Muscle Drain

Jason Gets a Bodybuilder


By 2VienyBiceps

Thanks to all you guys that have 'hung in there' during the first several chapters. Now that the 'set-up' of the story is done it starts having some more interesting twists and turns. The story will pretty much have 'some good stuff' in each chapter now. It will also get a little more 'rough' in terms of it's graphic nature and will it have some violence and some non-concentual muscle theft. on if you dare…

The scales from the weigh-in are still in the pump room when Jason returns for the finals of the bodybuilding contest. Jason jumps on the scales to check his weight. The weights on the scale balance out at 266. Jason is down 7 pounds from the morning weigh-in. He can feel it also. His muscles are starting to ache for more power. He watches as the other contestants come in and get ready to go on-stage for the finals. A lot of them are starting to look a lot better to Jason's hungry muscles than they had earlier in the day. Jason tries not to watch as the contestants pump up their muscles and oil their bodies. His muscles beg him to grab one of the muscled bodies, but Jason knows he needs to contain himself.

The lightweight and middleweight classes line up and go through their routines. The heavyweight class is called to line-up. Again, number 43 is nowhere to be seen. As the line starts to move into the auditorium, number 43 pops out from a back room again and joins the line just as it is moving toward the stage. Number 43 again looks at Jason lustfully, almost desperately and flexes his pecs for Jason's approval. Jason's muscles shudder as hungry pain for number 43 shoots through them. Jason glances back at the room number 43 had emerged from and sees a very large figure of a man standing in the doorway. The doorway of the room is dark and all Jason can make out is the man's very muscular physique. Jason turns to pick up a dumbell to do some overhead presses and glances back at the room only to see the figure gone.

The heavyweight contestants come back from the stage one by one as they finish their individual posing routines. They all stand nervously by the door leading backstage as they wait for the rest of the contestants to finish and the winners of their class to be announced. Jason keeps an eye on the doorway, as he pumps and oils his body, for number 43 to come back in. The same contestant who had oiled Jason's back earlier is oiling Jason's back again when Jason sees number 43 walk back through the doorway. Rather than standing by the door with the other contestants, number 43 returns to the back room he had come out of. Jason sees the figure of the large man put a towel around number 43's shoulders as they step out of the dooway into the back room.

The top five contestants, including number 43, are called back out to the stage. Number 43 quickly runs from the back room out through the stage door, after giving Jason another desperately lustful look. Jason can hear the announcer from the stage as number 43 wins his weight class.

"Super-heavyweights, line up", the old bodybuilder calls out.

Jason heads for the line with all of the other contestants. The line quickly passes by number 43 again, carrying his trophy as the line of super-heavyweights move out to the stage.

Jason makes it through his routine, although it is rough from his lack of preparation time. He manages not to get another hard-on as the crowd again screams loudly while he flexes and shows off his body.

It doesn't come as a surprise to Jason or anyone else when he is announced as the winner of the super-heavyweight class. Jason is asked to stay on the stage for the final pose-down of all the class winners to award the overall prize. All of the class winners, including number 43, enter the stage and line up. Number 43 gives Jason a nervous glance as he lines up next to him. All of the contestants are asked to hit their mandatory poses. Jason and number 43 steal glances at each other as they hit the poses the judges ask for. Jason yearns for the body flexing next to him. His muscles ache for the beautiful, huge symmetrically perfect body. The mandatory poses from the judges soon end and the contestants are turned free to do some free-form posing. This usually consists of contestants jumping in front of each other to get the view of the judges or standing right next to another contestant who seems a close competitor and matching them flex for flex to compare body parts. Jason jumps over right next to number 43 as he hits a double bicep pose. Jason holds his arm right next to number 43's arm. Number 43 flexes his bicep also. Jason's arm is clearly the larger of the two. But, number 43's arm is more perfectly shaped and peaked.

"How do ya like this?" Jason says quietly, yet loud enough for number 43 to hear above the crowd screaming.

Number 43 looks at Jason's huge arm next to his, turns, straightens his arm and does a side tricep pose. His perfect horseshoe shaped, striated tricep bulges out from his arm. He looks at Jason and asks, "How do you like that?"

Jason's hunger for the beautiful body builds as he sticks his arm down next to number 43's and flexes it. His tricep explodes from the side of his arm - huge and powerful.

Number 43 looks at the massive flexed muscle, his eyes visibly shudder with lust. The crowd goes wild at the comparative competition between the two best bodies on stage.

Number 43 flexes a thigh.

Jason stretches his thigh right out next to 43’s thigh and flexes. Jason's leg swells up and hardens into a huge mass almost twice as big as number 43's.

Number 43 looks down in lustful amazement at the huge, meaty thigh flexed next to his more perfectly formed and balanced thigh. "Holy shit", he says loud enough for Jason to hear.

Jason notices number 43 is starting to sport a hard-on.

Number 43 turns his back to the audience to hide his excitement and flexes his lats.

Jason mimics the pose again and with their backs turned to the audience, Jason asks, "You like what you see?"

Number 43 answers, "You're fucking huge".

"I'm gonna get even more huge", Jason says ominously as he looks over eyeing the perfect body next to him. His hunger for number 43's body is so strong he hardly even hears the crowd screaming to see more of his muscle. Jason turns toward number 43 and hits a most muscular pose – squeezing his beastly pecs into living rocks for number 43 to see.

Number 43 looks over with an almost horrified look on his face at the massive, vascular mounds of flesh flexing next to him.

Jason says, "C'mon! Lemme see it!".

Number 43 turns toward Jason and squeezes his body into a most muscular pose also.

Jason is taken aback by the size of the sharp, defined muscle. Every muscle bulging from number 43's body is perfectly formed, perfectly pumped and perfectly symmetrical under perfect, smooth skin.

They stand facing each other flexing as they lustfully examine each other’s bodies.

The audience, not quite understanding why the two men are facing each other and not them, yell for them to turn toward the front.

Jason and number 43, both in a muscle trance, oblivious to the audience, keep flexing and staring at each other’s bodies until they finally hear the announcer on the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner".

Number 43 glances at Jason and says, "congratulations".

The announcer continues, "The winner of the overall trophy tonight is our super-heavyweight winner - Jason Bundy."

The crowd, in apparent agreement with the judges, whistles and screams as a scantily clad female comes out and gives Jason the trophy.

Number 43 puts his arm around Jason in a congratulatory hug and whispers in his ear, "there's an unlocked storage room next to the men's room - 10 minutes."

Jason's heart pounds with excitement as he watches number 43 and the other contestants leave the stage. The excitement isn't from winning the contest, but in anticipation of his rendezvous in ten minutes. He mindlessly goes through posing for the cameras and a few more poses for the audience. Soon the stage fills with well-wishers and people wanting to get a closer look at Jason's body. Andy, Chris and Mike come up onto the stage to congratulate him.

After about 10 minutes, Jason thanks all of his new-found fans and heads backstage. He finds the restrooms and spots the storage closet next to them. He looks behind him to see that, surprisingly, no one has followed him. He turns the knob on the storage closet door and quickly ducks in. Jason shuts the door behind him and turns around to see the contours of number 43's incredible body shining in the dim light.

Neither person says a word as they move toward each other and immediately start exploring and groping each other's bodies. Jason's hands tremble with excitement as he marvels over the young stud's body. Number 43 is awesomely huge and his muscles are perfect in every way.

After a moment number 43 says, "I'm Darrin".

"I'm Jason"

"I know...Your body is so fucking amazing. You're so huge…and hard as hell".

Jason flexes his pecs as Darrin runs his hands slowly back and forth across them.

"You're perfect", Jason says, as he continues groping Darrin's symmetrical body. "Every muscle is proportionate, perfectly shaped. Your skin's so smooth and beautiful." Jason's muscles ache for the power in Darrin's body. "I really want you".

"Me too", answers Darrin as he runs his hands up and down Jason's rigid abs.

Jason starts to make a physical connection with Darrin's muscles. One by one he connects with each muscle in Darrin's body. The power in Darrin's body is unbelievable. "You're so powerful" Jason remarks. He keeps searching deeper into each muscle and finding more and more power.

"Fuck, Jason, you're so incredible. It almost feels like…you're inside of me."

Jason, unable to fathom all the power in Darrin's body, can't wait any longer for the fantastic muscle body in front of him. "Do you wanna know what it feels like to be as huge as me?" Jason asks.

"Oh yeah", Darrin coos.

"Feel yourself coming into me. Think of your muscles being part of my muscles". Jason feels his body latch onto the power in Darrin's massive cache of muscle. He can feel himself gaining control of all of the unreal power in Darrin's body. "Feel your muscles joining with my muscles. Feel my body grow with your power."

Darrin, falling into Jason's grip, says trancelike, "Mmm yeah, I want to be part of that body"

Jason bears down on the power in Darrin's body to start pulling it into his own muscles.

The doorknob turns and a huge figure immediately appears in the doorway. It is the figure Jason had seen earlier in the doorway of the back room where Darrin had been pumping up. The man in the doorway, probably in his late 30's, was almost as tall as Jason, and about the same size as far as muscle goes. Jason can see through the man's shirt that he has obviously spent most of his years in serious training.

Darrin immediately draws away from Jason and, under his breath, says, "It's Jon"

The figure in the doorway, Jon, bellows, "I knew it, I knew you'd try to sneak off on me if I brought you to this contest!". Jon lunges toward Jason and screams, "Darrin's mine. I built that body. No one touches him but me." He grabs Jason and throws him sideways against the wall.

Darrin screams, "Jon, stop! I asked him to."

"I'll deal with you later", Jon screams back at Darrin. "Right now I'm gonna take care of him".

Jon lunges back toward Jason, punching him in the stomach and the face. "All that muscle isn't doing you much good, boy", Jon says as Jason doubles over in pain.

Jason is overcome by the force and fury of Jon's body as Jon relentlessly attacks him. Jason's mind immediately turns to thoughts of the power Jon's body must possess to release such a pounding on his body. Jason starts to actually revel in the feeling of the hard fists pounding painfully into his muscles. He becomes aroused by the deep smacking sound caused by Jon's powerful fists as they impact his own thick muscles.

Darrin shouts, "Stop it Jon, that's enough".

"It'll be enough when I pound this fucker into the ground", Jon says as he continues striking at Jason. He keeps landing one ferocious blow after another on every vulnerable part of Jason's body. "C'mon Mr. First Place. Let's see you do something with all that muscle. See Darrin – this guy’s muscle is all show, he's just blown up with air".

Jason becomes more and more aroused by Jon's relentless attack. He feels the power in Jon's body with each blow. The hunger in his muscles increases and couples with rage and desire for Jon's power. He surveys Jon's body again, watching the unmercifully powerful muscles propel Jon's fists at him again and again. Jason rises from his cowering position and lands a forceful punch into Jon's abdomen.

Jon doubles over in pain, muttering, "You mother..."

Jason looks at the huge man doubled over clutching his stomach. At first Jason is surprised by his own strength, then his emotions burst loose. Jason realizes that his own body possesses even more power than the fury of strength displayed by Jon's attack. Jason moves behind Jon and quickly puts his arm around Jon's neck grabbing him in a headlock. Jason can immediately sense the power raging in Jon's body. He feels the strength Jon's muscles possess.

Jon struggles to get away, embarrassed that someone has actually gotten the upper hand on him in front of Darrin.

Jason starts establishing a neuro-electrical link with Jon's body. Jon's power is much more unimaginable than Darrin's was. Jon's body feels like a bottomless pit of strength.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Jon screams, as he feels Jason invade his body.

"I'm sizing you up for dinner", Jason answers.

"You better fuckin' stop that shit! Let go!", Jon demands as he claws at Jason's arm around his neck. Jon can feel Jason moving through his body, reaching into each of his muscles. "You fucker, let go!", he says as he elbows Jason in the gut.

Jason, unfazed by Jon's powerful elbow jabbing into his stomach, continues probing Jon's body, trying to comprehend that so much power could exist in one person. Jason grabs one of Jon's mighty arms and tries to grasp onto the power in Jon's body.

Jon, not knowing quite what is happening, resists Jason's grasp on his body. "Mother fucker! You better quit whatever you're doing before I smash your fucking face in".

"Ohh? How are you gonna do that?" Jason asks sarcastically, as he tightens his choke-hold on Jon's neck. Jason’s hard bicep crushes into Jon’s windpipe.

Darrin, on the sidelines, becomes even more infatuated with Jason's body as he watches Jason take control of the man who has always controlled him.

Jon found Darrin on the streets as a young, teen runaway. For the past 11 years Darrin's every move has been controlled by Jon. Darrin's body is Jon's pet project. Over the years, Jon has trained and built Darrin's body into the perfect specimen that it is. The way Jon sees it, he owns Darrin's body.

Jason jerks at Jon's arm trying to start the flow of power into his body. Jason knows he has never acquired power from anyone without them letting him have their power before, but he is determined to have the power in Jon's body. He grits his teeth and jerks again trying to grab onto the power he can feel in Jon.

Jon continues fighting against Jason's invasion. His body, not fully understanding what Jason is trying to do, fights against Jason's grasp on it's muscles. "You'd better stop what you're doing right now fucker and turn me loose!"

Darrin, wondering what is happening, moves closer to the two struggling men.

Jason digs in with all of his strength on Jon's power. Jason's body shakes and trembles as he strains to pull power from Jon's body.

Jon,grits his teeth and strains equally as hard as his body fights against the demand from Jason's body. "What the fuck are you doing to me!?"

Jason shudders and lets out an anguished groan as if straining to lift a huge barbell full of weight, screaming through clenched teeth, "Let me have it!"

Darrin moves in closer, enjoying, but not understanding, the struggle between the two men.

Suddenly, a bolt of what feels like thousands of volts of electricity shoots into Jason's body. It throws him backwards into the wall of the small room, pulling Jon with him. Huge electrical bolts of power shoot up Jason's arms and dance and crackle all over his body. Jason's body convulses and stiffens and his eyes roll back into his head as the bolts of pain sear into his body.

Darrin, watching the frightening scene, screams "What the fuck is happening?"

Jason tries to release his hold on Jon's body but can't. He feels as if he has grabbed onto a high voltage power line and can't let go.

Jon's body stiffens and trembles in agony. He feels as if he has been turned inside out.

Darrin looks at Jason's arm, which is grasping Jon's upper arm. He looks once, not believing what he is seeing and moves around to the side of the men to get a better look at Jason's arm. He cries out in horror, "Oh my god! What the fuck is happening to your arm?" Darrin reels back from the gruesome sight he sees.

Jason's arm is covered with hideous veins the size of soda straws. The large vein running up the front of Jason’s bicep is almost as thick as a garden hose. As Darrin backs away, he can see the rest of Jason's body is also covered with similar veins growing in size. The electrical bolts continue to crackle all over Jason's body transferring more power into the hideous veins. The veins branch out and burrow deep into Jason's muscles choking them with power. Both Jason and Jon's bodies are in stiff, spasmodic, uncontrollable seizures. "What's happening? Stop it. Stop it!" Darrin screams.

The searing, unstoppable bolts keep shooting into Jason's muscles. The explosion of power from Jon's body is like water bursting from a high pressure fire hydrant. It is an unstoppable blast of uncontrollable magnitude. Jason feels his second arm start to automatically loosen the stranglehold it has on Jon's neck. He is able to focus his eyes long enough to see his own arm uncontrollably slip away from Jon's neck and plant itself firmly on Jon's other arm. Immediately, what is already an overload of power bolting into Jason's body, doubles in intensity as the veins covering his body swell to nearly an inch thick, glutting Jason's drowning muscles with twice as much power.

Darrin, seeing but not believing what is happening, moves closer and reaches out to touch one of Jason's repulsively veiny arms. He lightly touches it, jerking his hand away at the heat it is giving off

Jason slips into a catatonic, delirious daze. Fog shrouds everything except the agony from the lighting bolts of pain hurtling into his body. Through the fog he catches almost dream-like pieces and glimpses of what is happening...He sees his body covered head to toe with crackling sparks and garden hose-like veins…He feels his entire body searing and burning...He sees every muscle growing and becoming dark red and swollen....He sees Darrin groping at his expanding muscles....He feels powerful…so powerful...Then suddenly he feels even more power start flooding into his body, he gasps for air and looks at Jon...

Jon is in total ecstasy, screaming, "Yes, yes! grow!" Jon, being extremely in touch with his own body, having built it pound by pound, year after year, is actually pushing his power into Jason. He can feel his power pouring into Jason's body. "Grow Mother Fucker! GROW!"

Excitement races through Jason. Unbelievably and uncontrollably, Jason's body jerks harder at the power that Jon is forcing into him. The already excrutiating bolts of power shooting into Jason become unfathomably painful. The crackling bolts of power crashing into him no longer transfer their power into Jason's veins. Now they sear directly into Jason's muscles charging them full of mind-numbing power. Jason can feel his muscles instantaneously swelling. The power packs tighter and tighter into every painful muscle. Jason's eyes roll back in his head again. The pain is too unbearable for him to even breath. His body stiffens and jerks in seizures of pain.

"Yeah! Look at my power torture your body!" Jon says, with his eyes transfixed on Jason's body choking on power. You want to feel my power? Feel this!" Jon screams, as another wave of his power collides into Jason's body. The sight and feel of his power invading Jason's body is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for Jon. For the 14 years Jon has trained Darrin, building him, sculpting him, forming his body into a perfect muscled specimen, Jon has relished in the pain and torture he inflicts on Darrin's muscles to make them grow. He loves to make Darrin strain and sweat and scream with pain as he fights against the weights to make his muscles grow ever larger. His favorite saying is the old standard, 'no pain, no gain'.

Now, watching Jason's unearthly body contort and writhe in unbearable pain as it enlarges and hardens by the second is more than Jon could have ever dreamed of. Seeing and feeling Jason's body grow with his own power has Jon intensely enthralled. "Come on, grow!" Jon screams at Jason as he pushes more power into him.

Jason's muscles feel ready to explode from the power crammed into them. Yet he can see by the size of Jon's body that Jon still has over half of his muscles left… He knows there is no way he can take all of Jon’s muscles, or much more at all.

Darrin, dumbfounded by the scene unfolding before him, is completely aroused nevertheless. "Look at your fucking body! It's getting huge as hell!” he yells, as he watches Jason's body grow literally by the second. Every muscle swells and contorts under tight, shiny, sweaty skin. Darrin reaches in through the angry, crackling sparks of power and grabs one of Jason's shoulders feeling the hot muscle swelling and trembling as the power floods into it. "Yeah! Keep growing! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!"

"He's feeding off of my muscles", Jon says as he continues forcing more power into Jason’s massive, overfilled body. "My muscles are becoming part of his body. In a minute he'll be as big as both of us put together. Ungh", he grunts, as he tries pushing more power into Jason.

The searing flesh in every inch of Jason's muscles tell him he must stop the transfer from Jon. But, the link with Jon's body is inseparable. Jason looks down at his monstrous body. His muscles have mushroomed into repulsively veiny, rock-like masses. The hyper-inflated muscles stretch his skin to the point of tearing. He gasps for breath as wave after wave of power continues crashing into him.

Jon, sensing the ultimate trauma Jason is experiencing, perversely says, "You want my power? Huh? You want it? Here, have some more!" Jon grits his teeth and pushes more power into Jason. Huge crackling bolts sear into every muscle in Jason's body.

Jason's mind can endure the pain no longer. It begins to shut down as gray clouds start to fog the edges of his vision. He starts to fall backward and his last vision is of Jon climbing on top of him as he blacks out... •

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