Muscle Drain

Jon's Bicep Explodes


By 2VienyBiceps

Darrin and several of the guys are on the other side of the large room working out on the gym equipment. Jason notices Darrin is regaining more of his muscle from the workouts and protein shakes. The muscle looks good on Darrin with his smooth skin and boyish good looks. Jason feels a pang of hunger for muscle shoot through his body as he watches Darrin pumping out a set of tricep extensions. Darrin looks over and smiles as he squeezes his triceps extra hard for Jason to see. Jason looks away as his body aches for the muscles re-growing in Darrin’s body. Jason needs more muscle…soon.

Jon bursts into the room where Jason and the other men are. He’s holding the arms of two very muscular young men. He pulls the young men into the room toward Jason stopping just out of Jason’s reach. Jason’s hunger for muscle heightens at the sight of the two muscled men. “Kurt no longer wants anything to do with me”, Jon says flatly to Jason. “You’re going to help me get his attention. I want you to transfer the muscles from these two guys into me. But, I don’t want their power in my whole body. I want you to put the power from their muscles only in my biceps. I want the biggest fucking biceps I can get…I want to make them even bigger than Kurt’s. That’ll get his fucking attention and he’ll worship me and MY biceps for a change.”

Jason can tell Jon is desperate and willing to bargain. “What do I get out of it?”, Jason asks.

“Two more guys the same size for yourself.” Jon replies. “But, if you try to fuck with me you’ll get nothing ever again”, Jon threatens.

“Let me see them...the other two guys”, Jason demands.

Jon looks skeptically at Jason for a moment. Then, making the first two muscle men stand on the opposite side of the room, Jon disappears into a door next to the room where Kurt is. He comes back a minute later with two more muscle men nearly the same size as the first two he brought in. “Where do you get all these guys?” Jason asks as he eyes the muscle on the two new muscle men.

“A lot of different guys have ‘serviced’ me over the years. I have a reputation in certain circles for paying very well. Most of these guys are only happy to fly here from all over the world to see me”.

Jason sizes up the four muscular men. They’re definitely high paid escorts. Their bodies are perfect, with faces to match. “I want those two”, Jason says pointing at the first two men Jon brought into the room. They were the most muscular of the four.

“They’re mine”, Jon protests.

“Them or nothing”, Jason says flatly.

Jon hesitates a second…realizing he has no choice,, he points to Jason’s two choices and yells to Darrin and the other guys in the room “Watch these two guys for your buddy Jason. He’ll be busy for a few minutes”. Darrin and some of the other guys lead Jason’s choices over to the weight bench to watch the show. “OK get to it”, Jon commands Jason. “Make my fucking biceps big as hell and don’t try any shit with me”, he says taking off his shirt and holding his arms up in front of Jason.

Jason grabs the shoulder of the first muscle man. He feels the warm rush of power, intoxicating and tempting – he wants it for himself. His muscles are so hungry. But, he’s learned not to piss Jon off. He grabs Jon’s arm to transfer the muscle man’s power into Jon’s biceps. Jon’s arm feels powerful too. So much muscle in each of his hands. He very nearly starts devouring the muscle from both men but overcomes temptation and concentrates on moving the power from the muscle man into Jon’s biceps. Jason can feel power flowing from the muscle man through his own body…and then into Jon’s bicep that Jason clutches in his other hand. Jason get’s off on feeling the power starting to flow into Jon’s bicep.

“Ahhh…that’s right. Feed my biceps”, Jon moans. “Make ‘em as fucking big as they’ll get!”

Jason hates the idea of giving Jon what he wants. But, it feels so good to be forcing power into Jon’s bicep. Jason continues transferring power into the growing bicep he clutches in his hand.

Jon realizes Jason is only feeding one of his biceps and commands “Both of them! Make both of them grow!”

“One at a time”, Jason replies with a sly grin as he jerks at the muscle in the muscle man and grits his teeth forcing a surge of new power into Jon’s right bicep.

“Aungh!” Jon gasps as the power stabs into his arm. He looks down at his right bicep as ominous veins start to invade the muscle. His bicep is helpless to the torture it is about to endure. Jon grimaces in pain as his bicep increasingly becomes infused with power.

Jason, getting off on both the sight of the bicep starting to grow and the idea that he is torturing Jon, becomes more excited. He pulls harder at the power in the muscle man and bears down on Jon’s right bicep pushing more power into it. Jon’s bicep grows quickly, but not quickly enough for Jason. He wants to see the growing muscle drown in power…or maybe he wants to see Jon in more pain. Either way, Jason has a burning urge to bombard the muscle with more power. He throws his head back gritting his teeth and pulls hard at the power in the muscle man. The muscle man’s body stiffens convulsively as lightning bolts of power shoot out of him through Jason and then into Jon’s bicep.

Jon’s bicep burns like fire as the bolts of power strike into it. Veins bulge and branch off of each other, multiplying and spreading over the overwhelmed muscle, gorging it with power – forcing it to grow. “AUUUUGH! Yes! Look at my bicep! Jon screams in agony. “Make it bigger! I want all the power from that muscle man in my one bicep! I want it fucking huge!”

Jason tightens his grip on the muscle man’s arm and yanks at the remainingnpower in his body. The muscle man’s back arches and his body trembles as his muscles are literally sucked out of him. Bolts of power race up through Jason and down into Jon’s overfilled bicep. Jason can feel Jon’s bicep starting to resist any more power as it chokes on the power already in it. Jason strains to push harder, ramming more and more power into the distressed muscle. “Pump it! Start pumping your fucking bicep to work more power into it!” Jason screams.

Jon squeezes his arm up into a flex. The huge muscle bunches up into a grotesque ball of veiny meat. “Ahhhh Fuck! That fucking hurts! It’s so tight and pumped!” Jon screams. “Look at it! Look at that fucking thing! Jon exclaims as he flexes it again. Sweat rolls down the sides of the hot, towering peak. Jon becomes almost delirious with excitement at the sight of his arm. “More! Fucking MORE! Make it bigger! Hurt it! Torture it! Whatever it takes! I want more fucking power in my bicep!” Jon continues flexing his arm out and in. With each flex the bicep grows bigger…harder…stronger. Bolts of power bombard it. Veins feed it. “GROW FUCKER!” Jon screams through clenched teeth. The tight pain in the muscle is unbearable. The gargantuan ball of muscle is covered in hideous veins. Suddenly the bolts of power stop. “Don’t Fucking Stop!” Jon screams. He looks at Jason and then at the skinny man Jason holds in his grasp. The muscle man’s muscles are gone. Jason has drained all the power from the once muscular man into Jon’s single bicep. Jon looks frantically around the room trying to spot one of the other muscle guys he brought in with him. He spots one of the guys sitting on the weight bench with a bewildered look on his face. “Come here!” Jon screams. The muscular guy cautiously stands up and walks over to Jon. Jason wastes no time in grabbing the muscular guy’s shoulder. Power immediately starts shooting through Jason into Jon’s ominous bicep. Jon continues pumping the power into his bicep as Jason strains and pushes, struggling to force more power in to the terrifyingly massive muscle. The towering, sweaty ball of muscle looks totally out of place sitting on top Jon’s otherwise normally muscular arm.

“Aww Fuck!”, Jon screams in pain. “I can’t get a hard enough flex to really work the power into there. I can’t…get the fuckin’…augh…pain deep in there” Jon strains to flex harder, but he needs more resistance to counter his powerful bicep. “Bring me those dumbbells!” he screams. “The fuckin’ BIG ones!” Darrin rolls one of the 100 pound dumbbells across the room to Jon. Jon grabs the heavy weight and starts doing bicep curls with it. “Ahhww! Fuck Yeah! I can feel the fuckin’ pain deep in there now” The wicked, veiny ball of muscle surges in size as Jon pumps it with the heavy dumbbell. His bicep grows with each pump. “FUUUCK!” Jon screams in pain as the monstrous muscle becomes even more jam-packed with power.

Inside Jon’s bicep each individual muscle fiber has more than quadrupled in size, over-stuffed with power – yet Jason keeps forcing more power into the muscle. The crackling sparks of power bombarding John’s bicep work their way into each muscle fiber charging them with excess power. Charges of power become stored in each bicep fiber like little sparks of power energizing each fiber. The light emitted from this excess stored power causes each muscle fiber to glow slightly. The thousands of glowing fibers in Jon’s bicep create enough light to show through the skin tightly stretched over Jon’s bicep. “My arm is fucking glowing with power!” Jon screams. He goes into a frenzy wildly pumping the 100 pound dumbbell up and down to work more power into his bicep.

Jason sees the insanely oversized, tortured bicep starting to glow with power and loses all restraint. He rips as much power as he can out of the second muscle man and forces it into Jon’s bicep with all his might. He screams and trembles as he strains to force more power into the glowing muscle. “GROW! FUCKING GROW! MORE POWER!” He screams as he jerks at the muscle man’s body.

Jon’s bicep looks like a large bowling ball stuck on top of his arm. It’s covered with wicked veins that look even more pronounced from the glow emanating from the shear power within the muscle. Sweat runs down the sides of the huge mountain wrapped in tight, shiny skin. “This fucking dumbbell is nothing”, Jon snarls as he throws the 100 pounder on the ground. He starts flexing his bicep and working his arm in and out. “AUUGH! The fucking pain is killing me! It’s so tight!” Jon screams as he brings the muscle into a full flex. “I gotta get it BIGGER! More POWER! Gotta fuckin’….Auugh!…Get it BIGGER! You mother fucker! GROW! Jon screams at his bicep as he squeezes the muscle into a tight flex.

By this time the other men in the room have gathered around Jon and Jason to watch the mind-blowing orb growing bigger and bigger and glowing brighter and brighter as more and more power is crammed into it. Most of the guys are beating off at the unbelievable sight.

Jason notices the third muscle man – one of the guys promised to him by Jon – standing next to him. Jason pushes the muscle man he’s currently draining power from into the third muscle man causing them both to fall toward Jason. Jason pulls the second guy in against the third muscle guy sandwiching him against his own body. Jason feels a surge in power as he now extracts power from both men – forcing it into Jon’s bicep. Jason can see the huge muscle glowing brighter and brighter. He can feel it resisting power more and more. Jason strains harder and harder to drive more power into the overwhelmed muscle. “Take more fucking power!….Unghh…TAKE IT!…UNGHH!….GROW!

Jon screams in agony each time he flexes his arm. And each time he flexes it the monstrous muscle grows even bigger and glows even brighter. Arcs of power from two men bombard the muscle. Bulging veins feed it more. The skin stretches tighter and tighter. Jason forces harder and harder. Jon keeps flexing against the tight pain. “Ahhh Fuck! The fucking pain!” The guys watching the scene can stand it no longer and start shooting cum onto the god-like, glowing mountain engorged with power. Jon, delirious at the sight of cum running down his terrifying muscle, straightens his arm out and starts to flex it up again fighting against the burning, tight pain. “AUUUGH! FUCK!…IT HAS TO GROW… MORE!” He slowly flexes his arm up trembling against the pain. “FUCK!” The hideous bicep starts swelling even bigger. Cum and sweat drip down the sides of the giant, distended ball. The glow from within the muscle brightens more. “AUUGH FUCK!” He brings his arm up further, flexing harder. The glow from the bicep becomes almost blinding. “FUUUCK! THE PAIN!!” Jon squeezes his bicep into a full flex watching the veins bulge, forcing more power into the muscle. The glow from the muscle intensifies into a blinding light. “FUCK!!!!” Jon screams, as he flexes the bicep as hard as he can. Suddenly, the overloaded bicep explodes. Blinding light explodes out of the overfilled muscle in a huge crackling arc, slamming into Jason and the other men standing around Jon. They all stumble backwards from the blow of radiating power. An aura of power radiates around each of the men and then slowly absorbs into their bodies. All the men stiffen in pain as the power invades their muscles. Jon falls to the floor in a heap, a victim of his own unstoppable need for power. Jon’s body, and his mind-blowing bicep have exploded all of their power out into the room. Each of the men standing around Jon now have about 15 pounds more muscle. Jon now lies dead at Jason’s feet.

“What the fuck is going on in there?” comes a booming voice from the other room. It’s Kurt.

A huge thudding sound comes from the heavy steel door leading to the room where Kurt feeds on muscle men. A massive dent juts out in the middle of the door. Kurt is pounding on the door.

Jason can only imagine the inhuman body Kurt must now possess. Kurt has been consuming muscle guys at the rate of several per day. Panic and fear crash through Jason as Kurt continues to pound on the door. •

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