Bigger Issues


By Muscl4life

_ WHY THE HELL ARE U DOING WITH US YOU BASTARD! ­ Yelled Fred to that HUGE guy who appeared from nowhere. Michael was still recovering from that neck grip, and Steve was just stopped staring scared to their aggressor. _ ARE YOU AFRAID OF ME NOW MICHAEL ? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY HUH? ­ Boomed that low voice in a tough tone , looking steady into Michael's questioning eyes. ­ Mike, you know this guy? ­ Asked Steve at once trying to look less frightened than he was. Michael didn't make a sound , he just kept there looking astonished to that giant of man trying to figure out if THIS could be who he first taught he was. "This can't be possible! This guy is just like that Kyle man , but he is ten times bigger!" _ MIKE WHO'S THIS ANYWAY? ­ Popped Fred as the stranger looked down to see his scared face as he towered him. Kyle just grabbed Fred's collar and lifted him like it was nothing, Fred tried to kick his nuts but , his feet could just hit the hardness of those massive thighs, and they felt sorrow , it felt like kicking a steel wall , although no wall had that angry look on the face... Kyle just approached the little jock near his face and looked into his eyes , savoring the pleasure of causing fear on that punk, then just like a playing toy, he turned Steve upside down and held the guy like this laughing out loud. All Fred could do was calling the massive man names , but that was just before his head got purple, and his eyes were swallowed from the blood accumulated on his head... Finally Michael started saying some lullaby, Kyle let Steve fall on the ground and got near him , towering him ­ YOU GOTTA SAY IT OUT LOUD SHRIMP! I CAN'T HEAR YA FROM UPSTAIRS! ­ Said the freak as he towered those poor guys. _ HOW COME YOU GOT THIS BIG!! ­ Cried Michael trying to understand that freaking situation. _ WHO'S THIS GUY MIKE? ­ Asked Fred looking scared as his friend seemed to recognize such a freak! _ IT IS PHILLIPS! ­ Exploded Michael trying to run away , in which he was stopped as that mountain man just grabbed his waist with one hand and hefted him as he was a mere child , legs running in the middle of the air ­ WELL, WELL! Said Kyle as he brought little Mike near his big face ­ I feel so honored being remembered by such important person ­ Mike's face showed a mix of fear and curiosity. He was so afraid of being hit by that giant man, but at the same time he knew Kyle before and if he had became this muscle monster, he just wanted to know how. _ Who? ­ Asked Steve trying to recall such a monster but the only Phillips he knew was that dweeb of the wrestling team and no way he could get THAT big ... _ Allow to introduce myself ­ Kyle Phillips at your services... Said the musclebound bending his head over his mighty chest ­ I may see that you guys are quite scared! A sarcastic smile appeared on Kyle's mouth as he looked to the confused jocks. All three of them were trying to convince themselves that Kyle , who had once been one of their victims was now twice bigger than their leader Mike. _ You say that YOU are Kyle?- Steve said at once stopped in front of that living tower looking up trying to recognize the face on that muscle monster. Kyle looked down to that guy with a superior look , laughing loudly and threw his head back . Then he simply grabbed poor Steve and held him up in the air... _ What's the matter little Stevie? Don't you remember me , oh try to figure it out , I used to be the same puny guy you guys always messed with , and the one whose arm you bastards broke! ­ Kyle had a fiercing look on his face , such anger and power on that display that Steve went crying _ I'm sorry man I told Mike not to give you that arm lock! Cried the jock trying to excuse himself ­ So, NOW you are sorry? Well little puny men you need to suffer a little more before you are sorry... Saying this Kyle grabbed Steve into the most powerful bear hug. In fact, Steve was hidden between Kyle's freaking muscles , his magnificent chest was so big it kept pressing Steve's Head aside while the bulge of his mighty cannon ball biceps which were bigger than the jock's head, squeezing him like a fragile orange ... _ Let him go you fucking freak! Yelled Fred jumping on Kyle's back trying to break his friend free ­ He hang up on the air grabbing Kyle's gargantuan neck, actually he just cupped Kyle's traps, trying to cross his legs around that most impressive chest , realizing he wasn't able to do it , that chest was just TOO wide... Mike saw what he never imagined in his life , a guy being attacked by Fred and yet he looked like he wasn't feeling a shit ! Kyle just kept laughing as both Steve and Fred gasped trying to make that muscle freak stop that strength display , so humiliating and yet so arousing... Mike had always been the biggest on the campus , nobody could match him in size or strength , even Steve or Fred were way smaller than him , but the three of them used to rule all the guys on college, and now they look pathetic compared to Kyle's new figure! How could this happen? Fred tried to break his friend free but as he noticed it was impossible he jumped back to the floor and started begging for that Giant's Mercy : _ Please let him go you are almost killing him! _ Who? Me? I am not even flexing those muscles, You guys are really wimps! _ Let the guy go Phillips! We both know that it is between you and me? ­ Challenged Mike with his usual courage, although this time it just sounded like he was asking for a favor... Kyle looked at him and tossed Steve away he walked towards Mike towering him many inches and finally looking down to his former bully _ So You keep being that bully afterall ­ Kyle spoke as he lifted Mike by his collar effortlessly bringing him next to his face ­ But you are right ! I have something to talk to you puny little man! _ I am not puny ! I am strong enough to handle anything ­ Said Mike in a challenging tone ­ You are a freak of nature! I don't know how but you can't be normal... _ Well, Normal or not , the fact is that I am now twice your size and ten times stronger than you've never been! _ So you are just going to break my arm too ? ­ Exploded Mike ­ Or you are going to kill us three at once? ­ Asked Mike with his feet dancing in the air _ You fucking bastard! You think I am like you? I know that you deserve to be squished as the bugs you are , but I just can't ! I am a good person! _ So why don't you get lost! You have scared the hell out of us! ­ Shouted Mike to Kyle's big face ­ You had your turn , but you ruined it, Sure you are that big but still the same sissy guy we messed with! Go away you king size queer!! Kyle was just pissed. He was that big and yet he couldn't take a full revenge against that bullies . They were scared , but Mike kept his mind together , and knew how to handle that freaking situation, Kyle knew he couldn't hurt them, no matter how mad he was at them , and then , if he could think first , he wasn't that mad , because in the depth of his mind he enjoyed each time he had been pined by Mike and his fellows, Despite the violence , he was always aroused by the many times he sucked Mike and the others , without telling anyone , even when he knew he could... All the times he wrestled Mike, and the leader of the wrestling team had a outrageous hard on pinning his butt, whispering dirty things as the coach was distracted . Kyle couldn't hurt them , but he could do something to pleasure himself and yet to humiliate those bullies... _ You've never been so damn right, you fuck! I am REALLY a King size Queer ... Kyle stacked his tongue into Mike's mouth and gave him the most impressive kiss he never felt, Kyle grabbed Mike and gently held him tight near his chest, squeezing his firm buttcheecks with his gigantic hand , breathing deeply and hard. The most outstanding was that Mike quit resisting since the first seconds, in fact Kyle could feel him kissing him so hardly as he was. Mike kept moaning and gasping as their kiss continued . Mike broke the kiss looking for some air and without a word he kissed Kyle , who looked quite surprised but not more than Steve and Fred who couldn't believe what they had just seen. _ You look HOT! Said Michael embracing Kyle's neck! I don't know what you've done but keep doing this! ­ Kyle smiled back to Mike and hugged him hard , not with all his strength because this would smash poor Mike. Mike tore the rest of Kyle's improvised shirt and when he got to the "boxers" Kyle warned him - "You will see I had GREW" ­ Mike just laughed and unbuttoned those big jeans boxers and almost passed when he felt that giant cock spiking pre cum on his face, actually Kyle's cock was so big it almost hit Mike's face. _ Holly Cow! How come this be ? Look at the size of that cock! ­ Said Fred with his mouth opened . Steve was equally mesmerized , but he couldn't hear Fred he was lost in his vision , Mike the guy he had always admired by his muscles and strength(obviously many times he felt that Mike realized his hard cock while they were training ). Steve always wanted to be fucked by Mike , until he saw that mountain man Kyle had become. So broad , so manly outrageous , Kyle had the power of a monster , but yet he had that beautiful tender looking , which made his body look even more desirable. Steve couldn't help his erection , all of a sudden he was at full mast , his prick hurting inside of his jeans ... All he could do was open the fly and let his prang hit his belly like a hungry snake attacking his soon to be victim

Mike was all over Kyle's torso , literally, he could almost fit on the natural cradle of the giant's pecs and abs. Such power in just one man , Mike felt Kyle's powerful arm behind his back squeezing him gently like a tiny boy... _ Oh, man , you're so fuckin' amazing... Please let me have you inside of me! ­ Begged the captain of the wrestling team with the most desiring voice Kyle lift him up and looked at his face ­ " I am sorry , But I can split you in two if I fuck you , I am too damn big for skinny little pricks like yours!" ­ Kyle just gave another passionate kiss, rubbing Mike's body like it was an old towel, toying with his former enemy like he never knew he would desire. Mike was beyond excited, all he could do was moaning and licking Kyle's sweat salty body , his ears, his belly , his delicious arm pits, that musky odor so male and powerful. It felt like he was having Sex with a living wall , his 8 inch dong felt painful waves of pleasure each time it hit the density of Kyle's muscles. Mike always had the biggest cock he knew, but it was nothing compared to Kyle's impressive pole , it was like a steel bat , with a network of thick veins all over it and a piss hole bigger than many cock heads ... Kyle grabbed Mike's firm body and carried it like if he weighed nothing and cradled him in one bent arm , looking deep on his eyes ­ " I want you to stick this little cock into my ass and fuck me like you never did before on your life, make sure that you will give me it ALL skinny" ­ And then Kyle grabbed Mike's hot cock with just two fingers , well the biggest two fingers in the world , and gently squeezed the hardness of Michael's dick . Mike just let out a loud moan as he came right there on the giant's hands, the simple touch of that behemoth made his prang steel hard and painful , he never felt anything like that before , it was like he could free himself out of his body while his cum spewed away. He felt so energized after his cumming that he barely heard Kyle's words in a low deep frightening but totally amazing tone : _ Hey little man are you through already? You came right in my hands! Oh come on ! I know you can do better than this! If you don't really put yourself into this fuck I can Kill you just on cuddles! Mike was still recovering from his orgasm as he looked to his friends and they were both jerking off while rubbing Kyle's body , worshipping him like their muscle fucking giant ... Kyle just laughed as Stevie and Fred hugged his huge legs and begged him for some attention for their own! _ So the entire wrestling team against me? Poor Kyle "Worm" Phillips? ­ Well guys you asked for this ! I want you three to have some fun with me and make this PRANG of mine really happy! I mean it is barely hard yet , and you are already creaming you little pants down there! Kyle put Mike back at his feet and captain quickly moved his already hard cock inside of Kyle's ass. It was so hard , and muscular, it was like squeezing your dong into a hole on a stone wall , a living stone wall. But the whole , instead of narrow as the buttcheecks made it look , was too wide , Mike's 8 incher could barely touch it and there was plenty room to fill with meat! _ What are you guys looking for? ­ Asked Kyle to Stevie and Fred ­ There's plenty of room here for all of ya ! And when I'll be done , there will be much more room for you little guys fuck!

_ Oh Sean, This is fucking amazing ! ­ Said Mark while he rubbed his desiring hands all over that gargantuan body. Sean was so wide he, Mark couldn't embrace him. _ Why don't you get down and rub me somewhere else? ­ Whispered the giant, licking the much smaller doctor , lifting him from that road map mountainous pecs , holding him by his waist with just one enormous hand . Mark could just smile at Sean realizing how insignificant his weight was to his booming friend. Sean gently put his friend down to the floor and looked down to him , bending over to kiss the top of Mark's head, savoring that precious smell of that silky hair Mark never felt so tiny, so arousingly towered . He just knew what to do , that impressive master prick was pulsating even though it wasn't touched yet. _ Come on little man, take the ride of your life - ! Sean came closer to Mark and got on his knees in front of him , realizing that even this way he was many inches taller than his former bigger friend. Sean's cock was so big it hit his face , all he could do was laughing at his tiny friend mesmerized at his size, Sean pushed his giant prick down forcing it to lay down on the floor. Mark got the idea and quickly he got ON Sean's cock and the behemoth let his prang free what seemed like freeing a rodeo bull , Mark had to hold on the head not to fall. It felt wonderful, that humongous dick was so hot between his legs that he just wanted to remain there nursing that giant thing. Mark turned himself to Sean's pretty face , remaining sat on his precious dick. Sean bend over to kiss him , and then he grabbed him gently , holding Mark with just two fingers, Sean sucked Mark's once again hard pole , he put the whole thing in his mouth like it was nothing . All Mark could do was moaning like he never did before "SEAN, YOU ARE SO FUCKING HUGE!!!" Sean just smiled with his mouth full of Mark's cock and cum , when the smaller doctor finally came on his big warm mouth like he never did before. _Come here my lean boy , sit on my hands! Mark did as that giant said and Sean easily lifted him like the lightest barbell, " 1, 2, 3... 30.31...147..206..521.." Sean pumped Mark a total of 1457 times and he wasn't even hot, Mark was completely astonished , he had literally slept on Sean's hand as he lost the counting. _ Why did u keep going on like that , u kept pumping me for almost 1 hour! ­ _ I am sorry if you are bored honey, but I just couldn't stop you are too light and I needed to feel my arms at least tired , but all I got was na extra 2 inches on them! _You mean , on BOTH! So you changed your hand and kept counting again _ YEP! _ Fuck this is awesome!- Mark just grabbed Sean's pecs and climbed his way till that precious face _ You are so fucking huge and strong , No one can beat you! I just wanted you to grow more, to become even more freakish than you are now... _ Your wish is my command master ­ Said Sean as he kissed Mark Sean put Mark on the table and keep massaging his lean body with his tongue, as Mark moaned and licked the back of his head . Sean looked into Mark's face and suddenly Mark noticed Sean's pole pinching his nose , that thing was even bigger than when he measured it, how could it be possible, wider than Mark's own arm, looking like a nuclear mushroom almost exploding . Mark took that monstrous piece of meat and tried to mouth it but , it was to wide for his mouth, then he started licking it , the warmth and the pressure of the blood inside it made that prick something like a cannon ready to fire away.

Mark kept trying to mouth Sean's cock, and Sean breath deeply as he felt real waves of sexual pleasure. He knew that this was the beginning of the growth feedback, he gently grabbed Mark from his waist with just one of his enormous hands , kissed him strongly almost suffocating the little man , and started all the story _All my life I had been a controlled man , I've always used his mind and logical ways to find the solution for my problems, until yesterday, the night when Kyle shot himself with my muscular tissue repairer serum , which was way more than just a repairer , a real constructor of some kind of augmented DNA genes, allowing the organism to build muscular mass almost immediately .I was mesmerized which such display of power and muscle , because that is my desired fantasy, and we ended up making love , only that when Kyle was almost cumming he was hit by a second spurt caused by the combination of his altered gene structure, the high levels of testosterone his augmented organism contained fired by the frenetic effects of Adrenaline . In short, when he was about to cum , all those factors mixed and started another growth spurt , much stronger than the previous one, and he couldn't foresee when all this would end. Kyle grew from his 5'8" scrawny 156 pounds to some inhuman behemoth of 7' and weighing more than 400 pounds just on the end of the first growth spurt , when he woke up from his second spurt he was 8'3 and weighing 586 pounds, he almost gained 50% of his already unreachable weight and grew to a freak height just before my eyes... _ Sean , you say that Kyle , that skinny guy from the wrestling team? Gawsh! You mean that we have TWO musclefreaks thing around here? If you knew what would happen, why did u continue anyway? The giant doctor smiled at his impressed dwarfed colleague, how could he explain to him , the humiliation he felt when he was "dumped" by Kyle because he thought Sean wouldn't handle his sexual drive and specially his mighty prick, how would he make clear that Kyle felt too big for him , and specially , would Mark ever understand the hate Sean felt when Kyle called him "little man" , all he could do was try to get "even" with his augmented fucker? _ Mark , I just had to try this ! You can't imagine how fucking great is this feeling of pure POWER, I can feel every muscle on my body ,and GOD! What a body I've got! I am WIDER than you are TALL Mark , and this was my first growth spurt! I can grow much more just by FUCKING ! _ But what about the consequences? You are already a FREAK! If you grow more , I don't think there will be ever a house to fit your body, and what about FOOD, you probably eating more than 10 bodybuilders together, and you said you'll grow more when you fuck , well my man I don't think ANYONE will ever be able to handle a cock like this , it is impossibly HUGE! You didn't... Mark felt Sean's giant index finger gently covering his mouth, he tried to break free but , realizing that his both hands couldn't cover that freak finger , he decided to listen his pretty musclebound : _ Mark you don't realize but you're acting just like me sometime ago! Kyle felt so powerful when he grew , he just wanted to keep growing , I was the one that tried to bring him back to reality, that's why he dumped me , I was so worried about him growing too much that I didn't realize that I WANTED THE SAME FOR MYSELF! I was just jealous of his power, of being so dwarfed , of having his always hard steel cock up into my ass! But NOW... Sean flexed his mountain Biceps and saw the freakish piece of meat of the world ­ Now I understand how he feels and how fucking awesome this feeling is ­ He lifted Mark up in the air and looked into his scared face ­ I AM MUCH STRONGER THAN KYLE NEVER BEEN BECAUSE I TOOK MUCH MORE SERUM THAN HE DID! AND I'LL GROW EVEN MORE EVERY TIME I CUM ! Mark was speechless, all he could do was look at Sean's unbelievable body and desire all his strength to fuck him! And Sean knew this , his look was now different , he had lost that angelic distant look like when he was growing ­ He now looked powerful and determined but yet, he remained the same good man he's been, Mark could see through all that muscle the same man he always wanted to love , but he never had the guts to do so... _ You want me dont'ya Mark? You want this fucking giant man to make you cum by sticking this big pole into your ass ! You want me so bad , I've made you cum without even fucking your pretty pussy , I don't even feel tired to keep you up here! Say Mark , say me that I make your dreams real, that I am the man you've ever wanted to worship! _ Sean! You know this, You are so fucking big and muscular , fuck your guns are bigger than my chest , your legs are so wide like barrels and that chest! You're bigger than a bulldozer ! Please let me feel little aside you! Sean lied Mark on the floor and stood up him, he hit a double biceps and Mark cried from down there to squeeze those arms, Sean lied near Mark and put the much smaller man up on his chest. Mark could seat on the middle of Sean's mountainous slabs of muscle and he started worshipping Sean's titanic body , he licked Sean's armpits , feeling the strong musky odor of his pits , Mark kept moaning and mumbling while he cat bathed Sean's gargantuan body. Sean never felt so aroused before , having Mark so tiny compared to him , many times he lifted his lover just to feel his strength , his enormous shaft was all his way up in the air , growing slowly each time he looked " Man this prick is getting too big!". Sean started to think how would Kyle react at his new body , he was beyond anything in Nature and he couldn't get rid of the need to grow even more. Mark was all his way over Sean's body when he decided " That's it ! Sean will have to figure it now" _ Sean I want you to fuck me! ­ Mark said as he stood up climbing on those inhuman slabs of muscle covering Sean's chest. _ Take me now! Sean didn't think twice , he grabbed Mark's tiny waist and turn him on his back . Sean's cock was so big , he had to take a few steps back to maneuver his giant tool. Mark got frightened at the size of Sean's cock, he never imagined that thing could get this big, Mark grabbed the head , and realized it was still growing , like some kind of snake, the head itself was almost two feet in diameter and the piss hole was bigger than , Mark butt hole , which meant , that Mark could never have that pole inside of him , he would be tore by that prick! _ Mark , I am sorry , but I can't fuck you, you are ... _ Too small for you? ­ asked Mark ironically ­ Now you understand how Kyle felt when he said that ? You are REALLY too big for me or any other man in this world ! We will not be able to fuck at your actual size, and imagine when the cumming spurt hits you , you will crush me and won't even realize... Sean felt silly and understood all Kyle felt when he realized he had badly hurt Sean, Being that big meant that he couldn't fuck normal men, but he was so horny , hornier than when he was with Kyle , he just had to fuck Mark , but he couldn't him , the man he loved in secret for years, how could he ever... The giant eyes had a mysterious glint Mark couldn't realize their meaning , Sean kissed him strongly and said " Wait a minute! I'll get something!" ­ and he rushed into the lab table. Mark could see , how much he had grown when he bumped his head on the lamp, at 9 feet high, Sean was so wide his legs pushed the other apart , in fact , Sean seemed to be taller , if his legs could be all stretched, they were now so wide , he actually "lost" a few inches on height because of that . Mark was so hard his prick was in pain , he desired Sean's butt , so big , round and muscular , and yet so tiny compared with the rest of his owner , Sean was much more than a V shape, he was beyond any letter, so wide , and his shoulders were bigger than his head , his arms so lied on a 120 degree angle many inches away form his lats , which were just the expression of power, Sean lifted one heavy steel working table with just one finger , and tossed it away , he was looking for something, it couldn't be a condom , cause no one would fit his shaft. Suddenly , the giant kneed in some place and grabbed something on the floor , he hid something on his hand and returned near Mark : _ Don't worry babe, we will fuck our brains out! ­ Sean lifted Mark form the floor and nested him in his arms. In fact, Sean was overwhelmed with his recent mysterious search he was really heart raced , his skin felt warm , better , hot! His blood pressure was so high Mark could hear his powerful heart pounding each time faster and louder . Mark could feel Sean's veined smooth skin getting hotter and the pressure on the veins was really more intense. Sean's smell was unbelievable horny , his odor was kind of lustful, and he was all covered by Sean's wet arms and that made his 9 incher really hard, Sean , realized that and said " Wait until the growth really kicks in!" ­ So Sean was about to get another spurt? How , he could ever do this? Mark was sure he couldn't resist a fuck with Super Sean and his Mighty Prick, and he refused to believe that Sean would force him to do anything, it just wasn't his way! So, what was his booming friend up to? _ Sean , You are about to grow again? How much now? You will not be able to leave this building? What if... _ Shhh.... Relax and enjoy it , you are always so up tight? _ What you mean "up tight"? You think that I like to be frightened, I don't know...AUCH! Mark felt the cold needle going into his body , very deep , into his muscular tissue it felt like burning , he could swear he felt some thick liquid flowing inside him. What had Sean done with him? _I know it hurt a little more but, this is a faster way to apply a little dose like yours... _ What you mean " Little dose like yours"? _ Babe , I know I couldn't fuck you like I wanted , because you were "too small for me", but it doesn't mean you're too small all ! Sean had this look like a kid who had just done something naughty ­ You were always so athletic and muscular , I think you organism will do wonders with just a few arrangements... _ Sean are you telling me ... _ YES! I gave you the serum too! Wake up and smell the coffee , You know you wanted it as much as I did! I had another injection prepared. You see, I didn't know if I would go to be just bigger , or THE BIGGEST! As we may see , I've chosen the second option , but I think you will be great with that shot, you are so much stronger than I used to be, and you've trained your whole life , I think your genes are pretty terrific and they are going to be IMPRESSIVE! Sean kissed Mark and lifted hold him under his arms looking into Mark's astonished face: _You gave me this serum? Sean are u insane , You know what it could do to me? I had already a good gene disposition to grow muscular mass, if that thing do the half it did on you to me I don't know what... AAARRRGGGHHHHHH!!! Mark screamed as the rearrangement process kicked in , his body shook like a toy, he couldn't speak anything ,all he did was drooling . His head lost its balance and he seemed he would fade out any minute . But Sean was ready for this , he quickly embraced Mark's body as it shook, and he tried to squeeze him strong but yet, very lightly for his standards, he could feel that Mark was shaking violently even tough his shot was even lighter than the one Kyle took but , just at the thought of Kyle latest spurt made Sean say "This boy will be a BIG man!" . Sean tried to comfort Mark, holding him tight under his chest and he could feel , Mark's hot mouth biting his big nipples , releasing his pain . All Mark could think was the humongous Super Sean and his form , and he would be some BIG guy too, at least he would be able to get all Sean's Cock and yet he would have a big one from his own! Sean noticed that Mark's shaking was coming down , he was in the end of the rearrangement period, pretty soon he would REALLY grow and so would Sean. _ Are u through, Babe? Asked the freak musclegiant to his soon to be lover _ Well, if u refer to me shaking like a blender, yes I am through! Said Mark with his hand on his head _ I know you are quite scared by this rearrangement thing , but soon you'll be enjoying this growth a lot more... _ Yeah, yeah ! I had to say , that I feel better than ever, I thought I would be dizzy or something but , I AM GREAT! Said Mark as he passed his hands over his body, well , that much he could touch cause he was still embraced to Sean's enormous chest _ Could u please let me down, my freaking muscle friend? Said Mark trying to make a joke ­ You are not letting me breath right! Sean let him down and Mark took a little time to regain his feet, Sean let his giant hand near him all the time, and he was sure , Mark needed to be "grabbed" a couple of times after he stood still. _ So , how long did I shake? ­ Asked him trying to figure how much he had grown in this rebuilding thing. Sean look to the watch and said _ Well, I'd say about 4 minutes ­ You really shook a lot, babe! ­ Sean put his enormous hands on Marks shoulders and covered it with them and said tenderly _ After this first step , you will have some time between the Growth spurt, but I can see, you've gained a few pounds, I mean , you are still light as a feather to me but... _ Yeah I know that you are stronger than a truck!_ Mark laughed as he looked for that measuring tape. He found it and read his height : 6'2" and some more , he couldn't precise... _ You've grown more than 2 inches in just 4 minutes of rearrangement ! Pretty impressive, no wonder you were the football team captain! Said Sean looking down to his amazed friend _ How much bigger you think I'll be? Asked Mark , this time with a cocky attitude _ Well babe, I really don't know. You took a very light dose, although, You've always been so big and strong, had already a good genetic structure... All I can say is that you are going to be BIG, not as much as myself of course! ­ Sean grabbed Mark form the ground and kissed him , realizing that Mark could hold on the kiss more than he used to... _ Oh Sean, I feel so horny, so HOT! Please fuck me now! _ But you are not done yet babe! Laughed Sean as he licked Mark's nipples _Don't worry , I feel strange right now , Just stick this thing into my ass , and let me grow with you inside of me Sean needed no more encouragement he turned Mark's already moaning body on his back, hefted his legs and gently started to stick his almost 4 feet dong inside of Mark's hot butt hole . He thought he couldn't make the head pass, but then Mark started moaning and breathing hard, Sean noticed , the bulges on Marks body , he was like boiling water, his skin was literally bubbling with Muscle Power. Mark never saw it coming, when he was too busy trying to let Sean' cock inside of his butt he suddenly feel , a wave overcoming him , it was like a cold shower after the sauna , he was aware of all his body now, he felt every part of it getting hotter and stronger, he was beyond arousment he could feel his whole body growing , his legs were stretching down and yet they were wider , cables of muscle fibers appeared on his legs and right then , his legs grew wider and longer , His chest felt heavy and , Mark almost cried as he saw his already pretty good 48" chest ballooning in front of him , his shirt ripped as the fabric was tore by the power of his growing pecs . Mark then, realized Sean's shaft could make itself inside of his butt which was now bigger than it used to be. Sean slipped slowly his prick into Mark's ass , feeling it getting bigger and stronger , giving his prick a few more space. Sean noticed Mark's spurt, his abs which were fantastic before , were popping out of his stomach , he gained a 6 extra packs , which made he having a unbelievable 12 pack stomach no bodybuilder could ever dream of achieving . Mark's legs were getting much stronger now, and wider than never , as they grew they keep pushing Sean's bigger figure out of them , and he had to push them back and that made Mark moaning even more. Mark was all red and sweat, he was all wet and trembling , he realized his mighty arms growing freakish right for his eyes, they were so huge, it was like they were flexed , and yet they could flex even more and grow over the other peak. And the best was that Sean was just there inside of him , feeling this growth with him. Sean licked Mark's growing guns as they blossoming to their glory " Oh Yeah! Grow for me babe, grow those guns for me , Get huge for me please !". Mark couldn't help noticing his prick growing right under Sean , even which so much weight on its top it could keep getting harder and bigger " Is this a gun in the middle of your balls or you are happy to see me?" Asked Sean as he finally slipped all his 4 feet cock into Mark's ass. Sean just stayed there a while feeling Mark grow even more, he could already let all his weight on the top of Mark, because now he could handle it, he felt the hardening muscles and easily Sean was being each time lifted form the floor by Mark's enlarging body. _ Mark you are getting amazing! Your neck is so thick I could hang myself on it! Your arms are terrific, this Chest of yours ­ Sean bite Mark's nipples as they were each time bigger ­ You're so wide now ! I feel so good inside of you babe! _And I love You inside of me! Please Sean make me cum , I feel like I could cum with my entire body! Give it to me my Fucking Monster! Sean started pumping inside of Mark's ass slowly at first, just to make the guy get used to his rhythm and then he increased the speed , as he noticed Mark's body still growing and getting more pumped than never. Mark kept kissing Sean's hot mouth as he embraced his fucker with his ever growing arms and he squeezed Sean's head between them and his marvelous chest. Both Mark and Sean were getting on the edge and Sean rimmed stronger and quicker . Their breathing became more frenetic, Sean grabbed Mark's face and brought near his and kissed him like never before. Mark Embraced Sean sitting up as Sean kept pumping his might cock inside of him each time faster and stronger , faster. They both could feel that the other was about to burst , their sexual drive was so intense, Mark could feel his growth trying to fade out , and he thought it was about to end , he couldn't wait to see how much bigger he had gotten, how stronger he had became, but at the same time , all he wished , was that Sean could feel that again, that Sean could grow more, he just loved the way things got into, he being the "smaller" guy, even now he could feel that Sean was way bigger than him , and that felt so deliciously great, Mark moaned and moaned as Sean was rimming very strong now, the last pumps after the never arrived orgasm, they're so strongly aroused they hurt inside, like they were two giant cocks ready to spew their precious cum on each other. And then it hit them. Sean couldn't realize what was happening, all he could do, was trying to cum, but his cock kept pumping inside of Mark. Sean felt energized, he could do all over again , his Arms didn't feel heavy anymore, his whole body felt refreshed even tough fucking Mark was the most difficult thing he had ever done since he gotten that size. Sean started pumping again , only this time he felt different, stronger, more powerful, he noticed his monstrous biceps getting even bigger by themselves, his legs wider than he could ever imagined, his chest pushing Mark away as those two slabs inflated on his pecs, he was getting heavier he could tell, he was getting taller "Man, That's a good thing we're sited, otherwise I think my head would bump on the ceiling!" ­ Then Sean opened his eyes wide and saw that Mark was also getting bigger, not in the same rhythm. Faster. Mark was starting his growth all over again he was bigger than never could be at the end of this spurt. Sean felt they both growing Mark and Sean were becoming two Gods of Muscle, no one could ever imagine so much mass in just one being, and they were two. Sean could just keep fucking Mark's ass wildly na hoped that they wouldn't destroy the building. _ SEAN! SEAN! ­ Mark could hear his voice much more powerful ­ SEAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I CAN'T HOLD ANYMORE I COTTA CUM! Cried Mark, he was in pain such willing to cum _ I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING , I AM JUST PUMPING! _ WHY CAN'T I CUM ? AHHHHH!! ­ Mark threw his head back _ WE'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FEEDBACK GROWTH!- Yellowed Sean , trying to pump even harder, both of them were so much bigger, They kept fucking sited on the floor , but suddenly they saw they were so big , they could hit something even sit. Sean lied Mark again and restarted to pump , this time with ALL his power. Mark couldn't focus in anything , all he wished was to cum , he couldn't hold it anymore , why were they growing so much like this? Their muscles were inhuman, they looked like cartoon characters , and when he could take a peek of Sean , he couldn't believe how much bigger he had gotten , he made the old Sean a toothpick , he was so fucking huge. Mark could feel his cock growing longer and wider, and he felt that Sean almost the double of his former prick, "How come we grow so much?" " When is it ever ending?" . Sean felt himself so broad and wider , his body hurt, he was in pain to cum his balls were aching , like they were on fire , he could just keep rimming on Mark's ass trying to end with that. Sean was almost crying he knew he would be done any moment now, he could just look for Marks's mouth and they kissed passionately Just then it happened ­ Both Mark and Sean Held each other and started screaming of PLEASURE. _ MARK! WE ARE FUCKING HUGE! WE JUST KEEP GROWING _ I KNOW! SEAN WE'RE THE BIGGEST ONES ON THE EARTH! _ MARK , CAN U FEEL THIS? _ YEAH! WHAT DOES IT MEAN _ ARE U READY TO CUM ? _ OH YEAH! PLEASE LET ME CUM They came like two rivers of cum, Sean screamed as he finally let his load free, like a barrage or something, his cock exploded into spasms of never ending cum. Mark felt dizzy all he could do was cumming , the feeling was so intense he lost his other senses , all he saw was Sean lying over him letting his load free. Sean fucked Mark again , but much more intense , and with each pump They could feel waves of sensual bliss , Mark could just lay down and let Sean, the bigger man do his fucking job, Sean felt like never before. Like all the power was inside of him all the time, Sean fucked Mark and noticed him growing with each pump, and realized he was growing with each one too. Sean embraced Mark and let himself cum more and more. Both of them were cumming so much , and yet they were growing, they never seemed to stop , they were like balloons , Sean and Mark could just kiss each other ­ Both of them were almost crying, their eyes were red , because of the intensity of the feeling. It was like you are about to cum, feeling yourself ready to burst , and then you can't cum , and you feel you whole body ready to spew you load , and you can't. They watched their bodies each time bigger and they couldn't cum, so they just fucked and fucked , grew and grew , in the hope of cuming and when they finally managed to do so , they could release their loads and yet feel the pain of having much more to release, Try to picture a dam and all the power it blocks, now try to let all the water out just by a tiny hole, the entire structure of the dam will break , and it will last until the whole thing is down and the flood finally is free to cause its so avoided destruction. _ Oh Sean! What was that? ­ Asked Mark as he tried to regain his conscious _ Well babe, I think it was the growth feedback! _ Did u feel it when you grew the first time? _ NO! What I felt wasn't even a piece of THAT ­ replied Sean, sliding his hands over Mark's sweat face, realizing how much more beautiful he had gotten.. _ Sean , I think it was because we did this together, When you've done that with Kyle only he was growing, now, we both were about to grow... _It could be ! What a feeling, I could do this all over again... _ Yeah and become a KING KONG! Laughed Mark , he was so tired and yet feeling so alive after all he passed. The world seemed smaller, all his vision was different , he could feel his butt so full of Sean's never soft prick. _ Can u please take it off me? Gee, I don't know how you can still be hard... _ Are u talking to me? ­ Sean pointed to Mark's own tool fully erect at his impressive 5'3" inches long. _ Fuck! Look at that thing! No wonder I feel it burning, I came about two gallons and this prick is still hard? _ It takes sometime to get used to it ! Replied Sean, trying to let himself from Marks ass . Sean was really into knowing how much did he stacked into Mark's _ HHHHHMMM!!!! ­ Mark moaned as Sean finally popped himself out of Mark's butt . That prick kept coming out of Mark's butt, seemed it would never end, Sean smiled and kissed Mark's ears , and when it finally went ALL from Mark, they could just whistle . Sean's pole were AT LEAST 6 feet long, and yet , it seemed just semi hard. Mark looked deeply into Sean's eyes, They were so beautiful, like they were before everything, but now they were the expression of absolute power . _ How much I've grown? ­ Asked Mark with a naughty look _ I don't know Why don't you check yourself ­ replied Sean with a smile. They both laughed and stood up, and up, and up, the ceiling was just to near them , well, at least for Mark, his head was almost on the ceiling. Sean was a whole another story, he tried to stand up, but he barely was able to stretch more than his knees and BUMP! He hit his head on the ceiling. _ OUCH! Gee! I think we have a problem! Said Sean as he realized he was over 12 feet high and his legs weren't even all stretched . _ You are a real something! Said Mark looking in the eyes, while he was still arched _ I guess you go First then we'll find some where better, I feel trapped in a doll house! I am bigger than this ceiling and I am not straight yet... Mark laughed as Sean sat down and took his measurements : _ You are about 11 feet and 9 inches ! Fuck Mark and you took less than the half I took! ­Said Sean astonished to the results. " If I gave u the dose I took you would double me!" _I am glad you didn't do this! Mark kissed Sean ­ I am loving to have some BIGGER STUD to fuck me! _ You're chest is Hum... 219 inches . I had to measure by reading three times. _ Fuck, This can't be real!! How much ! _ Yeah and , your legs are 197 inches, calves at 84 inches ­ Fuck! Mark you are so wide , I never thought it would be possible _And what about my Guns? Asked Mark with a cocky attitude _ OH FUCK! THIS CAN'T BE ! 130 inches around! Mark it is the double of MY old guns! Mark you realize how much we've grown ? We are stronger than 1000 men together! _ Sean , you know you surpass me in Every detail, you are the most powerful thing on Earth, and you deserve it, I love the way you look BIG guy! _ Mark can you feel this sense of power? I feel so magnificent, like there isn't anything I could do... ­ Said Sean as he embraced Mark and made him sit on his lap. Mark was more than intoxicated by the vision he had from himself and his even bigger lover, he could feel , his and Sean's tremendous pricks getting harder again just by the touch , but they couldn't do it right now, otherwise , Sean wouldn't be bale to left the building, at all... •

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