Muscle Drain

Muscle Showdown


By 2VienyBiceps

Kurt has drained all of the muscle from every man in the room – at least 25 of them. But, his rampage for even more muscle continues. Jason, Kurt’s last conquest, lies on the floor in a pool of Kurt’s cum. Jason is just skin and bones now. All the power from Jason’s muscles is now in the terrifying muscles of Kurt, the unimaginable being walking toward the exit. Kurt is headed out of Jon’s compound to find more muscle. “I need more power! My fucking muscles need to grow!” Kurt screams as he lumbers toward the door. The floor shakes with each of Kurt’s steps.

“Jason!” Darrin calls out. “Stop him! If he goes outside, it’ll be chaos.”

Jason tries to muster the strength to concentrate on trying to gain control of Kurt’s muscles from across the room – the way he had practiced with Darrin and the other guys over the past few days.

“C’mon Jason. You gotta do it!” Darrin yells as loud as he is able.

“Gotta do what?” Kurt bellows out. “You can’t stop me! Look at my powerful fucking muscles!” he screams as he hits a most muscular shot. Kurts pecs bulge out into in-human striated, veiny slabs. Some of the stray sparks of power darting around Kurt’s body drive into his pecs charging them with even more power. “What are you gonna do to stop all this muscle?” Kurt sneers.

Jason extends his hands in front of him and tenses his arms as if grabbing for something just out of reach. He concentrates with all the strength he has left to try to tap into Kurt’s power.

“Look at you, you fucking skinny pussy! You couldn’t do anything to me even if you could reach me”, Kurt sneers at Jason. Kurt hits his most muscular even harder and lets out a powerful roar. “Fucking Muscle!”

Jason is getting aroused by the muscle show Kurt is putting on. He wants Kurt’s muscle. He needs it. The desire burns deep inside him. He strains harder to connect with Kurt’s muscle power.

“Auugh! Fuckin’ look at me!” Kurt screams as he stares down at his bowling ball sized biceps while pumping and flexing them.

“Fuck you!” Jason screams as his outstretched arms strain harder to pull power from Kurt. “Give me your fucking MUSCLES!” Just then, one of the small sparks of stray power darting across Kurt’s body flies through the air and into Jason’s outstretched hands. “Oh…Fuck yeah!” Jason exhales. He then throws his head back screaming, “Give it all to me!” Jason’s outstretched grip tightens as several more sparks fly from Kurt’s body across the room into Jason’s grasping fingers. “Fucking muscle!” He strains harder and a lightning-like bolt of power crackles from Kurt’s body into Jason’s outstretched arms.

Kurt goes stiff with pain. “What the FUCK!?”

Jason pulls harder at the power as several more lighting-like bolts of power crackle across the room from Kurt into Jason’s outstretched arms. Jason can feel himself growing as the power sears into his muscles.

Kurt’s muscles are so powerful that they are not completely paralyzed by Jason’s plundering of their strength. Kurt is able to stiffly, painfully walk toward Jason. “You mother fucker! When I reach you I’m gonna rip every last ounce of muscle out of you and then break what’s left of your bony, pathetic body in half!” Kurt continues stumbling toward Jason.

Jason sees Kurt coming toward him and he tries to seize control of Kurt’s muscles to stop him. But, he is unable. Kurt’s is too powerful. Jason plants his feet wide apart and strains harder to transfer the power from Kurt faster “C’monnn! “ The lightning-like bolts of power converge in front of Kurt forming into a bright beam of power which then crashes into Jason. Jason stumbles backward. “FUCK!” He looks down at his body. Veins snake everywhere pulsating and branching off and dividing into more veins cramming Jason’s muscles with power. Jason’s muscles visibly grow, stretching his skin tighter and tighter. “Fuck! Look at me!” He looks up at Kurt’s massive body still stumbling toward him. Kurt’s muscles look virtually unchanged they are so packed with power. Jason’s body starts to shudder and shake as the constant beam of power crashing into him causes his muscles to quickly reach the limit of power they can hold. “Fuck! My muscles can’t take much more!” The beam of power keeps charging into Jason’s body. “Darrin, all you guys, come closer”, Jason yells to the other guys in the room as his muscles tremor and shake from the bombardment of power. Jason looks back at Kurt and sees him still coming closer. He knows he has to take the power from Kurt’s muscles even faster or else Kurt will reach him soon. But, his muscles can’t handle much more power.

“I’m gonna fucking kill you!” Kurt screams, as he struggles to keep walking toward Jason.

Jason concentrates with all his might to increase the intensity of the beam of power bombarding his body. “Fucking give me MORE!” he screams, gritting his teeth. The beam of power brightens and widens crashing more intensely into Jason. “AAUUURGH! FUCK!” Jason screams, his muscles searing with pain. The power, unable to enter Jason’s body fast enough, swirls around him like a cyclone of angry sparks. “FUCK!” Jason screams as he starts widening his arms further and further apart. As he does, the beam of power also widens and intensifies. Jason body trembles and convulses against the power bombarding it. Suddenly Jason throws his arms out to his sides and the sparks of power encircling his body shoot out in all directions and stab into the other men in the room that have gathered around the unbelievable scene. The beam of power intensifies even more slamming into Jason and then shooting back out of his arms into the other men in the room.

Kurt gasps in pain at the increased plundering of his muscle and stumbles to his knees heaving in pain as he now crawls toward Jason. Kurt’s body is starting to appear smaller. The glow from the power within his muscles has dimmed to barely visible. “I’m gonna fucking tear every muscle from your body when I reach you.”

All of the men standing around Jason are quickly growing from the power shooting into their bodies. Pecs bulge, six packs appear, biceps swell, shoulders broaden, veins multiply, thighs thicken and dicks harden as power keeps pouring into all the men’s bodies. The room is a lightning storm of sparks and bolts of power flying from Jason into all of the men.

“Soo…much…power!” Jason screams as the power from Kurt’s muscles tears through his body on it’s way to the other men in the room.

Kurt’s power has now diminished to the point where Jason can nearly control his muscles. Kurt struggles to inch closer to Jason. Kurt is still bigger than Jason and if he can reach Jason he’d be able to reverse the flow of power and suck all of the muscle back out of Jason. “You fucker! That’s my power!”

“Look at your power”, Jason sneers back. “Look at it feed me. Look at my muscles growing. Watch every man in this room as they grow from the power in your body.” Jason throws his head back and screams out “Auughhh!” as his now powerful body pulls harder to suck more muscle from Kurt’s body. The beam of power from Kurt intensifies. Jason’s muscles begin to glow from the power gorging them. The excess power continues to shoot out of Jason into all the other men in the room. Jason bends his outstretched arms and a triumphant grin crosses his face as he watches his massive biceps bunch up into huge balls atop his arms. “Look at me now!” Jason jeers. Jason begins flexing his arms over and over, entranced by their size and the overwhelming tightness of the power inundating them. He is so entranced by his arms his concentration on holding Kurt at bay wanders.

Kurt begins to regain more control of his muscles as Jason’s mind wanders in muscle lust. Kurt is able to crawl more quickly toward Jason. Still struggling and stumbling along the way, he inches closer and closer to Jason.

“Awww yeah! Look at me!” Jason moans, as he continues flexing and getting off on his surging muscles. “So fucking powerful!” Jason’s dick is fully enraged. Precum oozes from it’s tip.

Kurt gets within a foot of Jason and extends his arm to grab Jason’s leg. “You fucker! Now you’ll pay”, Kurt says to himself.

Jason feels Kurt’s hand grab his leg. Searing pain shoots through his body. Jason can hear Kurt scream out in pain as well. “OHH FUCK!” Jason screams, as his body stiffens and convulses. Jason’s eyes roll back in his head as he let’s out another painful scream. It takes a second for Jason to realize what is happening…power is flooding INTO his body from Kurt. Jason had amassed most of Kurt’s power before Kurt grabbed his leg. Jason is now more powerful than Kurt. Kurt grabbing Jason’s leg only increased the flow of power from Kurt to Jason.

Increased bolts of power fly from Kurt into Jason and then into the other men in the room. All of the other men’s bodies go stiff as well as power from Kurt bombards every man in the room. Several of the growing men spontaneously shoot loads of cum from their dicks at the feeling of more power crashing into their muscles.

Jason reaches down and lifts Kurt up. Kurt’s massive body feels like a feather to Jason. “See all that muscle in you? Watch it become mine!” Jason says as he squeezes Kurt’s body against his own body. As he does, power flies from every muscle in Kurt’s body into the corresponding muscles in Jason’s body. Jason stumbles back a step from the shock and then plants his feet, devouring Kurt’s muscles. “Feed my fucking body!”

Jason looks around him at all the other men in the room, still receiving the excess power through Jason. His vision is awash with protruding pecs, swelling arms, inflating thighs and dicks ready to explode on veiny, muscular bodies. Several guys are flexing and beating off over their growing muscles. One blond stud has a barbell, pumping the power into his biceps. His biceps have grown into monstrous, veiny balls. Another couple are entwined in a muscle worship embrace as they feel each others bodies grow. One of the hottest studs is hitting one most muscular flex after another, forcing the power into his pecs. His pecs are outrageously swollen half melons.

“More!” Jason screams as he squeezes Kurt tighter, watching his power bombard all the growing muscle studs in the room. Jason looks down at his own body. He’s bigger and more powerful than he has ever been – and still growing. He becomes delirious with muscle as he watches his body grow, surrounded by dozens of growing muscle studs. “Fucking more muscle!” Jason pulls Kurt’s shrinking body against himself, increasing the torrent of muscle.

‘Auugh Yeah!” A collective moan comes from around the room as the new barrage of power hits the evolving men. The hot stud who was squeezing his pecs screams out “Uunngh!” as he shoots a volley of cum up onto his overdeveloped, veiny chest. The blond guy with the barbell keeps pumping his biceps more furiously, driving all the power he’s acquiring into his vein covered, over-saturated cannonballs.

It’s all too much for Jason. He can’t take any more of the muscle show around him. He lifts Kurt up above his head screaming “MUSCLE!” as his massive, muscle dick erupts sending a volley of cum shooting onto the veiny, overpumped biceps of the stud with the barbell. “AUUGH! YEAH!” He shoots another jet of cum that lands on the surging, massive thighs of another hot stud. Several of the guys in the room run over to Jason and finish jerking and sucking every last drop of cum out of his muscle dick. Jason can feel the power in Kurt’s body run cold. He squeezes the last ounce of power out of Kurt and then throws his limp body at his feet.

Darrin, his body packed with new muscle, comes over to Jason. “You did it! You brought down Kurt!”

“Yeah” Jason replies, bouncing his excessive pecs and looking around at all the muscle studs in the room flexing and pumping their muscles for each other. “I did it”. •

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