Muscle Drain

Jason gets BIGGER!


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason's dick throbs between his legs as his muscles grow more and more full. Andy looks down at the huge dick pushing out against Jason's shorts and breathlessly says, "Jase...Put it in me. Put your dick in me". Andy closes his eyes and lets his head fall back in submissive ecstasy.

Jason pushes Andy's body, growing less muscular by the second, back onto the table behind him. He takes one hand off of Andy's pec. As Jason's hand releases Andy's pec, sparks crackle between Andy's pec to Jason's hand as the neuro-electrical connection of that one hand is severed. Jason reaches that free hand down and rips Andy's shorts off. He's surprised at how effortlessly the fabric rips. Then he pulls his throbbing dick out of his own shorts, crams it in Andy's ass, and begins pounding it furiously. As Jason places his free hand back on Andy's pec sparks crackle between his hand and Andy's pec as he reestablishes the connection. Jason dicks rams in and out of Andy's ass as he continues to pull even harder to feed his muscles even more power from Andy's once muscular body.

"I can feel my ass through your dick", Andy exclaims. "Fuck me harder! Keep filling your body with my muscle"

Jason looks down at his own huge, new, glistening muscles. He feels the power still flowing into them as his skin stretches tighter and tighter across them. A beastly look of power and satisfaction comes across his face as he pounds his dick even more furiously into the body he's slowly draining in front of him.

Andy hungrily pleads, "Fuck me harder! Take my muscle, I wanna feel all my muscle inside of you - and all of your dick inside of me! Take more of my muscle! Don't stop!"

Jason knows he's gained at least 30 pounds of muscle from the weakening body, but the feeling and the sight of his skin tightening around his own huge new muscles, the veins feeding them even more size, the power surging through his body, the new rock hard muscles bulging everywhere, the full, painfully pumped, hot feeling in every muscle and Andy pleading with him to take even more power are overwhelming. Jason has to have more. He feels like a beast, ramming his dick into the skinny body below him as he continues sucking even more power from it. His muscles burn fiercely and feel like they will explode but the feeling only makes him want even more.

"Look at your fucking body, Jase! Make your fuckin' muscles bigger! Take more!", Andy continues pleading. "I want to feel more of my power crammed into that huge body".

Jason screams out a ferocious roar as he strains even harder to wrench more power from Andy's body and force it into his own muscles. He feels the power surge increase and suddenly hears a crackling noise. Jason looks down at his arms to see small electrical sparks swirling around his hands and arms crackling with power. The electrical charges dart up Jason’s arms and shoot into the veins of Jason’s forearms. Jason sees the veins swell larger with Andy's power pouring though them. Even more small veins branch off of the larger ones and burrow into Jason's muscles. "FEED ME! Feed my muscles more power!", he screams.

Jason looks down at his body. His 6' 5" frame, barely a gangly 180 lbs. not 5 minutes ago, was now packed with at least 215 pounds of rock hard muscle. Andy's body, once pushing 190, was now well below 160. Jason knew he needed to stop. He had to let go of Andy's body while there was still a body there. He could see there wasn't much left of Andy's body…but he couldn't stop. His mind was swimming with thoughts of power and his body wanted every ounce of Andy's muscle. It craved every inch of that perfect body. Jason can't control himself. His body, now joined with Andy's body, has taken over. It's only aim is to suck every drop of power from Andy, while his dick pounds Andy's ass. Andy only intensifies the craving by pleading with Jason to take more muscle.

The pain burning through Jason's bloated muscles is unbearable, yet the veins that crawl all over them keep feeding them more power. Every muscle is deep red and swollen. His tight skin strains to contain the growing muscles and glistens with a shiny layer of sweat. It feels and looks as if Jason’s muscles will literally explode through his tight skin. The sight of this only makes Jason want more. He gropes harder at Andy's bony pecs to suck even more muscle out of Andy. "Give me more! I need more!, he screams, his mind and body reeling with power.

"Take it all Jase! Make me part of you! Make yourself into a fucking muscle god!

Jason's body is now totally out of control. An other-worldly intensity is in his eyes. His grunted screams of "More! More! More!, punctuate each time his dick slams into Andy's skinny body, as he keeps drawing more and more muscle from Andy's body. The more muscle Jason has, the more he wants. Jason's body is a grotesque network of veins that stand out from every muscle. The sight is monstrous, verging on disgusting. But it still isn't enough.

Andy stares at the body towering over him. It grows more beastly by the second, as it pounds his ass. Andy has a look halfway between ecstasy and non-belief on his face.

"I need more!" Jason screams. "Give me MORE!" Jason grimaces as he throws his head back pulling and forcing more and more power into his body.

Just then Jason's whole body starts to tremble. "More!" he screams, trying to force more power into his bloated muscles.

"Yeah! Keep going Jase. Look at that body!" Andy says hoarsely.

Jason looks down at his massive new body as the trembles increase. He screams through gritted teeth, "Get fucking BIGGER!" as he tries to force even more size into his muscles. But his body only trembles more violently. Jason can feel the flow of power starting to taper off. "NO! Shit! What's wrong? I need MORE!", Jason screams.

"You're almost there, Jase" Andy says in a whisper.

Jason looks down to see an emaciated body of skin and bones lying in front of him. His own hands still clutching it. His sinewy, vieny forearms still strain to pull more strength from the skinny body. "Oh, fuck! Andy!" Jason screams, as he realizes why the flow of power is slowing. There is just not much power left to take from Andy. Jason knows he has to stop but he can't make his body release it's grip from Andy's weakening frame.

"No, Jason, take it all. I want to be completely a part of that body", Andy whispers faintly.

"No Andy, I can't" Jason replies, as power continues flowing into him from the dwindling body. "I gotta stop. I don't know what will happen to you if I keep going." Jason tries to stop the flow but he can't control his body as it struggles and tremors to try to pull the last trickles of power from the skinny body, like a straw sucking the last bit of liquid from the bottom of a glass.

"No!" Jason screams as he picks Andy up off of the table. He thrusts his dick into Andy's ass one last time, as he jerks at the limp body he holds in front of him as if to try to pack one more ounce of power into himself. Jason then throws the frail body across the room onto the sofa, finally releasing his hold. Sparks fly from Andy's body as he leaves Jason's hands, severing the neuro-electical connection.

"Don't stop Jase", comes a whisper from Andy's famished body. "I wanna be completely inside of you. I wanna share that incredible body with you."

Jason stands still for a moment and catches his breath, then replies "I gotta stop man. I don't know if you’d still live if I take all your strength". Then Jason looks down again at his body. Veins still stand out all over every muscle as they try to force the power they still hold in them into the already over-engorged muscles. Jason's body is shiny with sweat that accentuates the hardness of his new vein-covered muscles. "Fuck yeah!", he says to himself… •

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