Muscle Drain

Captive Muscle


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason wakes up and notices he is lying in a large warehouse-type room with a nicely equipped gym. In fact, it was on the order of a commercial gym - but without any people – and without any windows except for several dark, tinted windows overlooking the room from the level above. Not seeing anyone around, he tries to move, but can't. His muscles are paralyzed with pain with even the slightest movement. He tries to look down at his body, but can't see past the over-inflated pecs bulging out from his chest. He glances over to his side and sees a full-length mirror. In the mirror, lying on the floor, he sees a humongous, gruesomely oversized inhuman being. It's skin is dark and bruised looking from head to toe. Vein covered muscles of indescribable dimensions lie like sleeping beasts ready to awaken under the tight, bruised skin. At one end of the ghastly mass of flesh is the only thing recognizable - Jason's face. Jason tries to move his arm again. In the mirror he sees the mound of flesh that would be his arm twist slightly. The muscles jump and harden slightly. The horseshoe shape of a tricep as thick as a thigh bulges out under the tight bruised skin. Severe pain cramps his arm. The horseshoe shape of the tricep temporary bursts fully flexed from his arm as it cramps up. The muscle is like an exaggerated cartoon as it gnarls the side of Jason's arm. Horrendous pain shoots up his arm as the muscle uncontrollably cramps. "Fuck!" Jason screams. The tricep jumps in a few smaller spasms and then relaxes. He hears a door open and footsteps enter the room. He hears a voice before he can see who is entering.

"You awake?" The voice is unmistakably Jon's. "You've been asleep almost 2 days. You’ve been through a lot though."

"Where am I?" Jason asks hoarsely.

“My house - my gym to be more exact. This is where I built Darrin ...and myself...or what used to be my body." Jon walks over into Jason's view. "Most of my muscles are in you now".

Jason sees a modestly built version of Jon standing over him.

"You've got about 90 pounds of this body in you. When you blacked out, the muscle transfer, or whatever you call it, stopped. So I still have a little of my former body left, as you can see." Jon says as kneels down with a handful of pills and a glass of water. "Take these. They're pain killers and a muscle relaxant. I'm sure you're in some pain there", he continues as he runs his fingers over one of Jason's excessive pecs.

"Yeah, I can't move anything without cramping up", Jason says as he swallows the pills. "How'd I get here?" he asks, still a little nervous about being in a strange place.

"That was a real trick. We had to wait until the auditorium closed to try to get you out and then used a furniture dolly to get you into the back of a rental truck. You were 370 pounds when we brought you in here", Jon continues as he lightly massages Jason's beastly pecs.

Jason winces at the pain of Jon touching his muscles.

"You're down to 342 now. I guess this muscle isn't permanent is it?", Jon asks.

"No. It seems to fade pretty fast."

"Yeah, 28 pounds in 2 days. I'd say that's fast...considering it took me 3 or 4 years to build that 28 pounds of muscle", Jon says in an irritated tone.

"You'll gain it back. Like when you've been sick for a while and lose weight. You'll gain it back pretty fast", Jason offers.

"Let's hope so", Jon says, still a bit irritated. "So, how do you do this transfer thing?", he asks in a very pointed, almost devious tone. "I want to know how you've crammed this body with so much muscle", Jon says as he lustfully explores Jason's body.

"It's just something I've learned to do", Jason answers cautiously.

"You have to teach me - show Darrin and I how to do it", Jon says with a dream-like look in his eyes. "I want legs like these", he says as he grabs one of Jason's hyper-sized thighs. "And pecs like these…and your arms - your fucking arms - I measured them, - they're 22 inches relaxed!" Jon says trying to get his hands around the unreal appendages. "You have to show me! I have to have a body like this myself". He pauses for a minute and then excitedly says, "I can't even imagine what I could build Darrin into. With his perfect genetics and an unlimited amount of power...I can't even imagine what I could make him be."

Jason thinks for a moment about the possibility. Then realizing the competition they would create for raw muscle to take from others, he decides teaching them would be a mistake. "You wouldn't be able to do it. It's a rare gift you have to be born with", he lies.

"Well, what about transferring power the other way - to someone else", Jon asks as he examines Jason's huge delts.

"Why would I want to do that?" Jason immediately answers, as if Jon has asked a stupid question.

"I've been trying to get some extra pounds on Darrin. I want to take him to the next level", Jon says with an excited look. "He's got the genetics, the shape...he'd be incredible with just another 20 or 30 pounds on him. Fuck", Jon says rubbing his own crotch with one hand and Jason's pecs with the other. "I can't even imagine how hot he'd be with another 60 or 70 pounds on him."

Jason remembers the perfectly symmetrical body Darrin has. "Yeah, he would be twice as hot if he were just a little bigger."

"I can just imagine him with pecs this size", Jon continues, as he kneads Jason's pecs and strokes his own dick with his other hand. "Perfectly shaped, perfectly proportioned. I've been trying to get his pecs up to this size for years".

Jason winces from the pain as Jon grasps his sore pecs.

Jon, getting off on seeing Jason cringe with pain, twists one of Jason's tits. "You're gonna help me build Darrin, right?"

Jason's face grimaces in agony at the pain. His pec cramps up in reaction to it. The massively thick muscle hardens as striations etch across it.

Jon momentarily reels back from the unexpected sight then begins pumping his dick harder with one hand as he gropes forcefully at the cramping muscle. "Fuck, look at this! You’re going to help me make Darrin's pecs this big. I can't imagine what he'd look like with pecs this thick".

The pain of Jon groping his pec is overwhelming for Jason. He screams in tortured pain for Jon to stop, which only fuels Jon to continue. Jason tries to lift an arm to push Jon aside, but only finds more paralyzing pain from the effort. Jason continues screaming in half dazed pain until he feels the warm droplets of Jon's cum splatter on his chest.

Over the next couple of days Jason mostly sleeps. Jon wakes him for short periods to eat. One morning Jason wakes to find himself being dragged onto a large board balanced on a commercial meat scale.

"314. He's still losing it pretty fast." The voice is unmistakably Jon's. "Help me drag him back off."

Jason looks up to see Jon and Darrin dragging him back off of the board.

Darrin notices Jason open his eyes and smiles down at him.

Jon glances over at Darrin and instructs him to lift Jason's arm

Darrin immediately looks away from Jason and acts as if he hadn't noticed Jason awaken.

Jason, taking the cue, closes his eyes again and remains limp as the two men continue moving him back to the spot where he was lying before.

"I wonder how the hell long he's gonna stay conked out". Jon asks.

"I don't know, Darrin answers. "He looks as if most of the bruising has gone away".

"You don't need to be looking at him”, Jon commands. He's only here to help make you bigger. If he can't, we get rid of him. Now go on back out of here."

Jason can hear Darrin leave the room. After a few seconds he can feel Jon caressing his thighs. Surprisingly, the pain in them is gone. All he feels is a slight soreness. Jason can hear Jon muttering to himself.

"Oh, yeah. This body's gonna be on Darrin. Look at these legs. My Darrin is gonna have legs bigger than this. I'm gonna cram his fucking body so full of muscle…He'll be a perfect muscle god...a perfect muscle god".

Jason feels Jon's hand tremble and warm droplets shoot onto his thighs. After a few moments he hears the door open and Jon leaves.

Jason sits up, his body feels heavy and still a bit sore. The first thing he notices is a thick chain attached to an anklet on his leg. The other end of the chain is cemented into the floor. Out of the corner of his eye he sees an enormous object moving. He looks. It’s his own reflection in the mirror. He watches himself slowly stand up. Huge, thick muscles writhe and flex all over his body as he works his way to his feet. Jason stands motionless looking in the mirror at the excessive muscles packed onto his body and hanging on his arms and legs. He flexes his pecs in a most muscular pose. He doesn't know where to look first as muscles he never knew existed bulge and twist and harden into mammoth slabs of veiny beef. Jason has never seen anything like his body in any magazine or video. He is truly more huge than any bodybuilder he has ever seen. He flexes the same most muscular pose over and over again watching the muscles flex and reflex, trying to take it all in and convince himself it is really him. His dick hardens at the sight of his body.

"Imagine what you would have looked like 4 days ago”, a voice says from behind him. It’s Jon. “You were 50 pounds heavier",

Jason turns around slowly, trying to hide his erection behind his hands, and sees Jon's modest frame in the doorway.

"Keep going, don't let me stop you", Jon says as he walks toward Jason, eyeing him up and down like a prized object. “Looks like you got yourself a little excited there” Jon says pausing at Jason’s erect dick. "Flex for me, c'mon, let me see those arms".

Jason, looks down at the chain around his leg in the windowless room and suddenly feels like a caged animal.

"C'mon. You know you want to see those biceps as much as I do. Hit a pose."

Jason, feeling a vulnerable, trapped feeling gnawing in his stomach stands still, determined not to give Jon the satisfaction of seeing him flex.

"They're big Jason. I measured them at 21 inches, unflexed, just a few hours ago. Just imagine what they would look like flexed - bigger than any arm you've ever seen before. The biggest, hardest biceps you've ever seen."

Jason does want to see his biceps. He looks at them hanging relaxed in the mirror. He'd love to see how huge and peaked they are. His dick throbs at the thought of it. But, his determination not to give Jon the satisfaction holds out.

"You know you were pretty delirious the first couple of days. You talked a lot - a whole lot. I know a lot about you."

Jason looks at Jon with a furious look. "Bullshit. You don't know anything about me."

"Think what you like, but I know how to get you to do what I want…and what that will eventually be is transferring your power into my Darrin…but what you will do now is flex your biceps for me."

"You'll never see these biceps even twitch”, Jason spits back defiantly.

"Think what you will, but I know what you'll do", Jon says as he opens the door and motions for someone to come in. A young, rough looking kid, about 18 or 19 years old enters the room. Obviously a hustler Jon has picked up off of the street. "Jason, this is Bobby."

"Damn, man! He is as big as you said", Bobby says to Jon.

"Bobby's got a pretty nice body, Jason", Jon says enticingly. "Take off your shirt and show Jason your body, Bobby"

The kid takes off his shirt and reveals a nicely built street kid body. The kind of body acquired from doing endless bench presses on the weight bench in his buddy’s back yard.

Jason is immediately seized with a hunger for the young muscle stud.

"Show Jason some of the poses you've been working on", Jon says, smirking at Jason.

Bobby hits a few awkward bodybuilding poses as he smiles at Jason.

Jason's hunger for the hard, lean muscles grows as he watches the kid flex and pose. He tries to look away, but his hungry eyes stay fixed on the flexing street kid.

"Jason's got some nice arms too, Bobby. Maybe if you ask him, he might flex them for you", Jon says, smirking smugly at Jason.

Jason, torn between his hunger for Bobby's body and his anger at Jon, stands silently staring at Bobby's hard, young body.

Bobby lets out a sly giggle as he glances at Jon and then says to Jason, "Yo man. Show me your arms."

"Move a little closer and show him some more of your muscles, Bobby", Jon says as he guides Bobby to just outside the range of the chain attached to Jason's ankle.

Bobby flexes a double bicep shot.

"Look how big Bobby's arms are, Jason. He's really been working on them", Jon says as he grabs one of Bobby's arms. "Uhmm, they're really hard and meaty”. Jason, show Bobby your biceps and Bobby might let you feel how powerful his arms are".

Jason's mind is spinning. His body starts trembling and his fists clench as he watches the kid in front of him flex and pose his tight, maturing body.

"You know, Bobby was telling me he used to weigh 25 pounds less just a couple of years ago, at his same height. I bet he's got a good 35 pounds of muscle on him”, Jon taunts as he turns toward Bobby. Jon starts examining Bobby's pecs, takes out his dick and starts massaging his own dick while watching Bobby flex. "Bobby, tell Jason how you want him to feel your muscles".

"Yo, Jason, I want you to feel my muscles", he says in a cocky manner as he hits an amateurish most muscular pose.

"And what does Jason have to show you before he gets to feel your body?"

"Your arms, man. Show those big-ass arms flexin’. I wanna feel 'em".

Jason's hunger for Bobby's cocky, tight body overrides his determination not to cave in to Jon's manipulation. He slowly starts to raise his trembling arms. His mind fights the movement of his arms. But he can't stop. His body wants this kid too badly.

A devious smile starts to break on Jon's face. "That's right…flex 'em hard".

Jason, hating his body for succumbing to Jon's trick, raises his arms out to his sides then slowly bends his elbows. He can feel the beastly muscles tightening and rising, stretching his tight skin even further. He brings his fists in and squeezes the muscles hard.

Jon physically staggers backwards and his hand goes into overdrive beating his dick.

Bobby has a look of amazed shock on his face as he watches the monstrous muscles come alive.

Jason, unable to control himself, looks over at one of his arms and flexes it again. He can't believe his eyes as he watches the thick, huge muscle ball up into what looks like a large coconut under the skin of his arm. He runs over in front of the mirror and flexes them again. The preposterous muscles thrust up from the top of his arms like balls of granite.

Jon goads him on as he beats his dick in a faster rhythm. "Yeah, that's right…Keep flexing them. Harder! Flex them HARDER!

Bobby has been slowly moving toward Jason, "Fuck man, look at those arms." Almost reverentially he moves in front of Jason and places one hand on each mammoth bicep. He runs his hands over the incredibly hard, huge muscles sitting atop Jason's arms. His cocky look has faded into one of utter amazement.

Jason can immediately feel the power in Bobby's body. He reaches down and places his hands on each side of Bobby's torso, under his arm pits. Jason yanks once at Bobby's body and is startled as he immediately starts guzzling Bobby's power. Jason's body has grown so strong that it no longer needs it's prey to relinquish it's power to him. He has grown so powerful that he is now able to seize the power from any body he wishes by merely grabbing onto it and ripping the power from it's muscles.

Bobby gasps and trembles in pain as Jason starts tearing the power out of his body.

Jon, on the sidelines, beats his meat in amazement at Jason ravaging the street kid's body.

Jason's body trembles and shakes as it pulls harder and harder at the cocky kid's power. The veins in Jason’s arms grow larger by the second as he feels the power flooding into him. The flow increases expotentially until within a matter of seconds the same searing bolts of power he felt with Jon are stabbing into his body.

Bobby's body convulses and shakes as if in undergoing a powerful orgasm. "Auungh, Yeah, Yeaah!", Bobby screams.

Jon, witnessing a scene tailor made for his S&M psyche, tenses up, ready to shoot a load of cum.

The bolts of power shoot stronger and deeper into Jason's body. Veins the size of cables cover his body. He looks at Bobby who is now a thin rail of skin and bones. The deluge of power starts to taper off as Bobby's plundered body runs dry. Jason's body protests the denial of any more power as it tightens it's grip on Bobby's body, clawing at every last ounce of muscle.

Bobby whispers, "I'm in you" and his muscleless body falls limp.

Jason lifts Bobby's body off of the floor. Bobby hangs like a rag doll in Jason's grasp. Jason screams at the limp body, "I need MORE!" Jason throws his head back pulling at the body with all his might to extract one more drop of power from it. "Give me more!" It's not enough!" Unable to squeeze any more power out of the tapped-out body, Jason drops Bobby on the floor and screams at Jon. "That wasn't enough! You knew it wasn't enough! I need more! Get me more muscle! Now!"

Jon is on the verge of climax seeing his devious plan has worked. Jason is raging and hungry, willing to do anything Jon wants him to do. "You're mine now, Jason", he says deviously as he works his dick closer to climax. I'll get you all the muscle boys and power you want, but you will do exactly what I say".... •

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