Muscle Drain

The Muscle Monster Beyond the Door


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason is working with Darrin, practicing transferring power into his muscles without touching the other person. Jason is now able to start a transfer of power into his muscles from someone almost 10 feet away. Jason suddenly stops – here hears more muffled screams coming from the room on the other side of the heavy steel door.

“Yeah! Fucking muscles!” It’s Kurt’s voice. “Give me your fucking power! Make me grow bigger! Auughh!”

Darrin looks back at Jason and says nervously “You’re doing great Jason. I think you’re almost ready for when Kurt comes back. You should be able to start taking his muscles before he can get to you”. “Yeah…I hope…”, Jason answers cautiously looking over to the where a pile of 5 more skinny men, drained of muscle, are passed out next the heavy steel door. The men were discarded there by Jon after Kurt seized the power from their muscles. There are now 23 formerly muscular men in the large warehouse-like room with Jason and Darrin. They are all victims of Kurt’s unstoppable hunger for muscle. Jason can’t imagine what Kurt must look like now with the power of 23 men inside his muscles.

On the other side of the heavy steel door Kurt is mesmerized by his own body in the mirror. When he’s not feeding on muscle boys, he’s standing in front of the mirror, examining every muscle on his intoxicating, ungodly body while he beats off. He’s in love with his own body….and obsessed with making it even bigger…more powerful…to become even more of a muscle god. Kurt turns from the mirror and grabs onto a nicely muscled twenty-something young man, looking him in the eye. The young man, now in Kurt’s grasps, is in lust with the muscle god in front of him. Kurt picks the young man up and slowly lifts him up and down, rubbing the young man’s washboard abs against his constantly erect dick. Kurt’s enraged dick, slick with ever-oozing pre-cum, bumps in and out over the washboard abs of the young man as Kurt’s powerful arms keep lifting the young man up and down. “Mmm. Yeah…hard muscle…”, Kurt moans. Kurt then lifts the young muscle man up higher and slides the hard, muscled body down onto his own giant, erect rod. “Ahhh yeahhh!”, Kurt moans as his dick slides up into the young man. The veins in Kurt’s monster arms swell as power starts flowing from the young man into Kurt’s body. Kurt looks at the scene in the mirror. An unfathomable muscled being holds an otherwise normally muscular man impaled on his dick. The massive arms of the muscle monster lift the young man up and down, riding the muscle monster’s oozing dick. “Ungh!” Kurt jams the muscled body all the way down onto his engorged dick. “Look at me! I’m a fucking muscle god!” His powerful shoulders and arms effortlessly lift the young man up and down on his dick faster and faster. “Feed me even more!” Kurt bears down on the power in the young man’s muscles. Lightning bolts of power shoot out of the young man up Kurt’s arms and slam into Kurt’s already terrifying body. Grotesque veins bulge even larger over the powerful mountains of muscle. They force even more power into the unreal muscles. “More MUSCLE!” Kurt screams, slamming the young man’s body up and down on his enraged dick. “More POWER!” Kurt strains to suck every last ounce of muscle out the young man and then throws him to the floor as he hits a most-muscular pose in the mirror. Kurt notices a faint glow that seems to come from within his muscles. He's not sure what it is - the only thing he is sure of is he needs more muscle. His angry dick, still oozing pre-cum is not satisfied and his horrifying muscles are still hungry for more size and power. “MORE!” he screams out into the adjoining room where Jon is. “Bring me MORE FUCKING MUSCLE!”

Kurt has recently banished Jon to an adjoining room. Kurt thinks of Jon’s body as puny and unworthy of admiring his own monstrous muscles. Jon is not permitted to watch Kurt gorge on muscle boys or watch him flex his monumental muscles. Jon is only allowed to bring Kurt more muscle boys…to keep feeding Kurt’s growing addiction to more and more power and muscle. The more muscle Kurt gets, the more he craves. Jon has been going along with Kurt’s demands so far because he gets a glimpse of Kurt’s bursting muscles as he leads each new muscle boy into the room for Kurt. But, Jon is becoming dissatisfied. He wants to watch Kurt’s mushrooming body surge with power as he grows. Jon wants to feel Kurt’s in-human muscles engorged with power. He needs to have Kurt accept him again as a partner in his muscle quest rather than just a slave serving the new master body after body of muscle power. Jon knows the only way to get Kurt’s attention and reassert his role as the master is to make himself more muscular and enticing to Kurt. Jon needs to have more muscle himself. Jon knows he can never have an entire body as muscular as Kurt’s…but maybe he can make one or two muscles big enough to catch Kurt’s eye… •

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