Muscle Drain

Kurt's Muscle Gaining Rampage


By 2VienyBiceps

Kurt hits a most muscular pose. Muscles bunch up on top of each other - huge, striated and covered with veins. “I’m so fucking huge! Look at me!" Kurt screams. His hard, erect dick sticks out straight in front of him, curving slightly upward as it seems to strain to grow even bigger. Angry power filled veins pulse over the hard tool and pre-cum drips from it’s purple fist-sized head. Kurt looks over at the weight bench where several other guys are standing, beating off at the sight of Kurt’s body. “Which one of you fuckers wants to feel my muscles next? Come give me your puny muscles and make me even more fucking powerful!” Another of the muscle boys in the room runs up to Kurt and throws his arms around him burying his face in the valley between Kurt’s immense pecs. Kurt hugs the muscle boy close to his own body as sparks of power exiting the muscle boy’s body cover the muscle boy and then shoot into Kurt’s body. Kurt looks down at the shrinking muscle boy in his grasps and then at his own muscles growing larger still. “Awww yeah! I’m fucking massive!”

Jason is on the verge of climax watching Kurt growing in power and strength – seeing Kurt’s unfathomable muscles literally glowing with power. Jason can feel cum churning up from his balls ready to shoot at the sight of Kurt’s unstoppable muscles. Just then, someone grabs his arm. It’s Darrin. “Jason! Snap out of it. We’ve gotta stop him”.

“How? Look at him! He keeps absorbing more and more power. The more muscle he has, the more he craves!” Jason argues back.

What if we do the same thing we did with Jon’s bicep?" Darrin asks. "What if we give him so much power he explodes?

I don’t think there’s enough muscle left in the guys here in the room to do that and there’s no telling how much more muscle he can take” Jason answers.

We’ve gotta stop him Jason. We can’t let him leave this room. It would be utter chaos” Darrin continues. “I’ll get the rest of the guys in the room and we’ll rush him all at once. Maybe the shock of all the power from all of us at once will be too much for his muscles.”

“I don’t know…”, Jason says slowly.

Darrin runs over to the group of men in the room who still have their muscles intact. Jason can see them talking.

Kurt is preoccupied in front of the mirror watching himself do bicep curls with a fully loaded straight bar. His biceps are larger than bowling balls and look like they will rip through his skin as they easily curl the overloaded bar through rep after rep. Kurt’s dick juts out in front of him oozing pre-cum at the sight of himself in the mirror. He rubs the bar along the bottom of his tortured dick at the bottom of each rep, giving the throbbing rod some pleasure. Kurt looks up to see Darrin and a group of 9 other men – all the men left in the room who still have muscle, except Jason – standing around him beating off. The chain on Jason’s leg is not long enough for him to come over with the other men to where Kurt is standing. Kurt throws the barbell on the floor. Chunks of the concrete floor fly up from the impact. He smirks at the group, hits a mind-numbing double bicep and says “Come make me a muscle god!” Darrin and the 9 other men run toward Kurt and throw their arms around him in a massive group completely covering every inch of Kurt’s massive body. Kurt throws his head back and screams “GIVE ME MUSCLE!” Sparks of power start to dance along the outside of the mass of men. The sparks intensify and crackle and then start to radiate inwards toward the center of the group…into Kurt. Kurt let’s out an animal scream of tortured pain “AUGHHH”, as the sparks of power turn into angry bolts of power encircling the group of men and striking in between the shrinking bodies into Kurt’s tortured body. “OH GOD! IT”S TOO…AURGHH…MUCH!” Kurt’s body starts to convulse with pain, causing the outer mass of shrinking men to undulate in waves like rodeo riders on a bucking bronco. “I CAN’T….AURRRGH!…TAKE IT”

“YES! TAKE IT! GROW BIGGER!” Jason screams from across the room as he beats his dick at the unbelievable sight. BECOME MORE! Push past the limits of your muscles! You can become more than just a man. TAKE THEIR MUSCLES!

Kurt hears Jason and sees him beating off and is overcome with new desire and intensity. Kurt throws his head back again screaming “FUCKING YES! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME MORE MUSCLE! MAKE ME A FUCKING MUSCLE GOD!” His muscles convulse and shake in protest to more power as he slowly forces his arms out from behind the mass of men. He wraps his arms around as many men as he can embrace and screams, “Make me a muscle god NOW!” Bolts of power shoot outward from all the men and gather above Kurt’s head forming into a bright beam of power before crashing down into Kurt’s body delivering him bolt after bolt of unbelievable power. Kurt screams in horrifying terror as his body is bombarded with more and more power and muscle. “AUUURRRGHH! FUUCCKK! AWWRRRGHH!”

Jason can see the glow of light coming from behind the masses of the shrinking group of men. The light grows brighter and brighter. The clump of men grows wider and wider as Kurt’s growing muscles push them outward. The glow coming through the spaces between the men is nearly blinding.


The group of men slowly start to fall to the floor around Kurt, one by one, as their bodies are drained completely of power. As they fall, Jason, squints into the blinding light and can make out an inconceivable mass of throbbing, veiny muscles fighting for space on Kurt’s frame. The light emanating from within each muscle is intensely bright, as if chunks of the sun are crammed within each muscle.

“I’m so FUCKING POWERFUL!” Kurt screams. Darrin is the last remaining man in the group still not completely drained by Kurt. Kurt wraps his arms around Darrin and says “So, you used to be Jon’s Muscleboy, huh…Now, I’m the fucking muscle monster! Give me your fucking muscles!” Kurt drains the last bit of power from Darrin’s muscles and then throws him aside.

As Darrin falls to the floor he says to Jason in almost a whisper, “He’s almost there Jason. You have to finish it”.

Kurt looks down at the drained men surrounding him and let’s out a beastly roar as he flexes his ungodly muscles. “FUUCKK! Look at me! Look at my body!” Kurt hit’s a double bicep flex. His biceps rise up into huge glowing mountains. Jason can’t fathom how big Kurt’s arms are - 35, maybe 40 inches. Kurt bends each wrist in and actually rubs the top of each flexed bicep with the hand on the same arm. “You have no idea what all this power feels like. Every muscle feels like it’s about to explode!” Sparks of stray power dance and dart across Kurt’s body as he watches himself flex in the mirror. Kurt’s muscles are so crammed full of power he can barely bend several of the joints in his body.

Jason, in disbelief that Kurt’s muscles have not exploded from all the power in them, can’t help but beat off at Kurt's gargantuan body flexing and pumping.

Kurt turns to Jason, “And now it’s your turn!". •

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