As a student in high school I was very often bullied. Looking back I can understand why. I was a real nerd. Skinny, short, and zitty. On top of that I wasn't even very smart, lucky to get C's. All in all, just a plain loser. So it makes sense that the football players always laughed at me in gym class and the guys on the hockey team always pushed me around, hit me, slapped my butt with towels and any other mean thing they could think of all the time. If I was like I am today then, I would have done the same to me.

What really spurred me into a gym for the first time was this hockey player named Matt. Even though he was a freshman when I was a senior, he was bigger than most of the people in school, strong, and good looking. He knew this. He was in an elite group in my school called the "meatheads". Basically a bunch of huge dumb grunting jocks who took every chance they had to hurt, humiliate, and torture people like me. He was my worst nightmare. He would regularly wait for me after class and punch me, spit on me, and once he even pissed on me in front of a huge group of people. It was more than humiliating having a 16-year-old freshman beating up on me. I swore revenge on Matt and decided the only way I could really get him back is to beat him at his own game. So I started lifting.

By the end of my senior year I had gained about 10 pounds, but add that to my 140 and you still ain't got much. After graduation I continued lifting very aggressively. Everytime I would go to the gym my motivation was running into Matt one day and kicking his ass up and down the street. Eventually someone at the gym noticed my intensity and, as it happens in a lot of gyms, offered me steroids. I jumped at the chance.

I started college in the fall and kept on lifting. I ate like a horse and was gaining weight fast. By the end of my third year I was simply huge. People at the gym nicknamed me "cobra" because my lats were so huge they looked like a cobras head. I don't care if you think I'm bragging but I look friggin' awesome! I have huge pecs that will intimidate anyone. Deeply cut muscular definition makes them ripple under even a loose shirt, though you will very rarely find me wearing anything loose. My arms are 20" around and I have a high bicep peak. Giant forearms, killer calves and my pride and joy... my quads. My quads ripple with power and muscle. Deep cuts run through each muscle fiber. When I flex them its as if they come alive with power. Shreds of muscle dance at my command. At the gym I always catch people staring at me and I love every minute of it. I take every opportunity to show off for people. I love to have posedowns with the other built guys in the gym. A lot of times a crowd will gather to watch. As I pose and flex my mighty body, I can always tell by the crowds reaction that I am the winner.

But in the back of my mind I am always thinking about tearing Matt's head off with my sheer power and getting my revenge.

Fall of my senior year came. I decided to move into the dorms to save money for more roids. I moved in to the dorms a week before classes started. I wanted to move in before my dorm-mate, whoever he would be, moved in. I had unpacked my last box and decided to take a shower before I went to buy books. While I was showering I heard someone open the main door and close it behind them. It had to be my new dorm mate. I rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. Then I put a towel around my 30" waist without drying off. I was going for the wet look for my new dorm mate. I stopped and checked myself in the mirror. I looked incredible. Beads of water were slowly rolling off my thick pecs. The water made every muscle glisten. My nipples were slightly hard and so was my cock. I turned myself on. I struck a double biceps pose to get some blood pumping into my huge arms, then I did a most muscular. I was getting more erect by the second so I figured I had better stop before I get a full on chubby.

Whoever this new dorm mate of mine was, he had better be ready for a serious lesson in who's in charge. I stuck my chest out and flared my lats to look as huge and intimidating as possible, opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the main room. Whoever this guy was he obviously worked out too. He had a tight tank top on and a pair of shorts that showed off a very nice butt. He was bending over the bed, already unpacking some things. I wondered if his face was as good looking as his body.

I said, "Hey" in a deep commanding voice, as I quickly double checked to make sure I was flexing all the right muscles. He turned around to face me.

It was as if I was hit by lightning. There in my dorm room, looking me right in the face, and apparently not knowing who I was, was Matt. I didn't know what to think or do. After all those years of dreaming of the day when I would come face to face with him again. After all those years of imagining the horrible things I was going to do to him to get revenge. After 3 years, there he was looking me in the face. Although he didn't recognize me he was obviously freaked out by the giant standing nearly naked in front off him. He took a few steps back and tripped on a box, sending him to the floor. Rage was not a strong enough word for my emotion.

He quickly stood up and said, "Hey, I'm Matt. Damn you are one huge mother! I guess we're living together this year. What's your name?"

"You mean you don't remember me?" I asked through gritting teeth. We went to Central together you little fuck." I slowly walked towards him as he took a few more steps back. I could tell the little shit was ready to piss his pants with fear but he said nothing. I reached out and grabbed his tank top. In one swift powerful pull I tore the shirt off him, leaving it tattered on the floor. Then I grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off the ground with one hand. The muscles in my arm swelled with blood as they pumped and flexed in his quivering face. "Look at my face. Imagine me 120 pounds lighter, with pimples and your piss on me," I said. I saw his head look down at my pecs which where practically dancing slabs of muscle from the strain. "Look at my face, not my chest you dumb fuck!" He looked up at my face. He was starting to turn purple from me choking him. For a second I felt sorry for him, so I threw him to the floor like a toy.

He scrambled to get back to his feet in an attempt to escape. I stood with my feet on his hands pinning him to the ground and struck a most muscular pose right in front of him. Veins popped out of my arms like serpents and my huge chest rippled from side to side. I reached down and grabbed his face. "Do you remember me yet, punk?"

"No, no, no..." he stammered. "I'm sorry, please..."

"Wrong answer," I replied. With that I picked him up by his shorts and forced them off his legs. He started to struggle but my overwhelming power was too much for him. He was wearing some tight briefs under his shorts. I wrapped my hand around the front seam and quickly tore them from his body. He stood naked in front of me and started crying. Remember, Matt was no small boy. At 18, and after many years in the gym, he had built himself a very muscular body. I'd guess about 200 pounds on his 5'11" frame and hardly a scrap of bodyfat. So to see this muscular guy in front of me naked, and crying was quite strange.

"Whoever you are... whatever I did... please..." he begged. "I'm sorry, I'll do whatever you want."

I reached out and softly wiped some tears from his face. He was very good looking, just like in high school. "My name is Doug." I said quietly. He looked puzzled. "Doug Felbar... I was a senior when you where a freshman at Central. Remember yet?"

His look turned from puzzled to amazed. I saw his eyes glance down at my pecs again. I obliged him with a quick, subtle flex. He slowly looked up again and whimpered, "You used to be a lot smaller."

My right hand continues to wipe and caress his face, while my left hand had a firm grip on his neck so he could not get away. "Do you remember the shit you did to me in high school? The hitting, the pissing, the humiliation? Do you?" I was beginning to yell as I remembered myself. He did not answer. "When you said before you would do anything... you have no idea how right you were." I dropped the towel from around my waist and pulled him toward my by the neck. I buried his face in my pecs as I could feel him start to struggle again. My right hand drew back and flew into his gut knocking every last bit of wind out of him. He fell to the floor gasping for breath. Before he could recover I picked him up off the floor and threw him face first onto the bed. I quickly spread his legs. My cock was already raging hard as I attempted to plunged every last bit of its 9 inches into his ass. He resisted me all he could. I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head back towards me. He screamed in pain, so I punched him in the kidney and winded him again.

"You listen to me shithead. You loosen up now or your gonna regret being born." I reached down and stuck my finger inside him to start to loosen him. He continued resisting so I pulled his head back again. As I did this I could feel his hole soften. I released his head and grabbed my meat. It throbbed with excitement. I pressed it against his hole, and with some work, it slowly slid in.

The feeling of dominating this huge boy who, only until a few years ago, had made my life a living hell was incredible. His tight ass was nearly crushing my dick but it felt great! I worked it back and forth, occasionally whispering insults in his ear. There was a giant mirror right in front of us and I looked up and watched myself pumping. The sweat began rolling down my pecs as I flexed for myself in the mirror, while continuing to pump.

Matt was completely silent. I slid my hands across his muscular back. It would occasionally ripple and bulge in his tanned and perfect skin. Then up to his arms which were flexed hard as if attempting to bear the pain. They must have been about 17 or 18 inches and steel as rocks. He was magnificent.

As a grew closer and closer to cumming, I pumped faster and faster. Then as suddenly as it had began, I began shooting load after load up his tight muscular ass. I groaned with pleasure and looked at my hot body in the mirror as I kept cumming and cumming. Beads of sweat rolled from my pecs, down my six pack abs and dripped onto his incredible back.

I slowly pulled out and got off him. He lay there for a minute with a stunned look on his face. He was absolutely silent. I leaned over and whispered in his ear. " as when I had left. I instructed him to sit up, and he did. He could not look me in the eye as I stood there in front of him, he just stared at the floor.

We had a short discussion about what the rest of the year was to be like. I had to hit him a few times to drive my point home, but he eventually came to understand that he deserved what he got and it was payback time. He never physically struggled with me again after that. In fact I think he came to enjoy our sessions together. Sometimes when I would get back from classes he would already be undressed and waiting for me in the prone position. Occasionally, he would refuse to get me a drink or make me something to eat or change the channel. Whatever. I would grab him by the shoulder and crotch, lift him over my head, and shake him until he apologized and did as he was told.

---Now, what if I suggested this story was true. •

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