Bigger Issues


By Muscl4life

Sean had already made up his mind, he grabbed the first shot the one which was going to make him grow bigger than Kyle had grown and shot the thick content on his vein . "Kyle told me he shot into the muscular tissue but at this level of concentration, the serum should work better if distributed by bloodstream". Sean knew that shooting into the bloodstream would be a bit slower to start the growth process, but he didn't care for time he just WANTED to be bigger than his "little boy". Afterall, why would he rush this so awaited transformation _ Sean, Sean are u in here? - The voice came from the stairs and got closer as the sentence finished It was Mark! "Damn! I forgot he would come back these days, and now what do I do?" _ Hey here u are my friend ! Said Mark as hugging his lab partner. Sean barely responded the hug, so distracted and worried about what would happen when the growth process starts, he had to take Mark out of the lab before it happens Mark looked around and quickly noticed the mess on the lab, it seemed a tornado went through the building, the shelves, cabinets, and specially, the smell, the entire room smelled like ... Well it wasn't a unknown smell for Mark, but what the heck would the lab smell like this . Mark found why when his shoe stepped on cum puddle which was not totally dry yet and he almost slipped . _ Sean can u please tell me what is going on here, why is there such CUM on the floor ? _ Mark, Mark please! We can't talk right now I am very busy, please leave... _ I will leave my ASS! What are u thinking ? I Let u use my laboratory for a couple of weeks and look at this mess ! I want to know what's going on Sean! _ I can explain it, but not now Mark, please leave before... _ Before what Sean? You can trust me pal, We know each other since college, I can help you but please tell me what's going on _ I SAID YOU TO GO HOME YOU BASTARD! Sean pushed Mark, but he was too heavy for him to move with just one push . Then Mark grabbed Sean by his shirt and lifted the smaller doctor _ Listen to me Sean! You know I am stronger than you've never been, I can kick your ass anytime I want, so it's time for you spill it out! What's happening here since I left? Just then Sean felt something burning his body, a heat wave stronger than anything he knew, his senses were crazy, all he could do was scream, a loud scream trying to become free of that grip, the shaking came after this, his muscles had their own will, he couldn't command them . Mark felt terrified as Sean screamed and trembled right in front of him, he let Sean's collar free and tried to help the skinny man . All he could do was support Sean, Mark embraced him trying to stop the trembling with his body . He could feel how warm Sean was, his skin felt like boiling water, he could hear the gasps and the heartbeats of his friend, he thought he would die any moment now . The louder Sean screamed, the stronger the heat and the pain became, just like a nightmare it seemed eternal, the sweat ran over his body like a flush, and yet there was this unbearable feeling of being stretched by his joints, something he didn't expect to feel . Screaming was all he could do, he didn't notice he was embraced to Mark, closer than they've never been since they've known each other, Sean punched Mark's back as the pain got stronger, and his boiling lips finally met the cleavage of Mark's wide shirt, the sweet smell of his cologne, the smooth and the hardness of those pecs he desired for so long time . All Sean did was drooling on them, crying and screaming because of the pain and Mark embraced him stronger, trying to stop his friend's pain, the only thing he could understand was anything . Mark was completely freaked out by what was happening . Suddenly it stopped and Sean literally fainted, Mark grabbed him and carried his friend to a table, and was about to start CPR, when he noticed that Sean's heart as well as his owner were OK, just blacked out, by the ultimate stress they both had passed. Sean opened his eyes slowly, trying to clear the image of Mark's sweet face on his mind, a little smile came right after, and then he remembered what he had passed by, the growth process, the adaptation period, before the first growth spurt. It meant, his genes were already refined, and will begin the process any minute now . _ Sean, Tell me what is happening NOW! What the fuckin' hell is going on here, why you collapsed like u did? Sean, tried to stand but Mark insisted on helping him . Mark felt weird helping him, it seemed a little different, Was Sean somehow heavier ? Then Sean standed, Nothing unusual, his usual lean body, maybe a little stronger, afterall, Sean had done some work out since college, his complexion, his eyes, well his eyes looked the same, but ... _ WHAT THE FUCK? Mark jumped back as he noticed, Sean was taller than him, and it was impossible, Mark has always been 6'2", and Sean always was about three inches shorter than him, and now here he was, at least 6'3", cause his head were about half an inch up in the air, passing his own head ... _ Mark, please let me explain it all... _ You better explain it, how come you've grown 5 inches in ten minutes _ TEN ? You mean it wasn't about 2 minutes ? _ Well, I only remembered when you fainted, it was 9: 47 and now it is 9:58, in fact you were "shaking" at least nine minutes... _ Good Lord, what have I done? Sean put his hand on his forehead, looking worried "Kyle collapsed about two minutes and he grew 2 inches and 26 pounds" _ I should make the questions here! Sean, You are taller than me, How come ? _ Mark you gotta be calm, you are gonna start seeing things you've never imagined as possible... _ What the hell is that ? You are already taller than me, and what else are you going to grow another head or something else ? _ I have developed a genetic treatment, you know this but, instead of rebuild damaged muscular tissues it turned out like reprogramming the genes to increase the muscular mass beyond expectations ... _ Are you saying to me, that your research is some kind of muscle growth formula? _Well it wasn't meant to be this way, but...OH GOOD LORD!!! Sean felt HOT, a rush of blood like he never imagined . Instead of pain he felt blizz, it was like cumming, in fact Sean's cock got hard and oozing precum like he never did. Sean could just moan, as he felt all his cells stretching and growing, He tried to remove his shirt but he had not enough concentration to do that, he moaned like an eternal orgasm . Mark couldn't believe his eyes, Sean was absolutely inflating in front of him. His chest went first . Under the wide coat, Sean's old plain chest came up as two beautiful muscle pecs, which grew increasing their muscles, with size, power and definition, Quickly the muscle hemispheres, were big enough to fill the coat, and yet they didn't seem to slow down their growth ... Sean's chest, got even, bigger, rounder, the fabric started tearing, "RRRRRIIIIIIIPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!"was the next step as that powerful chest burst as two big slabs of growing flesh and power, sweat covering those muscle pecs, making them shine as they continued to get bigger and bigger . Then . his chest were no more the only thing growing in Sean's body : His Legs joined the growth spurt, shaking violently and getting each time bigger, muscular and powerful, Sean's jeans were tight as he never felt, and his muscles grew even more as the time passed . It didn't take much time to his jeans give up as well as his coat, His muscle power moprhed him as an opera of freaking power and size ... _ Sean, Can u hear me ?Are you OK? Mark called trying to check on his friend's health, well obviously, physically he was beyond OK, but he had to check his mind... _ Hmmmm... This is so good! _ Sean can u hear me ? Talk to me buddy! _ Mark, I am wonderful, don't worry, hmmmmmm, MAN THIS IS FUCKIN' AWESOME! _ Sean you are tearing your clothes ! How long will this growth spurt last? _ Much more than that I can say... _ HOLLY COW! This was all Mark could say, as he noticed, Sean's arms growing freak in front of his eyes . Mark Hadn't notice them until, they were so huge as two grapefruits, better two big melons, bursting out of their fabric prison and growing huge to freedom . Sean's arms were free and growing, growing getting bigger rounder, much bigger, they seemed to grow more than the rest of Sean's body . In fact, All his body was growing in different rhythms and spurts, what made Sean look like a morphing picture . And then it came, The spurts seemed to start working "unison", The growth increased its rate, much more than the former one, Sean just keep growing as Mark open his mouth and dropped his jaw as he noticed, how taller Sean had gotten, Much over one foot he was sure . And the taller he got, the wider he boomed, his muscles were trying to make him bigger and bigger, and more muscular . Sean was already bigger than any bodybuilder, how come his organism can afford such a growth, where the hell was the body getting all the mass to transform it in muscles? Sean looked each time bigger and stronger, even his neck was far way from those NFL defenders, in fact, Sean's arms looked wider and bigger than Mark's legs . Most impressive was his back, so much wider than any muscular man, Sean's laps were so wide and big, that keep pushing his arms up, in a 120 degree angle, making Sean look like those Super Heroes. The look on Sean's face was intimidating, his beautiful eyes seemed to look beyond of reality, like no one else matters, just his colossal body . Sean just kept growing and growing and growing, each time more muscular, as no medical report had ever reported, His face was so big, and square shaped, like the toughest of the tough guys, although his look showed some kind of compassion for the smaller ones, something to be feared, but no less loved. Mark knew about it, he had always been some kind of stallion since puberty, what made him popular and full of chicks, nothing that he could complain about... if he really wanted this. Mark had always been "inside of the closet" fearing the reaction of his parents, besides, he never met that person, for whom, he could come out, well almost not . Since he met Sean in college, he had this strange feeling, such a dedicated student, but so lonely at the campus, the only one he could call friend was Mark, not a friend at all, just one more "buddy". How many times, Sean had to sleep on the hall, because Mark had this or that chick with him. Sex was good, always, but, he just wanted to "make love". And suddenly, Mark realized where he was, and with whom, his former college buddy, now a famous Ph.D., but at the present moment, is getting bigger and bigger, each time more muscular, beyond the human anatomy can support. Mark almost freaked out as he take a peek at Sean's new and improved body . His head was almost reaching the lamp, which meant he was now almost 9 feet tall, If he raised those gargantuan arms, he could effortlessly touch the ceiling at 12 feet . The most frightening was the look on Sean's face, like he knew all of this would happen . More than this, like he was waiting for such transformation, there had to be a secret behind that ...

Kyle woke up at once, he had fallen asleep waiting for Sean's return. As he tried to get up of that one person couch Kyle noticed he was stuck. That couch was wide enough even for a large man, but not for that freaking giant man, Kyle had some real trouble to fit on that chair, he could lie down on Sean's bed, but he preferred that couch, and after all the time he waited, he ended up taking a nap. And know, his marvelous ass is stuck in that chair, there wasn't how he could get up. Well, he tried to get up anyway, and with the slightest movement, Kyle broke the chair, like it was made out of paper "Fuck!" exclaimed Kyle as he noticed what he had just done " That's why I gotta get lost!". He looked at the clock. Almost 10. "Where the hell is Sean?". The musclebound went from side to side of the living room, realizing each time how small it felt for him, His head almost bumping on the ceiling, and his enormous hips twisting and bumping every fucking lamp of that room . He opened the curtain a little as he heard a car noise approaching, he knew it wasn't Sean's, so he worried about who could it be. He smiled as he eyes could focus on the image of the man coming out of the car. It was Michael, the captain of the wrestling team, the same bastard who broke his arm and with that started all the events after it . Kyle looked at him, at his new perspective and enjoyed himself, seeing the "little" scrawny kid, getting out of the van, with two other friends . They were yelling, joking and punching each other like every jock on the college. Michael was by far the biggest of the three, he must be 6'4" or something and he appeared to weigh more then 230 pounds. He certainly had gained some serious weights since Kyle had seen him for last . But yet, he would look nothing compared to Kyle and his 8'3 height with almost 600 pounds . Kyle laughed silently as he pictured the look at the bastard's face taking a peek at his former "worm". Actually he couldn't avoid the thought of pleasure he would feel if he could take his revenge. He could cause some serious damages on those punks! But, despite becoming this gorgeous behemoth, Kyle remained a peaceful man, who couldn't harm anybody even if he wanted, the only one he had hurt was Sean, his new found lover, and that's why he was leaving.... Then he saw another kid coming down the street, a normal average kid, but another "worm" compared to those jocks on the street. They barely looked at the kid and started running at him, grabbed the poor guy by his pants, gave him a major wedgie, stole the money on his pockets leaving the scared boy at the ground. That scene wasn't unfamiliar for Kyle at all ... How many times did those bastards the same thing with him and many other kids since high school? Kyle felt instantly furious and unconsciously flexed his abnormal biceps, as the rage overtook him... The mountain rose up to his eyes . Once again the former scrawny kid realized how much bigger he had gotten. Alone, that massive gun was already bigger than Michael's head and he was barely flexing it, his improved body was far enough to beat those bastards, and Kyle wouldn't even sweat . Better, he could test his might physique, and giving those "son of bitches" a real lesson... Revenge was all Kyle could think, his heart rushed inside his glorious chest, he delighted that feeling of power and barely realized, he was still naked . He looked around and noticed a picture of Sean aside some fat man in which was written "To my genius nephew Sean, Thanks for the great time on your house! Uncle Martin" . The monstrous man mentally compared his hips to that fat guy "what if this uncle let some clothing here?". He rushed inside the rooms and opened all the cabinets. In one drawer he found one oversized jeans pants, those ones specially designed for fat people " It worthies the shot" thought Kyle as he tried to stick one of his fantastic thighs into the pant, although that pant was much wider than the regular ones, his legs felt really tight !He used his might hands to tear the fabric and improvised a jeans short! Fortunately his flat 10 pack stomach fit the jeans with some space left, which Kyle used to accommodate his 26" semi-hard cock, such a great log, he had to maneuver it many times, until he said "What the fuck! I gotta go", and let that giant cock lying along his waist with that mushroom head almost showing off his shorts. He grabbed an oversized T-shirt, which Kyle had to remove the sleeves and yet, his shoulders felt squeezed. He had to spend such time, because after what he would do next, he had to get lost, this way he would have, barely, something to wear. Kyle was in such a hurry he forgot the "smallness" of Sean's back door , getting stuck on his way out " Damn it! Sean lives in a doll house!" exclaimed the overgrown man as he tried to bend his head and his hips to get out of that "petite" building . Our gentle behemoth sneaked through the shadows and managed to see Michael and his friends heading down street. His mouth was opened as he looked to the street to check if there wasn't people on the street, it was desert. Kyle waited for the bastards to turn the corner and went right after this , walking behind the cars , trying to hide himself. The guys entered a big old house, Michael leading them to the garage and they entered . The freaking giant musclebound (phew!) followed right behind them, double checking if they weren't looking . Through a high window(not high enough for Kyle), he could see the jocks inside the garage. _ Michael are u sure your folks are outta town? _Chill out will ya? Gee , you sound like we were minors or something ... We are just a bunch of college guys hanging out and enjoying a good beer! And some chicks! Laughed the captain as he reached for his cell ... _ Call Heather , she always enjoyed our parties - said the other guy turning on the radio. "Fuck! If they're about to get company , I had to leave!" Thought Kyle disappointed . He decided to keep hearing... _ So! Did u call her? _Naaaa ! This piece o'crap can't make the call! I think the battery ran out! Let me use yours, Fred! _ Can't do my man! You broke that shit last week , when we were hanging on the mall, remember? said the guy named Fred _ Well, let's call them from my bedroom! Said Michael heading to the garage door. He made fun of Steve , his always worried fellow , who sworn he had heard someone out there. Steve, You are watching too much TV! This street is the most boring street of the world ... Michael hit the green button on the door and it started to lift. They're almost leaving the garage when this giant arm came form nowhere , grabbed Michael's collar and lifted the 230 pound jock as a feather , many inches up in the air . Steve couldn't see the face of the man which had such gargantuan arm , he could just rush into him , trying to free his buddy but it was like running against a brick wall, he just bounced back and fall on his back. Fred found a bat and hit the stomach of that giant, all he could do was breaking the thing. Michael tried to break free but his feet couldn't reach the floor. Finally , the aggressor held Michael with one fucking big hand around his neck, Michael's face turned red and then purple.... Suddenly this thunder voice came from the freaking man "NOW EVERYBODY GET IN OR YOUR LITLLE FRIEND HERE WILL NO LONGER BREATH!" Steve and Fred slowly went backwards obeying such evident threat, they've never been this scared before , they were the biggest guys of the Wrestling team , no one messed with them , and now they're defenseless. As they went to the back of the garage , the man holding Kyle came after . He had to bend his head to enter , he must be 8 feet tall! The hugest guy they've never seen holding Michael with one hand. Hand? It seemed some kind of hammer so bony and veined. Michael grabbed those enormous fingers with his both hands , but it was no result at all. That living tower pushed the button on the door and then it closed. Right after he punched it , what seemed lightly , but he made the thing explode! _ WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH US? Cried Steve as trying to find a way out _ YOU'D BETTER WATCH OUT YOU BASTARD , MY UNCLE IS... _ WHO SAID YOU RUNTS WERE ALLOWED TO SPEAK? Boomed the voice of that Freaking man. He grabbed Michael by the collar again , letting the jock breath for a while and then he tossed the "puny guy" as he weighed nothing . Michael hit the floor and couldn't get up for a while. He tried to stand up , but all he could do was look into the face of the aggressor .He never seen this guy before , he would remember such a big guy, and then , when he focused on those green eyes he shouted : _OH MY GOD! HOW COME YOU ? WHAT THE HELL? FUCK THIS CAN'T BE TRUE! _ GLAD YOU REMEMBER ME , I CAN GUARANTEE YOU I AM ALL REAL! NOW LET'S THE PARTY BEGIN Said Kyle as he threw a Most muscular pose that made his improvised shirt almost tear as his monstrous pecs exploded in front of them...

Mark looked each time more worried with Sean , he just kept growing as time passed, like a balloon , but , whit such power and definition , his muscles seemed to build on those already freaking previous . The width of Sean was now something unbearable for any human being , except himself , Mark estimated he was almost seven feet wide , it meant he was wider than Mark was taller , and that made his spine frozen. And yet there was one BIG problem Mark had almost forgotten : Sean's cock was about to explode filled with so much cum , he never knew it could be possible. That thing had to be over three feet long and yet one foot wide , the head itself was bigger than Mark's hand , it couldn't be possible , how much blood would a man have to sustain such a hard on , That log seemed to shake like a Naja ready to spew its poison. The veins on that penis were wider than Mark's arms never been even when he pumped frequently. In fact, Sean's pole was getting longer and wider, seemed never to stop its growth as well as the rest of Sean. Mark couldn't see the growing man's face anymore, those big slabs of muscle were so big and wide , and Sean's head went so up in the air that all Mark could see was the point of those giant nipples , those things were so big and long, they were just like the precious jewels to fit with the power of Sean's new body. Sean looked each time bigger and wider but yet , his look was so calm and his face seemed so tender , although all the power it inspired , Sean remained that good man he had always been, his new power just made him superior to all mankind but he was already mentally and emotionally superior than anyone in the Science. Somehow, Sean was gifted with a bless of Muscle, Size and power, making of him the most powerful man in the Earth and he knew that , his look inspired clam and stability and that was just what Mark looked for his entire life , someone who cold love him, could help him , but first of all , someone who could hold him and protect from any harm, someone capable to destroy tanks, but unable to harm a human being. In that moment all Mark desired was to embrace , better being embraced by Sean, that would make him feel so tiny and petite and yet , so powerful. He wanted so bad to jump on that impossibly thick neck and to step on that mountain of muscle he had on the stomach, the simple thought of being carried by the biggest arms in the world made him full mast immediately , he just could savor the vision of Sean as he grew and grew , just like the wildest dream , Sean was reborning as a muscle god , and Mark was just ready to worship him. _ MARK ARE U ALL RIGHT ? Boomed this voice almost unrecognizable to Mark. Mark woke up from his worshipping trance and realized Sean's enormous hand touching his shoulder , better covering it, just the weight of itself was much heavier than many weights Mark had lifted on his pumping days. He tried to concentrate on speaking ... _Sean , s-s-Sean , what the heck did u do to yourself? Finally popped the scared doctor, realizing that Sean had to get on his knees to face him as he was now... The new giant smiled a little and looked sweetly direct in Mark's eyes _ Mark I know you don't understand but that's what I had wanted for my whole life. I tried to hide myself from my desires but that was useless, I had to do this, I had the choice and I choose this - Sean said emphasizing his monstrous arms barely flexing them and realizing their impressive bulges and non stop building, Mark got frightened when those guns got bigger than his own head and then they got much bigger and harder , he had to touch them . His trembling fingers , touched the tightest skin and felt the warmth of that steel wall , Mark could just feel the simplicity of absolute power, Sean couldn't even feel the touch of the much smaller man . The new giant smiled at the Mark's attempt of squeezing his titanic biceps. Then this strange feeling overcame the always focused Sean , he just had to feel the magnificence of his improved monstrous body: he embraced Mark's waist with one gigantic hand and lifted the other man so easily that Mark's head hit the ceiling abruptly "OUCH!" . _ Oh My Lord! What have I done? Sean tried to comfort Mark, but all he could do was tossing the man up and then grabbed him as he was a feather, Sean moved his colossal hand on Mark's forehead , but his might and thickest fingers almost suffocate Mark as he tried to talk to his gigantic friend! _ Sean , Sean SEAN! Can u please stop this! you are too fucking strong ! your fingers are crushing me! Cried Mark as he tried to stop his colossal friend! _ I'm sorry man , Gee, I miscalculated , I swear I didn't mean to hurt you... _ Hey, Hey ! That's OK! BIG MAN! Said Mark realizing how much Sean had transformed into something absolutely powerful. _ Mark I just want to feel my strength a little... _Just a little huh? You've almost threw me through the ceiling and you barely pulled me up! They both start laughing and Mark noticed where exactly he was. Nested among those monumental arms and pecs , feeling the power of his augmented friend so close to his own body. Sean's skin felt so hot and wet , he wasn't sweating at all and his muscles shone as the bronze statues of Atlas and Adonis, although Sean was now far beyond Adonis and catching up to Atlas , a Giant so powerful and muscular , who holds the whole sky on his back. Mark never felt so tiny in his life and yet , so deliciously fragile and horny , he could feel the muscles of his muscle god just under his body , sustaining him as if his 205 pounds were mere feathers. Mark wasn't paying attention to his behemoth friend anymore , lost on his sexy thoughts , he just wished Sean never feeling tired of carrying his body ,and he knew it was possible , and the simple vision of Sean's glorious physique made him hard , so hard he thought his cock would became made out of bone, its head hurt so much , he had to let it free , some how. Sean talked about his miscalculation , saying that he made the exactly same movement to carry a heavy man , but then he realize his new size and changed the effort to a teenager , but yet it was too much and Mark ended up by flying into the ceiling. Then the giant tried to describe all the functioning of his serum, all the biochemical details which result on his transformation, realizing that Mark wasn't answering him , he wasn't even paying attention , he was lost on his own thoughts, sexy thoughts. Sean could see that , because the giant realized his former college friend and roomie , the guy who had all the girls he wished , and the owner of the body of which the old Sean dreamed almost every night , was jerking off his big pole nested in his arms just like some animal. Mark was curved , and his hot cock slapped on Sean' s skin many times , in fact , instead of simply jerking off , Mark rubbed his desiring pole on the hardness of Sean , fucking that brick wall , as if he was really one. Sean felt weird at first , because he always thought Mark was straight , but then he could just see how big and strong he became , his former bigger friend could hide himself on Sean's arms , in fact he was wider than Mark was taller , Sean was just beyond aroused His pole which was , all the time semi erect since he finished his first spurt , hit Mark's legs , as the jerking off doctor realized that giant snake becoming each time bigger longer and wider , he woke up of his trance. _ I see you are enjoying this thing as much as I do ... Sean slipped his giant finger over Mark's body pressing it , and then caressing his hot dick . Sean's finger was wider and longer than Mark's pole and that only made Sean more proud of his new stats. He then gave just one touch on the head of that precious little 9 incher , and it spewed splats of cum on Sean's pecs , the warmth of Mark's cum was more than a prize for this former skinny man , he made the man of his dreams cum, and yet his finger was now longer , bigger and wider , than the cock he had many times peeked at the shower . Mark could just moan and moan ,as Sean barely touched his cock he could feel the orgasm at the edge of his body , then he felt like covered with a hot blizz , he cummed on Sean as he always wished to do , with this unbelievably huge man. Mark's jism was much few to cover a significant part of Sean , he just laughed as the smaller friend opened his eyes , barely containing the look of a teenager caught in the middle of a jerk off session. _Oh Sean I had to do this , you feel so gigantic , I had to feel your muscles , you are so big now that ... Squeezing one giant gun , Mark licked his own cum of Sean's chest as the giant man felt that hot tongue savoring his new dimensions. Sean remembered the first time he saw Kyle growing and morphing _Tell me little friend , do you want to measure me and take note of my stats? This question was more than unnecessary. Sean just grabbed Mark and put him on the table. Mark took the measuring tape and started the measurement. Height was just the first of the wonders of this behemoth, Sean was now at a astonishing height of 9 feet and 4 inches, he looked down to Mark as the fragile man shouted his height to his giant. Sean just lifted him at his chest level and embraced him ,so tenderly and strong Mark wished he could cum again, Sean licked his worshiper ear lobes and bite them lightly. He held one freakish arm still and so Mark could measure his chest without have to climb up on the table. Mark just sat on that bench of muscle and kept with his measurements. Sean look to the starving friend and laughed: FEEL MY POWER RUNT! And then he inflated the impossible chest and Mark almost was sucked with the power of that breath in. The measuring tape , couldn't take it all at once. Mark had to sum the results from back and front : 134 impossibly inches . Backs came after this , and Sean heard his back were 6'7" wide , and his shoulders stood 7'1 inches aside. The waist seemed so narrow but yet it read 58.5 inches around , much bigger than most of the chests of bodybuilders , but at Sean's level it just seemed so narrow his entire upper body could just fall over his massive legs which read 93 inches each, so wide and cut , Mark could swear they were made out of steel. Sean was told he had developed a 14 pack stomach , what he said was impossible , and Mark had to count them on his owner , what made Sean just mesmerized. The impossible mark of 839 pounds was just beyond imagination and had to be taken many times to accurate its value. Sean barely believed how much he had surpassed Kyle , and the final stats were the best : Mark breath deeply as he read the width of Sean's biceps , 61 inches around , those guns could crush steel and even feel it , Sean made Mark sit on the peak of his right gun and flexed it to the max. , realizing that his friend weighed nothing and that he seemed to be sit on a lifting platform. Sean made this many times and Mark really enjoyed the ride on Sean's guns and he laughed as the giant teased "C'mon runt! Try to get rid of this bull!" Each time Sean liked the feeling of being such a freak , and he could understand all that Kyle meant , and just the thought of Kyle being as small as Mark felt now made his cock full mast immediately. Mark was still playing at Sean's biceps when he Saw that enormous thing , getting up and up and up , Sean was so outstanded as his friend he never saw such a big log , even Kyle's seemed "smaller" if compared to this thing , Mark realized it was as wide as his arm and yet much more cut and veined , it kept growing until it reached up Sean's belly , and Mark gasped three times as he read the length : 41 inches , what made that log 3'5" long , and almost 1,5 feet wide , the mushroom head alone was bigger than a grapefruit. Sean was astonished , and this was just after the first growth spurt , when the adrenaline and testosterone feedback kicks in , he will grow much bigger and massive. Instead of being frightened he felt realized , The giant grabbed Mark with just one hand and kissed him deeply, as Mark broke the kiss to catch some real air , the behemoth said _ COME ON LITTLE MAN! I AM HORNY , LET'S MAKE ME GROW SOME MORE YOU RUNT , MAKE THIS MUSCLES GET EVEN BIGGER... All Mark could do was , hold on Sean's neck as he stroked his giant cock with one hand and with the other , he flexed his might biceps moaning at Mark's ear "Once we finished it you'll have to measure me all over again , cause I'll be much bigger than now..." •

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