Muscle Drain

Jason Busts Out of His Shirt


By 2VienyBiceps

The bathroom scale creaks and the numbers fly by, slowly bouncing back and forth before coming to a rest at just above 230 lbs. "Fuck yeah!" Jason says to himself as he checks out his reflection in the bathroom mirror. It’s been a day and a half since Jason has had his last muscle feeding from Chris. Jason hasn’t gotten much sleep during that time. He's spent most of the time having muscle sex with Andy and Chris and admiring his new body in the mirror.

Jason has decided he will quit his job at the research lab. After the past few days of his ultimate dream come true, Jason has decided to just clean his office out and turn in his resignation. His family has left him enough money to live very comfortably without working. His company also gave him a sizable amount of stock to lure him as an employee. He doesn’t need to work and does so mostly out of his interest in his research. But now he has a better project to work on…make his body as muscular and powerful as it can possibly get.

Jason immediately draws stares as he walks through the front door of the building at work. Even though he’s wearing the biggest, baggiest clothes he has, people stare and do double-takes as he walks down the hall.

Jason walks quickly through the building - luckily without having to stop and talk to anyone he knows - until he turns the corner and bumps into Mike. An office assistant who has just graduated from college, Mike is the hottest guy in the entire lab complex. Mike has slept with most of the nice looking women in the company. Needless to say, Jason has always had a big crush on him. Mike will occasionally come into Jason's lab and talk about his latest conquests at work. Jason will listen, half interested in what Mike is saying, but playing along so that he can watch Mike's perfect face as he goes through the usual bragging about his body or dick. Mike is cocky. He knows he's good-looking. Jason has always been intimidated and enamored by Mike’s good looks.

"What the hell happened to you?" Mike asks, scanning Jason's body.

"Oh, I just had a reaction to some medication. I'm a little swollen and bloated", Jason answers.

"Damn! It looks like you swelled and bloated in all the right spots!" Mike marvels as he circles around Jason sizing him up. "I'd like to have a reaction like that!"

Jason, not wanting to get any deeper into the subject, explains that he is in a hurry to get some things from his lab and get back home. He moves past Mike and walks away down the hall. Even though Jason is much higher than Mike in the structure of the company, he is intimidated by him, probably because of the crush he has always had on Mike.

Mike watches Jason walk down the hallway. He can tell by the way the XXL sweatshirt hugs tightly at Jason's shoulders and by Jason's virtually unchanged slim hips that there is more to this than Jason is letting on to.

Jason ducks into his office/lab and shuts the door without running into any other people who know him well. He quickly starts cleaning out his desk and loading his personal belongings into boxes he keeps stored in a closet. After a few minutes of work in the sweat suit, he starts getting quite warm. He takes off his sweatshirt and tosses it on a chair. The t-shirt underneath snugs his body tightly. Slightly damp with sweat, the thin shirt clings to every muscle. The muscles bulge and ripple under the tight shirt while Jason works to load the boxes.

A few minutes later, he hears the doorknob jiggle. "Fuck! I forgot to lock the door!" he thinks to himself. The door starts to open as Jason darts for his sweatshirt. He grabs his sweatshirt just as he hears a crash of papers falling next to the door. He looks up to see Mike standing in the doorway. Several folders full of papers Mike had been carrying are strewn about his feet. Mike stands bug-eyed in the open doorway. His hands, paralyzed with amazement, drop another folder full of papers on the floor.

"Holy shit! How the... where the…fuck did you get that body?!" Mike says stumblingly. He starts slowly walking toward Jason trying to take in all the new muscle packed onto Jason's body, exclaiming repeatedly, "Oh my god!!"

Jason rushes past Mike, kicks the dropped folders out of the doorway, shuts his office door and locks it. "Mike it's nothing. Really" Jason says.

"Nothing my ass! You left here last week a 90 pound weakling. Now your fuckin' Arnold Schwarzenegger!"

"No really, it's just the craziest thing, I wasn't feeling well and I took this medicine the doctor prescribed and I just got all swollen", Jason says, backing away from Mike.

"Bullshit! That's no swelling from medicine unless it's some kind of instant steroids”, Mike challenges, as he keeps walking slowly toward Jason. His eyes dart up and down the huge body. "Tell me how you did that!"

Jason keeps backing away as Mike keeps slowly advancing toward him.

"Mike…man…I don't know what it..."

"Cut the crap, Jason”, Mike interrupts. "I wanna know what the fuck you did! Flex one of your arms. Lemme see it", he says, as he keeps slowly chasing Jason around the room.

Jason is bewildered by his own actions. He knows he's twice as big as Mike now, but that old crush he has on Mike keeps making him cower away.

"C'mon! Gimme a flex", Mike says again.

"No, Mike, you don't understand..."

"I know I don't understand, that's what I'm trying to find out. Now flex one of those guns for me".

Jason backs into a lab table and puts his arms back against the surface of the table to steady himself. As he straightens his arms to steady himself, the big arms hardens and his triceps flare out huge and defined from the side of his arm.

"Whooa!" Mike exclaims. "That's some big stuff there. C'mon, lemme see that bicep flex."

Jason, backed against the table by Mike, knows he is making a big mistake as he starts to lift his arm. He raises it to his side and tenses it. The huge bicep jumps up hard and peaked, stretching out the sleeve of the t-shirt.

Mike's eyes bug out as they had when he came into the room. "Fuck!" he says in amazement as he moves closer.

Jason watches as the office stud, utterly amazed, moves closer to his body.

Mike stops about 2 feet away and stares up and down Jason's body. "I've never seen anything like that except in a magazine," Mike exclaims. "Look at all that muscle!"

Jason starts becoming aroused that the hottest guy at work is so enthralled with his body. He decides to give him something to really look at. "Mike, look at this", Jason says as he lifts both arms up and flexes out a double bicep.

"Hoooellly..." Mike starts to say but stops as Jason brings his arms lower and flexes the muscles even tighter. Mike is totally awestruck, unable to say a word as he stares at the two mountainous muscles flexed in front of him.

"They're huge, huh?", Jason taunts.

"I.. fuck...can I feel 'em?", Mike stammers.

Jason moves closer to Mike with his arms still flexed in a double bicep pose and motions with a nod for Mike to feel the huge flexed muscles.

Mike slowly reaches up with both of his hands and places one on top of each mountainous peak.

Jason gives Mike an almost evil smirk and tightens the flex again.

Mike feels the biceps jerk even taller as he starts to rub his hands in a circular motion across the huge granite-like balls of muscle. "Oh fuck. I've never seen or felt anything like that in my life".

"They're massive, aren't they?" Jason asks enticingly.

"Yeah" Mike answers, still awestruck.

"They're crammed with power too", Jason continues.

"Yeah...I can almost feel... I can...actually feel the power in them", Mike exclaims as he now starts to grope, more than rub the muscles. Small sparks trace after his hands as they move over the mountainous balls.

"Just feel how huge and powerful my biceps are. Feel them", Jason commands in a low voice.

Mike, falling completely into Jason's grip, now starts to moan, "Oh God. They're huge. There's so much power packed into them! I can feel it. I can actually feel the power!"

"You wanna feel 'em get bigger?" Jason asks in a low voice.

"Fuck yeah!"

"You want to feel even more power in 'em?"

"Oh yeah!" Mike moans.

"You can give them more power. You can make them bigger."

"Oh yeah, I want to. Tell me how", Mike pleads, falling completely under Jason's control as he continues groping the big muscles.

"Just feel the power flow from your body into my arms. Feed my biceps with the power from your muscles. Feel them fill full of your power".

Mike's body starts to quiver and shake as Jason establishes a nuero-electrical link with Mike's muscles. Mike's breathing becomes short and deep.

Jason groans, throws his head back and squeezes his biceps into an even harder flex. Pain shoots through the big muscles as Mike's hands seem to glue themselves on top of Jason’s biceps.

Mike jerks as he feels an electrical jolt shoot through him. His breathing gets deeper and harder as a determined look comes across his face. "I can feel it! I can feel my power going into your biceps."

Jason feels the warm power start to trickle into his arms.

"Oh fuck…yeah…I'm in your arms. I can feel myself in your biceps." Mike groans with pleasure.

Jason looks at his biceps. They’re covered with veins burrowing into them, feeding them Mike's power. The veins branch off and spread out through the rest of Jason's arms and down into his torso.

Mike looks in amazement at Jason's arms. "Oohh, shit, it feels so good"

Jason unflexes his arms pushing Mike's hands away with a crackle of sparks. Jason reaches down and rips Mike's shirt wide open at the collar, exposing Mike's shoulders. He runs his hands lightly over Mike's smooth skin admiring the muscular shoulders he has always had a crush on. Jason then grips Mike's shoulders firmly and bears down to continue extracting power from his office crush.

Mike moans with pleasure again as he relinquishes his body to Jason.

Jason's body grows as Mike's power flows into him. His muscles become more defined under the tight t-shirt as they swell. Jason feels the shirt getting tighter, trying to contain his growing muscles.

"Look at your body grow!” Mike exclaims as he watches Jason's muscles bulge out against the tight t-shirt.

Jason, getting off on the feeling of his body outgrowing the t-shirt and stretching it tight, bears down harder on Mike's shoulders.

Mike winces and then falls into an even more pleasurable trance as power from his body surges into Jason at twice the pace it had been.

"Feed me more power", Jason moans, as sparks swirl around his forearms and the veins in his arms expand, becoming more pronounced. "Yeah!" Jason moans, as the t-shirt squeezes tighter and tighter around his thickening muscles. "I need more!" he screams, as he grits his teeth and grips Mike's shoulders more tightly.

Mike's body stiffens and his eyes roll back in his head as Jason guzzles power from his body.

The sparks encircling Jason's forearms now crackle and dart up his arms and swirl around his upper arms. The veins covering Jason's body swell to new proportions delivering more power into the enlarging muscles. Jason looks down at the jolts of power feeding into his arms and the cord-like veins covering his arms and tracing patterns under the second skin of his t-shirt. "Make me grow! Make me huge! Give me more!" he screams, throwing his head back and tugging harder at Mike's body.

Mike groans in pain.

Jason's body shudders and electrical sparks crackle all the way up his arms darting across his shoulders as increased power gushes into his body. The sparks transfer their power into Jason's veins, his veins feed his muscles, his muscles bulge and grow with their new-found power. "Yeah, feed me! Feed me!" His shirt, now as tight as a tourniquet, strains to contain all the growing muscles. "More!" he screams lustfully as he jerks repeatedly at Mike's body.

Mike grimaces and groans with each jerk as Jason raids his body. The sparks crackling up Jason's arms jump and dance and surge across Jason's upper body with each jerk.

Jason continues jerking at Mike's power. The power gushes in spurts into Jason's muscles. Suddenly a ripping sound comes from one of Jason's shoulders.

Both Jason and Mike look at the shoulder to see Jason's beast-like delt protruding out through the shoulder seam of the shirt. The shirt, unable to contain the growing muscle, has ripped apart at the seam. Sparks dart over the veiny delt protruding through the rip.

Jason immediately erupts into an uncontrollable frenzy at the sight of his body ripping out of his shirt. He tears at Mike's power, devouring it with new intensity, screaming, "More! I gotta have fucking more!". Sparks shoot and crackle up Jason's arms and dance around his torso. The veins in Jason's arms look like garden hoses as power erupts through them into his muscles. His body swells and bulges. A ripping noise comes from his other shoulder as the other delt rips through the seam. Jason's body continues growing, his delts protrude out farther and farther through the ripped shoulder seams. Veins burrow into his growing delts feeding them more power. "Grow! Fuckin' GROW!" Jason repeats through gritted teeth, his eyes closed tight with determination. Another ripping sound comes from the front of the shirt as the chest of Jason’s shirt rips away from the collar seam, exposing the top of Jason's gigantic pecs. Jason lets out a beast-like roar and he flexes his lats, spreading them out wide. Both side seams of his shirt rip open and his lats bulge out through the ripped material. Jason releases his hold from Mike's shoulders with a shower of electrical sparks, yanks his sweatpants down around his thighs, and begins flogging his already hard dick as he looks down at his body bursting through the ripped open t-shirt. "Look at me Mike! Look at this body! You were wondering what had happened to me before? Now look at me!"

Mike just stares in amazement as he rubs his own dick through his pants.

Jason moves over to a mirrored cabinet. He stares at his huge body with the ripped shirt hanging around it. He beats his dick as he surveys all the new muscle the shirt couldn't contain. He notices the tight sleeves still gripping his arms. Bringing both arms up to his side, Jason quickly hits a double bicep pose. The humongous new biceps immediately rip through the tops of the sleeves, rising up through the ripped material. Jason stands for a moment looking at his flexed arms in the mirror. The ripped open sleeves hang down loosely from the bottom of his arms below the towering, veiny biceps. A satisfied look of absolute power is on Jason's face.

Mike, the office hetero stud, moves over next to Jason and grabs one of the huge biceps as Jason flexes them. "I can't count how many chicks I've fucked, but I've never had anything like this before. That was the most fucking great experience I can imagine, being inside those huge muscles." He grabs his dick and starts beating off while squeezing the huge arm.

Jason grabs his oozing dick with one hand and continues flexing the other arm while Mike gropes at the towering muscles. It's not long before Mike's body convulses in waves of ecstasy as he shoots all over Jason's huge thighs. Jason, watching the unimaginable image in the mirror, erupts with pleasure also. •

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