Altered Reality

Day 1


By Blackbird

Chad gazed across the quad, barely noticing a group of hot sorority chicks on their way to class. He sat at the cafeteria table, absentmindedly munching on some fries and contemplating the strange behavior of his roomate. Timmy was always a freaky little shit from day one, but this last week was over the top wierd. Several times Chad caught him with his nose buried in an ancient looking book, reciting chants in some foreign language. It wasn't unusual for the geek to be studying, but this particular book was bound in leather with strange symbols on the cover. The little prick was probably into some sort of Satanic or cult shit.

"Dude, snap out of it." The thud of a french fry on his forehead brought his surroundings back in focus. "We were talking about the Denver game yesterday."

Chad's buddies were sitting around the table, shoveling in food and immersed in recapping plays and stats. Normally football and chicks were the only topics that interested him, but today he was increasingly preoccupied with his roomate. "Sorry ladies, I'm gonna bail," Chad announced as he stood up from the table and left. He decided it was finally time to talk with the dean.

Heading across the quad, Chad paid little attention to the crowds of students around him. People naturally cleared a path for his hulking 6'-8", 300lb mass. Instead of his usual routine of scanning the crowd for the hottest babes, Chad was considering what he would say to the dean. He should have had this conversation at the start of the semestar. But frankly, he was rarely in his dorm room. Despite his mom's insistance that he stay on campus, he spent most of his time at frat row or with the chicks he was boning. And besides, Timmy could easily write his papers and take care of his homework this way.

Of course, that arrangement seemed fine until he caught the little homo jacking off to one of his football portraits last month. "You want a taste of this muscle, you little faggot," Chad yelled as he threw Timmy into a headlock, choking off his air supply and punching him hard in the gut before he passed out. Since then, Chad taunted him every chance he got, hoping he'd just leave on his own. Now it was time for a more direct approach.

Fortunately, the dean was not only a friend of the family, he was also a diehard supporter of the school's football program. As Chad left the dean's office, he felt reassured that within a day or two, his freaky gay roomate would be reassigned another dorm room and a fellow jock would take his place. Still, Timmy seemed to preoccupy his thoughts the rest of the day.

That evening, Chad returned to the dorms to find Heather waiting for him downstairs. With little discussion, he brought her up to the room and she proceeded to take off his pants and give him head. As she was sliding up and down his 10" pole, Chad noticed Timmy coming out of the adjoining bathroom holding the leather bound book. Without a second glance, Heather returned to her work, familiar with ignoring the repulsive roomate. Chad, however, was so distracted by him and his book that he barely noticed the expert nobber Heather was administering. Yet, rather than tell Timmy to get the fuck out, Chad found himself unable to command Timmy to do anything, like he normally would. Out of reflex, Chad came and Heather looked disappointed that he was done so quickly. Undaunted, she proceeded to lift his shirt and kiss his 8-pack abs.

"Listen babe, let's call it a night. I'm feeling kinda outta it for some reason."

" problem," she stammered, clearly unaccustomed to being rejected like this. As she was opening the door to leave, Timmy quietly said, "next time, you can do me."

"Ha! In your dreams, you freak," she responded as she shut the door behind her.

Chad pulled up his pants and glared at his roomate across the room. Timmy stood 5'-6" tall, with a skinny frame of about 120lbs. His disheveled hair was a muddy brown and his spectacled face was unremarkable, neither ugly nor attractive. Normally hunched over with bad posture, tonight he stood straight and proud, announcing "Things are going to change around here."

Chad stood up and stepped towards his roommate. "Oh? How's that...," he intended to add "faggot" but decided not to.

Standing adjacent, the differences between the two roommates was striking. Timmy was less than half Chad's weight and was eye level to his nipples, requiring him to look up to make eye contact. "You'll find out soon enough." He brushed past his brooding roommate and collapsed into bed, opening the ancient book to a bookmarked page.

Chad couldn't believe how bold the little fucker was acting tonight. Normally he was too intimidated to say much of anything, yet here he was, getting fresh with one of his girls and making mysterious threats. Even stranger was the fact that Chad was actively resisting every urge to sock the bastard in the face.

Frustrated, he threw himself on his bed and stared up at the ceiling. As he was mulling over the events of the day, he heard what sounded like incantations being whispered by hundreds of voices. Unable to move, he felt a wave of dizziness wash over him. Just before he lost consciousness, he felt as though his energy was being drained from though....he were shrinking. •

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