Muscle Drain

Can Kurt Handle All of Jason's Muscles?


By 2VienyBiceps

“My fucking muscles need even more power!” Kurt screams as he starts slowly walking toward Jason . Kurt’s knees can barely bend from the size of his quads and hamstrings. “I can feel my muscles are on the fucking verge of the limit of all the power they can hold. I’m gonna push them past the limit with your fucking muscles.” He says to Jason. The ground rumbles and shakes with each step Kurt takes. His engorged rod sways back and forth with each step, dripping precum. “I’m gonna be more fucking powerful than physically possible. I’m going to be a fucking muscle god!” Kurt reaches out for Jason’s arms. “Give me your fucking muscles! Make me a muscle god!”

Jason is ready for Kurt. He needs to give Kurt his muscles in the hope of overloading Kurt’s muscles with so much power that Kurt’s muscles will literally explode. It seems the only way to stop Kurt’s rampage for more muscle.

Kurt grabs onto Jason’s arms.

Jason can immediately feel Kurt’s control of his muscles. There is no fighting against Kurt’s plundering of muscle. His power feels unfathomable. Jason’s eyes roll back in his head as he feels his muscles being siphoned of their strength. He can feel his body being lifted off of the floor by Kurt, up higher then the hulking mass of muscle that is Kurt. Then Jason feels himself being lowered down until he feels a searing hot, pole slide up into his ass. It’s Kurt’s dick. Kurt holds Jason in his grasps and jams his dick up inside of Jason, lifting Jason up and down on his hard, veiny cock.

“I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you as your muscles make me into a fucking muscle god! Watch me grow!” Kurt slams Jason’s body down all the way down onto his cock, and throws his head back, screaming “Muscle! Power! I Fucking Need MORE!” Arcs of power shoot out of Jason’s body into Kurt, making his terrifying muscles even more powerful. Jason can see a brightness in front of him glowing brighter and he can hear Kurt screaming. “FUUCCK! YYESSS! Look what I’m becoming!” Kurt lifts Jason’s body up and down, slamming it onto his dick faster as he sucks more and more power from Jason’s muscles.

Jason can feel the power being ripped from all of his muscles and being crammed into Kurt’s muscles, feeding Kurt more power…so much power.

“I…Unnngh…need….Aunngh…your fucking MUSCLES!…AUUUGH! I feel like I’m gonna fuckin’ EXPLODE!”

Jason can feel the power draining from his muscles into Kurt at a faster pace. He can’t believe Kurt’s muscles are capable of holding so much power.

I’m…AUUGH!…gonna…UNGH!…fucking EXPLODE! AUUUGH! Kurt’s body trembles in pain and he slams Jason’s body down onto his dick and screams out in painful pleasure as his dick erupts into Jason’s ass. More bolts of power crash into Kurt as he keeps slamming Jason’s body up and down on his dick shooting volleys of cum up Jason’s ass. “Look at me! Feel my POWER! Feed my fucking MUSCLES!” Cum runs down Kurt’s balls and drips onto the floor, pooling at Kurt’s feet.

Jason can see Kurt’s muscles stretching his skin to the limit. Veins bulge and pulse delivering more power to every muscle. The glow from the power within Kurt’s muscles is blinding. “His muscles have got to explode”, Jason thinks to himself. “It’s not possible for one being to hold the muscles from so many men”.

Jason can feel his body going weak. He looks down to see he’s nothing more than skin and bones. Kurt has taken all of his muscles.

But. Kurt’s muscles have not exploded from the last bit of power available in any of the men in the room. Kurt lifts Jason up off his cock and tosses him on the floor. Jason lies at Kurt’s feet. Kurt has not been defeated. His muscles didn’t explode from all the power in them.

Kurt sneers down at Jason. “Look at you and all your fucking buddies. The muscles from all of you are now in ME! There’s no fucking stopping me!” Kurt turns and heads for the door. The floor shakes with each of his footsteps. “Now I’ll go out and suck all the fucking muscle out of every man I see!” •

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