Altered Reality

Days End


By Blackbird

Chad jerked his head up, gasping for air. His mind felt like it had just surfaced from an inky black ocean. The residue of whatever environment he just left seemed to sheet off of his consciousness, revealing the physical sensations of the world he was now in. The light from a bare, incandescent bulb on the ceiling caused pinpricks of pain on the back of his eyeballs. He blinked hard, but couldn't bring his vision into focus. The familiar sound of drunk college kids laughing and pounding on the corridor wall as they passed made him assume he was in his dorm room. He could feel the familiar feeling of his sheets under his bare back, indicating he was laying in bed. Staring up at the blurry ceiling, he willed his body to sit up.

Immediately, Chad noticed the weight of his chest as it slowly rose off the sheets. He felt the tight power of his abdominal muscles easily lift and control the dense mass they were lifting. With his torso now vertical, Chad willed his right hand to grasp his left forearm, sliding it along the widening muscle until he reached the bicep. Even unflexed, it felt thick and unyielding. Watching the immense pair of legs coming into sharp contrast in front of him, he slid his right hand across a wide plain of pec muscles, stopping to dig his fingers into the deep crevace between them. Drawing his hand down over his hairy pecs, his fingers bounced along the rippling eight pack of his contracted abs. Proceeding lower, his hand met up with what his eyes had been gazing at. He hefted the impressive length of his soft cock into his large palm. With his other hand, he cupped the underside of his scrotum, gently lifting the two orange size balls within. Realizing he'd been holding his breath, he exhaled deeply. "...I'm back...." His throat was dry and his voice sounded raspy.

"Actually, you never left." Chad turned his head to see a frail looking Timmy sitting shirtless in his own bed, the leather bound book resting beside him. Chad marveled at the contrast between the diminuitive frame of the Timmy sitting across from him now and the gargantuan behemoth he'd worshipped last time. Other than a very faint similarity in the face, they were two entirely different organisms. Chad struggled to comprehend what had happened.

"...but....your muscle.....I mean, my muscle......that you took all this'd....."

"Relax roomie," Timmy said reassuringly. "You've only been under the spell for an hour or so. The past several days you just experienced never actually happened. It was just a collection of events and experiences inserted into your memory as though they really had happened. The only real events were those of the past, that you saw through the eyes of people around you."

"...but how.....why....."

"I had to show you the truth. And this was the best way. I apologize if the experience was disturbing."

Chad stood still for a moment as he wrestled with what his roommate was telling him. Part of him wanted to destroy Timmy for putting him through such hell. But a larger part of him felt sorry. Sorry for the hell that Timmy had endured for so many months. Sorry that he'd been the one inflicting that hell. A deep sense of shame washed over him.

".....I'm......I'm sorry Tim."

Timmy looked down at the floor as his eyes teared up at Chad's words. "It's OK. You just ..... didn't know what it was like for me, or for so many people around you."

" Matt....." Chad's thoughts shifted to his friend, as he recalled the stiffled emotions and lust Matt kept bottled inside.

Timmy nodded slightly. "He worships you."

"We both do," Matt's voice echoed from the bathroom, as the door swung open and Matt's large figure stepped into the light of the dorm room. Chad's heart skipped as he looked up at Matt, whose georgeous face was smiling down at him. Recalling the experience of waking up on his giant chest, Chad's equipment jerked in his hand. How was it that he'd never noticed before how sexy his friend was.

"Matt...if only I'd known...."

"You prolly woulda beat the shit out of me too. But thanks to Timmy's bit of hocus pocus, you not only know how we feel, but you've felt how we feel. You know how much we adore you. You've felt the exhilaration of muscle worship, of being dominated. Now you can properly enjoy being the one worshipped."

By now Chad's focus had drifted down to the A&F tee shirt strung across Matt's wide chest. The short sleeves rode high around his thick tricpes, struggling to contain the round shoulders they barely covered. Out of the shirt's V-neck, that was stretched taut between the broad shoulders, escaped dark chest hairs and a tempting amount of pec cleavage. Realizing that Matt wanted nothing more than to serve as his sex slave, Chad was pleased to assume his new role. "So be it. Kneel before your muscle master."

Grinning like a school boy, Matt dropped and knelt next to Chad's bed. Remembering his implanted experiences, Chad grabbed the neckline of Matt's tee and ripped it off his body in one swift move. Although Matt's chest seemed much smaller now than when Chad woke up on it, the veiny muscle under the bronzed skin lost none of its sex appeal. Chad's cock filled and sprung out to its full eleven inches (had it always been that long?), slapping against his abs. Seeing the crazed look on Matt's face as he stared at it, Chad instructed, "Let the service begin."

Leaning back, revelling in the pleasure Matt was giving him, Chad looked over to see Timmy watching the whole scene with a goofy grin, his right hand stroking his little unit. "This muscle-god is big enough for two disciples. Get over here kid." With that, Timmy jumped out of his bed to stand next to Matt, who was dutifully working away on Chad's ramrod. Timmy hesitantly raised a hand to Chad's pec, but seemed unable to touch it. Chad flashed a killer smile at his timid roomy, "Enjoy the ride."

Chad reached around Timmy's small chest and pulled it tight to his own wall of muscle. Palming the back of Timmy's head, he gently pulled his roommate into a deep, passionate kiss. As their tongues wrestled, Timmy's hand's caressed the musclescape he'd spent hours mentally mapping out. Chad knew the ectasy Timmy was experiencing, having been through it when their roles were reversed. The memory of that experience served to heighten his present sensations and emotions. He was simultaneosly muscle-god and muscle worshipper. The experience was raw, carnal bliss, culminating in the most powerful, toe curling climax he'd ever experienced.

The following day, Chad wandered around campus, bare chested, basking in the feeling of the sun (and his classmates stares) warming his skin. He smiled graciously at anyone checking him out, and made it a point to give his number to guys he sensed were muscle worshipers. He assumed his new role as muscle god cheerfully, developing a sense of benevolence towards those who desired to pay homage. Although Chad tried to make himself as accessible as possible to the growing number of disciples, he gave Timmy and Matt priority over all others. Over time, their feelings and passions for each other deepened, forming an inseparable bond between the three friends that never diminished. •

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