Muscle Drain

Kurt Gets HUGE


By 2VienyBiceps

Darrin has moved over next to Jason flexing in the mirror. Darrin is mesmerized by all the muscle on Jason. “Damn Jason! Look at you! You’re so fuckin’ hot with all that muscle.

“Feel it!” Jason commands as he flexes in the mirror. “Feel my body….my muscles….my power! Look what I’ve become! Jason’s body, packed with Jared’s muscles, is a sight to stiffen cocks for miles around. Rippling sweat shined muscles bulge from every inch of his body. Jason watches himself flex in the mirror as Darrin worships every inch of his huge body.

Kurt beats his dick frantically in anticipation of having Jason’s new muscles for himself. “I need that muscle now!” he screams selfishly at Jon. Jon wants his muscleboy Kurt to have Jason’s muscles. He wants to see Kurt grow and fill with power. Jon walks over to a small TV and turns it on. As the picture fades in it shows two bodybuilders, both almost as big as Jared once was, in a small room. Jon calls out to Jason. “Jason. I have something for you to see.” Jason reluctantly looks away from his own image in the mirror and sees the two muscular men on the TV. Jon picks up a handheld radio and speaks into it. “Hi Brett and Ivan. Do me a favor and both of you hit a most muscular for the camera in that room”. Both of the bodybuilders flex into a most muscular pose, displaying fantastic muscle development. Jason can feel pangs of hunger for even more muscle stir within him.

Jon moves closer to Jason and says calmly, “These two guys are in the next room. Between the two of them, they have almost twice as much muscle as Jared had. They look good don’t they?” Jason had to agree. “You can have all that muscle Jason. All you have to do is give the muscle you just got from Jared to my muscleboy Kurt. You’d like to see Kurt grow bigger wouldn’t you Jason? To see and feel his muscles filling full of more power – to see his muscles grow. Look at him Jason. Imagine his perfect body, with his perfect face full of more and more muscle.”

Jason looks at Kurt. He is struck by Kurt’s good looks and beautiful muscle structure. He’d love to see Kurt with more muscle and it did feel awesome to be feeding Kurt’s muscles before. He did think Kurt would look great with more muscle. He just hates that it is something that Jon wants - that Jon is controlling the situation.

“Don’t do it Jason”, Darrin calls out. “Don’t trust them. It’s a trick”

“Hey guys, flex for the camera again”, Jon calls into the radio again. Jason watches the two bodybuilders flex for him again. He wants their muscle - bad. Twice as much muscle as Jared had…Jason’s lust for muscle starts taking over his reasoning. He looks over at Kurt. He can see the hunger for muscle in Kurt’s eyes. He wants to make Kurt’s muscles grow and see him become even more of a muscle stud. Jason’s dick is throbbing hard…ready to deliver power into Kurt. Jason spits a wad of saliva in his hand and then grabs his dick, lubing it up. Jason cocks his head as if to say “Come here” to Kurt as he strokes his dick into a huge ramming rod. Jason can feel power building in his dick, ready to shoot into Kurt’s ass.

“I’m not getting fucked up the ass!” Kurt says firmly.

“Then you’re not getting this muscle”. Jason replies as he bounces his pecs and strokes more power into his growing dick.

Darrin runs over to Jason and tries to pull him aside. “Stop it Jason! Don’t give him more power. They’ll trick you”. Jason pushes Darrin aside as he imagines how hot Kurt will be with another 50 pounds of muscle. His dick pulses larger with more power for Kurt. Veins bulge, and sparks of power start to crackle up and down the growing shaft.

Kurt needs Jason’s muscles. His hunger for muscle drives him to consider getting fucked. He looks at Jon who gives him a cautious ‘go ahead’ nod and then he starts walking slowly toward Jason.

“That’s right” Jason says as he grabs his power filled dick and strokes it. Jason’s dick is crammed with power ready to shoot into Kurt. The terrifying veiny rod is swollen over a foot long and nearly as thick as a forearm. Sparks of power dance over hideous throbbing veins as pre-cum drips out of the end of the monster rod. “That’s right…come get some muscle”, Jason taunts.

Kurt, in disbelief that his hunger for muscle is driving him to willingly get fucked up the ass by Jason’s frightening rod, walks up to Jason’s muscular body, the body that holds the muscle he wants, looks Jason in the eye as he grabs Jason’s pecs and commands “Give it to me, fucker!”

Jason pushes Kurt over toward the stack of boxes full of protein shake mix. He is surprised at how easily his own powerful body pushes Kurt’s muscular body. “Lie down on your back on the boxes!” Jason commands.

Kurt hesitates a second then glances down, salivating over Jason’s huge veiny pecs and suddenly notices himself willingly climbing up onto the boxes. His rational brain curses at his muscle lust. He lies on his back on the edge of several boxes. Jason yanks Kurt’s legs up and pushes them back exposing Kurt’s muscle ass. Jason slowly, but firmly slides his power engorged dick into Kurt’s ass. Kurt screams out in pain as the huge power filled rod pushes deeper and deeper up his ass. Jason keeps sliding his rod further and further into Kurt’s muscle ass. His dick throbs with want of release. Finally he buries his dick to the hilt and feels power surge from his dick into Kurt. Kurt moans “Oh yeah. I can feel it…More!” Jason pulls back and slams his dick deep - again feeling more power pour out of his dick into Kurt. “Ungh…I can feel the power feeding my muscles”, Kurt moans.

Jason starts a slow rhythm, burying his dick at the bottom of each thrust to feel muscle power shoot out of his dick into Kurt. “Ungh, yeah!…C’mon. grow!…I’m gonna make your muscles huge!

Kurt moans in ecstasy feeling the warm power flood into his muscles. He can feel his muscles starting to feel pumped and tight under his skin. He wants more. “Yeah, fuck me full of muscle. Feed my muscles more power!”

Jason sees veins starting to bulge all over Kurt’s muscles. “Yeah! Look at my fucking power feeding your hot muscles…making you fuckin’ grow!” Jason increases his rhythm banging his dick harder and deeper into Kurt’s ass. He can feel power shooting out of his dick with each thrust. “Grow…grow…fuckin’ GROW!”.

Kurt winces with pain at each thrust. His veins throb and grow in time with Jason’s thrusts. “Fuck...Yeah!…MORE!” Sparks start to crackle and dart across Kurt’s body. Kurt can see and feel his muscles growing and burning with new power. “Feed me…Ungh!…Feed me!” He reaches up and grabs Jason’s powerful arms. “I want all this fucking muscle in me….ungh!…get me fucking huge!…unhh!”

Jason is getting more and more turned on by Kurt’s hunger for muscle and growing body. Jason wants to make Kurt huge. He wants to see Kurt’s muscles bulging with the power of both of their bodies. Jason grabs Kurt’s pecs, rears his head back and strains to force power into Kurt’s pecs Jason suddenly feels power rushing from all his own muscles down through his arms and slamming into Kurt’s pecs. “FUUUCK!”

Kurt’s body goes stiff and his back arches off of the crumbling boxes in agony as the jolt of power slams into him. Sparks crackle and dart all over his body. “Auuugh!” Veins branch out all over Kurt’s muscles as his muscle body bulges larger, glistening with sweat. “Yes!…MORE!” he screams as he grabs Jason’s shoulders and pulls him down closer to his own body.

Jason digs his fingers into Kurt’s swollen pecs and strains with a determined look on his face to force more power into Kurt. Jason’s whole body trembles and convulses as it feels like every muscle in his own body is being ripped loose from the inside. Crackling bolts of power shoot from all of Jason’s muscles up towards his arms momentarily gathering together in a swirling, glowing ball before arcing down in a thunderbolt into Kurt’s torso.

Kurt’s body convulses and shudders, his back contorting higher off of the pile of boxes. “AUUUGH! FUCK!” Kurt screams as the bolts of power drive their angry, crackling fingers into each of his muscles. Veins bulge all over his tortured muscles as they grow and expand even more, filling with power. “AUUUNGH! FUCK! YESS!” Kurt looks down at his swelling, tortured muscles. “Look at me! I’m fucking HUGE….and still GROWING!”, he says as grabs Jason’s shrinking arms. “Give me more fucking power! Give me MORE!”

Jason continues fucking Kurt’s writhing muscle ass. Power explodes from his dick with each thrust. “Grow!…augh!…Fuckin’ Grow!” Jason revels in the feeling of cramming his power into all of Kurt’s muscles. “Look at your muscles taking in all my power. You just keep growing! You need more power than I’ve got”.

“Yes! I need MORE than just your muscles. I need fucking MORE! I gotta fuckin’ GROW!!” Kurt screams in a delirious muscle frenzy as the pile of boxes he is laying on collapse further under the weight of his expanding body.

Jason looks over at Jon standing several feet away furiously beating off. “Jon! Get me those guys in the other room you showed me on the TV”.

Jon, with an evil smirk on his face, quickly leaves the room to fetch the two bodybuilders from the other room.

Darrin comes over next to Jason and pleads with him, “No, Jason! Don’t give him the muscle from those other guys. That’s just what they want you to do.”

“Look at him Darrin! He’s so fucking hot! “ Jason screams back, still pumping more power into Kurt’s ass. “He’s got almost all my muscle, plus the muscle he already had and he still wants more! He’s fucking incredible! I gotta make him bigger...I gotta fuckin’ make him take MORE! •

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