Altered Reality

Day 2


By Blackbird

A shaft of sunlight through the half open blinds roused Chad from his sleep. As he lay in bed, naked and blurry eyed, he recalled the previous night's dreams, or nightmares rather. Most of them involved him being bound or immobilized, with shadowlike figures and shapes surrounding him, sapping him of his strength. And there was the ever present cackle of his roommate.....Timmy!

Chad propped himself up on one elbow and looked at the empty bed across from him. He was furious, but it took a few seconds to remember why. Slowly, the events of the previous night replayed themselves. The way Timmy had treated Heather, his threat that "things were going to change." Just then, he noticed the squeek of the shower handle as the water stopped running in the bathroom. Alright, as soon as the prick got dressed and came out, Chad would teach him a few lessons in respect.

As he stood up though, Chad felt a wave of dizziness. It quickly passed, but somehow the room seemed bigger than he remembered. He didn't feel nauseous, and he hadn't been drinking much yesterday. So it couldn't be a hangover. He stumbled to the full length mirror on the closet door, only to see a shortened reflection of himself looking back. He'd swear the mirror was distorting his image, but the door itself looked a couple inches taller than normal.

"This can't be real," he mumbled, as he threw open the closet door. Fumbling through his clothes, he found an old, familiar pair of his jeans. Yet, they looked like they had shrunk a size in the wash. There's no way they would fit anymore. To proove it, he slipped them on. To his horror, they fit perfectly. What the fuck! He grabbed a dress shirt that, again, looked like it had shrunk in the wash. Yet the label confirmed it was a size smaller than the shirt he knew he bought. It fit comfortably as well!

"Dressed so soon sweety?"

Chad reeled around to find Timmy leaning in the bathroom doorway, still wet from the shower and wrapped from the waist down in a towel. Though still skinny, Timmy looked like he had been lifting weights for the last month. His previously concave chest now clearly showed the slight definition of pecs and abs. A small bicep was also noticeable as he combed through his now jet black hair. With his glasses off at the moment, his face had a more masculine look to it, highlighting his Mediterranean heritage. And for the first time that Chad could remember, he had a slight shadow on his unshaven jaw.

"What the fuck did you do to me asshole!," Chad bellowed as he crossed the room, preparing to grab Timmy in a stranglehold. But as soon as he approached him, Chad realized that Timmy was now eye level to his collar bone. This was impossible. They were both standing barefoot on the same floor level. There was no question now that he'd shrunk, or else Timmy had grown....or both. Regaining his resolve, Chad grabbed Timmy by the throat with one hand and began lifting him in the air. Surprised at how much heavier he now seemed, Chad had to use both hands to lift him up fully.

"Put.... me..... down..., " Timmy gasped and Chad instinctively obeyed, setting him back on the floor. Chad was stunned by his own behaviour. He was unable to strangle the life out of Timmy, as much as he wanted to. He couldn't even unleash the profanities running through his mind.

"Go lay down!" Timmy ordered, rubbing his throat. Chad's body obeyed, even as his mind screamed in protest. Timmy dropped the towel around his waist and followed Chad to his bed.

"Like it or not, you're mine now, to do with as I see fit."

Timmy rubbed his hands along Chad's rock solid abs, brushing aside the unbuttoned dress shirt. He slowly climbed on top of the immobilized man and began licking the large nipples jutting out from his massive pecs.

"Ashame we have to lose all this," Timmy mumbled, rubbing up and down the mountainous arms and shoulders beneath him. He then proceeded to lick up the deep cleavage between the slabs of tan pec muscles, past the scratchy stubble on Chad's handsome square jaw and started sucking on his motionless bottom lip. Looking into Chad's eyes, Timmy could see a look of horror and confusion.

"C'mon lover, you know you're diggin this."

With those words, Chad felt a rush of pleasure fill his entire body. Suddenly, having the weight of Timmy bearing down on him was an immense turn on. He grabbed the back of Timmy's head and pulled him into a passionate kiss. He proceeded to slide his hands down to finger Timmy's anus. What the hell was he doing? This was so gay!

Timmy rubbed his own modest shaft along the cleft between Chad's bricklike ab muscles. The sensation caused Chad's ramrod to rise in response and work it's way up between their bodies. Chad's mind screamed out in horror that he was actually getting off on this. He couldn't understand how something so revolting was giving him so much pleasure. After a few minutes of rubbing and thrashing against each other, Timmy pulled off the snug pair of jeans and guided his little dick into the crevice of Chad's muscular ass. Shuttering at what was about to happen, Chad's mind tried to shut off his senses. But with a quick thrust, time seemed to freeze as his body erupted in an avalanche of raw, hormonal ecstasy. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was the torrent of hot juice passing through his long shaft.

After the ordeal was over and Timmy got dressed and left, Chad's free will seemed to return to him. He took a shower in the now larger bathroom, trying in vain to feel clean again. After dressing in his now smaller jeans and a wife beater, he wondered how people would react to his diminished height. He headed downstairs to the nearby newsstand.

"Sup Chad."

"Hey Matt." As Chad approach his fellow teammate, who stood at 6'-6", it was clear that they were about the same height now. Matt went back to pulling the sports section out of the paper he just bought and dumping the rest in a trash bin. "Um, notice anything wrong with me Matt?"

"Other than the usual smell," Matt laughed glancing back at him.

"Serious dude. I don't look.......shorter to you?"

Matt continued to smirk at Chad, expecting a punchline to follow. "As short as me, like always. Why?"

"Never mind," Chad responded, turning to walk away. What the fuck was happening?

Chad wondered across the campus, keenly aware of his new stature. His stride wasn't quite as long, causing him to stumble occasionally. He no longer had to duck his head through the doorway of his first class. The wood seating wasn't quite as cramped as usual. And again, none of his classmates seemed to notice anything different about him.

On the field that afternoon, his performance was pitiful. The coach pulled him aside during practise to make sure he was feeling alright. Chad said he felt ill, and used the opportunity to get a medical checkup.

The nurse at Health Services kept stealing glances at Chad while looking over his chart. "And why is it so important what height is recorded here Mr. Riley?"

"I need to......I'm just curious is all."

"Well, during your last physical, you clocked in at 280lbs and 6'-5 3/4". Did you want to confirm that you aren't up to a full 6-6 now?"

Ignoring the nurse's calls to him, Chad promptly left the Health Services building, bewildered and anxious. Apparently, reality had been altered somehow. He didn't just get shorter. He had ALWAYS been shorter. That was why noone on campus seemed to recognize any change in him. Apparently he was 20lbs lighter as well.

Chad had to get off campus and clear his head. Melissa, a grad student he was nailing, had given him a key to the studio above her garage in case he needed a place to crash. Knowing that Timmy would be in class, Chad grabbed some things from the dorm room, including a change of clothes, and headed to the studio.

That night, Chad studied himself in the mirror. His face appeared unchanged. He was still a sexy mother fucker. Firm, square jawline; masculine lips and nose; laser green eyes that made both men and women weak in the knees; and short cropped, blond tipped hair that looked hot no matter what he did or didn't do to it. Other than being proportionally smaller, his body also looked unchanged. Still a mountain range of muscle that bulged and flexed, even when he wasn't posing. And the salami that dangled between his legs was still impressive, even if it was slightly shorter now. He was still a god among mortal men. He'd just have to get used to being a 2" shorter god.

Chad sprawled out on the couch with his feet hanging over the end. As he was falling asleep, he again heard the whispering voices from the night before, only louder this time. Unable to move, all he could do was gaze across his naked body on the couch. He watched in horror as legs began to shrink, not only in length, but also in mass. His huge quads and calves began to deflate, and lose their striations while they shortened in length. Even his feet were getting noticably smaller. Paralyzed with fear, he watched as his pecs deflated in size, taking up less of his field of view. The 8 pack, cobblestone bodybuilder abs that were previously obscured were now revealed beyond his deflating pecs as the flat, toned 6 pack abs of a fitness model. His immense back must have been shrinking too, as he settled lower into the couch. His bulging bis and tris began deflating like leaky water balloons as his entire arms shortened in length. Chad noticed the hair on his forearms thinning out. In fact, much of his chest hair was gone, including his prized treasure trail.

The last thing Chad noticed before he passed out was his penis. It was initially laying 5" soft over his large ball sacks but slowly shriveled up to what could only be considered as an average length. •

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