By Also_KnownAs

Mornings after are a bitch. Chuck awoke tangled up in the arms and legs of quite a few of the young men who’d been suddenly Transformed by Adam’s wild spur-of-the-moment muscle dance, and immediately realized that what had happened was right up there on the same level of potential disaster as the last White Snake concert tour. ::Adam? Frazz?::

Adam’s voice entered his head, filled with love as usual. ::Hi, Chuck! Good morning!:: Frazz was slightly less energetic. ::Fuck, what was the number of that truck?::


::The one that shoved its cock up my ass last night.::

Chuck began to disentangle himself. He was naked, which wasn’t unusual, and he was horny, also not outside the realm of any other morning, and he was surrounded by about three dozen young men, also naked, probably also horny, who all managed to look like an open call for the next Hot Stallion Studios gay muscle porn flick. Everywhere he looked, all he could see was bulging muscles and long, fat, delicious pricks. He stroked one of his own mammoth appendages, leaving the other hidden for the moment, and grinned in spite of himself. “Damn.”


::Nice work, Adam. Don’t know about you guys, but I am standing in the midst of about the most beautiful collection of overripe, overmuscled, overengorged naked dudes this side of IGE.::

Frazz’s grizzled voice echoed his own wonder. ::Hells, yes, bro. There’s so much naked male pulchritude on display around me that it’s a wonder I’m not erupting a volcano of cum.::

::Yes, Chuck, I am with many new friends, too. They are all beautiful and want me to be with them some more.::

::You’re not doing anything to them, right Adam?::

::I am fucking them.::

::Well, of course, but I meant you’re not building them bigger bodies than they’ve already got or… anything else like that?::

::No, Chuck. I am making love with them. Do you want me to make them bigger?::

Chuck looked at the display of naked bodies around him, some of whom were starting to rouse in the morning light, rubbing their muscles or stroking their hardening cocks or simply sitting up to welcome the first day in their new bodies. ::I don’t think that would be a good idea just yet, Adam. Hang in there and just keep having fun for a while until I figure this out. Frazz, where are you?:: Chuck’s handsome black buddy sent a mental image of his whereabouts and Chuck homed in on him. ::Stay put, I’ll be right there.::

::Then what?::

“Fuck if I know,” he answered aloud. He scrubbed his hand through his sandy hair and took another look at the scene, with several thoughts popping into his head all at once.

First, how would these dudes explain why they were suddenly gifted with porn star pricks and bodybuilder muscles? Hell, better than porn star pricks and bigger than bodybuilder muscles! Second, did it make sense to just accelerate them all through the process of Transform and let them make their own decisions instead of leaving them all like this? Third, did he have time to do any fucking of his own to several of the most prime pieces of ass he’d ever seen, not to mention suck on a few of these huge cocks before making any other decisions?


The big man turned and came face to face with Moose. The young man was grinning from ear to ear as he stood there, butt naked, built like a brick shithouse, armored in huge bulges of fat muscular glory and sporting a hard-on big enough to choke a horse. “Hey, Moose.” Chuck moved his hand onto the man’s hard, hot prick and gave it a couple of friendly strokes.

Moose closed his eyes and let out a feral growl of pleasure, feeling Chuck's expert manipulations to his toes. “So… not a dream, I guess.” He looked around and laughed slightly. Chuck watched the bicep mounted on his upper arm swell massively as he raised his arm to scratch his head.

“Not a dream,” Chuck verified. He swelled himself larger while the kid’s back was turned, just to have a bit of an advantage over the guy. “How do you feel?” Moose’s answer was a smile and a kiss, one that lingered and grew increasingly passionate as they tongue-wrestled. “So, good then?”

“Excellent. Thanks, again for… everything.”

“No problem.” It looked like they were in a city park somewhere near the downtown area, and the air was still and quiet. Chuck figured it was still fairly early, probably around five or six. “So, Moose…”

“Yes, Chuck?” The guy looked hopeful, probably expecting Chuck to take him by the hand and spin him around and start drilling his ass all over again. A Transformed man was nothing if not predictable.

“Any suggestions?” Moose raised an eyebrow questioningly. “For explaining all this to… well… everybody.”

Moose shrugged. “Are there any explanations that are going to make any sense?” He looked down at himself as he said this, inwardly marveling at his amazing new collection of muscular perfection.

“I don’t know if they’ll make sense or not. I can only tell you what I know.” His gaze fell along the young man’s bulging masses, and a fleeting memory of their coupling the night before flew through his brain. His dick responded with a gush of precum and he sighed contentedly. “Damn, you are one fine specimen.”

Moose kissed his mouth deeply. “You ain’t so bad your own damn self.” He looked around at the dozing mass of muscle surrounding them. “Fuck me, but this is about the nicest wake up call ever.”

“I’d agree with you, but I’ve had some fairly amazing wake up calls over the past few months.”

“No doubt. So, what’s the plan?” It was Chuck’s turn to shrug. “I gather that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.”

“Well, yes and no. We usually try to be a bit more…”

“Subtle?” Moose chuckled.

“Contained, I guess would be a better word.” He started walking and motioned for Moose to follow. “Let’s go meet up with my friends and see if we can put our brains together and figure out what to do next.”

“Why do we need to do anything?”

Chuck looked at Moose, his brow arched. “What?”

Moose glanced back at the tangled mass of naked muscle. “Well, it’s not like anyone was complaining, right? And none of those guys is exactly a virgin or holds down a job where they need to worry about what the boss will think if they don’t turn up. These are clubbers, remember? They stay up all night, they work weird hours, and they pretty much are friends with each other.” He looked over at Chuck. “The weirdest part is likely to be trying to explain why they’re all naked – and even that doesn’t really verge on unusual behavior.”

Chuck laughed softly. “Yeah, but…”

Moose stopped him. “Look, I don’t know where you came from or how you do what you do and I guess I don’t care.” He rubbed the fat nub of his nipple and sighed with contentment. “Well, maybe I care a little, just out of curiosity. I mean, how is this possible? What the fuck happened last night?”

Another dozing group of nude young men with perfect muscular bodies came slowly into view. A very large, very wide, very naked black-skinned man was leaning against a tree nearby. Frazz raised his arm and waved a good morning to the duo as they approached. His skin sparkled with dewdrops that had fallen from the leaves overhead. He looked almost like some woodland pagan god made real.

Chuck and Frazz greeted each other with a kiss and an embrace. Frazz reached down and stroked Chuck’s mammoth cock and Chuck grinned. “Missed you,” Frazz said, his deep voice a welcome rumble against Chuck’s chest.

“You too, fucker.” He looked over at the other group of gorgeous bodies. “So, my friend Moose here has a suggestion about this latest development, no pun intended.”

“You mean dealing with a couple dozen or so newly developed bodybuilder porn studs with horse-hung cocks and enough muscle to fuel several dozen fantasies? That development?” He looked over as Adam approached, bringing with him the recognizably perfect forms of Jeff and Tommy, the two dudes that Chuck and Adam had Transformed before Adam released himself on the clubgoers. He waved again at Adam who bounded over like a huge, powerful puppy and threw his arms open to embrace all three men at the same time.

“Good morning! I’m so happy! And look, I found Tom and Jeffrey!” The other two grinned at Adam’s obvious glee and nodded slightly in greeting. Unlike the rest of the men that morning, somehow the two young men had managed to remain partially clothed – although they were only wearing underwear, they at least managed to look somewhat presentable, all things considered. They could just as well have been naked, however, for all the good that the underwear did to camoflage their enormous enhanced cocks.

There was a stirring among the gathered naked bodies and Chuck motioned for the group to move a little further from the sleeping orgy to continue their conversation. Frazz said, “Apparently, your friend here – Moose, right? – Moose has a suggestion concerning an agreeable denouement to our little accidental dilemma.”

They all looked at Moose. “Why do anything? Like I told Chuck, none of these guys is exactly a pillar of society here in town. Mostly they all hang out together, they have shit jobs that pay them just enough so they can buy new clothes to impress each other and they spend every night trying to get laid at the clubs. What, really, has been changed except now they have a much better selection of fuck buddies to choose from?”

Jeffrey wrinkled his brow. “And we just leave it like that? No explanation? No reason for what happened?”

Moose shook his head. “Any answers will probably just raise more questions. And I’m thinking our friends here aren’t exactly prepared to answer them, am I right, Chuck?”

“Well, I mean, I’m not completely stupid about the why’s and what’s and who’s, but if you guys want, like, scientific methodology or some shit like that, I’m not the dude to ask.” He looked at Frazz. “But I know someone who knows.” Frazz nodded, and Chuck looked back at Jeff, Tommy and Moose. “And… you’re not really fully cooked, so to speak.”


“Meaning that there’s quite a few more tricks up our sleeves besides what you’ve already experienced.” Chuck’s gaze drank in the well-muscled forms of the young men in front of him. The massive chests, the chiseled bellies, the fat cables of brawn along their arms and legs, and the sculpted perfection of their faces. Damn, this stuff was amazing. He watched as his careful ogling of their bodies caused their fat cocks to stir. Moose’s was exposed and started to pulse and rise. He watched the other two dicks, sheathed behind thin layers of cotton, start to stretch and swell, pushing insistently for release. “You’ve only had the slightest taste of what’s available. If you want it.”

Chuck allowed his body to swell outward slightly with more muscle. His entire form expanded and bulged like the cocks he saw before him, his muscles growing fatter beneath his golden tanned skin. He stood still and tall as his body changed. His arms grew thicker with power, veins appeared along the muscle to feed its growth. His chest widened and solidified with more brawn, the rows of strength swelling and dividing and swelling again. His intercostals, the fingers of muscle along the edge of the ribcage, fattened and lengthened. The incredibly defined six-pack on his belly and the two thick cables of his obliques swelled huge, deeply increasing the valleys between.

He smiled as he watched the faces of the trio witness his development. He was becoming closer to his true appearance, touching the masculine perfection of his actual Transformed self. His face was changing in subtle ways, his brow more pronounced, his jaw more square, his eyes clearer and darker.

Frazz covered his smile with his hand as he watched his lover change and the reaction of the poor young men forced to stand there and witness it. Their dicks showed ample evidence of their feelings. Moose’s was already at full attention, and the other two guy’s cocks had pushed their ways over the waistbands of their tightie whities and glistened with precum. Frazz could have joined in, but he knew his lover got off on this part – plus, he loved watching Chuck grow into his actual perfection almost as much as Chuck loved doing it.

Bigger and bigger he grew, the muscles fighting for space beneath his glowing flesh. Moose grabbed onto his own throbbing hard-on and started jerking off with slow, concentrated strokes. Tommy ripped his underwear from his body and joined in, while Jeffrey was merely rubbing the head of his cock with his thumb, greasing it up with the flow of precum now streaming out.

Chuck grinned as he watched their reactions. He had pinpoint control over his body. He was #2 of the Transformed men and had been doing this longer than almost anyone. He’d probably been with more of the other guys than anyone, too, and had realized the benefits of receiving Transform filtered through dozens of different men, each adding their own uniqueness to the brew and giving it back to him, adding to his male perfection. This was the easiest part of it all, this was release. He was simply becoming his true self, in all his impossible and remarkable glory.

He didn’t grow much taller, not nearly to his full height, but he towered over them now. His body exhibited a reflection of his fully realized form, a mini version of his colossal body. Every inch of him, every individual muscle was defined and bulging. His cock hung fat and firm and long between his legs. His balls, round and heavy and ample, hung low in their furry sack. He was an anatomical map of masculine perfection. His copper skin glowed, his nipples gleamed, the fur that spread across his chest shone like silk threads, even his fingernails looked shiny. He was, in a phrase, the most fuckable man on Earth.

“And this, dudes, is only the visible part.” He moved into a most muscular pose, swelling his collection of brawn into stark relief, pushing his muscles to their swollen and perfected glory. He smiled, and they all came.

Gushing cream splashed across the lawn and Moose moaned a deep, guttural sound of pleasure. Chuck relaxed into a less impressive state of muscular power and laughed slightly, saying, “Sorry, dudes.”

Frazz laughed, too. “That’s hardly fair, Chuck. The least you could have done is prepare them.”

“What, like saying, ‘Okay, guys, now I’m going to reveal my actual appearance and it’s so blindingly beautiful that you’re going to cream just looking at me’?”

Frazz shrugged. “It’s a start.”

Chuck looked down at himself, at his furred flawless skin and the array of powerful muscle beneath. Every movement highlighted the extent of his strength, the size of his muscles, the sheer magical and miraculous reality of his body. He moved his touch along his naked figure, feeling the remarkable sense of his sensual form and all its masculine glory. It never failed to amaze him, the intensity of feeling, the depth of sexuality, the way every cell of his body was attuned to making him feel good. Better than good. Better than great.

He looked at Frazz and they shared that connection. Frazz knew, too, that feeling. And how it never diminished. He looked at Adam and wondered if he realized what this gift was, because he was born to it.

Then he looked at the three young men before him, who had only just tasted the true essence of Transform and the changes it brings. They stood there naked, glorious, and so fucking hot that he wanted to take them all and fuck them hard and lick their asses with his long, talented tongue and stroke their cocks and swallow their loads and show them the meaning of raw, manly, powerful sex. “I think we’ll need a bit more privacy for this next step.” He looked up into the morning sky and added, “Plus, it’s a lovely day for flying.” •

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