Muscle Drain

Kurt...The Muscle God


By 2VienyBiceps

“What was that fucking explosion?” Kurt screams from the other side of the heavy steel door as he lands another earth-shattering blow into it. A huge dent bulges out in the middle of the door in the shape of Kurt’s fist.

Jason is turned on as much as he is terrified of what kind of muscle monster Kurt must have become beyond the crumpling steel door. Jason’s dick starts stiffening as he imagines what Kurt must look like by now.

Chunks of concrete from the doorframe crack off and fall to the floor as the heavy steel door becomes more mangled from Kurt’s side. Suddenly the doorframe breaks loose and the door crashes to the floor. In the clearing dust, Jason and the others see a faint glow in the outline of a monstrous being. The shoulders on the being are wider than the hole left by the doorframe. A thunderous voice bellows out from the dark. “What the fuck are all you skinny shit-heads doing?” It’s Kurt’s voice. The dust continues to clear from the hole where the door used to hang. The gargantuan being standing in the darkened doorway starts to become more visible. The dust settles enough for Jason and the others to make out Kurt’s face. He’s still boyishly handsome. The faint glow grows brighter as the dust cloud starts to settle lower, exposing Kurt’s upper body. The glow is coming from Kurt’s muscles. All of his muscles have become so overloaded with power that they glow. The glow from within Kurt’s muscles highlights the size and shape of each mound of meat. Jason is in awe at the size of Kurt’s body and the power it must possess.

Kurt takes a step forward through the hole in the wall where the door once stood. His body is so immense that his shoulders brush the sides of the doorway and knock more chunks of concrete to the floor. As Kurt steps into the light of the gym, his body comes into better view.

Jason gasps and steps back in disbelieving terror at the sight of Kurt’s body.

Kurt’s body is an outrageously shocking mass of hulking muscle. Each muscle seems to fight for space on Kurt’s body under skin so tight it looks ready to split open. Veins, visibly throbbing with power, crisscross every over-engorged muscle. Each muscle glows from deep inside from the immense power crammed into them. Kurt is completely naked. His huge cock hangs between his legs.

Jason backs up against the far wall of the room as he tries to comprehend the size and mass of the muscles on Kurt’s body. Kurt’s pecs are at least a foot thick, with so much of an overhang his nipples are not visible. The cleavage between his pecs is large enough to conceal an entire hand. Kurt’s thighs are as wide as they are high, jam-packed with hard, striated muscle and more throbbing veins. Kurt’s arms are frightening masses of meat that almost look larger than his trim, 8-pack waist. The V-taper from Kurt’s 30” waist up to his tremendous traps and door-sized shoulders, makes him look like a strange, overgrown wasp mutant of some sort.

Kurt looks at Jon’s lifeless body and his exploded bicep and screams, “What the fuck did you do to him? Who’s going to get me more muscle now?” Kurt’s furious eyes glare back at Jason and then drift down to the sizeable amount of muscle Jason has gained recently. Kurt clenches his fists making all the muscles and veins in his forearms stand out. He takes several deep breaths as his chest heaves up and down. “Now, you’ll be mine”, he proclaims to Jason.

Jason reels back in terror as Kurt takes a step toward him. The floor trembles and rumbles as Kurt’s foot hits the ground.

Kurt smirks and then commands, “Look at me Jason! Look at my body. My Muscles! I’m so fucking strong my muscles glow with power! Now you’ll make me even bigger and more powerful. I’m becoming a fucking muscle god – so powerful no one can stop me as I get bigger and stronger and fill my body with more and more muscle. LOOK AT ME!” Kurt lifts both of his arms straight out to his sides and then slowly starts to bring them up into a double biceps pose. The terrifying muscles in his arms harden and his biceps start to rise. “Look at what my biceps have become”, Kurt commands, as the huge muscles slowly rise higher and higher. “So much fucking power!” he says trancelike as watches his own biceps grow harder and tighter and rise higher and higher. Veins bulge all over the huge mounds as they keep rising and hardening. “Oh, yeah!…So much power!” Kurt groans as he pulls his fists in and flexes the muscles completely. Kurt’s biceps look like bowling balls crammed under his skin. The perfectly formed towers of muscle glow with shear power.

Jason visibly shakes his head and blinks hard at the unbelievable sight. His dick strains against the front of his shorts. Some of the other guys in the room move in closer to get a better look at Kurt’s arms.

Kurt breaks out in an evil smile. “Look at my fucking arms Jason. You have no idea how powerful they feel - How incredible the pain of the power crammed into them is – How fucking hot they feel!” as he rubs a hand over one of the monstrous balls of muscle. Kurt’s dick hardens and rises as he gropes his own bicep. “Come feel them, Jason! Come make my arms grow bigger!”

Jason feels a deep urge to explore the mountainous muscles. His dick oozes pre-cum into his underwear. But, he holds himself back.

“Awww, fuck yeah! Look at me! Look at my pecs!” Kurt groans, as he squeezes the huge, half-watermelon muscles on his chest in a most muscular pose. Striations and veins burst out underneath the skin of Kurt’s chest as his pecs harden into swollen granite slabs. “Oh fuck! The muscle! The power!” Kurt groans as his dick throbs into raging hard-on.

Several of the guys in the room start slowly walking toward Kurt.

“So much muscle! Look at my body!” Kurts groans as he shakes one of his thighs and then flexes it in a stupefying display of hard, striated muscle. His thighs look to be at least 50 inches. “Awww, yeah!” Kurt groans. He looks up and notices several guys in the room walking toward him. “Yeah, that’s right…Come feel it…Feel my muscles.” Kurt hits his double bicep pose again as pre-cum starts to ooze from his straining cock.

Several of the guys walking toward Kurt moan in ecstasy at the sight of the astounding mountains of muscle. One of them spills his load right there on the floor.


Two of the guys come within a couple of feet of Kurt and reach up for his biceps. As soon as they grab onto Kurt’s arms, a blinding arc of power shoots out of each of them into Kurt’s body and both guys collapse onto the floor.

“Auugh! YES! MUSCLE!” Kurt says squeezing his pecs and biceps into a most muscular, pumping the new power into his muscles. Several small sparks dart across his body. More pre-cum drips from his throbbing dick.

Two more guys come close enough to Kurt to reach out and feel his pecs.

Kurt takes a deep breath, throws his head back and places his arms around each guy squeezing them against his body. The power from each man instantly flows into Kurt. He then releases them as they fall like stick men at his feet. His muscles glow brighter and grow more powerful. “Fuck yeah! Muscle! I need more!” he says, hitting another most muscular.

Three more guys run toward Kurt and throw themselves on him.

Kurt screams out as he sucks in their power “I…Aughh!…Need….Ungh!…MORE!” His muscles visibly bulge even larger as sparks of power dart across his body. The glow in his muscles intensifies. “I gotta have more fucking muscle! NOW!” he screams as he throws the drained bodies aside and thunders over to the area of the room with the gym equipment to pump the new power into his muscles. Sparks of power still trying to enter Kurt’s body swirl around him as he walks. The concrete floor shakes with a thud with each of Kurt’s steps. The powerful muscles in his legs and ass bulge out in beefy striations as they work to move Kurt’s massive body across the room. His erect dick wags back and forth with each step leaving a trail of ooze along the way.

Kurt takes one 45 pound plate after another and starts loading them on a straight bar racked on a bench press. His huge arms and shoulders pick up the weights like they are no heavier than a slice of bread. He loads the bar up completely with as many weights as will fit – 14 in all. Kurt lies down on the bench. The bench’s steel legs bend and crumple under the weight of Kurt’s body. Kurt, lying on the crumpling weight bench, starts to do bench presses. The bar droops on both ends from all the weight on the ends of it. Kurt’s pecs bulge out with huge striations and veins. Sparks of power that had been darting across Kurt’s body now race up to his pecs and strike into the oversized slabs of beef delivering them even more power. “Auuugh! Fuck yeah! BIGGER!” Kurt’s enraged dick stands up from his body and curves up to the middle of his hard 8-pack. Ropes of sticky pre-cum drip onto his veiny abs.

Another one of the guys Kurt had taken muscle from last week is watching from the sidelines. He has been working out like a fiend and drinking massive protein shakes which has let him gain much of his muscle back – along with about 10 pounds of muscle he received when Jon’s bicep exploded into the room. He strokes his dick as he walks trance-like over to Kurt. He grabs Kurt’s pumping pecs feeling the unfathomable size and power. His muscles start absorbing into the massive pecs mounded up on Kurt’s chest. Kurt keeps pumping out presses on the crumpled bench – pumping the power from the muscle stud grabbing his pecs deep into his veiny, glowing mounds of powerful chest muscles. “Ahhgh! Fuck yeah! GROW!” Kurt’s pecs expand even larger with more power and the glow within them intensifies. The muscles quickly drain out of the muscle stud into Kurt’s pecs and the former muscle stud falls to the floor next to the weight bench. “Fuckin’ MUSCLE!” Kurt screams out as he racks the weight and stands up squeezing and flexing his pecs. He marvels at the size of his alarmingly excessive chest muscles – jutting out from his chest at least a foot with deep striations and tight, smooth skin, shiny with sweat, wrapped over the veiny, glowing muscles.

Several of the guys standing around the room beating off can take no more of the inhuman sight and shoot loads of cum toward Kurt’s muscle display.

One of the men runs over and grabs Kurt’s legs. Kurt squeezes his thighs and muscle surges out of the man into Kurt’s fearsome quads, gorging them with more power. “Fuck yeah! Look at me GROW!” Kurt screams, as his thighs amass more and more muscle. He squeezes his freak legs tighter – veins bulge and striations etch into the already vast muscles. The glow of power from within his thigh muscles intensifies. “Make me HUGE!”

Jason is overcome with lust for Kurt’s body. He wants Kurt’s muscles – and at the same time, he wants to be a part of Kurt’s muscles. He whips out his dick and starts beating off at the monstrous muscle freak devouring even more muscle – becoming so powerful and so huge – Jason can’t even start to count the total number of men who’s muscle power must be crammed into Kurt’s inconceivable muscles.

Kurt looks over and sees Jason beating off at the sight of his body. “Look at me Jason! Look at my fucking MUSCLES! They’re so packed with power they’re glowing! I’m so fucking strong!” Kurt picks up a barbell off of the floor and grabbing each end of it, he starts bending it into a ‘U’. His muscles bulge and burst into ominous, grotesque mounds of striated, veiny, glowing beef. The steel bar creaks and moans as Kurt nearly effortlessly bends the ends together. “Fuck YEAH! Look at me!” Kurt screams at Jason. “Beat your fucking dick as you watch me grow even bigger and more powerful!”

Jason is totally into Kurt’s body and Kurt's hunger for more muscle power. Jason beats his disk harder at the sight of Kurt’s insanely grotesque muscles. Jason wants to see Kurt keep growing. Jason wants to see Kurt grow from the power in Jason's own muscles. •

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