Muscle Drain

Jason Needs More Muscle


By 2VienyBiceps

Bobby's muscles were only enough to whet Jason's appetite. Jason's muscles rage with hunger for more power. Jason yanks at the chain holding his leg and throws dumbells and weights around the room in a fit of crazed muscle hunger like a junkie needing a fix. "Get me more muscle. I need more, NOW!” he screams, as he flexes and pumps his hungry muscles with the weights lying about, trying to satisfy their aching hunger. "What do you want me to do?" he screams at Jon. "I'll do anything. Just get me more muscle!"

"That's what I like to hear", Jon says still stroking his pre-cum drenched dick. "Number one, you better learn to transfer power into other people - and when you do, you will give Darrin 60% of all the muscle I get for you. Number 2, you better fucking realize that harming me in any way will mean you will be locked up here with no one to bring you all the muscle boys you now need just to survive. You have more than a fucking addiction, you have a physical need and I'm your only pipeline to muscle." Jon starts breathing more heavily and beating his dick faster, getting ready to cum. "Third, when I tell you to do something - you do it." Jon beats his dick at a furious pace. "Now, flex your fucking biceps for me!"

Jason stands for a moment considering his future. He either bows to Jon's wishes and gets all the muscle he wants or tells Jon to fuck off and he wastes away chained up in this fucker's basement.

"I said flex 'em NOW! Or you'll never feel another ounce of muscle pulsing through those veins!"

Jason, still out of sorts from his attack of muscle hunger, slowly starts to lift his arms, hesitates for a moment and puts them back down.

Jon reaches behind him with his free hand and opens the heavy steel door as he yells, "Mark, come in here a second."

A tall 20-something young man comes into the room. Like Bobby he looks very street-wise. Upon seeing Jason he exclaims, "whooa!".

"Mark, take your shirt off and show Jason that nice body you have."

Mark grabs the bottom of his t-shirt and pulls it over his head revealing a nicely built, hard body. It has quite a bit more muscle on it than Bobby had.

Jon continues, "So, are you gonna show me what I want to see?"

Jason looks at Mark standing bare-chested, his pecs well defined above his six pac abs. Jason's fit of hunger returns stronger than ever. He has to have more muscle. He HAS to have the muscular young body standing in front of him. "Fuck it", Jason spits out. Then he lifts his arms and flexes his biceps. Full and teeming with Bobby's power, the muscles distend into two oversized, power crammed orbs.

Jon's dick immediately spews cum in an arc, landing 4 feet in front of him, as he shudders in ecstasy at the size of the two masses of meat.

Mark starts walking slowly toward Jason in a disbelieving trance, like a moth drawn to flame.

Jason gulps hard as he sees the tight, muscled body walking toward him. He wants this muscle bad. He needs to finish feeding his own muscles. They ache for more power after the "teasing" they had from Bobby's scrawny body.

Jon, recovering from his shuddering orgasm, notices Mark walking toward Jason. "Mark, wait! Don't go near him!" Jon had planned to keep Mark's body for later. He wanted to use Mark to make Jason jump a few more hurdles.

Mark, still advancing slowly toward Jason, doesn't listen. Jason's flexing biceps have him intoxicated by their sheer size. "Shit! Look at those fuckers!" he says over and over as he walks slowly toward them.

Jason, seeing Mark's unblinking stare at his biceps, flexes them harder. He looks over at one of the mind boggling muscles and is amazed himself at how much bigger they are from Bobby's small contribution of power. "Come feel them! Feel the power in my arms!" he commands enticingly to Mark. "Feel the size of them! Feel how hard they are!

"Mark, don't touch him! Stay away from him!" Jon screams.

"Look at my biceps, Mark!" Jason says, squeezing them tighter and taller. “Come feel the power in them!"

Mark, virtually hypnotized by the excessive muscles, walks up to Jason, slowly reaches up and lays one hand on top of each bicep.

Jason flexes the muscles tight making them jump under Mark's hands.

Mark's knees buckle as his body is overcome with the feeling of power emanating from the unimaginable muscles.

Within seconds, veins burst out all over Jason's biceps. He feels Mark's power flooding into the monstrous muscles. "Yeah!", Jason says as he watches the veins burrow into his hungry biceps feeding them the power they crave. Jason notices that the power is staying only in his biceps without flowing to the rest of his body. The huge round muscles immediately start swelling. Jason flexes them harder, feeling the new power harden the muscles even more. They bulge up larger and taller.

Mark moans with ecstasy as the muscle mountains flex bigger. "Fuck man! I can feel myself inside of your fucking biceps."

Jason's biceps, keeping all the new power only in them, grow quickly. They turn deep red as they swell from the power pouring into them. Jason re-flexes his biceps, feeling all the new power kick in as the huge muscles rise even taller.

"Fuck, look at these things!!" Mark screams. His hands, barely able to cover the top of the muscle, cling to the top of the growing peaked biceps. "Make 'em bigger!"

Jason's biceps burn with pain. Mark's power continues flowing into them. The deep red muscles, now totally out of proportion with the rest of Jason's monstrous body continue growing. He flexes them harder, using more of the new power in them. The massive biceps rise even higher and bulge out way beyond the sides of Jason’s arms. "Fuck! Look at my biceps!"

Mark groans as the muscles flex bigger under his hands. He grinds his dick, still in his pants, against Jason's leg. "I can feel myself becoming a part of those fucking monsters. It feels so fucking good!"

"Give me more!" Jason says, gritting his teeth against the overwhelming pain in his biceps. The skin around his arms feels as if it will split open as his biceps keep swelling. He tightens his flex again. The peak of the muscles rise even more, pushing Mike's hands up with them. The tight skin stretches to try to contain the mountainous muscles.

"Aunngh!", Mark moans as he grinds his dick hard against Jason's leg. "I can feel myself becoming your biceps. Cram me into those fucking arms. I wanna BE your biceps!"

Jason throws his head back and concentrates on forcing more power into his painful arms. "C'mon! More!" he screams at his own arms, through clenched teeth. The veins covering his biceps bulge larger as a new surge of power pours into them. A painful smile breaks on Jason's sweat drenched face.

"Yeah!" Mark groans

Jason looks at his arms. His biceps are the size of large coconuts. They are clearly bigger than any biceps he has ever seen in any magazine. "Look at my fucking arms!" he screams at Mark and then tightens his flex again. Jason is in disbelief as his biceps rise even higher. Mark's hands still cling to the top of the muscles like metal drawn to a huge magnet.

Mark, feeling the muscles rising beyond mind-boggling heights under his hands, presses his dick hard against Jason's leg screaming "Auughh!" as he cums in his pants.

Jason sucks one last bit of power into his biceps and then rips them loose from Mike's hands. He moves quickly across the room toward the mirror. His erect dick bounces as he walks quickly across the room, the chain drags from his ankle.

Mark, minus about 20 pounds, falls to the floor exhausted.

Jason positions himself in front of the mirror and immediately hits a double bicep pose. The muscles flex into ungodly, hideous, round mountains, totally and completely out of proportion with the rest of his body. "Holy fuck!" he screams in disbelief "Look at my biceps". The outrageously hyper-sized muscles sit on top of Jason's arms, dwarfing the rest of the huge muscles in his body. It looks and feels as if someone has stuffed an over-inflated football under the skin of each arm. The tight pain is totally unbearable. He reaches one hand down and starts working his dick into a frenzy as he watches himself flex one of the ominous muscles. The sight is more than Jason can take and he shoots cum all over his reflection in the mirror as he stares at the painful flexed muscle, crammed with power. As he milks the last drops of cum out of his dick, he says quietly to himself, "I gotta make 'em bigger".

Jon is furious at Jason for disobeying him and luring Mark over to him. Jon yanks Mark off of the floor and screams at Jason, "You'll never have another ounce of muscle. You'll whither away in this room until you are a skinny, emaciated rail!" He drags Mark out through the heavy steel door slamming it behind him. Jason looks down at his vein ridden, bursting biceps and doesn't care much what Jon thinks at the moment as he starts stroking his cock again. •

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