Muscle God Jake


By bastiane16

In one swift movement, Jake's huge legs sent him flying into the air toward the car. His body slammed onto the top of the roof, the impact shattering the windows, and causing the steel roof bend and warped under the incredible weight of the massive super man. Wrapping his huge arms around the cars roof the steel buckled from the hydraulic like pressure being applied by Jake's freakishly powerful 35 inch biceps. With one hand, he grabbed the passenger side door, ripping it from its hinges with little effort, and flung it to the ground, Continuing to reach in towards tim. The metal roof was a poor obstacle against his incredible strength bending. and ripping against a force far more powerful then it was capable of withstanding. "You think you can escape me" jake shouted arrogantly. His massive arm flexed, continuing to rip through the metal as if it were tin foil. "Your mine" Jake growled, thick veins rippled down his forearms continuing to his pumped biceps tim backed up against the door trying to escape Jake's rapidly advancing hand. Jake loved the show of power he was demonstrating to his helpless victim, nothing could stop his muscles as he continued to destroy the cars roof with his seemingly limitless strength. He grabbed tim by this collar, and jerked him from the car, holding him as if he were a rag doll, with one hand he pushed him self up, and on to his feet. "Please don't" tim begged helplessly dangling in the air. Jake flexed his chest a mass of moving muscle, shot through each of his thick pectorals like a shock wave. Jake still holding tim helplessly in the air, jumped down from the car. With one hand he grabbed hold of the edge of the roof, clamping down with his vice like grip the section was crushed metal oozing up between his fingers as if it were made of clay,and not the hardened steel it had been forged from. With one easy push the car slid across the dirt ,spinning out of control till it slammed into a tree with a loud crash. He turned back and looked at tim "please don't don't hurt me" tim begged, jake dropped him to the ground. Tim looked up at the massive 8 ft, 600 lb, naked muscle god that stood towering above him his body larger than any body builder on the planet. Jake's cock was as thick as the end of a base ball bat, capped with a head the size of a normal mans fist, even his balls were the size of oranges. The massive shaft ran straight up against his perfectly defined abs, till it nearly reached the beginning of his chiseled striated pecs. Jake now turning his attention to him self. Flexed his monstrous biceps, getting off on the power and strength he had just demonstrated to the cowering tim. He loved the fear his incredible body could bring out in a person, he liked the dominance it gave him over any one who challenged him. That is what pumped his body, made him grow beyond what was thought to be humanly possible, and Jake was far beyond human limitations, he was a god, the biggest most powerful being on the planet, and no man, machine, or weapon could challenge him. He was supreme, and he liked to show people his supremacy. "Don't move one inch or you will pay for disobeying me" pointing a finger at tim, jake slowly walked toward the car. Reaching it, he turned to make sure tim was watching. "Look at me you pathetic little bug, witness what my superior muscle body can do, compared to your frail, puny, body." Jake ran his hand up his long hard cock it suddenly started to move down! Tim could not believe what he was seeing. The huge shaft moving by its self, till it was in a vertical position he had total control over it! Jake smiled you like that little man even my cock is pure fucken muscle, and unlike you I have control of all my muscles," He then flexed the giant shaft, it jumped up slamming against his stomach with thud, then it dropped back down slamming onto the hood of the car caving it in, the back end of the auto lifted from the ground, the front tires exploded, rubber flying from the rims. Jake then grabbed the front of the car, his thick fingers, ripping through the metal. As he pulled the car toward him, metal screamed as if it were in pain, trying to resist ,the far greater force of Jake's unrelenting muscles, but it was no match for his strength. The car crumpled, and bent, becoming a mass of twisted metal. The fenders buckled and compacted against his massive legs. Tim gasped in disbelief as he realized Jake's cock, and balls were buried deep in the wreckage. Jake just kept pulling the car toward him. When the metal ripped in his hands he would just grab another section, and continue to drag the mass of collapsing steel toward him. The engine slammed through the fire wall, and was now in the car. In a matter of minutes the car was half the size it started out as. Jake slammed his hips into the twisted wreckage, enjoying the feeling of his cock being driven further into the crumpled mass of iron. Even his cock was harder and more powerful then the metal it easily pushed its way through. "Watch this you pathetic little bug" he removed his hands from both sides of the car, his cock still buried deep in the mass of crumpled wreckage. He flexed his cock. Tim stared in disbelief. As Jake's cock lifted the car easily off the ground. Placing his hands back on the car and shoved it forward till slid off his shaft and dropped to the ground. Jake's huge throbbing cock, moved slightly up, and down, pre cum dripping from the tip. He slowly turned to face tim, he wanted make sure he saw every part of his massive pumped body, covered with more muscle than tim feeble little mind could imagine, wanting tim to see what he could never be. Tim stared as if he were in a trance he could not take his eyes off the god that stood before him. Jake slowly ran his hand across the bottom of his powerful hard cock cum still oozing from the tip. He pointed a finger at tim, with a evil grin that could only be described as pure evil, jake spoke. "NOW YOU PATHETIC WEAKLING TIME TO TAKE CARE OF YOU!" •

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