Muscle Drain

Jason Gets BIG


By 2VienyBiceps

Jason goes through the paces of the rest of the workout in a muscle induced daze. Andy has to keep reminding Jason what he is doing. "Jeez, Jason, where the hell is your head today, that's the third time you put that 45 back on the 10 rack", Andy says crossly. "Oh shit, sorry", Jason answers. "Just stuff at work I'm thinking about", he lies. "I just need to get my mind off of it, I need a diversion. Hey, how about if you come over and watch the game tonight?" "What game?", a quizzical looking Andy answers. "I think Cleveland and Houston are playing tonight" "What in the hell would you want to watch that for?" laughs Andy. "Just to get my mind off of work", answers Jason. "I don't know, I think I can find something better to do". "C'mon, man, I wanna show you something anyway", Jason pleads. "What?" "Just come over, I'll show you" Andy thinks Jason is acting a little strange, but agrees to go anyway.

Once home, Jason takes off his shirt, knowing Andy would also. Andy never misses an opportunity to show off his body. Andy looks at Jason's shirtless body - Jason is a good 10 pounds lighter than Andy and at 6 inches taller, Jason looks very skinny. "Jase, man, how come you work out right with me every day and you're so damn skinny?", Andy asks. "Genes, I guess," Jason answers as he silently seethes. Andy, not really listening because he had already found a mirror to check out his body in, continues, "I mean, look at this dude", as he hits a lat spread pose. "Yeah, that's great man" Jason replies as cooly as he can, even though he wants to shout "Yes, you're fucking incredible, I want that body more than you could ever dream!" "I mean, this is a real bicep", Andy says as he rubs his hand over one of his beautiful flexed round biceps. "Yeah, you got great arms", Jason replies as calmly as possible although he is ready to scream and start ravaging Andy's body. "You know, I wish I could help you get bigger dude", Andy finally says. "You can", Jason says. "But you really gotta want to help me". "Sure buddy, you wanna hit the gym some extra days?" "No that won't do it, you can see I've been going to the gym with you almost a year now, and I've barely gained 4 pounds. I need to ask you a bigger favor". "If it'll get you bigger, I'll help", Andy replied. "Wait til I tell you what it is before you agree to it". "What is it?" "Well, you know what I do at work, right?" "Yeah, that freaky, mind control shit." "Well, it's not really mind control, but I have been able to train my mind and body to focus together on performing one particular task that they wouldn't be able to do individually." "What's that?" "Well, that's where you come in". "Whadaya gonna give me a super blow job or something?", Andy snickers. "No, I think you can help me get bigger, but you'll have to give up an awful lot." "Hey, my time is yours". "It will take more than your time". "What'll it take?" Jason pauses a second then slowly says, "your body…it'll take your body". "Jase man, I've told you before, I don't care if you're gay, but I..." "No, I don't mean I need your body like that, I mean I want your body to be mine, I want to be your body." "Oh, you mean like you want to be as big as me and shit", Andy says flexing in the mirror again. "Well, yeah…but it's more than that." "See, I knew it - I don't care how you mess around with your friends, Jase, but I just don't get into that." "No, no, I don't want sex..." "You just want my body", Andy says quizzically. "Yeah...I" "I think we're going in circles here, Jase". "I don't want to have sex with you. That's not what I said. I need your body to help me get bigger." "What do you mean?" "Well...I think I can transfer power from your muscles into mine" "What??” "I think I can actually...well... drain power from your muscles into mine" "Oh right! What are you? A fuckin' vampire?" "No, that's what I have been working on at work. I've actually built a meta-physical connection to your body". "To MY body?", Andy asks starting to freak. "I couldn't control it. Watching your muscles work and grow and get bigger day after day... I don't know if I'm insane or what... but I've been totally consumed with your body...So much so that I have to have it, I need for your body to be mine" "Jase man, this is really freaky. I gotta go", Andy says, grabbing his shirt and heading for the door. "No wait! I really do think I can do it. I think I can actually transfer the power from your muscles into mine". "You're fucked up- I'm leaving!" "No wait! I'm serious! This is what I've been working on, I think I can do it, but I need your help". Andy pauses with his hand on the doorknob, "Suppose you're not fucked up, and suppose you can do this, why would I want to let you have any of my muscles that I've worked so hard to get?" "You can get them back. They'll grow back again real quickly. Remember when you got the flu last winter and you lost 10 pounds?" "Yeah." "You know it took you about a year to gain that 10 pounds of muscle to begin with right?" "Right". "But, remember after you got over the flu, you were able to put that 10 pounds back on in about a month or so, right? "Right". "Your body remembers how much muscle it had before an illness or injury and it quickly rebuilds it afterwards". "OK, so...". "So if you were to let me have some of your muscle, say 10 pounds, you could gain it back again in just a few weeks". "I still say you're fucked up". "No, it can happen, I know it can. Today at the gym, when I grabbed your arms to help you cheat those extra flies, I could feel your muscles". "No shit, that's 'cause you were touching them." "No, I mean I could actually feel the power in them, as if they were mine. I could also feel the power in the rest of your body, all of your muscles, as if they were part of my own body". "OK, this is too freaked out for me, I'll talk to you when you're off of whatever you're on", Andy says, turning the doorknob. "No, it's true, and I'm not on anything, you gotta believe me! A body's connection to it's brain is through small electrical impulses. I can tap into those electrical impulses in your body, which gives me the effect of feeling your body from the inside. Theoretically, I think I can use those electrical impulses to couple with the physical mass of your muscles, the raw power in your muscles, and then carry that raw power back into my body through these same electrical impulses." "If it is true, I'm not so sure I like the idea of you feeling my muscles from inside me or whatever", Andy replies as he opens the door a crack. "I'm sorry, it just happened, I've just advanced to a stage where it's become possible, and it just happened." Andy opens the door and pauses for a moment. "What if I bought this whole bunch of shit, how would you make my muscles go into your body?" "I just have to physically touch your body somewhere to establish the electrical impulse connection and then concentrate on pulling power from your muscles into my body." "Then how come you didn’t just do it at the gym?" "Because I need help. I need you to let me have some of your muscles. I can't fight the electrical impulses from your brain that would try to keep me from converting the power in your muscles and transferring it to my body. You need to want to give me some of your power. And also, since I've never done this before, I didn't know how much attention it would attract at the gym." "You know, you're crazy as shit, but I'd like to see you try this thing, so let's do it", Andy says, shutting the door and heading back into the room. "You sure?" "Yeah, go ahead. Try it. Get your magic wand out", Andy snickers. "I'm serious, you have to really want me to try." "Sure, go ahead, take 10 pounds. Shit, take 20 pounds. I'll pump it right back on, right?" "Well, yeah...but you gotta be sure." Jason says, as his heart pounds with excitement. "Go for it".

Jason looks at Andy's hard, muscular body. Andy is still shirtless, holding his shirt in his hand. The body Jason has craved for so long, stands surrendered in front of him. From his months of mental rehearsal for this moment, Jason knows what to do next. "OK, Andy", Jason instructs. "You have to relax completely and not fight off any feelings you might have of outside control of your body". "OK", Andy replies half mockingly, as he takes a deep breath and stands relaxed in front of Jason. Andy's well developed muscles hang relaxed, but still well defined on his perfect body. Jason walks over to Andy, face to face, and grasps both of Andy's freshly pumped pecs, one in each hand. The feeling is immediately overwhelming. Jason can feel his body sending out small elactrical charges to every inch of muscle in Andy's body. Jason slowly starts to feel each of Andy's muscles as if they were his own. Andy jerks away from Jason. As he rips away from Jason's hands small electric sparks jump between Jason's hands and Andy's pecs, as Andy says, "Whoa, fuck! I felt that! You were, like, shocking me and then it was like you were in me!" "I know", Jason answers. "Relax, I just need to feel my way into your muscles". "You really are serious. You're a fucking freak, man! This is wacked!" Andy says as he once again heads for the door. Jason follows after him, his adrenaline overloading from the taste of Andy's muscles. He knows he can't let Andy leave. He'll never have this chance again. "Fuck, Andy, wait! Just 10 seconds! Give me 10 seconds to see if I can do it" "No damn way! This is fucked! Jason quickly thinks and figures out the only way to save his dream is to sterilize the concept in Andy's mind, make it less of his own personal dream and more appealing to Andy's show-off mentality. "Andy, this is important scientifically. It's never been done before. You'll be historically famous as part of this discovery. In the next 10 seconds you could turn every medical, psychology and physics theory in the world upside-down." Andy pauses again with his hand on the doorknob contemplating Jason's statement. "10 seconds, Andy" Jason pleads as calmly as he can. "If you want to leave after 10 seconds, no hard feelings. I'll get someone at the lab to help me with the experiment." Andy stands for a moment longer thinking and then slowly says, "OK, but we stand right here by the door and in 10 seconds, if I don't like this shit, I'm outta here. And I'm looking at my watch", he says raising his watch up to his face. Jason's heart races. He doesn't know if he can establish a neuro-electrical connection with Andy's body and latch onto the power in his muscles in 10 seconds, but this is his one shot. "OK, Andy", he says as calmly as he can, yet his voice trembles with every word. "Relax completely again. I'm going to place my hands back on your chest and you'll feel that strange electric shock sensation move through your body again, but don't fight it. Stay relaxed". Andy relaxes again and Jason places his hands back on Andy's thick pecs. Jason immediately feels the same feeling again, his body sending neuro-electrical impulses down into Andy's body and then the sensation that he can feel every muscle in Andy's body as if were his own. Andy feels it again too. "Jase, I feel it again, I don't like this, it's creepy" "OK, just 10 seconds then you can split if you want". "It's 8 seconds now". Jason knows he has to move fast to establish a complete neuro-electric link with Andy's muscles and start transferring power. He knows he just has to get the transfer started before the 10 seconds are up. "7" Jason concentrates on reaching deep into Andy's body, locating every muscle and setting up a network to connect his own body to them. "6, it's feeling wierder Jason". He concentrates on each muscle as he makes connection to it. He can start to feel each single fiber of muscle in Andy's body. "5" He focusses all his thoughts on feeling the raw power in each muscle. "4, I don't like this feeling Jason". He begins to connect with the power in each muscle one by one. "3" The power in Andy's muscles is immense, so much more than Jason had imagined it would be. He can feel the raw energy and strength in each muscle as he connects with them. "I'm outta here in 2 seconds" Jason concentrates on isolating the raw power from Andy's muscles and gaining control of it. "1" Jason can feel Andy's muscles start to respond to the neuro-electrical impulses from his brain rather then Andy's brain. "That's it, I'm gone", Andy says, reaching for the doorknob. Jason can feel the muscles in Andy's right arm starting to disengage from the neuro-network he has established as it reaches for the door. He can also feel himself starting to loose connection with Andy's legs as they start to move to walk out. "No!" Jason screams as he digs his fingers into Andy's pecs. A look of utter determination and concentration comes onto Jason's face as he focuses all of his attention into Andy's body. Jason feels his body shoot overriding impulses, like electrical shocks, deep into each of Andy's muscles. Andy freezes and lets out a sharp moan as he feels the shock shoot through him as if he were just stabbed. A pained cringe is on his face. Jason can now feel control of the power in Andy's muscles and in turn he controls the muscles themselves. But Andy's body is still fighting the conversion of the raw power in it's muscles. Jason can't convert the power and transfer it into his own muscles as long as Andy fights it. Slowly, Jason feels Andy's body start to relax and become less rigid. The pained look on Andy's face starts to soften and his breathing slows. "Andy, you OK?" Jason asks. "Yeah, it just hurt for a second there." "I think if you fight it, it hurts. Just relax." "Yeah, OK, you're right.. it doesn't hurt, it just feels... it feels kinda cool." "Really?" Jason asks cooly, wanting to explode forth with how fucking incredible it feels for him to be inside all of Andy's muscles. "Yeah, in fact, this feels great. I can feel you all over me, almost like a massage", Andy says, as his face relaxes into a trance-like look of shared enjoyment of his body. Jason knows that this is the moment he has dreamed of and worked toward for years. The moment in which he will have the muscle he craves. Jason looks down at Andy's perfect body one more time, the body he now literally holds in his hands. "You're mine", he whispers to himself as he grits his teeth and concentrates his every thought on Andy's body. Every muscle in Jason's body tenses as he tries to pull the power he feels in Andy's muscles into his own body. Andy's face grimaces with pain and he lets out a sharp groan as he suddenly feels Jason's grip intrude into and tighten on every one of his muscles again. Jason looks at Andy with a fierce stare. A look of shear determination is on Jason's face, like that of someone attempting to curl a 150 pound barbell. Andy's body begins to tremble as Jason fights for control of the raw physical power in each of Andy's muscles. The look on Andy's face changes to one of submissive pain as he lets out a breathless squeak. Jason looks down at the quivering, muscled body he controls in his hands. The body he has craved and lived for, with all of it's muscle and power is now in his grasp. Jason has complete physical control over Andy's body. Their bodies now act as one with Jason in control of them. "I can have 20 pounds of this, right?" Jason asks. Andy looks at Jason with an expression of submissive defeat on his face and closes his eyes. Jason throws his head back, lets out an almost animal-like growling groan and concentrates with all of his might on bringing the power from Andy's muscles into his own body. Jason feels a small tingling sensation, like a mild electrical shock start to trickle in through his fingers that are grasping Andy's muscled pecs. The tingling sensation turns into a warm feeling which starts in the muscles of Andy's body and flows up into Jason's arms. The warm trickle becomes a burning flow, a hot flow of raw power. Jason looks down and sees the veins in his forearms starting to swell and become full as Andy's power travels up through them. Jason digs his fingers deeper into Andy's trembling pecs, grits his teeth and concentrates harder as he screams "Yes!" Jason can feel every tense muscle in his own body screaming for the power in Andy's muscles, to have Andy's muscles, to BE Andy's muscles. Andy lets out another muted groan, This time it's almost pleasureful. With a dazed look of submission on his face, Andy breathlessy says, "Jase, man, I can feel my strength traveling into your body, I can feel my muscles becoming a part of your muscles. It... it actually feels awesome". "You wouldn't fucking believe how it feels to me!", Jason replies as the power from Andy's muscles flows up through his arms. Jason looks down at his biceps and sees the large vein on the front of them swell. Dozens of smaller veins branch off of the large viens, crawling across his arms, digging into his biceps and triceps, feeding them power. "Look at my arms, Andy! Look at my fucking arms!" Andy watches the veins in Jason's skinny arms as they continue to branch out and cover his thin muscles. Andy can feel his strength flowing through those veins and into Jason's muscles, feeding them his own power. He is entranced by the feeling and the sight of his body feeding power to Jason's muscles. "Take it, Jase. Take it! Feed that skinny body with my muscles!" "They're my muscles now!", Jason says under his breath as he pulls even harder to drain the power out of the body he holds in his hands. The power flowing into his body feels like fire as it burns through his arms and into his upper body. He puts his head back and closes his eyes feeling the power flow through him, igniting every muscle it comes upon. "Jase, look at your pecs, dude!" Andy screams. Jason had been feeling the power starting to burn across his chest. He opens his eyes and looks down at his chest to see dozens of small veins etched across his pecs. "Yeah!" Jason exclaims in a deep voice, "Give me more, Andy!" Jason jerks harder at the power he feels in Andy's body. Andy lets out a quick pained breath and painfully, breathlessly says, "Take it Jase. Make that body huge." Jason feels the power starting to flow into his lats, his abs and down into his glutes, thighs and then his calves. He looks down at his growing body. The power flows through and engorges every vein, which stand out all over his body. The veins crawl over each hungry muscle, feeding them, filling them with power. The feeling of the power surging through his body is incredible! It's more intense than he could have ever imagined. "It's fucking incredible, man", Jason yells at Andy. "Your fucking muscles are so full of power! Look at it pouring into me!" Andy watches Jason's body grow, he can feel his power filling Jason's swelling muscles. "I can feel it Jase. I can feel my power surging into every muscle in your body... Look how huge I'm making you”. Andy says in ecstasy. “You're gettin' fuckin' buffed! Keep going! Take more!" Jason looks down at his muscles swelling and hardening and tightening, becoming more massive and powerful. Andy's muscle combining with the slight muscle Jason already had is starting to make Jason's body quite muscular. "Look at me Andy! Look what your fucking muscles are making me into!" "You're gettin' awesome, dude". Andy gushes. "I can feel it too, I can feel what you're feeling. I can feel your muscles filling with my power, it's like I'm part of you. Keep goin'. Make 'em bigger! Take more of my muscle!" Jason keeps sucking the power out of Andy's body, watching it coarse through his veins. The power makes his body grow and bulge in all the right places. The feeling in his muscles is that of of the most massive pump he has ever had, intensified 100 times. Every muscle burns like fire. Jason throws his head back with a deep groan and a look of pained ecstasy on his face... •

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