By Also_KnownAs

Five men stood in the glass-walled enclosure overlooking Lab One at the headquarters of what was referred to as Main Office looking down on a sixth man below. Major Sherman Tipton stood next to a white-smocked doctor. Of the six men there, they were the only two wearing any clothing. Jerry Lassiter, genetic scientist and radically altered superman, stood – towered – next to Scott Maddox, special agent and covert lead on an as-yet unspecified project involving that huge naked man next to him, as well as an unknown number of similarly improved and radically altered genetic masterpieces resulting from an experiment of Lassiter’s and his partner’s gone horribly right. Slightly behind them and to the left stood Lieutenant Jason Fortaleza, who until a few minutes ago had been enjoying a passionate and powerful three-way with Maddox and Lassiter. Jason’s eyes grew dry as he watched in unblinking wonder at what was happening to his roommate on the gleaming metal table below.

Lieutenant Jay Lee Curtis, 21-year-old Army recruit and test subject in an on-going experiment concerning the alteration and perfection of the human male, was growing. His body was stretching, his bones were lengthening, his skin was expanding, but all of those feats were only the side effects of the most remarkable and amazing development occurring – because his muscles were growing at an increasing rate, the lobes and cables and balls and fibers of power expanding and multiplying before their eyes.

For Lassiter, it was nothing new. Even Maddox had seen something like this occurring as he sat in Jerry’s room, because the man’s capabilities concerning the control he could manifest over his highly improved body included, impossibly, an ability to control his own size and muscular development, to an extent that far outshone the young man on the table.

But that looked like it was changing quickly.

“700 pounds,” said the smocked doctor quietly.

“Rate of growth?” Tipton kept his eyes on Jay Lee as he asked.

“10 pounds per minute, but it’s exponential. As he grows bigger, he adds a bigger percentage of muscle onto his frame.”

“This isn’t Transform.” Lassiter looked at Tipton. “Is it?”

“It’s an improved version.”

“Improved by whom? And how?”

“The ‘who’ isn’t important. The how… you can probably guess.”

But it was Maddox who did the guessing. “Aggression.”

“Succinct, but essentially true.”

“It’s not hard to put two and two together. Particular when the military’s involved.” Maddox drew in a breath. “Containment?”


“Slow down a second and explain this please.” Lassiter turned slightly and looked at Scott for answers, though his suspicions would soon be borne out.

Maddox shot a look at Tipton, who nodded, and then he glanced at Jason with an arched eyebrow, wondering how long it would be before the other young man started to grow. “You fucked something up, Jerry. They’re trying to unfuck it, with typically mixed results. Your brew succeeded beyond anyone’s dreams, but it lacks one essential component – rather, it makes a trade-off that the military cannot abide. You rechanneled the aggressive behavior, but you did it too well.” Maddox thought back to the supporting docs, the overview, the project’s original intent. “They feared what men like you might become. Would you be so powerful that you’d simply overthrow your masters? Would you grow too strong to control? So they entrusted you and your friend Carlos and your knowledge of the human genome to come up with an answer – and you did.”

“You’re not telling me anything I don’t know,” the immense man said.

“This is for the benefit of our friend Jason, for whom this information will soon be very important, I’m sure.” Jason looked away from Jay Lee at the mention of his name, and devoted his attention now to the conversation at hand. “Your answer, doctor, was to pump up their sexual aggression to attempt to replace overt violent behavior. Your mistake, as you now know – and so does Main Office – was that Transform was much more powerful than you ever designed or imagined. You’re feeling the results of that choice now, I would imagine. While the Major here and probably the good doctor and perhaps even Jason are feeling some measure of fear regarding the imposing figure below us, and that fear may result in a natural fight or flight decision, you’re feeling…”

“Sexual attraction.”

“Which, on a battlefield, wouldn’t be very helpful, I’m sure you agree, unless you intend on fucking your opponent into submission.” Lassiter’s handsome face lit into a smile at the thought. “And you know all that. And you probably also know that Main Office needed you.”

“They want my knowledge of the process.”

“No, sir. I’m sorry. They needed you. They needed a Transformed man. They needed your DNA. They needed Transform back. So they could alter it.” Maddox looked down on the still growing man below. He was absurdly powerful, overwhelmed with muscle, growing stronger and bigger by the second. “They needed to create Transform 2. To correct your error.”

Lassiter turned toward the Major slowly. “That,” he said softly, “was a foolish mistake.”

Jason spoke up softly, asking “How big are you?”

Lassiter grinned proudly. “Never actually measured, but I’d estimate that at full strength, so to speak, I’m around 18 feet tall.”

“Holy fuck.”

Tipton bristled, though it was difficult to tell if it was at the conversation or the Lieutenant’s breach of military etiquette. “A mistake? No, Doctor. A correction.”

“You don’t understand what you’ve done. You don’t understand what you’re doing.”

“I can understand your egotism, Lassiter. Your accomplishments are quite extraordinary. But I assure you that you are not the only genetic specialists on staff at Main Office.”

“We never designed the emotional responses. We didn’t rechannel anything. We built the perfect man, and I am part of that result. Aggressive behavior wasn’t removed or redirected, Major. It, like everything else, was augmented.”

Maddox started grinning. Tipton looked slightly stunned. “What?”

Now Lassiter was grinning, too. “You’re not creating an improvement, Major. If you wanted different results, you needed to start with a different recipe. Transform is what it is. All you’ve done is…”

“Pump up the volume.” Maddox started laughing.

Jay Lee felt amazing. His blood boiled. His muscles expanded. He felt powerful beyond measure. He stood slowly up, feeling his body overwhelming the size of the table, and stretched to his full height. He brought his gaze up the shining white walls of the room to the glass above and the figures standing there.

He closed his eyes and pulled in a breath to cool his body, if that was possible. Closing his eyes only focused his attention inward, however, and he could suddenly feel the growth that was taking place with an intensity that was difficult to fathom.

It was everywhere. It was shining inside him like a sun. His body swelled with new growth and wherever it was happening, it felt like he was being stroked to orgasm. Everything felt good. The pain was gone, the anger was gone, the only thing left was power, swelling enormously, multiplying effortlessly, building within him and manifesting as muscular development at a rate and in dimensions never seen or experienced before.

He opened his eyes and grinned and started to laugh. He looked down as his chest expanded and watched the muscle growing. He could see it happening under his skin, watch as the muscle split and stretched and swelled, feel the immense strength building. His physique was changing every second. His skin tingled, his balls throbbed, his cock felt massive and hard and hungry.

He lifted his hand to his left pec and placed it on his flesh and felt his body swelling with power under his touch. He felt the muscle expanding, the heat of that growth and the warmth of his skin. His cock swelled in response and he sucked in another breath and watched his gigantic chest grow.

He closed his eyes again and stretched his head on his muscled neck and moved his touch down his body, over the swelling masses of strength, feeling himself expanding, along the thick cables of brawn, across the bulging muscles on his belly and through the soft, thick, warm curls of fur above his prick.

He felt massive and alive and hypermasculine.

He opened his eyes and looked directly at Jason.

“Fuck!” A sudden wet sound erupted against the glass and a thick gob of something creamy white was slowly dripping down the glass. The men in the observation room turned at the sudden exclamation, glanced at the ejaculate and then turned to see the lucky man who’d released it. Jason looked stunned, his body was as rigid as his dick. “Anyone else feel that?”

“Uhhm, I think I speak for all of us when I say unfortunately not.”


“What, pray tell, was it?”

“Something shot through me and it was like… like…”

“Like?” Lassiter walked over and stood next to Jason, but Jason’s eyes remained locked on the figure below.

“Something made me cum.”

Lassiter laughed slightly. “That much is apparent.”

“Oh, Jesus.”


Jason was suddenly surrounded by heat, but a heat that suffused his skin and seemed to climb from the inside out. It felt to him, at first, as if he had been splashed with warm water, then the water flamed up and sank inside and was sucked into his lungs and shot through his muscles and found its way, quickly, into his groin and then intensified and built on itself and licked him with its long, wet tongue and sucked his cock and balls inside its mouth and sucked and moaned and stroked and caressed and sucked some more until….

“Here it comes again!” His cock sprang upward and his body arched and a second thick volley of cream erupted from him, plastering the window again. “Man! What the fuck?”

Lassiter looked down at Jay Lee, who was smiling broadly. “Can you describe what…?” But he didn’t finish the sentence before another fat fountain of cream sprang from Jason’s red, shiny prick, followed shortly by another, and another.

Jason was breathing hard, unable to catch his breath. His face looked beatific, absolutely overcome with pleasure, overwhelmed by sex. His skin was ruddy and a sheen of sweat was dripping off his gleaming flesh. His cock was raging hard, red and angry and covered with veins. He came again, shoving another thick load from his throbbing balls.

“Hmm,” observed Lassiter. Maddox turned and looked at the still developing mass of muscle below.

Jay Lee made Jason cum again. And then again. It was so simple. He felt stupid that it had never occurred to him how to do this before. It was like thinking it and then throwing it and then watching it happen. Sex was in his grip. Raw, hard, unbridled, passionate, wild fucking sex. The fire of it was in his control. It was bottled up inside him and he culd unleash it on anyone he wanted to. He saw Maddox looking at him and he obliged the man with another wish.

“Whoa. That was… interesting.” Maddox found his cock instantly hard, but he didn’t manage to paint anything. The rush of sexual release washed his body in warmth, flowing across his skin and sinking inside his balls, tickling them like a hot tongue. “Dr. Lassiter, it appears our little friend is testing his wings.” Major Tipton took a step back from the window. “I doubt that will help, Major, but more luck to… oh, holy Jesus on a pogostick!”

Maddox suddenly released a torrent of hot creamy cum that sprayed the Major’s medaled chest. He’d turned his back on Jay Lee’s swelling form and suddenly a hot flash of hard masculine sex thrust itself up his ass and exploded inside him. He turned around, stumbling, nearly falling, and caught himself on the glass, his hand meeting the hard surface and bringing him back to reality.

Jay Lee considered for a moment why he hadn’t made Maddox cum the first time. “Harder nut to crack,” he thought with a smile. But not an impossible nut. He set his sights on the biggest target available.

“Incoming!” Maddox said it lightly, and looked at Jerry.

Dr. Lassiter felt something, that much was true. His body grew slightly warmer and his cock grew slightly heavier. “Interesting,” he observed, and he turned and looked down at Jay Lee. “Something new has already been added to the mix, Major. Congratulations.” He felt another wave of sexual heat infuse him, stronger than the first. “And he’s definitely a fast learner.” Another, stronger wave hit him. His secondary prick erupted into the open. “My, my, my. And such power too.” Lassiter was a Transformed man. He had complete control over his body. Things like that weren’t supposed to happen.

Jay Lee grimaced. Damn it! Cum, motherfucker! I’m going to make you cum! You’re going to cum harder than any of them. Cum! Now!

Jason shot another load, as did Maddox. This time, even the Major found his pants had suddenly become a soggy mess, and the other doctor’s white smock was noticeably darker. “Sorry, gentlemen. I’m afraid that was meant for me. A little bit of a ricochet, there. Interesting, though, don’t you think?” He stood at the window watching the growing man below, who stood in concentration as his body continued its development.

Jay Lee thought, Fuck! God dammit, cum! Cum you motherfucker! Cum!

Another wave of erotic bliss erupted in the room, and all the men save Jerry Lassiter found themselves orgasming again. Maddox swooned against the glass with the power of the wave, Jason fell to his knees and the two other men simply passed out completely. “Needs a bit of finessing,” observed Jerry. “Maybe the Major has developed an effective weapon, after all.”

“Jesus, Jerry, can you get him to stop. This is… ooohhhh, fuck!” Scott’s steel-hard cock fountained again. “My balls are starting to hurt.” He came again.

“Very well, though it is a very interesting experiment. Scott, Jason, I wonder if you wouldn’t mind accompanying me down to have a chat with our little over-muscled imp.” Lassiter, Scott and Jason approached a door to the side of the room and started down a stairway to meet with the newest Transformed man and discuss terms of surrender. •

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