By Also_KnownAs

For Chuck, being back at IGE wasn’t so much a homecoming as a sort of requirement he had to do every now and again. Unlike so many other of the Transformed, what Chuck enjoyed most was being out in the world, spreading his seed and himself and the fantastic feeling of making another man sprout into a muscular sexual giant.

Certainly he enjoyed spending time on the island, and there were always new conquests to fuck and more incredible looking men to share himself with, but for Chuck, nothing could compare with the feeling of watching another man’s body suddenly bloom with muscle and expand with power and sexual knowledge and become more than he ever dreamed possible. Whether it was turning some 60-year-old dude who thought he was well past his prime into a guy who looked like he was barely out of his teens with an unstoppable body and an unquenchable thirst for mansex, or wrapping his strong arms around the formerly bony body of some poor little high school dude who’s been picked on all his life and turning him into someone who could fuck the football captain and his gym coach simultaneously, leaving them both begging for more, Chuck got a charge out of being the Johnny Appleseed of Transformed men.

His talent for finding new blood was evident as he and Frazz strode across the island accompanying Tommy, Jeff and Moose. Chuck had decided to give them a personal tour of the place, and everywhere he went they encountered more and more fellows he’d personally Transformed – and subsequently fucked. Dozens of gorgeous, massive, well-hung men.

Frazz, for his part, loved this angle of his paramour. Any man who’d been Transformed knew that jealousy was a wasted emotion. One couldn’t help oneself to the pleasures of another man, no matter if one considered oneself ‘taken’ or not. Love exists in infinite forms, and Frazz knew he loved Chuck for all his faults and all his charms. Frazz had certainly fucked enough other guys to compete, but he knew that for Chuck, there would never be enough ass.

Tommy and Jeff wandered the island with their eyes bugging out of their heads. Everywhere they looked, there was another beautiful naked man strolling the grounds with another perfect muscular ass and a perfect bulging chest with perfectly lickable nipples. Cocks hung in lengthy fat abundance and greetings were most likely to involve some sort of sexual exchange, whether it was a long, passionate tongue wrestling session or a mutual hand job or, once or twice, they stood by while Chuck plugged the ass of some gorgeous slab of muscle he’d seemingly only just met.

To the boys, Frazz seemed equally at ease here, though evidently not as eager to engage in constant sex as his partner. Adam had bounded off with his usual puppy-like happiness when they’d passed through a glade that seemed to be a large outdoor non-stop orgy of muscled limbs and creaming cocks and talented tongues. They still weren’t sure what to make of Adam, but he was impossible to dislike. He saw everything as a new adventure and a fun thing to try and he seemed to explode with unrestrained love no matter who he was with. Watching him dive into that sea of naked men was like pulling a thread in a sweater, as all attention turned gather around him and he was soon entertaining more men than either Tommy or Jeff thought possible.

Moose was in heaven. More than once, his thickly muscled form had been agreeably groped, and he had invitations from a dozen gorgeous guys to please come back any time and look them up and “Let’s fuck” seemed to be the most common greeting. He was in a constant state of arousal, and found that his new body seemed to find that state completely agreeable. He wasn’t quite used to the notion that he could cum buckets of hot cream and keep going, but he was quickly growing aware of his Transformed sexual capabilities and capacities as he wandered around this magical island. And he fucking loved having a hard-on that wouldn’t quit.

“Dudes!” A shout in the deep, resonant tones that all the men here possessed called their attentions to the skies and they watched as two of the most attractive men on the island quickly descended and joined the men. Joe and Bobby had both been pre-puberty babies before Transformation, and what the formula did for other men it seemed to do at a higher, more concentrated level for these two.

Like every other man here, they looked 19 or 20 years of age, but their demeanor and playfulness illustrated that, unusually, they looked older than they were. Joe was a complete erection-causing beauty, and Bobby’s slight drawl was sexy as fuck. They didn’t hug so much as molest Chuck and Frazz, using their bodies like pleasurable assault weapons and putting their mouths and hands and firm, wet cocks everywhere they could manage. Chuck loved the attention, of course, and Frazz was laughing his deep booms until the two boys slowed down and turned to look at the other three new men on campus.

“Whoa,” Bobby said, his muscled arm hanging across Chuck’s wide shoulders. His other hand was busy pinching Chuck’s left nipple. “And who are these dudes?”

Joe stopped shoving his tongue into Frazz’s mouth to stop his laughter and turned toward Tommy, Jeff and Moose as well. “Oh, man! Fresh meat!” He immediately disengaged from Frazz and jumped on Tommy’s surprised body. They were kissing deeply a second later as Joe reached down and played with his balls.

“Gentlemen, let us not forget etiquette!” Chuck reached over and practically peeled Joe off of Tommy. “Introductions first, then sex. Joseph, Robert, this is…”

“Bobby! The name’s Bobby. Or Bob.” He looked at Moose. “I hate it when he does that.”

“My bad,” said Chuck with his sideways grin evident on his lips. “Joseph, Robert, this is Tommy, Jeff and Moose. They’ve just joined our little family of musclehead sex addicts. Moose, Jeff and Tommy, this is Joseph and Robert,” Bobby growled as Chuck concluded, “to my knowledge the youngest and certainly the most potent pair of fuckers on the island. I’m sure you’d all like to get better acquainted.

“Fuck, yeah! Moose, is it?” Bobby walked over and planted a kiss on his mouth. “Fuck, dude, you are hotter than hell. Wanna fuck?”

“Before I lose your attention entirely, has anyone seen Todd? I’d just like to catch up with him.”

“Is that what they’re calling it these days?” Bobby asked. “Hell, we still call it balling.”

“Or banging,” added Moose.



“Bumping uglies!”

“Burying the bone!”

“The bed boogie!”

“Beast with two backs!”

“Okay, that’s the B’s. Crashing the custard truck!”

“Gentlemen!” Chuck’s voice interrupted the soliloquy of fuck forms. “I believe I was asking after our friend Todd?”

“There are two Todds now…”


Joe looked at Bobby. “Three?” Bobby made a gesture with his hands, as if he was gripping a very large dick and then he opened his mouth to an excessive degree and began mimicking a rather aggressive and noisy blow job. “Oh, right, three. But you mean the original, I guess? Have you tried BrainDraining him?”

“The what now?”

Frazz laughed. “I think he means the mind speech.”

“That’s old school, Frazzle Rock. Get with the program!”


“I’ve tried,” Chuck explained, “but he appears to be tuned out.”

Bobby shrugged his massive shoulders. “Dunno. He’s around somewhere. Probably fucking someone’s tight, perfect butthole.” He looked at Moose again, adding, “Speaking of which, weren’t we just about to…”

“Dance the buttock jig!”

“Dip our wicks!”

“Drill for ass oil!”

“Uhhhh…. Do a lewd infusion!”

“Is that a D or an L?”

“Shut up and Do some dirty work at the crossroads!”

“Elaborate! But okay!”

Todd and Stan managed to spend the afternoon together, and neither one had anything to complain about. As pairings between Transformed men went, theirs was one that clicked.

Physically, they were prefect together. With Michael, Stan felt a bit like a passenger in a beautiful, fully-equipped limo. He had certainly enjoyed the ride, but he didn’t quite feel he was in control of where they were going. With Todd, it was like they were co-pilots in the world’s fastest jet, both controlling trajectory and speed and direction, both armed with weapons of mass destruction, both fully trained and capable of doing whatever they wanted to with the equipment.

Stan marveled again at the level to which his body could perform. He and Todd spent hours together in constant sexual congress, fucking and sucking and licking and kissing and caressing and then fucking some more, on and on, in extended ecstasy. For Todd, too, who had been with more Transformed men than possibly any other Transformed man, sex with Stan was amazing, revelatory, a complete surprise.

More than that, the two men found that they simply liked each other as people. Beyond the physical perfection, the person inside each of those perfect bodies liked the person inside the other perfect body when they were just together, just talking, or just lying inside the other’s strong embrace.

It was love at first fuck. Stan wasn’t sure what to make of that. Love. With another man. Funny how the sex seemed so plausible but this felt a little bit odd.

Todd didn’t fully realize it. All he knew was that he wanted to be with the other man as often and as much as he could be.

“Are you going to stay?”


“Here. At IGE.” With me, thought Todd, but he left that unspoken. He was holding Stan in his arms, their naked bodies lying beneath the spreading branches of a giant oak, caressed by warm tropical breezes. Stan lay against his chest, he could smell the man’s unique scent. It was like an aphrodisiac to him. He could start making love with him all over again for more hours than there were in a day.

“I don’t know. I guess… I feel sort of responsible for Wolf and those guys.” Todd smiled. “It depends on what happens there. Do you think Carlos can do anything?”

“If anyone can, Carlos can. If Jerry was here, he could help, but he’s been gone a long time now.”

“Who’s Jerry?”

“Dr. Lassiter. The other mad doctor who created us.”

Stan sat up and twisted around to look Todd in the eyes. “And what are we? What is this stuff? How did all this happen? Will it wear off? How does it work? What happens if…”

Todd put his finger to Stan’s lips. “Too many questions. Lay back. I’ll tell you everything I know.” Stan sighed and resumed his position against Todd’s wide, thick chest. He moved his hand along Todd’s leg lovingly as Todd started his tale. “Some months ago, maybe a year now, I answered an ad for scientific volunteers. I was a 24-year-old dude who acted like a 40-year-old.”

“Careful. You’re talking to a 40-year-old.”

“Then you know what I mean!” Stan punched Todd’s leg playfully before Todd continued to explain the history of Transform as he had lived it, the men he’d met, the Transforming of Chuck and Carlos, the origins of The Team, that original group of men who’d been Transformed earlier than anyone. He told him about the decision to start sending out invitations, how friends of Transformed men would be invited to join, sent samples of the serum to ingest, to realize a taste of the benefits the formula provided.

He told him of the day of The Gathering when everything changed and men began to leave IGE. He told him about Adam’s unique birth and Dr. Lassiter’s arrival and Michael and Carlos. He answered all of Stan’s questions as completely as he could, he explained the process of Transform and how sharing it with other men made it stronger and better, could increase its power and the physical capabilities it would manifest. He told him of the powers he now possessed, of his complete control of his enhanced body, and about the island where they now lay under the shade of a tree in the middle of an ocean.

He finished his tale and remembered that he’d turned off his connection to the others and opened himself up to the world of Transformed men again, welcoming the feeling of openness and acceptance that came from the mind connection. He’d only had it open for a moment when the strong and undeniable presence of Chuck insinuated itself on him and he started to laugh softly.

Stan wrinkled his brow. “What?”

“There’s someone you have got to meet.”

It had been weeks since they saw each other, but it felt as though not a minute had passed since Todd and Chuck were together. “Toddski! You’re looking exceptionally sexy.” Chuck gathered Todd into his arms and they hugged each other tightly. They shared a love between them that was as deep as the one developing between Todd and Stan, but it was also different in a thousand ways.

“Chuckles, you too. Looks like you’ve been keeping busy.”

Chuck stroked one of his cocks and grinned. “Got to keep the beast fed, you know how it is.”

“And Frazz, excellent to see you as well. Though I’m shocked you’re still with this loser.”

Frazz grinned. “He has his charms.”

Todd rubbed his butt. “Don’t I know it.”

“You give as good as you get,” Chuck observed. “Maybe even better.” He looked at Stan and raised an eyebrow. “And who is this fine young thing? I don’t believe we’ve met – in fact I’m sure we haven’t. I’d never forget a man who looks like you. I’m Chuck, and this is Frazz.”

Todd smiled brightly. “This is Stan. I’ve just been regaling him with the rather long and boring tale of Transform. Chuck here is #2 in the line-up. I personally Transformed him into the vision before you.”

Chuck took Stan’s hand and then pulled him into one of his patented bear hugs. Stan noticed that Chuck smelled entirely too attractive. His body was an amazing collection of muscle and fur, and there was something about his lopsided grin that screamed trouble, but in a good, sexy way, as if any mischief he got into was bound to lead to carnal satisfaction. Chuck spoke as they hugged, saying, “Well, you stirred the pot, but I’ve improved the recipe quite a lot since then.”

Todd laughed. “No doubt. And what have you been up to?”

“Oh, you know me. Same shit, different day. Frazz and I have just returned from a small town where the residents are going to have to quickly become accustomed to a small army of muscle-bound teen sex gods, courtesy of our friend Adam. We just left three of them in the capable hands of Joe and Bobby, who I’m sure can educate them in the finer points of being a Transformed man at least as good as you’ve been doing with my man Stan, here.” His sideways grin positively beamed.

Stan actually reddened. “Does it show?”

Chucks eyes grew wide. “Holy fuck! Did you see that Frazz? The man actually blushed! God damn, that’s sexy.” So Stan did it again. “Okay, you need to seriously stop doing that or I’m not going to be held responsible for my reaction.”

“Chuck, when have you ever been responsible for anything?”

“That’s not fair, Toddles! Just ask Frazz! I’ve been teaching Adam lots of important stuff, and… and… well, I could’ve fucked those young dudes silly yesterday and did I do it? No, I did not!”

“With the exception of Tommy, Jeff and Moose,” Frazz pointed out.

“There are always exceptions,” Chuck said.

Todd looked skeptical. “Moose? You met someone named Moose?”

“An unfortunate nickname, but one I think he’s managed to grow into, nicely. I’ll introduce you later. You’ll like him. He’s very… energetic.”

“Speaking of energetic, where is Adam?”

Frazz motioned over his shoulder. “We left him in the glade.” He shook his head. “Some men simply cannot say no to an orgy.” Then he laughed. “Like me!”

“You headed that way?”

Frazz nodded. “Looked like a lot of fun to me. Care to join?”

They all began a slow walk across the island, four perfect specimens of manhood headed toward a sunny lawn populated by dozens of muscular supermen gifted with pornstar cocks and movie star looks all fucking the living daylights out of each other. They could smell the sex from yards off as they approached.

Stan stayed close to Todd as they approached the edge of the lawn. A sea of naked flesh was humping and flexing and bulging across the meadow. Strong moans and deep growls and a soft roar of phrases like “Yes, oh yes” and “Fuck, harder! Harder!” and “Jesus Christ, right there, oh God, oh yes,” moved across the field.

“I do love this place,” Todd announced to no one in particular.

“You should get out more,” Chuck advised, “but it certainly has its attractions.”

Frazz looked at Stan. “Shall we find something to amuse ourselves while these two catch up?” He reached out his hand toward Stan’s.

Todd said, “Go have some fun. If you run into Adam, tell him I said hi.”

“Who’s Adam?”

“You can’t miss him. He’s the beautiful man with the big cock,” Chuck explained.

Frazz took his hand. “I’ll introduce you. He’ll love you.” He kissed Stan’s mouth and they walked into the midst of the never-ending sex scene, sinking slowly from view somewhere in the middle of the tangle of muscular arms and legs and cum-glistening flesh.

“I’m glad you found him,” Chuck observed. “He suits you.”

“He’s… special.”

Chuck looked over. “Oh my God. You’re in love.”

“Takes one to know one.”

“What are we, in fourth grade again?”

Todd reached down to his two massive snakes and stroked them to erection, flows of clear lubing pre-cum began coating the plum-shaped heads and long shafts. The muscles of his arms flexed and bulged as he pleasured himself, the bicep heads twisting around each other and the sinew amassed on his forearms expanding and contracting under his golden skin. “Hardly.”

Chuck looked down at his friend’s pricks and sucked in a breath. “So, want to get reacquainted?” His own cocks were quickly inflating, fat and huge and hungry. “I think you’ll find I’ve improved since the last time.”

Todd grinned. “I thought you’d never ask.” •

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