Muscle Drain

Jason Enters a Bodybuilding Contest


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason looks at the numbers on the scale as they fly by and come to a rest at 260. "Andy, I'm fuckin' 260! And look at this, not a pound of it is fat", Jason brags, flexing his super cut, massive muscled body for his pal. Since all of his weight gain is strictly his muscles gaining size and weight, Jason has not gained any fat along with the muscle. He has always had a slim, fatless body. And now he still has the same fatless body, except with almost 100 pounds of extra muscle. His definition is astounding. His waist, always just 30 inches is still only 31 inches, the extra inch due to the rock hard abs and obliques packed into his waistline.

Andy steps on the scales next, "Hey I've gained 8 pounds. And it's only been a week. I bet I can get all 30 pounds back by this time next month".

Jason looks at the slight muscle starting to creep back onto Andy's body. A slight tinge of hungry anxiety moves through his body. "I can't wait to see those great muscles back on you again, Andy".

"And I can't wait to feel you suck it all into your body again", Andy says as he rubs a hand down Jason's torso. "You really got some incredible size from Mike".

"Yeah, about 25 pounds", Jason answers, squeezing his big pecs. "How's Mike doing?"

"Still sleeping, I'm sure he'll be up and around tomorrow. You know, if you keep bringing home every guy you lay your hands on, we're going to need some more beds."

"He insisted on coming home with me", Jason explained. I think the H.R. office was really freaked out when he turned in his resignation along with mine".

Chris, also a permanent houseguest since his encounter with Jason, bursts into the room. "Jason, look at this", he says as he hands a section of the newspaper to Jason. "I think you should enter."

Jason scans the article. "A bodybuilding contest...amateurs�contestants accepted up until the prejudging on Saturday."

A concerned look appears on Andy's face. "Jase, I don't think that's a good idea"

"Why not, I've always dreamed of being in a bodybuilding contest. I'm sure I can win. No amateur is this big".

"With all the other bodybuilders around, what if you loose control of yourself."

"I can control myself for a couple of hours. I'm gonna enter it."

Andy drops the subject, seeing that Jason has already made up his mind.

Saturday morning comes quickly. Andy has convinced Jason not to go into the contest 'hungry'. Chris called one of his buddies, Steve, and convinced him to come over Friday night before the contest. He was good for about 20 pounds. Jason, minus about 5 pounds he lost before Steve, walks into the prejudging hulking out at about 275 pounds. He keeps covered in sweats back-stage, still drawing curious stares, until the weigh-in.

"Your entry form says you're 275, huh?� the judge, a bodybuilder a little past his prime, says to Jason in an uninterested tone. "That'll put you in the super-heavyweight class with these guys", he says, pointing to a small group of bloated looking men who may have looked good if they each shed about 40 pounds of fat and competed as light-heavies. Jason was almost embarrassed to enter a contest against them.

"Go ahead and take off your sweats so I can weigh you in"

"Can we just weigh me with my sweats on?" Jason asks.

The judge, with a 'another one of these guys' look on his face, says, sighing, "No, you gotta take 'em off. It's the rules".

Jason, noticing the other contestants not paying too much attention, slowly pulls his sweatpants and then his sweatshirt off.

The judge's jaw drops as he stares up and down Jason's body, then excitedly yells, "You're cut! You're 275 and fuckin' cut to shreds!�

Every head in the room spins around and gawks at Jason.

Jason steps up on the scales and the old bodybuilder judge's fingers tremble with excitement as he slides the weights up to balance the scales at 273. He quietly says to Jason, "You should be a pro, son. But, I'm sure you'll put on quite a show tonight."

Jason steps down off the scales and puts his sweats back on, still feeling every eye in the room staring at him. He glances at the group of men in the super-heavyweight class. Two of them have packed their gym bags and are heading out the door realizing they were no competition for Jason. Jason quickly scans his eyes around the rest of the room at everyone else staring. His eyes stop as they meet a pair of eyes that don't look like the rest. While everyone else's eyes have a look of amazement and envy, these intense eyes have a look of hunger and lust. Jason looks at the shirtless body below the hungry looking eyes. It is huge, cut and beautiful. Judging by how tall the gorgeously symmetrical body is, Jason figures he is a heavyweight. Jason has never seen such an incredible body in real life before, other than his own newly acquired body. Jason looks back up into the hungry eyes. They stare at each other for a split second and then the gorgeous young bodybuilder blows out some air, squeezes his abs tight and bounces his pecs, obviously as a little show for Jason. The deep, hungry eyes then break contact as his smooth chiseled face turns and he continues getting ready for the contest. Jason feels a tremor of muscle craving anxiety come over him, but he quickly suppresses it.

The pump-up room is shear torture. With all the huge muscle pumping and flexing and oiling all around him, Jason works very hard to control himself from wanting to go on a muscle crazed rampage devouring all of the muscle in the room.

Jason's heart sinks when the heavyweight class is called to the pump up room and the contestant with the incredible body and the muscle crazed eyes is not anywhere in sight. Jason regretfully assumes he dropped out of the contest, from intimidation or stage fright. Jason keeps scanning the room hoping to see him but loses hope when the judges call the heavyweights to line up to go on-stage. Jason goes back to working on pumping up himself when the line of men starts to move out of the room to the stage. Just then, the contestant with the muscle crazed eyes pops out of a side room and catches up with the rest of the line. His smooth skinned, symmetrical body is perfectly pumped and oiled. Jason notices the contest number on his speedos is 43. Number 43 glances over at Jason just before he walks through the doorway. His hungry eyes meet Jason's. Jason gives him a small nod. Number 43 tenses one arm making all the perfect symmetrical muscles bulge defined under his shiny, oiled skin. It is a move that is obviously for Jason's benefit. Number 43 disappears through the doorway leading to the stage. A wave of muscle hunger moves through Jason as he turns to continue getting ready for the competition.

The old bodybuilder judge calls out, "super-heavyweights 10 minutes."

Jason turns to the contestant next to him. "Do you mind oiling my back?"

"I don't know what you need that for, you're going to win anyway."

"Well, I don't know about that, there's some decent competition here", Jason replies, trying to be humble.

"There was until you showed up", the other contestant says as he takes the bottle of oil from Jason and starts on his back. "Where the hell did you come from anyway? I've never seen you in any contests before"

"I just wanted to make sure I was ready before entering any contests".

"Believe me, you're ready. You got this contest hands down. I'm just hoping to place now".

"Oh, I'm sure you'll place pretty high", Jason says, lieing through his teeth.

"You know, I bet you could turn pro by the end of the year".


"Where do you train", the contestant asks.

"Metroflex", Jason answers realizing his mistake as the name came out of his mouth.

"I have some buddies who train there, they never mentioned anyone like you training there".

"Oh�well�I go early in the morning, the owner gave me a set of keys so I can get in before opening", Jason says, proud of his recovery.

"Well, good if you need it", the contestant says, finishing up Jason's back and handing the bottle back to him.

The super-heavyweight class is called to line up. Jason looks at the other contestants in his class, sizing them up. Some of them look a lot better than they had earlier - now that they are all pumped up and oiled. Jason is still the clear winner, much larger, and harder than any of the other contestants. As Jason and the rest of his class stand in line waiting to go on stage, the heavyweight class comes back through the stage door. Jason spots number 43. His body stands out from all of the other contestants in his class. It is perfection in muscle, perfectly proportioned, symmetrical, beautiful smooth skin and just huge overall. Jason can see number 43 is scanning the line Jason is in. His eyes come to rest on Jason. Number 43's eyes melt into the same lustful, hungry look as he looks up and down Jason's body. The line number 43 is in moves quickly past as Jason's line starts moving out through the stage door.

In the audience are Andy, Chris and Mike. Also in the audience are two people Jason was not expecting. Jerry and Ivan.

Jerry and Ivan work out at he same gym Jason goes to. They were all aquaintances and occasionally spoke with each other at the gym.

The line of men Jason is in moves onto the stage. The crowd starts to clap and cheer as the line reaches the middle of the stage and the contestants stand facing the front. The announcer starts to introduce each contestant one at a time. When Jason's turn comes, the applause gets louder. He hits a double bicep pose followed quickly by a most muscular and the crowd goes crazy.

In the audience Jerry and Ivan are in shock. "That IS Jason � I though it looked like him in the face. Where the fuck did he get all that muscle?" Jerry says to Ivan.

"Shit, I don't know. We just saw him a couple of weeks ago at the gym didn't we?

"Yeah, he was skinny as a scarecrow"

"Maybe it's his brother and he just registered using Jason's name or something."

"He doesn't have a brother. Remember his parents died and left him a bunch of money? He's an only child."

"Shit, I don't know what the fuck's going on then."

Andy, Chris and Mike, all sitting together, scream and yell for Jason. "Damn, I have a hard-on just seeing his body up there on that stage, bigger than all the other contestants", Andy says.

"Me too", Chris says.

"Make that three", Mike chimes in.

The line moves off the stage and the contestants come back one by one for their individual posing routines.

Jason, having never prepared for a contest before didn't have a posing routine until two nights ago. He had practiced with the guys at home, who were more interested in beating off at him, than giving him posing advice. But, he had worked up a decent routine, even if it was a little rough around the edges.

The announcer calls Jason's name. He struts onstage and starts hitting his poses. The crowd immediately goes wild again. Jason is clearly the favorite. He listens to the crowd scream and whistle for his body - his muscles. The sound of over a hundred people screaming for his body gets Jason quite horny and his dick starts to plump up. By the time he has finished with his routine he has a complete erection. It makes the front of his posing trunks bulge out. The tip of his dick pushes up under the edge of his waistband.

Andy, Chris and Mike, in the audience, are ecstatic. They all, as inconspicuously as possible, rub their hard-ons through their pants. The announcer thanks all the contestants in Jason's class and announces the end of the prejudging. �We�ll see you all tonight at the contest finals � we�ll see who gets the trophies then�, the announcer concludes.

Jerry and Ivan, Jason's pals from the gym, head backstage to see if it really is Jason with all that muscle.

As Jason is heading backstage, trying to keep a hand in front of his very conspicuous hard-on, he sees number 43 standing in a doorway just behind the stage. He is slowly clapping, along with the rest of the audience, for Jason's performance. He has the same deep look of desire on his face.

Once backstage all the other contestants congratulate Jason, even though the winners will not be announced until that night at the finals.

Jerry and Ivan come up behind Jason as he is getting toweled off and call out, "Jason".

Jason instinctively turns around and stares right into the faces of his two pals from the gym. He instantly realizes what a mistake he has made.

"It IS you! What the fuck did you do to yourself?� Ivan asks.

"It's plastic surgery, isn't it", Jerry chimes in. "Some kind of implants or something. You and all your money.�

Jason quickly thinks, trying to decide what to do. Deciding claiming to be someone else, after his name was just announced on stage, would not work and realizing that he couldn't have gotten an implant in every muscle and had them all heal in the past 2 weeks, he decides to just not explain anything. "Does this look like an implant?� he asks, squeezing his pecs into a mind-blowing flex. "What about this?� he says as his thigh bulges out into a huge mass of defined meat.

"It looks pretty real", Ivan says. "Where'd you have the implants done?", he asks naively.

"They�re really awesome", Jerry adds.

Jason pulls his shirt on over his head, grabs his bag and heads for the door.

Jerry and Ivan start to follow after him, "Well, where did they come from?"

Jason answers "Where do you think?" as he walks out through the door, pulling it shut behind him.

Just as Jason steps outside, a huge silver Mercedes pulls past him. Number 43 is in the passenger seat. He looks at Jason as the car slowly moves toward the street. The look on number 43's face is even more intense - a look of want and lust for Jason.

Andy, Chris and Mike come from around the corner of the building. "You were fucking incredible Jase. We all got boned up just watching you up on stage", Andy says.

"I got one just hearing all the people screaming for my body", Jason adds.

"We know", Andy, Chris and Mike all say almost simultaneously with a giggle.

"It was that obvious?"

"How could it not be? The thing was sticking out the top of your trunks", Chris says sarcastically.

"You know you're gonna take the contest tonight when they announce the winners", Mike says excitedly.

"Let's hope I take more than the contest�" Jason says distantly, as he watches the silver Mercedes drive around a corner and out of sight. •

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