighs and he simply sat there on the floor, exploring his new body.

Scott looked over at Tipton and found the man staring back at him. Nothing happened for a heartbeat until Sherman’s beautiful face lit into a smile and he said, “The word ‘inevitability’ springs to mind.”

Scott huffed a laugh out through his nose. He walked over to the gigantic man and crouched down beside him. He let his gaze travel along the old man’s new body, marveling at the array of muscular power bulging from every inch. He was a furry man, with a heavy forest of curls reaching across the expanse of his broad chest. The thickness of his fur narrowed as it traveled across his 10-pack stomach, reaching its dark fingers into the deep valleys between each muscle of his abdominal wall. The long, thick cables of his interior obliques pointed directly to the awesome beauty of his new cocks, fat and firm and perfect. More dark fur dusted his legs, accenting the lines of muscle arranged there in obvious power.

He was breathing slowly, causing his chest and abs to swell and contract, and the scent coming off him was strong and musky, sexy as hell. Scott placed his palm against the man’s augmented body and looked into his eyes. “Enjoy the ride?”

Tipton was still dazed. He closed his eyes and searched himself for feelings. “It’s very curious,” he said at last as he looked at Scott’s face, “but I have this overwhelming desire to kiss you.”

“Always go with your first impression.” He leaned forward and placed his lips against Sherman’s, tentatively at first until the man opened his mouth and pushed his tongue against Scott’s teeth, and they were soon tongue wrestling like old lovers. The result was evident as Tipton’s twin monsters started to quickly thicken and grow hard with desire. He was pumping thick gobs of precum that drizzled from the twin eyes and fell in thick puddles across his tight, furry belly before he knew what hit him.

“It would seem,” Lassiter said, “that all is forgiven.”

For all the muscular power and sexual capacity that Sherman had realized during his Transforming, none of that prepared him for the feeling of being with another Transformed man.

Tipton wasn't gay, but he wasn’t exactly straight either. He’d been married once, but they’d divorced long ago because his mistress was the Army. He hadn’t had anything approaching a sexual encounter in a dozen years, nor had he any internal desire to find one.

That’s not to say that the man was frigid or impotent. He had simply placed the desires of his body second to everything else in his life. Sex was a weapon his underlings used when appropriate. It helped them to get the job done, and it helped them to stay focused.

He’d observed Scott and Jerry engaged in some Transform-enhanced man-on-man sex, and remained unmoved. He was neither attracted or repulsed, it was no more or less interesting than any of the other activities he observed in his underground compound. If that was what Maddox had to do to get information, Maddox would do it. He was cementing a relationship, gaining a trust, and relieving a captive – albeit an obliging if compelled captive – of some long-ignored and very powerful needs.

He’d also seen Jay Lee and Jason engage in some naked roughhousing that he supposed approached sex, although it didn’t look exactly pleasurable to him. There was oral and anal and all the rest of it, but the young men looked more like they were fighting than loving, which he considered an altogether positive direction for the new formula to take.

It never occurred to him that sometimes, that was how men showed affection.

But now it was occurring to him very strongly, and the lovemaking between him and Scott Maddox quickly progressed into something like a battle, although neither combatant was likely to object to the fighting.

His new body performed at a level that even a formerly Transformed man like Jerry found amazing. And when two men Transformed by the third generation of the formula came together, the results were enough to blow the minds of anyone watching.

Sherman shoved Scott onto the floor, onto his back, and pressed his body atop him. He shoved his tongue deeply into his mouth and reached his hand to Scott’s cock and passed a thunderclap of the Touch into it as he roughly stroked his hardness. Scott gasped and arched his head and grabbed onto Tipton’s muscled ass and squeezed his buttflesh hard, opening the man’s ass to his touch and pushing three, then four fingers inside his ass, erupting shattering amounts of the Touch through his skin into Sherman’s firm, round butt.

Tipton shuddered and moved his mouth down Scott’s body, sucking a fat nipple into his mouth and teasing it to erection with his teeth and tongue. Scott grabbed hold of Sherman’s thick, wavy hair and pulled hard, causing Tipton to bite down on his nipple and send a shockwave of painful pleasure through his enormous muscular form.

Tipton positioned his ass over Scott’s twin cocks and opened himself up, practically sucking the hard pricks inside. Maddox made his cocks fuck the general deep and hard, shoving against his super sensitized prostate and sending the man into a delirium of erotic bliss.

It was sex and revenge pooled together for Maddox. He’d wanted to figuratively fuck this man in the ass so many times, and now he could literally do it. This was how Transform channeled anger, not as violence but as sex. He was giving in to his feelings, and delivering incredible magnitudes of erotic satisfaction to his enemy at the same time. He felt glorious and powerful and utterly fulfilled.

Tipton was in heaven. God, it all felt so good, this man’s tongue in his mouth, his cocks in his ass, his hands all over his body. He leaned in and set his mouth to Scott’s other nipple to torture him some more.

And similar sexual transactions were taking place throughout The Center. Men were discovering what their new bodies could do, what their new minds craved, what their new selves were capable of. Transformed men no longer needed food or rest or anything but the attentions and sexual aggression of another Transformed man. They could breed others with a touch, a breath, a scent. They had unbounded sexual capacity and unlimited strength and overwhelming beauty. Nothing could stop them. •

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