By Also_KnownAs

Scott Maddox had become something beyond superhuman. He had attained his ultimate form while fucking Dr. Lassiter. He had surpassed what any other man had yet achieved as a result of being utterly changed by the genetic enhancements brought about by Transform or any other formula or serum in any mode. These formulas had been designed by scientists and doctors and soldiers to substantially alter a man’s biological make-up to increase muscular development and strength, augment physical control and produce drastic, supernatural changes to a man’s physique and capabilities to an extent that was unbelievable or impossible until it had been achieved and witnessed.

Transform in its original incarnation was a beneficial genetic mutation with viral properties that affected a man’s body and mind to create a perfected form suitable for combat. That man would be the ultimate expression of human masculine perfection. Bigger and stronger and more powerful than anyone else on the planet. Capable of physical feats far beyond the scope of any dreams of muscular development. Unstoppable, undefeatable, perfected. But with one unforeseen flaw that prevented it from accomplishing that ultimate goal.

Transform did not produce soldiers, it produced perfect machines for its own expansion and development. A Transformed man’s first goal was to produce more Transformed men. And each Transformation would augment and improve Transform, again and again, over and over, building its strength and power and therefore its host’s strength and power and will to multiply and grow stronger still. Transformed men were gifted in every way possible to attract other men and Transform them. Hyper masculine, utterly beautiful, entirely perfect.

Transform 2 was the step-child of Transform 1. Using a sample of Dr. Lassiter’s genetically enhanced blood, the scientists at the Center under the direction of Major Tipton were given two goals to accomplish; make it more powerful still, and take out the piece of it that made these men lovers instead of fighters.

Lassiter was forbidden from Transforming anyone he met at the Center so that there would be no contamination of Transform 2’s hoped-for results. It had been dolled out to ‘volunteers’ in small doses and carefully monitored. There would be no mistake as before, when a non-military volunteer had been injected with the original serum and allowed to simply go home and ‘see what happens.’ Perhaps no one knew exactly how that experiment would end, or that Todd would prove to be the catalyst of an entire army of giant supermen camped out on an island in the Pacific fucking each other into masculine perfection.

But Tipton was determined to have his cake and eat it too. None of those mistakes, and all under careful laboratory conditions.

But as Jerry Lassiter had suspected and as Scott Maddox now demonstrated, Transform was not a process to be denied its own goals. The human animal may have a fight-or-flight mentality in some situations, but the strongest drive inherent in the male animal is the sexual one. Transform was a breeder, and now it had found its own twin, a stronger, more demanding and perfected form of itself, and they had joined together and dove deeply into a welcoming host and together had created in Scott Maddox the ultimate form of a Transformed man.

The other men stared at him. Overcome by his awesome beauty and evident power. He radiated strength, pure and perfect and overwhelming. Merely standing before them in naked glory, he was irresistible. He had been drenched in the power of Transform 1 and flooded with the glorious strength of Transform 2 and now, within him and upon him, it had evolved into Transform 3, the

ultimate expression of masculine perfection.

No bodybuilder had ever built a body like his. No man was ever so large and powerful, so obviously erotically charged and sexually capable. His skin glowed, his muscles bulged with massive power, his face shone with a male beauty never seen before. For Jason and Jay Lee, the man was a mind-bending sight. They’d never before encountered a Tranformed man or been Transformed themselves. They’d never dreamed such a behemoth of masculine power existed, or that their own development could advance to such a level. They had been told almost nothing about what was happening to them, and were unprepared for this reality.

But even for Jerry, seeing Scott was a staggering shock. The man was beyond even what his elevated sense of male strength and beauty could attain. He’d seen Michael and Bobby and Adam, all in their own ways perfected forms of masculinity. But the vision now before him was another step up – hell, several steps up that evolutionary ladder.

The swell of his chest was magnificent. The joining of each muscle to its neighbor was staggering and awesome. The bulging masses of brawn hanging from his arms seemed to broadcast strength that sang out in effortless power. Jerry’s gaze fell along the perfect lines of his body and drank in the enormous muscular power and flawless arrangement of prominent brawn bulging from every inch of the man. Just standing there, just breathing slowly, softly, he seemed to radiate authority with such intensity and depth that it was flowing off him in waves of heat that sank into Jerry’s flesh and dug deep into his cock and balls.

How big was Scott? Certainly bigger than Jerry at his utmost size. When he moved, even slightly, the arrangement of muscle along his frame flexed and stretched and bulged in an erotic and sensual manner, evidencing the enormous reserves of strength flowing through every fiber. The lobes of his thighs would separate and expand, the full sweep of his lats would flare and stretch, his neck would provide clear evidence that even there, the man was ultimate muscular power made flesh.

Scott looked at Jerry and smiled and Jerry’s knees went weak. He strode toward him on massively muscled legs and pulled him into an embrace, his skin as soft as suede and smooth as silk and his muscles as hard as stone and as strong as steel. He pressed his lips to Jerry’s mouth and Lassiter was overcome. His entire body felt the power of Scott’s new form, its innate supremacy, and he yielded to it.

Scott reached down and stroked Jerry to hardness, his touch yielding electrical shocks of erotic bliss that sank into Jerry’s cocks and shook his massive body. The Touch had grown in strength as well, now erupting in sensual jolts that traveled like an earthquake to shake the core of Jerry’s pleasure centers. Scott grinned in realization and pushed his extraordinarily muscled form against Jerry’s and made the man swoon into his arms.

“I’m going to fuck you, again” he said softly, his voice saturated with sexual intent. It dug into Jerry’s head and he felt like he was already being fucked. “I’m going to fuck you so good you’re going to think you’ve died and gone to heaven. I’m going to fuck you deeper and stronger and better than you’ve ever been fucked. I’m going to fuck you with these,” he whispered, and Jerry felt the hard, hot pulse of Scott’s massive dicks suddenly swell against his belly and crawl up his body.

Scott released the full magnificence of the ultimate expression of his enhanced male sexuality. His cocks engorged with hot blood and pulsed with erotic prowess and throbbed with sexual hunger. They grew bigger and fatter, gushing with precum, pushing higher and longer and thicker with every heartbeat.

Jerry came a thick load, unable to withstand Scott’s erotic onslaught. Transform 3 was so much more powerful than anything that came before. Scott was its vessel, its conduit, he had taken it all inside and made it new and strengthened it and now it wanted more, and so did he.

He turned Jerry around and pushed him over and leaned into his ass to feast. His augmented tongue dug in deeply, drenching Jerry’s hot hole in wet heat. He pushed himself into Jerry’s ass to open up the way for his immensity. He was voracious and absolute in his hunger, sucking against Jerry’s asshole and plunging his tongue in again and again, fucking the man before truly fucking him.

Jay Lee and Jason stood in mute wonder as they watched, each stroking his own cock and overcome by Scott’s sheer beauty and power and erotic need.

Scott stood slowly and rubbed his touch across Jerry’s wide back and moved his hand down over the hard round bubbles of his ass and then pushed himself in all at once, all the way.

He pushed his pricks into Jerry’s hot, moist, welcoming ass and shoved him to the floor and fucked him deep and hard and true. He sucked on Jerry’s tongue and kissed his mouth and nibbled his lips. His hands moved across Jerry’s enormity and drank in the other man’s hard, smooth, muscular contours. He pushed himself into Jerry, tried to be part of him, overwhelmed with sexual power and capability and need.

Jerry nearly passed out from the joyous assault of erotic bliss that erupted through his augmented body at the touch of Scott’s enormous pricks. He felt filled up with sexual ecstasy, more than filled up, it flooded his soul and lit up his insides. Being fucked by Scott was like falling into the embrace of God, knowing perfection, seeing paradise. He never wanted it to end.

And then the revolution began. Scott was giving him Transform 3. He was flooding him with it. And he started to change.

It was like the first time he’d been Transformed, but magnified and distilled. He began to develop new muscle, felt himself growing even more powerful, more masculine, more deeply and purely potent in all things male. He was expanding with brawn, his chest and arms and shoulders pulsing and throbbing and swelling with even more strength and size. The muscle pressed outward with insistent need, shoving against his skin. He felt tight and hard and strong, like a wire stretched to its limit and about to break.

But he didn’t break. He kept growing. And Scott kept fucking him, and the pleasure grew stronger and deeper, and his muscles grew fatter and magnificent, and he was becoming more than he was. Again, still more.

Stars spun in his vision. His body was swollen with power. His cocks spurted floods of cum from his balls. He growled and moaned and it went on and on and finally as Scott came inside him, the ultimate sexual, muscular, masculine explosion occurred and he was delivered to the other side of Godhood. Absolute and perfect.

Scott fucked each of the men in the room and gave them all what he possessed in overflowing abundance. Now they stood in their naked muscular glory, bursting with power beyond power, Super-supermen. New muscle groups blossomed on their bodies. Their balls drooped with hot, thick loads. Their cocks hung fat and firm and hungry. A smile from any could stop a man in his tracks, the beauty inherent in their faces nearly too intense to behold. In their fully realized natural forms, these four men were Gods in mortal flesh.

“Well, that was fun.” Jerry laughed at Scott’s understatement and looked at the others one by one. Transform 3 did what it had been designed to do. Each was distinct in appearance, displaying the cultural inheritance of their physical presence in heightened and perfected glory. Maddox was a blonde, blue-eyed giant with golden skin and a pair of remarkably fat nipples rising up through a soft carpet of curls that spread like a forest across that mountain range. His chest rose and fell as he breathed into his lungs and the 10-pack on his rippled belly was like a map of evenly-spaced bricks.

Jay Lee Curtis was a hulking brute of a man, his musculature bulging with fat, round bellies of hard brawn. He had a hard, square chin of remarkable power and his skin was alabaster and hairless. His shoulders were incredibly wide and incredibly thick, wider than a hand, even a Transformed one, could encompass. His torso narrowed to a powerful stomach and his ass was amazing. High, round and ready to be fucked all over again. The smooth skin that gripped his amazing set of muscles seemed to glow like liquid metal or sheen like silk.

Jason Fortaleza’s skin was the color of coffee with just enough cream in it to make it sweet. He wanted, in fact, to lick him all over just looking at him. Fortaleza’s Brazilian blood had pushed its way to the front of the line, and now his green eyes flashed in contrast to the wealth of dark waves that flowed from his head and across his shoulders. His body was the most lithe and aesthetically beautiful as far as Jerry was concerned. The curls above his ample pricks glistened like spun glass and the lines of his limbs was dusted with more fine curls that ran along the bulges of his muscles like dark rivers through a dusky landscape. His lips were full and moist and the perpetual smile on his face was filled with perfect white teeth.

They each towered hugely against the Lab’s ceiling. Jerry estimated that at their fully revealed and natural size, they approached 20 feet in height.

“Now what?” Jay Lee’s southern drawl was intact, but his voice was saturated with masculine sexual supremacy. He reached one super-muscled arm over his head, his shoulder bunching and swelling, and rubbed his fingers against the cold steel lining the ceiling. “This is… awkward.”

Jerry said, “Not so much,” and began collapsing his form like a closing telescope. It seemed much easier now than it had under Transform 1. Control over his body was absolute. “Just one of the many advantages you can now enjoy, my friends.”

“How do you do that?” Jason’s voice was as equally packed with sexual power as Jay Lee’s.

“As Nike says, you just do it.” Jerry looked up at the others from his reduced vantage point. He had easily managed to cram his 20-foot-high bulk into a more manageable six-and-a-half foot frame. He tucked up one of his cocks without thinking about it and resumed his former physical appearance, toning down his male beauty index from a 12+ to a mere 10 on a scale of 10.

The other three exchanged glances and then they, too, collapsed downward, shrinking their forms until they all stood at a like height. “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. It becomes like breathing or blinking.”

Scott lifted his hand in front of his face and stared at its perfection. “Jesus, it’s really comprehensive, isn’t it? I’m even turned on by my hand!”

“Yeah? Then I wouldn’t look into any mirrors for a while, Scott. The rest of you makes your hand look like shit.” Jason slapped Maddox on his perfect ass and darted away before the favor could be returned. He ended up on the opposite side of the room, managing the 50 feet in a split second. “Fuck me.”

“Love to, but we have other problems to attend to.” Scott looked up at the observation deck. “Namely, what are we going to do about Major General Stick up His Ass? I don’t think he’s going to allow us to just walk out of here.”

“How can he stop us?” Jay Lee walked over to the open steel door and grabbed it in one hand, easily crushing it into a mangle of metal as if it were paper.

Jerry’s prefect face took on a look of concentration. “I can’t leave.”

“What’s keeping you here,” Scott asked. “Surely not honor or duty.”

Lassiter shook his head. “For all our power and strength, we do have one vulnerability. It was the reason they developed the second strain of Transform, and it’s the reason I can’t… won’t leave.”

“What vulnerability?”

Scott realized the answer, and felt stupid that he hadn’t thought of it before. “We’ve developed an antidote.” He looked at Jerry. “You could be turned back to what you were before.”

Jerry sighed. “It’s worse than that. It isn’t an antidote, there is no antidote. The changes are permanent.”

“Then what…?”

“There is another formula. A different kind of Transform. It works in the same way on the human body, but has an opposite effect.”

“That’s not an antidote?”

He shook his head. “An antidote would change you back to how you were before whatever was effecting you started effecting you. This doesn’t do that. I’ve seen its work. I’ve watched it happen. A man exposed to this other formula, his body deteriorates. Fat cells go into overdrive. Hair falls out. Bones become brittle. Skin cells weaken and eventually the immune system starts breaking down. I’m not sure what happens to the brain, because afterwards he couldn’t… he didn’t…”

“Who’s he holding?” Again, it was Scott who realized what could keep a man who could only love and not fight from simply walking out a door and refusing to cooperate.

“Kevin. His name’s Kevin. He’s here. Somewhere. He’s alive, but captive. They did it to keep me like a caged animal. I couldn’t leave him behind. I couldn’t leave him.” Jerry’s hands were balling into fists, the veins and muscle stark on his arms. The strain of his desire to free his lover and friend was warring inside him.

“I don’t get it,” Jason said. “We can’t fight someone? We can’t just, like, punch his lights out and tear this place apart until we find this guy?”

Jerry shook his head. “Weird, I know. You can feel it. You want to do something. You can picture it, even. I know I can. But there’s a wall in place, a trade off or something. If you try to do anything violent to another person, anything at all to hurt them in a way that would damage them without their consent, from tearing an arm off to scratching them with a fingernail, you can’t do it. This… compassion takes over. An empathy for their situation or something. We’re invulnerable. No one and nothing can hurt us.”

“Nothing?” Jason grinned at the thought.

“Nothing. This muscle is so dense that bullets can’t penetrate it. The skin so strong that we could walk through flames and survive. Transform, even in its previous form, made a man impervious to pain and physical damage. Hell, we even cooked it up so that foreign entities can’t successfully attack the body.”

“Foreign entities?”

“Viruses, Jay Lee. Bacteria. Fungus. No more sores. No more infections. Hell, we can’t even have bad breath or body odor.”

“But… I can smell you. I mean, you smell really good, but…”

“Pheromones. All humans have them, we just have an amped up version, like everything else. Helps us attract others.” He gazed down at his recently improved form. “As if we needed more help.”

“And we can’t hurt anyone else.” Scott’s brow wrinkled. It was, he supposed, a fair trade. He gets this body, these muscles, this unlimited capacity for sex and sensuality and unstoppable lust, and there’s no hate there. No violence. He was sick of it all, anyway. What had it ever solved? What did it ever bring but more violence? And more. And more.

Jerry nodded. “When I found myself in a situation like that, what I mostly wanted to do was fuck whomever I was facing into perfection. I want to Transform them. I want to hold them in these muscles arms and kiss their lips and bring them into perfection with me. It’s a drive like hunger or sleep. I suppose it’s what Transform does to our brains, another change to perfect and protect itself. Why ruin a perfectly good body when you could make it into a lover?

“Tipton made me swear that I would cooperate, or I would be like Kevin. And I didn’t care about that, really, but I wanted to stall for time. I wanted to somehow find a way to…”

“Change him back.” Scott finished the thought for Jerry.

Jerry nodded. “I’m not sure we can be killed, I’m not sure what he meant by it, but I couldn’t leave him. I couldn’t do it.”

“You promised to keep yourself reigned in, right?” Jerry nodded to Scott’s question. “It’s funny, but I don’t recall ever making that same promise myself.”

Suddenly, all four men were grinning their wide, beautiful smiles. Jason slapped his hands together and rubbed them with glee. “Are you dudes thinking what I’m thinking?”

“We gonna have some fun!” Jay Lee’s exclamation echoed through the room as the ultimate Transformed men dashed back up the stairway. •

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