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Friday. Another week is ending at last and everybody at office is preparing to leave. Everybody but one; Leonard Freeman, computer engineer, 27 years old. Life has been good to Leo, apparently, good job, high salary, making good progresses , but he never been so miserable in his life. His lover had just left him Kevin Richardson, 23 years old a gorgeous jock, Leo never really believed such guy would ever interest in him, but he did, and they enjoyed pretty much, although they had many problems to resolve: Kevin is a real hardcore at gym , he spends almost 5 hours at gym working out and doing absolutely everything to keep and develop even more his mighty 6'2" 195 pounds physique. Kevin is really narcissistic, he spends hundreds of dollars with supplements, vitamins, powershakes, skin products, shampoos and other stuff. His wardrobe consists basically of dozens and dozens of skin tight pants and the smallest shirts of all. He actually had gained almost 10 pounds at the end of their relationship, of course Leo afforded all his "enlarging process" Leo is much more reserved person, not because of his looks, he is very impressive by the way, 5'10", short dark hair, piercing blue eyes, he is certainly not skinny but he is way behind Kevin in this particular subject, he is slender, well toned muscles, but he never worried himself about working out, and skin care or shampoos, he just tries to take a healthy life. During their seven month relationship, Leo had made a lot of concessions he started going to gym and work out with Kevin, but he obviously couldn't keep his pace, he ended giving up after three months taking his pain and disappointment with him. Kevin worked a salesman in a famous clothing store, but he was fired just after, they started going out together. Sure Leonard made quite money on his work and soon he was affording Kevin and his expenses, not that he had something to complain about, specially in sex, it was wonderful, Kevin really knew how to please his lover, but that's all Leo felt so damn empty, and decided to keep the things, until one day , one terrible Wednesday; Leo came home earlier because of a headache and he saw what he couldn't believe: Kevin fucking with the biggest bodybuilder he had ever seen, in fact he remembered that bully, he saw him hanging out with Kevin in the gym, he used to be around the biggest guys in there, he used to say that this was for inspiration. There wasn't much to say, when they saw Leo, they just stopped. Kevin went near him and said that he needed to be with bigger guys, because he just had that feeling, he was much disappointed at. Leo because he refused to improve his body, so looked for people with the same interests he had. Leo couldn't say a word he just left them and wandered by the streets, trying to figure out why he let things went that way, he didn't love Kevin he was just settled, afterall, he was hot. It was last week, now 8 days after that tragic event, Leo found out that Kevin took all the money on the account Leo opened for them, fortunately it wasn't his main account, otherwise he would be wiped out. Paul, that stupid mother fucker was indeed very big, so muscular and veiny, you could call him a freak, so large and thick, how come Kevin liked that kind of thing, he was so beautiful, muscular, why would he prefer that mountain, anyway? Well that he would never understand. Leo decided to walk home, he just didn't want to go there soon, he kept walking, and following streets he never knew about, and in a few hours, he found this old store, strange looking and with the funniest sign " YOU WERE HURT BY YOUR LOVER, YOU FEEL BETRAYED? DON'T GET MAD GET EVEN" Leo smiled and felt his feet taking him inside, why would he want this? Sure he was hurt but he was a biter person, but he sure would like to see Kevin suffering just a little bit. Inside of the old store it seemed much bigger and wider than from the outside, many shelves and cabinets full of old and strange stuff, spooky eyes, blue pots, spider legs, all kinds of things , you hear but never actually see. _May I help you? ­ The voice came from a tall thin man with a goatee long enough that hit his waist . _Oh, no! Thanks I was just looking... ­ Leo said in a surprised tone _ Take your time , we had just what you need to get even with Kevin _Hey how did you? _Why don't you look around? ­ The old man had this spooky scary look ­ Leo wasn't skeptical but he wasn't fool either, that guy was really interesting He took a walk by the store, just smiling at every strange blue jar, the thick liquid inside seemed hair gel, and that made Leo think about Kevin, in that exact moment he heard the shop owner behind him _That's a very special potion Mr Freeman _ What the heck is that? How did you know my name? _It is always like that ­ said the owner ­ They find me and still get frightened with me., Look Leo, I don't have time for explanations, not now! Just think about what you want! _I don't want anything from here ! In fact i am leaving right now! ­ Leo turned his back and went staright to the door, when he suddenly was stopped by a strange force, he just couldn't move _Look you fool mortal, I am sick of your explosive temper! ­ The man was actually talking to him , but his eyes were full of a green glow _W-what do you want from me? ­he asked with fear The man came close to him and touched his nose with his thin long finger - The right question is what do YOU want form me Leonard Freeman? _ I don't want...anything _Yeah Yeah cut the bullshit an d let me explain to you! I am Sheldar the Wizard! I live since the era of the Magic, I was designated by the Higher Forces, which your people insisted in denying, my task here is providing Justice, not your in mortal way, but into a cosmic magical way _And how do I Fit in ? _Your kind of people is very hard to find nowadays, and you are always being abused by other people, usually you are on your own, but form time to time my masters send me to grant for one of you good people a chance to get things even, and you were the lucky one this time! _What you mean by getting even ? _Everything you see inside of here is a way to get even with Kevin, some are very light, others are way to cruel, but you are the only one to decide which way to take, but I warn you, anything you chose here will be permanent and will change your life forever, so be wise and careful Leo felt the control of his movements back , but the first time he believed in all that story he heard _You say that I can take one among all of this things and use it against Kevin? _not just against him, but depending on your choice you'll have another view on your life Leo looked everything again, paying attention to what could those things do... _You could tell me what are those things? _No, I can't interfere in any way, use your instincts, you'll know what to do ! Leo looked again to that jar with the blue stuff, and he felt his guts trembling, he approached the jar and took it in his hands, and looked to Sheldar _ That's my choice! _Farewell! It was your free decision, now follow me! Sheldar led Leo to another room, with an old table and made him seat down in a funny chair _ You made a curious choice, Freeman! _Why is that? _Well, this is a magic ink. If this is applied to your skin, then you'll have the power to transfer the strength of those you want. _What? _That's it! You will become bigger and stronger until you are satisfied, that is IF you ever get satisfied. _And how will it help me to get even with Kevin _ Don't ask me it was your choice! ­ Sheldar opened the jar and said _ Give me your arm _What for? _Foolish mortal! I gotta apply the potion in your skin in order it to work! Leo refused at first, but he just thought of Kevin making fun of his physique, the scene of he and Paul making out on his own bed, and that made him angry enough to extend his arm. Sheldar applied the ink on his skin and he could feel it burning, but Sheldar held his arm and continued his sinister ritual. "I make this drawing in your skin to give you the power to fulfill your desire for Justice. This mark, from now on, shall remain with you and will provide that you wished with all the power of your soul. May the higher forces grant you what your miserable world denied to you, You shall fulfill your most valuable task." Leo woke up all sweat and trembling, , his heart pace was crazy, he looked around and saw his bedroom. _Thanks goodness! It was all a dream! Leo got up from the bed and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. In the way he passed to the bathroom and noticed something strange? _Holly cow! There was the same drawing! Only now it seemed like a tattoo. A bluish drawing looking as those tribal tattoos, only this one had strange symbols written around his arm, by the way, that tattoo was around his biceps, although he remembered Sheldar making it on his wrist. What the heck was that _ It is all so fucking confusing ­ Leo thought and went to bed again. Next morning he woke up and went straight to the gym Kevin used to go. He was all dressed to work out, although he never enjoyed it. Leo wasn't thinking right all he knew was that he had this feeling to see Kevin. The gym was full of the biggest men he's ever seen, the smell of sweat and musk odor, the sound of iron plates clapping against others. In the middle of all that scenario he found out Kevin quit the gym about a week ago, saying that he would look for something better for him to grow more. _That miserable sun of a bitch! Leo decided to stay there, he just felt he had, he went to the equipment and decided to work out a little. After a few reps he realized he was being observed, it was Paul. What the nerve! Well, he was as innocent as him, he said after he came closer to Kevin, not that it made the pain smaller. _Look man, I didn't know about you, Kevin said you were his cousin, I never saw you two kissing or being intimate ­ Paul was right about that , Leo never liked public demonstration, because of the criticism, not that it shamed of, he just preferred intimacy instead of publicity. _I don't want talk about it, please _OK, I just want to say that Kevin is a bastard, he didn't deserved you anyway _What do you mean? _Well, he is one of those who passes his life sucking from the others, he never really works, he just gets a guy to afford him, and when he is full he dumps them. _Seems he found the perfect idiot ­ Leo said as he tried to make a biceps crunch, but he was so pissed he had some kind of cramp and almost broke his arm, if it wasn't for Paul who grabbed the dumbbell with one hand and held Leo straight with the other. _Hey man , calm down ! Leo felt funny, he just needed to embrace Paul, he passed his hands around Paul's chest. And then he felt a rush of power going straight to his muscles, he could actually see Paul's well toned muscles getting smaller _Thanks! Thank you Paul! ­ Leo said as he let the big man go of his embrace _Leo are you OK? _I gotta go now! Leo went quickly downstairs rushed home, he just felt funny and energized. When he got home, he saw Sheldar sat on his bed _How are you Freeman? _Sheldar, what are you doing here? _Again with this silly questions? I am here because I know you found out how to use your power _You mean, I stole his strength? _Exactly! _But why I am not bigger? _Because you rejected the transference as soon as it begun _I can control it ? _Of course, it is part of you now! Fool man! _I felt funny, and I think Paul isn't as guilty as Kevin _And you believed him? _Well yeah, after all Kevin told him... _That man stole all Kevin's money and told him to disappear or he would kill him _WHAT? _That's why Kevin disappeared, he was seduced by Paul's muscles and then he was fooled _You mean Kevin is innocent? _That[s up to you! You are the judge here! _And what does that bastard of muscle man want from me ? _What else but money? _He thinks I am rich? _You are not poor, and he needs a lot of money to sustain his enormous body, so he lives from taking money from the ones that worship his muscles _That's why you are here? You want me to suck his muscles _You have a task Freeman, you can't neglect it _But how am I going to...You'll find your way sooner than you think Someone knocked on the door, it was Paul, he said he was worried about Leo and he asked to come in. Leo agreed and Paul entered the room _You have a very nice place, by the way "Yeah, too bad you have a guided tour you bastard!" ­ Leo offered him some juice _Thanks! It is pretty hot out there! Your air conditioning is very good! _Paul drank the juice, and Leo saw his might Adam's pommel swing with each swallow Leo decided that he would try his new capability _Paul, you're so big, how much do you weigh? Paul noticed the way the talk would take and changed the look on his face _265 pounds! And almost 5% of bodyfat _Wow! That's amazing, for how long do you train? _It makes 15 years now, I train since 12 years old _Wow, it sure shows out, you are so big and muscular, I feel so tiny around you... _But you like being around me don't you? "He bought it" ­ Well, I am now! Paul came near him, and took his wet shirt , revealing his wonderful body, grabbed Leo's hand and gently put it on his chest and rubbed it slowly _Can you feel how big I am ? _Sure! And I can feel how strong you are too _Babe, I want to make you feel my power _You're so big Paul, _Feel my guns ­ And Leo felt the power on those biceps, Leo never was into big muscles, but he was really turned on by Paul's body, he really enjoyed the display of power and strength. _How come you be so big? _Well babe, I work out a lot, in fact my whole life is working out, I want to grow even more, but _But what? _Well, I can't eat on free, I spend much money on supps and roids, and they're expensive _And you wanted me to help you to grow more _You want me to get bigger just for you huh? _More than everything! ­ Leo actually said it, but he was leading Paul to the catch _I will grow a monster just to pleasure Paul kissed him hard and Leo felt his stiffness in his dick, he desired Paul's muscles his size and definition, he wanted to become bigger than him, to feel him tiny around him, and make him pay for seducing his lover, and mess with his life. They went to the bed, and Paul assumed his position on Leo's ass, he desired that mighty dick inside him , Paul was rough and very rude, and soon he was humping on Leo's ass , who was enjoying it at all _Now feel my power you runt! I want to crush you with my muscles Leo thought it was enough that bastard didn't deserve that power, he would to make things even Then it begun, almost when Paul came inside him , Leo felt a rush unstoppable, he came and felt the income of Paul's muscles inside him, he felt energized, his muscles started growing he could feel himself getting stronger, and he kept moaning, his arms were becoming two big balls around his tattoo and it was glowing a blue light. Paul's muscles were diminishing as he came inside of Leo. Paul opened his eyes as he felt strange, and he screamed as he saw his impressive physique becoming smaller _What the fuck is happening? Leo couldn't answer he was in trance because of the transfer, he was growing very quickly, he was becoming so thick and muscular, he looked into his pecs and saw them blossoming into two huge slabs of meat, his backs were enlarging and widening, as Paul could just feel the sadness of seeing his so worked body shrinking quickly _What are you doing to me you queer? _Justice! Paul was despaired as quick as Leo was changing into the biggest man Paul had seen, himself was losing his precious muscles. Leo was in heaven he could feel, his body growing so huge even , Paul's dick totally soft becoming smaller in his anus, something unbelievable. When it finished, Leo growled and let out a moan so long purring as a tiger, Paul on the other side tried to take his dick out that grown man. Leo looked at him with a strange glow in his eyes, and laughed as the "thinner" Paul tried to dress but his clothes were now too big for him _What the fuck is that! Leo stood up and he felt the difference of his improved body, he was as little taller, but quite a lot heavier, he came closer to Paul and poked his chest ? _You asked for this you bastard, now get out of here before I decide to drain more of you , you miserable runt Leo heard the door closing, but he didn't go for checking, Paul would never try something against him, He was too damn scary for this _Man this fucking amazing! ­ Said Leo looking to himself in the mirror _Very impressive Freeman! _Sheldar! Did you see it? _Yes you had a remarkable performance Freeman! Leo felt so energized and powerful he couldn't believe his eyes he was way bigger than Paul was, he was much wider, much veined, and defined than Paul _You wonder why you are bigger than the man you drained aren't you? _Yeah! Why is that? Leo asked with a glint in his eyes _You drain the power of those men, but you are granted with your own power, and that consists in amplifying the power you drain and improve it, using as you desire, you are bigger than Paul's never been in his past life Leo had to take his measures, he went to the bathroom scale, it wasn't precise, but even so he was shocked, he weighed about 170 pounds, but now he grew three inches in height and he weighed more 300 pounds, 35 pounds heavier than Paul, he looked as big as a house, his chest was about 60 inches, his abs were just popped out, and when he looked at his biceps, he almost choke his guns are so big as two grapefruits and Leo noticed that his tattoo looked amazing around his augmented biceps , he never noticed it was two snakes involved in around each other, and at the impressive mark of 28 fucking inches. _Man I am outstanding! -Yes indeed Freeman _Well at least I got even _I bag your pardon? _Well I am much bigger than Paul now, isn't it what you wanted me to do _Not exactly, I was sent to guide you through your task! _What? Leo was confused ­ Didn't I got even? _You were granted a special power, you have to become everything your ever wished _But I made it! _Not yet , Leo, You'd just begun your true task, in the right time I will advise you and then you will grow in power and in strength until you become what you really deserve to be _You mean I can grow more? _Much more than you can ever imagine ! You will see _Damn! Call me crazy, but I love this idea! ­ And Leo threw a double biceps pose and saw his tattoned snakes shining and his biceps flexing at his wildest dream _Yes Leo, I call you crazy, and the bigger you'll become the bigger you'll want to be this I guarantee you ! •

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